Food banks and the media

There’s an article in the herald today where the headline is “Sturgeon claims food bank surge is related to Tory austerity.”

To the majority of us, that’s a statement of fact. For the idiots, it gives them that little bit of wiggle room to come up with another and either blame the SNP or pass the blame from the Tories.

And there’s a problem with this.

One user angrily stated that they work in a factory with exactly 1000 people in it and 250 of them are ‘forners.’ Now this was posted without further comment which obviously prompted the question, “What’s wrong with foreigners?”

The original commentator then gets to go on a tirade of “Stop calling me racist!! Some of my favourite coworkers are foreign! I was saying that Scottish people are lazy and don’t want to go for jobs!!!!”

So in the space of a bit of severe mental gymnastics from him, what he was really trying to say was that Scottish people are lazy and that’s why we use food banks.

Meanwhile you’ve got another idiot writing his own novel of conspiracy theories. “People are using food banks to fuel their addictions. The system is rigged and the mafia run it.”

Now of course you flip that back on the newspaper and they’ll say “We’re just reporting what Nicola said.” And to be honest that would be fine, if they treated everyone equally. The Tories actually get endlessly press releases and the language tends to be drastically different. It ends up producing headlines like this:

“Ruth slams Sturgeon: You’re failing Scotland’s Children”

It’s worth noting that Ruth Davidson is given her humanising first name and is granted her title of leader of the Scottish Conservatives while Nicola Sturgeon is never given her title as First Minister and is instead referred to as leader of the Scottish National Party…(and occasionally leader of the Scottish nationalists)

Now before you say, “Aye, take off the tinfoil hat for five minutes you sound like a doolally bastard.” Seriously take a minute to look at the news and compare it. Aside from the National, there is no other weekly newspaper that supports an independent Scotland. That’s not to say there’s never any pro-indy pieces in other news, it’s just that it’s few and far between.

College!AU Hakyeon

find leo (here) & ravi (here)

