The Weekly WORD, Jersey City

  • Today! We host one for the bookish kids of JC. We welcome middle grade (ages 7-13) authors Kelly Barnhill and Tracey Baptiste to entertain your big reader. Join us at 4:30pm for stories, snacks, and fun!
  • Our Gilmore Girls Book Group meets to read staff favorite, On Beauty by Zadie Smith. Join them to dish about the book, and what team you’re on, Monday, September 26 at 6pm.
  • Next up, our Mystery Book Group delves into Arthur and George by Julian Barnes. Discuss the mystery on Wednesday, September 28 at 6pm.
  • Finally, calling all poets! Our monthly poetry workshop is back this month. Bring your unfinished, unpolished or just plain unwritten work to WORD on Friday, September 30 at 6pm to write with Leslie McIntosh.

For @deathberryprompts weekly prompt “anger.” 1000 words. This is the much-requested sequel to Between The Devil And…

…The Deep Blue Sea

Rukia burst through the doors of the 13th Division’s headquarters. The gaze of her subordinates automatically directed her attention.

Looming above the West 55th Block was a pillar of inky darkness that swarmed with diseased eyes.

For a split-second she stared. “Call for backup, now!” she commanded to no one in particular. Then she was gone, flash stepping toward the maelstrom. She was caught by Byakuya before she could reach it.

“Rukia, this is—” he began.

She immediately struggled, only peripherally noticing Mayuri and Suì-Fēng were present. “Nii-sama! Ichigo is in there!”

“Hmph, then he’s probably already done for. What could he hope to achieve now that he couldn't—” Mayuri was cut off as black tendrils shot forth. One of them simply obliterated him.

Byakuya’s grip on Rukia weakened in surprise.

Suì-Fēng promptly retreated.

Rukia broke out of his grasp, launching forward as she withdrew Sode no Shirayuki and flicked it. It took on its true form without a word. She immediately performed Tsugi no Mai: Hakuren on the wall of black tar. The darkness seemed to recoil from the ice and she advanced without hesitation through the tunnel she’d made.

Byakuya called out to her but the path between them immediately resealed.

She found herself in a world of shadows. The shade of Yhwach curled and writhed all about. Some distance beyond stood the man himself and another tenebrous figure. She stared. His darkness was of an entirely different character.

“Am I supposed to be impressed, Ichigo?” Yhwach taunted.

He said nothing.

“Ichigo!” Rukia called.

His head inclined.

Yhwach’s also turned slightly toward her. “Oh, it would seem your reunion has yet to end. I will see that it does presently.”

Rukia immediately called “Bankai! Hakka no Togame!”

Ichigo was already moving. As the umbra of the battlefield flashed white he shot forward, seizing Yhwach by his abruptly very corporeal throat. Somehow the cold merely felt refreshing.

“What—” Yhwach gurgled against his hand.

Ichigo’s eyes narrowed with a decade of aggression.

Rukia stared at the pair from her firing point. She was unable to move. Even if she could’ve, she wouldn’t have averted her eyes from the ribbon she suddenly saw. It plainly led from her to Ichigo, stark red on frozen white. Abruptly they were both gone, the ribbon instantly snapping to some other point she couldn’t see. All the former gloom began to calve down around her in sheets of ice.

Ichigo blinked back into existence with Yhwach on the far side of the Senzaikyū. They smashed into it at an impossible speed.

The sekkiseki walls held strong but the foundations did not. It toppled over as a unit onto Sōkyoku Hill.

They, however, kept going, crashing through the hill into the base of the rebuilt Sōkyoku. It was there that Ichigo at last released Yhwach, throwing him into the hillside like a doll.

Yhwach had only just extricated himself from the rock and dirt when he stopped at the sight that greeted him.

Shadows rolled off Ichigo, solid shifting shapes of amorphous something. They rippled and writhed as if to some unheard beat. “‘Ichigo, when are you going to do something with yourself?’” He started forward with menace. “'Ichigo, you can’t just stay stuck in the past.’ 'Ichigo, you’ve got to move on.’”

He stopped and a blade of night formed in his right hand. “Let me show you exactly what ten years of putting your life on hold to do jinzen meditation can do.” There was bottomless rage in his eyes as he snarled “Mugetsu.”

Rukia had finally thawed and was following the ribbon as fast as she could when the entirety of the Sōkyoku and its hill were consumed in a wall of iridescent shadow. She stopped mid-stride. She couldn’t feel anything coming off of it even as the execution stand evaporated. She doubled her pace.

