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I Was Wrong - Jughead Jones

Requests: Omg thank you so much for open book it is so so GOOD! I was wondering if maybe you could do one where jughead and the reader are dating and they get into a fight and the reader tells jughead “if you walk out that dint ever come back” and the next day jughead is in the hospital because he attempted suicide and they get back together and it’s just really fluffy

Hi there! So I really hope this was okay :/ I tried my best but obviously it’s a very sensitive topic <3

Warnings: angst, suicide attempt, swearing, sad cinnamon roll :C

Words: 3,812

This was too much for you. You knew that your boyfriend Jughead was getting in deep when he started his novel on the murder of Jason Blossom. You didn’t think much of it back then though. When he joined the Blue & Gold, you didn’t think much of it. When he started cancelling on you to go on sleuthing missions with Betty, is when you started to notice that it wasn’t all quite right.

It wasn’t that you were jealous, because you weren’t. Jughead and Betty had known each other for a long time, practically since childhood and you respected that. Nothing romantic had ever seemed to come from it though. You also trusted Betty not to hurt you like that, she was one of your best friends and was opting to stay out of relationships ever since her heartbreak with Archie, she wouldn’t risk it. 

No, you were worried that he was going to get himself in trouble with the law, or that the murderer who was running around town was going to catch onto the fact that he was on their trail and would off him before he had the chance to speak out. You were scared for Jughead in every living moment and he treated it so casually, was he not even concerned for his own safety?!

He’d also been spending less time with you. You didn’t want to be clingy but with the sleuthing for the writing and the writing for now both his novel and the newspaper, he just didn’t have enough hours in the day. The two of you had a special bridge, south of Sweetwater River where he’d asked you to be his girlfriend a year ago. It was your special bridge, and you would always meet there to just sit in comfortable silence, or talk and reflect about what was going on in your lives, think about the future and try and laugh through your existential crisis. You treasured those hours. They made you feel human, normal and alive in this crazy small town, which was being torn apart by this murder… piece by piece.

You hadn’t met there in weeks. You hadn’t kissed or embraced the boy you loved in weeks. Heck, you hadn’t had a proper, deep conversation with the boy you loved in weeks. That stung deep.

The car broke you. The car took it too far.

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I am not afraid.

And I won’t be afraid the next time I cross Westminster Bridge again. And I won’t be afraid when I walk through the lobby of the London concert hall I’ll be going to in the next few weeks. And I won’t be afraid when I go through London Bridge every week to get to work.

Most importantly I won’t change my view that Muslims are always welcome in this country. This country belongs to them just as much as it belongs to everyone living here who just wants to live a normal life without violence.
England is OUR country. All of us together.

The minuscule amount of people that carry out these attacks are NOT Muslim, a true Muslim would NEVER do what they did. These attackers aren’t even human anymore, they’re just brainwashed terrorists. Don’t ever call them Muslims. They are terrorists, nothing more. They do not represent an entire group of 1.8 Billion people.

More than ever now we need to show our Muslim brothers and sisters that we stand together with them against violence. Dividing people against Muslims and causing more radicalisation is EXACTLY what these terrorist groups want. And it’s working. And it will continue to work for as long as people attack Muslims for crimes they have never committed and never will.

Want to know what you can do to help? Treat Muslims with kindness. Treat them like human beings. Don’t turn your anger onto those who don’t deserve it. Don’t be the idiots that create more problems by calling the Muslim person they saw at their local bus stop a cunt. Those idiots let us down, they let us all down and they help terrorism win.

Alec Guinness 

Guinness served in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve in the Second World War, initially as a seaman in 1941, receiving a commission as an officer in 1942. He commanded a landing craft at the Allied invasion of Sicily, and later ferried supplies and agents to the Yugoslav partisans in the eastern Mediterranean theatre.

During the war, he was granted leave to appear in the Broadway production of Terence Rattigan’s play, Flare Path, about the RAF Bomber Command.

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