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AP 55 // February 1993 // Morrissey
“The people who come to my concerts are ridiculed in the English press as being very weak, ineffectual, effete people who should join the army, and I find that really offensive, but that’s life really. People can’t deal with emotions at all in human life.”

Dean Ween and his little son.

“This is a picture of me and my son Michael waiting for the bus on his first day of Kindergarten. he is 5 years old in this picture. I have never been more afraid for him and myself as I was on this morning. I picked out those clothes for him, my wife and I went and bought him the backpack and the school supplies. Watching the bus pull away felt wrong in every single cell in my body, we were sending him off into the big bad world and entrusting him to people we hadn’t every really met except during orientation night. Immediately my mind started racing with fear, did another kid offer him a seat, was he making friends, was his teacher nice, is he blending in, is he enjoying himself, etc? All day I counted the minutes until he came home so I could hear about his day, praying that it went well and he was enjoying himself and fitting in with his classmates. Well, as it turns out he was just fine and loved it, he still likes school for now thankfully at age 12. Now all I can think about is how 20 sets of parents must have felt when hearing that their kids were gunned down in an absolutely senseless act of murder that ended with the gunman (as always) taking his own life, what would be the 27th life taken that day. My heart absolutely bleeds for them, I have to stop thinking about it after a few minutes because I feel myself become physically ill. My question is the same one as many people have, couldn’t he have just skipped the other 26 lives and gotten right to the point? Where does mankind go from here and how did this happen, where does the discussion even begin? What can we do IMMEDIATELY to prevent this from happening again. This shit happens all of the time the days and I’m sick and tired of it. The level of grief that I feel for the victims of this tragedy is immeasurable. We are not a civilized people anymore, a 20 year old should have more compassion and empathy for mankind, if he were mentally ill there must have been some early warning signs that something was amiss and someone (or more likely many people) were negligent in their lack of early intervention. This mystery shooter is the product of a very sick and godless society. I don’t want to donate money to the victim’s families, I want to do much, much, more. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any ideas? Would a ban on handguns be enough? Do we home school our kids now? Do we turn Kindergarten classrooms into maximum security institutions? I’m being serious here, somebody please say something intelligent and bring some ideas and clarity to what just happened and how to prevent it from happening again. I hate when people say this, but if you’re not a parent then you just simply don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t value your ideas and opinions, just please don’t make light of this and don’t dare make jokes right now. You know how to reach me.
Thank you for listening.”