EPonym - “Like This”



let the lyric hit the mental, head nod you better recognize
flippin the syllable listen to the son rise
 im just another guy on a journey lemme tell em
the stories my young mind, a smile the little fella
with big dreams,  boy you outta dream more
well listen to them dreams when he that record
n clap for him, then clap for the encore
glass was half empty, now tell em to keep pourin
one love thats for me, one more thats the peace
mic check 1, 2 paint the world with ma speech
i be, the M.O.S, yes definitely 
emcee identified by the soul in the sixteen
EP, exceptional kid, excellent with
the exhalation o the fire in his heart when he spits
let the track stand singing here i exist
iimma keep marchin put a little dust on my kicks 
its like this!



I always suck at recording these things but i wanted to do one for my birthday. 
Reblog for a brothers birthday? :) 

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“Let Me Tell You Something”

Warren Aguilar


  • im straight cruisin like my wheels i make movement
  • commited to this shit, like it was my children and ever since
  • i had that feeling in my jordan ones 
  • then i got my three’s like give me that BRed(black&red) watch me on my stunt
  • like me upon my grind like trucks to the board,
  • straight slammin in the stocks like trucks to the wall
  • im more chill than fridge in anarctica
  • my roots is the underground 2nai is what im part of bruh
  • that’s more than what it seems more than pitty dreams
  • my fam like raw footage never cutting scenes
  • never ending story, and im always a sequal
  • scopin like a beagle who are these fake people
  • so i stayed more original the yellow pack lays
  • used to dream big, my eyes crispy creame for the way that they glaze
  • you better know i blaze pharrel(foreal) like ice creams
  • master to the complication like i drew the maze
  • so amazin damn