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i think its funny when a random youtube channel that uploaded a popular song that they had nothing to do with is like “hey guys thanks for the views!” like motherfucker no ones here to see the great chicagosteve1976′s illustrious youtube channel we’re just here to listen to ocean fucking man by the american alternative rock band, ween. you are merely a messenger dont be so full of yourself and stay hydrated so you arent so thirsty for attention you punk fuck

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I don't know how but I'm slowly falling in love with fp!chad help. i need to know more about him. <3

anon #2: I love when fp!chad sneaks his way in :)

i’m always so amused when people love chad! ahahahha. he is such a little shit who is always in trouble, always up to something, and always healing from something. he’s been a toilet for fuckpig, a come dumpster for at least two of those cocks, been adri’s masseur, the one who goes to walmart at 3am for tampons and lube and crisco and neosporin and cat food&litter and medical gauze/tape and panties and lipgloss (those last two are for jensen). he’s the cat poop scooper and the guy who washes come and piss and pussy juice/squirt and blood out of clothes and sheets and off the carpet, and he’s the one who drags instruments around in the rain and snow and blistering sun. he knows how everybody likes their coffee, what they get at mcdonald’s for breakfast and lunch, everybody’s picky orders at taco bell, their favorite cigarettes, beer, liquor, and lube preferences. he’s the one who drives the bus the most, who has an eerily intuitive idea of what music to play over the speakers to suit the general mood of the bus. he fucks boys and girls and everything in between, and he’s a subby little cunt for literally everyone he fucks. 

he’s broken probably every bone, had to have things surgically removed from his ass, never takes his boots off, had to have his dick sewn back up after a miscommunication with a friend of jeff’s, passed out on dick, passed out on pussy, has his nipples pierced, his ears gauged, his asshole tattooed, and his hair is an ever-changing hue of colors and in some form of mohawk. his favorite band is ween, he cried when he met johnny knoxville once, he wants to be bred by vin diesel, he likes to dress in drag sometimes, and he had an interesting night with a horse once.

oh, and he likes snowcones.

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........ dude dean ween did a song with his own band when ween broke up and the name of the song is exercise man. How do you not get that?!

i don’t know who that is

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Did Kurt ever mention the band Ween at all? I feel like he would have liked them.

don’t recall any mention.  but kurt loved the butthole surfers,  and ween was right there with them.  fitted kurt’s sense of humor.