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1/30 days of productivity!! have been inactive for a while, due to my busy schedule,, ;_; spent the day doing math questions, writing chemistry notes and finishing up on some homework!! anyways, hope you guys have a productive week ahead!! ✨

Inktober 2017 - Day 23

Shadow kept every one of those unfinished letters from Vio.  Even the one that only got as far as the word “hi” before Vio crinkled it up into a ball.

Vio is kind of embarrassed by how awkward and formal and unfinished they are, but Shadow finds it endearing 💜 🖤


Will I forever be bitter that the MCU stupidly decided that Tony Stark would never acknowledge Peggy Carter’s (and her lovely wife Angie) existence even though Howard Stark was one of Peggy’s best friends?  Yes.

Will I keep drawing baby Tony with his aunt Peggy (and her lovely wife Angie) until the day I die? Also yes.

I already knew that Josh texted Freya at midnight on her birthday but seeing him trying to time it perfectly while playing Rocket League is so fuckin cute like look at him 😍😭


04.08.17 // good evening!! today’s the last day before spring break ends for me and i decided to review some recent math notes. alsO i got braces and i’m still tryna get used to the pain/discomfort :’)) 💕

september goals

- No needless spending 
- Pay tuition fees when they come in 
- Some sort of income 
- Email work about reading week shift 

- Stay on top of online course, work on it for sure Mondays and Wednesdays between classes
- Library 2x a week
- Make guidance appt re: possible second major
- Spend one hour a week (divided if I want) on HESI/EAQ questions

- Something active 10x
- Follow new eating plan 
- Stretch daily in morning
- Stay consistent with supplements 
- 3L h20 daily
- Less drinking 
- Less mindless snacking 
- Actually try and meal prep properly 

Apartment Things
- Make bed daily
- Sweep and vacuum weekly
- Clean bathroom weekly
- Empty litter box every other day
- Dishes daily
- Tidy living room daily 

- Deep clean desk and dresser 

Mental/Self-love/All else
- Shower daily
- Begin practicing meditation 
- Lavender tea and diffuser before bed
- Plan for week ahead Sunday nights 
- Text dad every other day at least, call once a week
- Face masks and hair masks and shaving and painted toes and white strips cos they all make me feel good!!!
- Mail cards to L and W 
- Utilize planner 
- Clean makeup brushes weekly 
- Skin care routine nightly

Hey guys! Just to let you know, life just happened and thus explains my hiatus on social media again. Shown here were my dailies last week. Now I will rely on my bujo sidekick (a midori passport size I recently got from a destash sale) for daily tasks and lists, since the renovation project is still ongoing and I am nowhere near my desk in the next couple of weeks. I hope you have a nice week ahead! 😊


The Last Jedi covers Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Movie Preview, and we’ve got a week of stories ahead of us as they ramp up the hype for the December film.

Things start off with Rey and Luke Skywalker, and we actually get some insight from Mark Hamill into why Luke took the things that preceded The Force Awakens so hard.

We’ve got a photo gallery that shares several new stills, including our first look at the (finished) Canto Bight.

A look at Finn and Rose reveals a bit more about how they relate to each other, and where exactly they’re going. (Yes, it’s Canto Bight.)

We also learn that the porgs (and Luke) aren’t the only inhabitants of Ahch-To.

And finally, official confirmation of Snoke’s Praetorian Guard, which we’ve already seen plenty of thanks to rumors and toy leaks. Director Rian Johnson also says that Andy Serkis’ Snoke will remain a CG character – contrary to some reports we’ve heard that said a puppet or makeup version was in play.

Expect more on Leia, Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren in the coming days…

found the cutest thing in a book of puns at target ♡ I hope you all had a good day loves! I’m currently catching up on some work I accidentally neglected 😅 tomorrow is reserved for finishing up my work and scheduling for the week ahead!

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sterek week 2016 - day 3: fairytales/folklore

In a post-apocalyptic world not so far away, where wolves and humans are at war and no place is safe, Stiles Stilinski, orphan and the last emissary of Beacon Hills, lives as a ward to the self-proclaimed king, Gerard Argent.

From a very young age Stiles, such a priced possession as he was, has been guarded and sheltered from every and anything that could by chance do him harm and the woods that dragged on for miles before the castle were the most forbidden of it all.

“The woods are a dangerous place, Stiles,” the King had always said and Stiles, despite his insatiable curiosity, had always listened.

That is until the day he overhears talks of his long-dead father, John Stilinski, and how very much alive he is after all, living deep within the woods in a cottage, surrounded by menacing trees and big, bad wolves with paws so large and teeth so big they could swallow a man whole.

That night, Stiles sets out on a journey through the woods in search of his father, with only his mother’s red cape as a shield and a strange wolf that seems to guard him and his life every step of the way and doesn’t seem monstrous at all. 

richs-stitches  asked:

Hey howdy my pal, I've been stuck sitting around recovering from surgery all day and looking through your art is keeping me sane so thank you!!!! I love it all~

hello and thank you! I hope your recovery is going well!! your cosplays (and doodles!) are super awesome; keep up the amazing work!!

As you guys probably guessed, we will NOT be taking our regularly scheduled break this week! Instead, we have pushed it from this week to next week, October 1-7. Since we were on vacation for 2 weeks, it felt only fair to give you all at least 2 weeks of consecutive comics before our next scheduled break.