Okay this took a freaking long time to edit.
In this I make a lot of references to old friends and such… I had quite a lot of fun going over only sheezy accounts, comments, artwork and journals. It’s nice to see how each of us have evolved in our own way. c:

It’s time to get crunk. Going to one of my closest friends girlfriends birthday and I was told by my friend that they’d drink me under the table. Oh well, I guess I’ll just prepare myself for it and enjoy an evening of being shitfaced <3


Well look who showed up in my mail yesterday. The one and only Snufkin. I’ve wanted this cup for ages now aaaaaa <3

Also, randomly downing a Jägermeister with your friends on a Thursday and then end up chilling with the shop keeper of a gas station until 4am when you got work the next day may not be the best of ideas. Just saying. Though he did give us free cinnamon buns that he was going to throw away and some baby carrots.

Quick painting of Weelow whom I haven’t drawn in years. So I revamped him a little. He’s now wearing worn out, torn and dirty clothes like someone who lives on the street. Except for the fancy but slightly over-sized coat which he found or took or something.

Some drawing with a highly Zora inspired character that I scribbled down at work once. I kind of lost track of all the light sources and how the light should bounce and shit so I just winged it and finished it off quick since I’ve had this unfinished for ages on my computer haha.

Ok now I’m home from India and I can start on my portfolio. I’m hoping that this one will become good enough to put in to my portfolio when it’s finished. So keep your fingers crossed. It’s just a WIP so far since I just started putting some colour on to it.

OH and I got a larger stretching ring for my ear today oh joy <3

Character belongs to White Wolf Publishing

This started out as just random experiments with techniques that I saw while watching someone draw on a stream and then I just ended up doing a full out painting of it. And I’m so happy I did ‘cause it’s the first time in ages that I’ve felt that I’ve slightly improved at drawing shit :’D
The girl is a superhero character that I did (except she doesn’t have any actual superpowers) and at the moment I’m calling her Nightjay. I’m kind of stuck between Black Lark, Nightjay or NightSkye. Gah names are so hard halp me D:


Aaand here comes the lines. The wings are sketchy because I keep changing them and once I start colouring they might change again so I’ll keep them slightly undefined compared to the rest of the body. Tomorrow I think I’ll start getting values in since that’s something I keep forgetting to do before I start with the colours argh.

Oh, and I still don’t know what to do for a background so suggestions are more than welcome <3