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I just sided with the templars in my 2nd PT, racked up as much affection as I could with Dorian ASAP when I hit skyhold and it popped. People speculate that it has to do with the order in which you get the Felix letter scene/judge Alexius

I’d read something like that myself, so maybe that’s the way to go. I still hope they fix it soon, though.

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To me it feels like the combat system is a huge step down from DA:O, I used to have tactics setup 20+ deep for each character.

I was wondering about that too, I remember DA:O. I was stunned to see how little there was to customize and how inconsequential it is. Like, okay, maybe a lot of players don’t bother with it, but would it have been such an issue to include it for the rest of us? Maybe they didn’t include it because they thought the tactical camera precluded the necessity. But TacCam has it’s own issues… having access to both would’ve been nice.

weemiji replied to your post:Coming from someone who absolutely HATES durian, your comment comes off as kind of racist dude. Millions of asians know exactly what durian tastes like and still love it.

It’s cool, I know you probably didn’t mean anything by it, I just thought you’d like to know the side-eye inducing potential of your comment. I appreciate your response =)

Thanks – and I really appreciate you letting me know. It might help me avoid doing something foolishly hurtful in the future. 

…it also, more selfishly, means that I can be a bit abashed/uncomfortable now, rather than very abashed/uncomfortable in three or four years when I suddenly realize I did something dumb and it’s far too late to make any kind of redress for it.

I’ve certainly had a few of those realizations, and I’ll take the direct approach any day. :P