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I don’t know or care much about AUs, so my opinions are probably uneducated, but in the few works I’ve seen I think Papyrus is too rude and not enough “weenie tries to be cool and buys clothes at hot topic”. So here he is. The cool guy. The edgelord that probably screams at the sight of a spider. My sweet sweet son.

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Can you please talk about how great your life is more? I'm trying to vicariously live my life through you. It's my kink. I can't get hard without them. Please, for the sake of my orgasms, share your life. ♥️

Well, I’ve been out of school for about six years, haven’t done anything with my first degree because it’s in sociology which is almost Too Useful™. I’ve flip-flopped around for the last few years, lived in Montana for a bit and then ran away from the only place I’ve really belonged after breaking up with an ex.

Then I was a store manager of a fucking dollar store, living the bougie life, burning money in my yard so the little homeless kids could heat up their cans of beanie weenies. That was cool, especially the part about working 75 hours a week and using vacation time up to give my employees more hours.

Then I worked in a bank, which means I hate poor people, so that’s cool, but they also fired me for failing to throw a coworker under the bus so I probably deserved that for being a Banker™

Now I’m working part time at a gas station making minimum wage, which would probably be fine with tumblr, except that I have the nerve to also be working on a second degree, and arranging for an internship with the local state park to prepare for a career that will earn me somewhere around 60k a year (after at least another two years of school) so I’m a classist fuck again.

A true American success story.

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do you host slutty sundays because you've never done anything slutty yourself because you kind of sound like a fucking weenie sometimes.

No I host slutty sunday to make people laugh and enjoy their sunday, and wow I didn’t realize me not having the chance to do anything with a girl makes me sound like a fucking weenie wow ok maybe I should start fucking animals and holes in the ground then I won’t be a weenie I’ll be cool just like you