Why I love Hiro Mashima

Other manga artists: “Oh, no new chapter this week guys. Sorry for not giving you a heads up last week, I just feel like taking a little break.”

Hiro Mashima: “Hey guys! TWO CHAPTERS NEXT WEEK! Why? I dunno. I was bored and decided to do extra work while simultaneously playing video games (the man ACTUALLY does this). And guess what?! Also a special little omake chapter, and all with color covers and inserts! Again, why? Really. No reason. You know what? Next next week has two chapters too! Four chapters for everyone!”

Hiro Mashima/Fairy Tail fans: 

Please don’t ever stop making manga Mashima sensei!

*meeting the bias*
  • me: *hands them a piece of paper*
  • me: can you-
  • them: give you an autograph? sur-
  • me: no.
  • me: play the paper kissing game
  • me: with me
  • me: right now

NCT127 weekly idol random play.


Teen Top show their overflowing love for one another. Made this since they have been banned from showing this type of ‘affection’ on Weekly Idol.

vote undertale in the game faq’s semifinals!

this game has come so, so far in this contest, guys. please vote for it here!

melee was practically my childhood. i played it almost weekly, i played it with anyone who’s sit long enough (i mained kirby). i love that game so much, and it holds a lot of nostalgia for me.

that being said, no game has ever affected me as much as undertale. ive never gotten this invested in the characters, the plot, the mechanics, everything about it. even beyond that, it has so many things that melee simply doesn’t. its a game that challenges the mechanics of RPG games as a whole, that really looks at how every small choice you make could affect a character. it hid a character in the fucking code, who does that??? 

this game deserves the world, guys. no one thought we’d make it as far as we did. lets go farther. i believe we can win! (insert some joke about determination)

GUYS! You know how I’m always yelling about how great the art is on @youneekstudios EXO: Legend of Wale Williams? Well this is why. Godwin Akpan. @akpangodwin work is AMAZING! Repost from @akpangodwin @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Weekly Challenge 9- playing with fire. #digitalpainting #photoshop #afro #afrofantasy #firebending #fantasy #funstuff #character #weeklychallenge #weeklyspit @nubiamancy @ilovefantasyart @empire_of_future #comics #art http://ift.tt/2fDW09o