  • major: fashion 
  • minor: psychology 
  • sports: swim team captain 
  • clubs: school newspaper fashion columnist, wellness center/student counselor 
  • the entire campus is absolutely in awe of him because he can somehow juggle a fashion major, a psychology minor, the captain of a sports team that got to nationals???, a weekly column in the newspaper?? plus be an available counselor on campus for other students dealing with problems like???? is he an angel from heaven with superhuman powers or-
  • and tbh hakyeon is literally just a sweet glowing sunbeam of positivity like he makes everyone feel welcomed and loved and he goes out of his way to be friends with everyone just so they know they can count on him
  • and his outfits are always on point like damn hakyeon where did you buy that
  • and he’s like ‘i made it’ and smiles and you’re just like ??? an angel ?? but also talented ?? some people just really do get it all
  • and he’s so proud of his major tbh like he doesn’t care if some asshole is like ‘a dude majoring in fashion?? like wtf bro’ hakyeon is just like ‘excuse yourself scum, some of the top designers in the world are men so you can step off or ill end your life with a single snap of my fingers.’ (and tbh he could do it. he could literally do it do not mess with him)
  • hakyeon sitting around during lunch sketching outfit ideas and listening to music he looks like a goddamn picture he’s so handsome and pictersque the whole campus is just s w oo n i ng 
  • and the reason he’s minor in psychology isn’t even because it’s a back up plan to if fashion doesn’t work out it’s because he genuinely is interested in the way peoples feelings work and he wants to know more in order to be a better counslor and to better understand others like how is someone so pure
  • does the cute thing where he holds pins in his mouth while sewing and the entire class is like,,,,,,he’s the only who makes working hard look so effortless,,,,,
  • leo says he’s happy hakyeon isn’t on the soccer team but tbh hakyeon dominates at the swimming competitions and leo regrets not asking him to do soccer because ok,,,,hakyeon is secretly strong 
  • hakyeon singing to himself whenever he’s doing stretches at the campus pool and an entire bleacher full of girls is just losing it because he’s so adorable
  • and tbh you meet hakyeon on a whim like completely on accident because you’re not even in the same department as him but for some reason you two are the only ones left late at night on campus and he barges into one of the private study rooms where you’re like crying over a midterm and he’s like yOU
  • and you’re like ????me????
  • and he’s like i nEED your HELP plEASE
  • and you’re kind of panicked because you’ve never spoken to hakyeon really like you know him who doesn’t but you’re like is something wrong??? is there a fire??? are you hurt???
  • and hakyeon is just shaking his head and he’s like no no no i need you to be my model please i can’t find anyone else on campus and this outfit has to be done by tomorrow
  • and you’re like oh i should hel- model? outfit?????? 
  • and hakyeon’s eyes are wide with panic and hope and you’re like me/??? model???? an outfit??? i??? um????
  • and hakyeon takes your hand in his and wow wtf his hand is so soft it probably smells like peaches because hakyeon is always glowing but that’s not the point he’s like i know it’s an odd request but it’s like 11pm the person who promised to help me got sick so i need you please help me this one time
  • and you’re like i,,,,,,would love to but my midterm is this week,,,,, and hakyeon is like it’s ok you can study while i take some measurments - please it won’t take long???
  • and you look into his eyes (big miss steak) and they’re sparkling with genuine worry and they’re so beautiful you can’t resist finally you’re like alright,,,ill try my best to help and hakyeon looks so delighted like you just told him you found the answer to world peace and he’s like ok!! get your things and come with me
  • so somehow you end up being measured by hakyeon and it’s a weird feeling to have him moving your body left and right and lifting your hands up and you feel a bit embarrassed under his gaze and he notices because he asks why you keep looking down and you admit you’re nervous and he smiles and it’s so warm and he just apologizes for making you do this but he’s also like
  • you’re a very charming up close and you’re like ???charming what does that mean and hakyeon holds your wrist in his hand a bit longer and he kind of looks to the side like it means that you’re very good at keeping me attracted and your brain kind of stops working because??? keeping hakyeon attracted……attracted how???
  • but before you even get to ask he’s back to measuring and murmuring to himself about the cloth and things like that and he’s like ok i think i have what i need and he’s like im just going to have to work through the night to get this to happen and you’re like through the night?? and he shrugs like it’s not big deal and thanks you again for being a huge help to him
  • but even as you get ready to leave you feel horrible leaving him there so you step out and it’s past midnight now but you know there are cafes near campus that are open so you buy some bottles of water and packaged snacks and return to the room where hakyeon is working and he’s like oh, did you leave something? and you’re like n-no but here you go, since you’re going to be here till morning take these and you give him the snacks and drinks and he just stares but then suddenly his arms are around your waist and he pulls you into this hug that’s so light it makes you feel like you’re walking on air and he whispers thank you against your hair
  • and you wish that that moment could last forever
  • but of course it doesn’t and you expect that after this hakyeon won’t really have a reason to approach you anymore but as you’re leaving the room after your midterms you see him leaning up against the wall and he gives you a small wave and everyone around you starts whispering like???? what?? and you’re confused up until he walks up to you and is like 
  • “hope you did well on your midterm, but now that it’s over let me take you out as a thank for all your help”
  • and you kind of freeze in shock because ok what did he just ask you on a date all you did was let him use you for some measurements you didn’t think that was any means to be taken out so you kind of mumble that it’s fine, he doesn’t need to thank you but hakyeon just shakes his head and goes
  • “you helped me with more than just the outfit, you did a lot more for me that day. let me pay you back, i don’t like owing someone a debt.”
