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Hello! Welcome to the first ever Cielois week! For this you can make fanart, fanfics or even cosplay you like! It just needs to be Cielois related and relate to the prompts of that day!

Day 1: Light/dark

Day 2: Rivals

Day 3: Children

Day 4: Demons

Day 5: Trust

Day 6: Modern

Day 7: own choice!

Cielois week will be held from July 1st- July 7th, you have a few months so let’s give this small ship the attention it deserves!

Tag all contributions with the tag -#Cielois week- so everybody can see!

Please feel free to talk to me (mod Lizzie) for more information!

i decided to participate in at least one day of the Victuuri Week

(illustration to the fic that was originally based on @beanpots AU)


🍁⭐And here the last part of 🌿“Floraison”🍂, It was at first a challenge, because i never do backgrounds, big illustrations with perspective, indoors design etc… I wanted to add it to my portfolio too, last year. But the first one took me.. like more than one week only for the color, so I choose to take the time to learn, analyse, think etc… and now it’s finish, and I’m happy :) Thank’s again, for your kind words, it’s always motivating !🌟👍👏 and I called the character Yori yeah.

Leonora Redpike, my dwarven bard for an upcoming Pathfinder campaign! She’s real bad at making friends, but makes up for it with fashion.

The outfit is probably way fancier than it ought to be, but I really couldn’t resist a little landsknecht aesthetic in my medieval-ish fantasy character.


Wrapping up some Friday Fashion with a bang!

Okay so these Pre-Fall 2017 looks from Moschino are more sci-fi than pure sci, but I’m still loving them. I would especially love to wear either of the top two dresses while giving a talk on the Big Bang - guaranteed to make an impact.*  

- Summer

*sorry, not sorry