It lifted just before she arrived to reveal a massive crater. The Sōkyoku, the hill, even the tower complex that had held the Senzaikyū… they were all gone. The core of the Seireitei was simply gone. Her eyes spotted a black dot in the middle of the devastation and she flickered toward it. She soon came to a halt behind Ichigo. His hair was orange again.

He didn’t move. “Nobody should have been in the blast area.” He’d displaced everyone he’d been able to sense before using his attack.

She started forward. “Ichigo?”

He visibly wavered and abruptly dropped to one knee.

She rushed forward, getting face to face with him and cradling his in both hands. Her eyes searched his and her voice was soft. “You fool. What have you done?”

“I had to be sure I… I really… wanted to see you again, but I had to be sure I was strong enough… like that man in your heart…” he smiled weakly and looked down at the ribbon between them.

Resonance, Urahara had said. Your reiatsu is linked. Her ability is really… something else… so if you strike together closely enough in time, then perhaps…

His look turned rueful. He really had needed her to land a blow after all. “After this I think it’ll be… a lot longer than ten years before the next time I come back…”

Rukia followed his gaze before looking in his eyes. “Whatever it takes… whatever it takes to bring you back again, we’ll do it. I’ll do it. I’ll wait for you, understand? So… wait for me.”

Ichigo looked up at her. Tears streamed down her face. He felt his own starting to run down onto her hands. “Rukia…”

“Just wait for me. Okay, Ichigo?”

He nodded slightly. The first spasm of pain flared through him before he could say anything. He gripped her haori. “Don’t let them rebuild it again…!” he managed.

She shut her eyes and drew him tightly to her, holding him against what she knew was yet to come. “I’ll be there when you wake up… Don’t let the rain bring you down…”


The Weekly WORD, BK

  • Bad Advice from Bad Women is back at WORD Brooklyn with award-winning heat hater Collier Meyerson, emoji scholar and owner of a great dress Estelle Tang, East Village dog mom Leopoldine Core, second generation feminist force of nature Nona Willis Aronowitz, righteous witch poet Jasmine Gibson, and ruthlessly precise Christopher Meloni ass fan Muna Mire. Hosted by uptight sugar addict Charlotte Shane.
  • WORD is copresenting a poetry evening over at our bookstore BFF Housing Works Bookstore Cafe to celebrate the release of Safiya Sinclair’s CANNIBAL with Aracelis Girmay and Gregory Pardlo

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The Weekly WORD, Brooklyn

  • On Tuesday, 10/27, join us and our friends at Housing Works to celebrate the launch of Kate Gavino’s Last Night’s Reading. Gavino – whose book collects her lovely drawings of authors who’ve appeared all over the city – is joined by Lev Grossman, Julia Fierro, Alexander Chee, Mira Jacob, and Jazmine Hughes.
  • We celebrate the creepy spirit of the season on Wednesday, 10/28, with a cast of friends including Ryan Britt (Luke Skywalker Can’t Read: And Other Geeky Truths), Tobias Carroll, Laird Barron (The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All), John Langan, and Livia Llewellyn!
  • Vol. 1 Brooklyn and Joyland present Midwest vs. NYC on Thursday, 10/29, with readings from Emily Schultz (The Blondes), Jason Diamond, Sarah Seltzer, and Anna Prushinskaya. Come join the literary/regional deathmatch! (Just kidding. Everyone is much nicer than that.)

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Weekly Horoscope
  • Aries:Don't fall into that trap, you pretty fool. Don't make the same mistake that I once did, and that left me with silver scars and fragile bones.
  • Taurus:Floral cologne is a lovely scent, and it's the essence of your soul.
  • Gemini:Lovers may come and go, and your heart may be broken over and over again, but your passion will never burn itself out. You'll just keep running through the smoky flames again.
  • Cancer:Fly, Andante. Fly with the flustered summer wind, and let your wings enjoy the second of perfect freedom, because you're going to come crashing down to land, and realise that as long as we live in this world, there is no such thing as the delusion of freedom. You're not free, I'm not free- no one will ever be truly free.
  • Leo:You must have been born under the stars, with the fragrance of blue roses and dusky sweetgrass soaking the air, because there's the look of a lost dreamer in your grey eyes, and you're a fairy incarnate.
  • Virgo:Your final day will come about with an old piano tinkling, a lullaby, stargazers, and a red-sailed yacht.
  • Libra:Your soul is red, I think. You're filled with passion and emotion, and it shines out from your eyes, and the way you talk and move.
  • Scorpio:You might want to be careful of someone who's always staring at you when you see them, and force you to look away and turn your back every single time in ashamed disgust- be careful of your reflection. Because everyone can see you except for yourself.
  • Sagittarius:I know you're hurting inside. But please please don't give up on love. Don't give up on true love, love at first sight- don't give up hope that someone is waiting out there for you who is the right one. Life isn't long enough to wake up every morning with your mind clouded with regrets, and to fall asleep every night with burning tears staining your pillow. Know that I'm praying for you.
  • Capricorn:I saw your soul in the blue clouds, and I think we're destined for another lifetime.
  • Aquarius:You could jump from a cliff and you would fly instead of dying. You're the sea on a cold spring night, and you're indestructible.
  • Pisces:Que sera. That's the idea. Don't fight it.
One Direction producer previews new 1D album: 'We're experimenting a little'
One Direction’s forthcoming fifth album may be their last — at least for now. The band will take an extended hiatus sometime next year after...