  • and honestly again you find yourself falling victim to his eyes and aura and so you agree and hakyeon takes you to this little, cute place covered in plants and good smelling candles and for some reason you can see why hakyeon would choose a place like this and as you’re waiting for the food hakyeon clears his throat and tells you what exactly the reason is for him treating you like this
  • and he confesses that it’s been a long time since someone has showed genuine concern for him, he’s always shouldering the problems of others and trying to do his best to help them, but that day you were like a superhero to him. saving his outfit project and then even being kind enough to make sure he made it through the rough night.
  • you kind of don’t know what to say because you always assumed his life was perfect, that he would have someone always there for him, but the more you two talk the more you come to understand that hakyeon is not the happy always positive person he looks like. there are weakness even he has and what you thought was a simple gesture of consideration meant so much to him
  • and somehow over the course of lunch you and hakyeon open up a lot to each other and from then on, it’s impossible for you two to just separate
  • you start meeting up more on campus, you spend time watching hakyeon sew or draw and he helps you study in your other courses 
  • and it goes from just sitting together in empty classrooms talking like friends and you praising his artistic fashion skill and him quizzing you on your note cards to something more
  • one day you two see each other after his swimming practice and he comes out with slightly messy hair, telling you he wants to go back to his dorm to get some things before you guys go and do your usual little study together thing and you’re a little nervous because his dorm?? you’ve never been there before,,,,and you tell yourself don’t be nervous it’s going to take five minutes
  • but somehow you end up standing in the middle of his room and his gym bags on the floor and your own backpack is forgotten in some corner of the room and it’s so clean for a college students dorm, he even has flowers in a vase on his desk but before you know it your backed up against that desk and hakyeon’s warm skin is practically driving you crazy and he lets his hands settle on the side of your neck
  • and he whispers again about how you attract him, how something about you makes him never want to let you go
  • and the beautiful friendship you two have cultivated on the truths of your weaknesses turns into something more as hakyeon kisses you for the first time and from then on, you two melt into each other like nothing else matters
  • and hakyeon makes sure you know this is not a once in a lifetime thing, he keeps you close against his chest and he tells you straight forwardly that he’s never loved someone the way he loves you - he’s never wanted to fully protect someone, the way he wants to protect you
  • and you too, you look up at him and you tell him that you’re tired of seeing him being used left and right - you’re going to protect him too
  • and when the campus hears about you two dating everything goes wiLD 
  • and even his friends are like we need to see it to believe it and hakyeon jsut casually holds you around the waist as he walks you to class and kisses you on the forehead before you go
  • these two dudes named hongbin and ken come up to you in class and they’re like “Are you dating Hakyeon??” and you’re like um.,, yes,,, why? and ken’s like “Hongbin you owe me fifty bucks” and you’re like ?? (don’t worry, you get introduced to them later hakyeon’s like these are the guys i know from high school- they thought id never date anyone in my life, guess they were wrong)
  • the one named hyuk leans over and is like “i hope you know what you’re getting into, hakyeon is such a -” and this is the moment when he probably gets smacked upside the head with a notebook
  • and as you and hakyeon grow even closer now that you’re together you see that his caring side really has no limits like he constantly asks if you’re ok or need anything, probably carried around one of those little first aid kits if anything, and when there’s even so much as a slight wind he shrugs off his jacket and hands it to you
  • and hakyeon spends a lot of time drawing and sewing and you get into the habit of helping him out when you can and even picking up on sewing with him it’s cute you two working together to help him get some outfits done for school
  • and you’re always excited to see what hakyeon has drawn up and he’s always the most excited to show you 
  • and he also adores going shopping with you because he has such good taste ????? that anything he picks out is just perfect and you’re like hakyeon you’re the best boyfriend but also stylist and he’s like im a fashion major for a reason hehe
  • and when you can you go to all his swim meets to support him and you even make little banners for him which hakyeon hangs up in his room because he thinks they’re aDORable 
  • the two of you sitting cooly, sipping lattes, talking about the latest episodes of dramas you are both really into and everyone doing a double take because you’re the most fashionable couple on campus tbh
  • the fashion column hakyeon writes for also becomes a love advice column because now that he’s dating he thinks he has some merit to help others with their relationship but tbh most of it is him just ranting about how amazing it is dating you and how much he loves you it’s kind of cute but you’re also like hakyeon please the whole campus now knows that i give you shoulder massages and am good at making green tea which is not really what i want them to know
  • hakyeon sketching outfits one day but then he notices he’s stopped and started sketching a portrait of you instead 
  • hakyeon sometimes nagging at you for not keeping your dorm as clean as his and you’re like hakyEon and he’s like ‘we are going to ikea and getting you a new desk that one is falling apart’
  • he’s totally a fan of calling you cute nicknames in public and when you’re hanging out with like ravi or ken they do the gagging noises and  hakyeon doesn’t even care he’s so focused on you and you’re just like hey guys don’t be jealous of this beautiful thing hakyeon and i have~~~
  • on those rare occasions when you two are so tired neither of you cares enough to try you both just put on face masks while wearing sweatpants and order pizza and watch movies and you’re like if only the campus knew this side of you hakyeon and he’s just like they never will this is just between me and you who i trust the most in this world, now pass me a slice
  • falling asleep over your notes and hakyeon carrying you all the way back to your dorm as your roommate swoons over what a good boyfriend he is hehe
  • bonus: you and hakyeon take an elective drawing class together and you’re like hakyeon,,,,,,,,i can only draw stick figures and he’s like baby that’s fine as long as you make me the most handsome stick figure 

