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Tell me that I am not the only who first thought when Mr Ketch appeared in the bunker was that this happened with Rufus back in season two I don't know how to feel about it, I don't want alcoholic Dean again, it's so sad

Hey, sorry for leaving this so late - as I’m sure you’ve seen, that parallel was widely discussed, and yeah, alcohol’s definitely the way to get into the house of a surly and distrustful hunter.

My suspicion, though, is that Dean didn’t need a bottle that bad. Sure, alcohol’s one of his coping mechanisms, but he’s been doing much better for a while now. I mean - that evening was as low as we’ve seen him in months - Sam gone off God knows where, Cas too, and that huge row with Mary weighing down upon him - Dean gave up and went out for a drink, but when he came back he was still almost sober.

(I know that’s not saying much, given his tolerance, but still.)

I think it says a lot, actually, about just how sober he was that he let Ketch, a potential enemy, into the Bunker at all. Dean’s been curious about Ketch for a while now, but I’m sure he wouldn’t underestimate any of those BMoL people after the fights he had with Toni and Ms Watt, so if he lets Ketch in, it’s because he knows he’s not at a disadvantage here - that, if it comes to that, he can take Ketch. And the fact he’s completely himself and completely in control - we see that later, as well - again - sure, he agrees to go with Ketch, and it’s equal parts needing some action and wanting to check out the competition (I’m using the verb in both meanings, because, come on) - but he makes rational, normal choices all the way through, in sharp contrast with Ketch, who plainly’s enjoying himself a bit too much.

Plus, you know, as parallels go, Rufus’ not such a worrying choice. Rufus was nice and capable and grounded - all qualities which, in this line of work, seem to be in short supply. When Bobby’s wife was possessed and died, Rufus handled what was an incredibly painful and bewildering situation with such tact he and Bobby became friends and hunted together for years after that. Also, he managed to get out? And, sure, he got out because of a devasting emotional blow, and not out of choice, but he still got out - and came back when everything was going to shit and his old friend needed him. And all the while, he managed to have principles and values - we don’t know how he got into hunting, but he was never (that we saw) a ‘foaming at the mouth for revenge’ kind of hunter.

We’ve seen Sam and Dean paralleled with Bobby and Rufus before, and I wonder if there’s anything to read into it. Bobby was always closer to Dean, of course, but as far as personality and inclinations go, The Raid seemed to suggest we could head out into a future where Dean is actually Rufus (I hope they’re not going where this mirror implicates they’re going, though), which leaves Sam as the new Bobby - possibly the head of the American MoL, researching stuff in the Bunker and coordinating hunts for other people. It would certainly suit him.

But, well -

(For the record, I don’t think we need to read too much about these parallels, though. We simply don’t know enough about Rufus, or even Bobby, to guess if there’s an intentional thing going on. Seems to me they’re simply paying homage to their own show - reminding us of past events and characters we miss. S12′s been full of small throw-backs, after all.) 

[Gif by @weeklyspn, here.]

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So I was hangin out in my mind palace and I remember seeing something on instagram. Dean and Cas' time in purgatory is perfectly paralleled to Peta and Katniss. Can you compare please?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but…

#1. Peeta - Katniss - Gale love triangle. Check.

#2. Desperately wanting them to stay:

source: @weeklyspn

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#3. Trying to protect each other by putting themselves in danger and / or staying away? Check.

#4. Being mind controlled and the other being the only one to help break it:

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#5. Benny = Johanna.

#6. I love need you and feeling loved needed:

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#7. Katniss had an idea of what she wanted from her life due to her terrible upbringing and managed to get past it and figure out what she actually wanted and it was Peeta. Check.

#8. Peeta had been there all along and only ever been loyal and loving, it just took time for Katniss to figure herself out to allow herself happiness with him. Check.

*mmmmm tropes*

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