One Direction’s forthcoming fifth album may be their last — at least for now. The band will take an extended hiatus sometime next year after releasing the collection this fall, but when speaking about the album, longtime One Direction producer and songwriter Julian Bunetta told EW that it features some of the group’s best songwriting and shows how far 1D has come musically in the past five years, even with thedeparture of Zayn Malik, who left One Direction in March.

Below, is an extended interview with Bunetta, who, in addition to talking about the guys’ “much-deserved break,” explains why “Drag Me Down” was the perfect first single to release, discusses the band’s evolving sound, and reveals how exactly they recorded the album.

Keep reading


The weekly WORD, Brooklyn

  • What a way to start the work week! Jessica Hopper brings The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic on Monday, May 11. PLEASE NOTE: Due to extremely enthusiastic response, this event will have two showtimes! The early reading is at 6:30; the later is at 7:30. We will clear the room in between so that everyone gets a chance to see Jessica read.
  • We’re just as thrilled to have Sydney Padua and The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage on Tuesday, May 12. It’s one of our favorites of the year – or any time!
  • Deborah Lutz opens The Bronte Cabinet, a study of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne through a collection of artifacts from the Haworth parsonage, on Wednesday, May 13.
  • Nathan Larson releases The Immune System, the third installment of his Dewey Decimal crime-fiction series, on Thursday, May 14, along with fellow Akashic author Stacy Wakefield (The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory) and Megan Abbott, whose The Fever comes out in paperback this week.
  • Our friend and neighbor  Sean H. Doyle launches his debut, This Must Be the Place, with D. Foy, Natalie Eilbert, and Jordan Ginsberg on Friday, May 15.
  • On Saturday, 5/16, the Indie Press Group reads Ban En Banlieue, and the Classics Book Group talks Wuthering Heights (this discussion was rescheduled due to illness). And then it’s Greenpoint Comedy Night!
Strolling through the corridors of my mind,
I remember how different my priorities were.
The most important things in my life seem silly
as I face my impending future.
Will I feel this way later in my life
when looking back on the things weighing on my heart now?
Will the picture always get bigger as time goes on?
—  ”Corridors of My Mind,” by Clare McCloskey

The Weekly WORD, Brooklyn

  • On Wednesday, May 21st, at 7 p.m., we’ll be joined by YA novelists E. Lockhart and Lauren Oliver for a celebration of their latest novels, We Were Liars and Panic. Proceedings will include a joint reading, a Q&A session, and a signing. No lie: you don’t want to miss this one. Don’t panic: you haven’t missed it yet.
  • On Friday, May 23rd, at 7 p.m., we’ll have a barracuda in the basement. That’s right, Kipp Friedman will be in-store to talk Barracuda in the Attic, a memoir of his upbringing and life as the latest member of a strange New York dynasty, one comprised of diverse characters, from the comedian Groucho Marx to the mobster “Crazy” Joey Gallo. The time was the 1970s. The place? The mysterious, untamed isle of Manhattan, where low-budget horror films and weirdos roam. Yes. Let us visit that place.
  • Saturday, May 21st, at 3 p.m., our Food Writing Book Group will talk Toast: The Story of a Boy’s Hunger by Nigel Slater. Stop by the store today to receive 10% off your group’s current pick!
  • Come one, come all! On Sunday, May 22nd, at 11 a.m., we’ve got story-time! What could be better? Here’s what: it will be hosted by local illustrator Catia Chen. She’ll be reading A Boy and His Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz, which she illustrated. Note: no actual jaguars will be present at this reading. For safety, you understand.

On deck: Twisted timelines with Jo Walton; a reading from the Greenpoint Writers Group, Local Organic; and a Bookshop Workshop Festival. Also: books! books! books! Maybe even some sunshine.