Illéa Weekly Magazine and Newspaper Edit: follows the timeline of The Heir.

(All page numbers–issue numbers on the newspaper-looking ones–correspond with the page numbers in which they are mentioned.)

Thank you to all of these wonderful people who contributed! And read the articles, because they’re worth reading!

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New Studyblr!

Hi everyone! I’ve had a studyblr for some time now, but have officially decided to start posting my own content.

About Me:
My name is Autumn Joie, but everyone aside from my mother just calls me Autumn. I’m sixteen, a rising junior. I’m from the USA and aspire to earn my masters degree in english and become a copyeditor. My college dream is to go to a school in New York City or the District of Columbia. One day I would love to move to London. I’m at the top of my class and did well on the pre-act, but we’ll see what happens when I take it in the fall.

Upcoming Courses:
- Honors Pre-Calculus
- Honors Physics
- Honors English 3
- Honors British Literature
- Dual Enrollment Apologetics
- AP US History
- AP Human Geography
-Latin II and/or Dual Enrolment Psychology

- editor in chief / founder of school newspaper
- bakes weekly for local assisted living
- volunteer work at local hospitals and assisted livings
- philosophy club
- student government officer

Other Interests:
- reading
- baking
- gardening
- collecting books printed before 1950
- keeping a bullet journal
- Liverpool FC

I attend a small, private school. As you can tell, most of my classes are honors due to the lack of AP classes offered. This past year I took AP Goverment, but my experience in college classes is limited to that. The lack of AP / DE courses makes me nervous pertaining how I compare to other students come the college application process. However, senior year I plan on taking three other DE classes and AP calc. If anyone has any prior experience with similar situations, help or support would be lovely!

I was inspired by:
@lemonynotes @eruditekid @studytherin @areistotle @apricot-studies @theorganizedstudent @thecoffeedesk

Thank you so much for hearing me out!

xx Autumn

Dartmouth Commencement 2017

President Hanlon, Board of Trustees, distinguished faculty, fellow honorees;

Magnificent alumni including and especially my dad, Class of 1961;

My wife, Jennifer … and with her in mind …

Members of the admissions committee for the Dartmouth Classes of 2029 and 2032, who are right now for the first time hearing the names Alice Tapper, age 9, and Jack Tapper, age 7;

Friends of mine from the Class of 1991—Hillman, Scully, Haber, Kessler, Miller, Groq, Barts, Edison—most of whom I met 30 years ago this fall in the Choates, which I’m still not convinced is not a psychological experiment by Dartmouth Housing. They are here today, because if you want it to happen, friendships formed here can last for the rest of your lives;

Rejoicing families;

And most importantly, you—glorious, brilliant, ambitious, determined members of the Dartmouth College Class of 2017.

A proud member of the class of 1925 once wrote:

“The more that you read

The more things you will know

The more that you learn

The more places you’ll go.”

This is from a book that probably all of you have received as a gift this week. And it’s true that the more that you read and the more that you learn, the more places you may very well go.

But while I revere Dr. Seuss, by necessity he left a few things out.

He didn’t tell you that there are a lot of unread and uninquisitive – but well-connected – heathen going very far and doing very well. In the real world, not only is the Lorax still battling the Once-ler—he also has to deal with the Once-ler’s Super PAC. And his nasty, nasty tweets.

