It’s time for the weekly Gif-a-Thon! This time, it’s for 5.12 - Swap Meat! As always, here’s an HD download of the episode if you need it.

To enter a gif/set into the Gif-a-Thon, just tag it “canonspngifs” and/or message me with a link to it, and you’re automatically entered. The prize for winning? Custom art! The only limits are one character max and it must be SFW.

Shout out to previous participants @ackleholics, @armymenintheashtray,  @artemiskitsune, @bagginshield, @bcwlegs, @brothersinsync, @darlingcap,  @demondetoxmanual, @electricmonk333, @elizabethrobertajones, @frozen-delight, @green-circles, @hellsbells91, @ijensenackles, @littleblondesamoan, @octomoosey, @out-in-the-open, @poorbeautifuldean, @sasquatchandleatherjacket, @saucynewf, @savingpeoplegiffingthings, @semirahrose, @weeklyspn, @wefoundthebatcave, and @yourfavoritedirector!

The winner will be announced next Friday at noon, so have fun giffing - and please signal boost!