Dr. Seuss often depicted the world as he wished it, with endings that were just and lessons that were learned. But that is not the world you are about to enter. The world outside of Hanover can be cold. Not “walking from the River Cluster to Dartmouth Hall in February to make a 7:45 a.m. language drill” cold, but cold.

It has been said, “He who stays the longest learns the most.” Actually, that wasn’t actually said by anyone; it was once carved on the wall in the basement bathroom of Alpha Chi. But it is true! Though no doubt some of you after all are way smarter than I am – many of you, probably – especially you with the glasses in the third row—I have picked up a few things along the way.

“He who stays the longest learns the most.”

Wise words from someone who probably had his pants down.

I wonder if whoever took that little knife and carved that into the Alpha Chi basement bathroom wall ever imagined that one day it would be invoked in a commencement address?

Whatever the case, it has truth. It speaks to the wisdom one accrues merely by continuing to exist and paying a modicum of attention.

So, what tangible advice do I have to share, having departed from this campus 26 years ago?

First, let me offer the quick and easy stuff. OK?

Always write thank-you notes.

Be a big tipper.

Always split Aces and Eights.


Call your folks.

Invest in a good mattress.

Shine your shoes.

Don’t tweet, post, Instagram, or email anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing on the front page of The New York Times.

Be nice to seniors.

Be nice to children.

Remember birthdays.

Never miss an opportunity to charge an electronic device.

Use two-step verification.

Shake it off. Shake it off.

Stretch before exercising.

Stretch after exercising.


Never play keno.

Never drink airplane coffee.

Never pay $200 for a pair of jeans.

Never wear jean shorts; and

No one has ever had fun on a paddleboat.

You can get that from YouTube later. Those are the easy ones. But there are a few harder-fought lessons into which I would like to delve a bit further.

The first one is about you, right now. For you, my dearest Class of 2017. Even if you have jobs or grad school lined up, you are no doubt stressing a bit about the question: What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

And my first serious bit of advice to you is: Do not worry if you do not know what you want to do with the rest of your life; it is OK if you take years to figure it out. Wall Street, Silicon Valley, law school—they ain’t going anywhere.

I did not become a full-time journalist until I was almost 29. It took me a little time to figure out where my particular qualities of annoying persistence, uncomfortable observations, and curiously rooted self-regard might best be suited.

Now, our society worships the prodigies. The Mozarts. To paraphrase Tom Lehrer, it is a sobering thought to consider that when Mozart was my age he had been dead for twelve years.

But to measure success by how old you are when you achieve it is silly. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer wasn’t published until Mark Twain was 41.

Do not stress if you have no idea what you want to do with the rest of your life. View these years, where your responsibilities are relatively few, as a journey, as an adventure. Adventures are not seamless trips from point A to point B; they have ups and downs and obstacles. And every crappy internship, every rude boss, every remedial chore that makes you wonder, “Why did I bother working so hard to get into Dartmouth and graduate from Dartmouth?”—it is all part of this voyage.

Every step of my trip to this stage today taught me something and guided me to here. The fall after graduation, I went to film school. I could not have been more unhappy. Flash forward a few years, more misery in Washington, DC, as the worst public relations flunky in the history of relating to the public. These were periods of ennui, angst, sturm undt drang, and many other words only the Europeans could have come up with. I felt like a complete and utter failure.

All part of the adventure. Do not take these moments that you will someday soon experience as failings or even as wrong turns. Public relations and my ineptitude in it steered me away from the world of spin, but it also showed me how PR executives spin, which gave me insight into how to cut through it. And, more importantly, it was while supporting myself as a PR flunky that I began writing freelance newspaper stories.

And that led me to my first full-time job as a reporter at Washington City Paper, a tiny free weekly newspaper, with an editor who was like a one-man journalism school, who saw in me a young man who did not take mistakes and errors seriously enough and browbeat that attitude out of me. If I had not worked under that man at that free weekly newspaper, I would not be on this stage right now.

At the risk of sounding like Oprah, embrace this adventure. Throw yourself into it.

Now. How to get started?

You know how your parents used say when you were younger that the world doesn’t revolve around you? You’re about to find out what they meant.

Because, believe it or not, until now, crudely speaking, the academic worlds in which you’ve been safely ensconced have been all about you—your teachers and your coaches, professors and advisers, from UGAs to President Hanlon—they have been focused on not only your education but your experience and your personal growth.

You are about to leave a warm and nutritious womb. Freshman trips, freshman groups, sophomore summer, tea at Sanborn, the Phys Ed requirement, all the rest… this incredible support system, these teams of people whose job it has been to turn you into an adult with skills and smarts and tools – caring about your mixers, about your happiness, about your comfort, about your birth control needs, about whether or not you drink responsibly, whether you’re doing okay, making sure you go to the dentist. I’m sorry to say, that ends tomorrow. You now have to do that for yourselves, and for each other.

Now, my little baby birds, you are expected to fly. Coach. Last row, middle seat.

There will be no UGA down the hall in your first apartment, and if there is one, that’s not really a UGA; that’s just a creepy dude trying to get on your Wi-Fi.

Now I’m not saying you should be scared about what tomorrow might bring. The real world’s a cool place. There are plenty of nice and kind people. There’s live music, fresh juices, hotels that don’t charge for the minibar. But the real world, unlike what you’ve experienced here, is a place of transaction.

What does that mean? Practically speaking, it means you can no longer rely on people in positions of power to do things for you because they care about you. The people you’re going to meet whom you need to help you get a job, or an apartment, or a loan, or advice—the people to whom later you will point to and say, “Hey, she gave me my first break!”—those people are looking for something in return.

What is that something? It can be tricky to figure out. It might be your loyalty, your respectability, that you have a diploma from Dartmouth, your brains, your cleverness, or your politeness. Different people are going to want you for different reasons, but your first boss and every boss you ever will have will want something very simple: your hard work and your good attitude.

Now, the transactional nature of the world might sound harsh but it isn’t necessarily.

Put it this way: A screenwriter sells her idea to a studio. The studio wants to make her movie. They start conducting screen tests. In this parable you’re, say, Vin Diesel. You audition. You have to. No one is going to give you that job out of the kindness of their hearts. They need to have confidence that you will be Fast and Furious. So they can sell $380 million worth of movie tickets.

But here is the exquisite bit of good news, for those of you paying attention: Now you know this; now you know that it all comes down to you figuring out what you can offer them. It’s a lesson it took me several years to learn—maybe even more than that, maybe a decade or two—but once I did it was invaluable.

I joined ABC News in 2003. In the 2004 presidential race, I was not assigned a candidate to cover. I can still list the reporters who were, by the way. I remember every one of them. I got nothing.

So I did the only thing I could do. Complain? No. I worked so hard in those intervening years to establish myself as a good and tireless political reporter, so hard they HAD to assign me a candidate in 2008, for their own good. It worked, and in 2008 I was finally assigned a candidate. My goal then became to be the White House correspondent. And I knew, again, there was only one way I would get that job. I had to be so skilled and tough and industrious and vigilant that, if my bosses at ABC News made anyone else the White House correspondent, they would look like idiots. I had to force them to give it to me out of their own best interests.

Now, I’ve come up with a lot of bad strategies and made a lot of bad decisions in my life. I’ve made enough bad decisions to fill five other commencement addresses. But this was a good one.

Have something that they want. And show it to them—over and over, every day. Make them need you. Work twice as hard as the job requires. Make sure they know that you will show up and act like a professional, that you don’t feel entitled to anything.

Make them hire you for their own good, not yours.

Now, a word on the inevitable rejections that may soon shower upon you like a monsoon. Dr. Seuss’s first book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, was rejected 27 times before he found a publisher. As a young man, Robert Frost, class of 1896, received a rejection letter from the poetry editor of the Atlantic Monthly with the note: “Our magazine has no room for your vigorous verse.”

In other words: Not every expert is expert.

Quite a few of them are going to be wrong about you.

Some of them will be downright idiots.

When my classmate Shonda Rhimes first pitched Grey’s Anatomy to a room full of older men, they told her that nobody was going to watch a show about a woman who has casual sex and threw a guy out the night before her first day of work—that that was completely unrealistic and that nobody wanted to know that woman. Shonda sat in that pitch meeting and thought, “Wow they don’t know anything about what’s going on in the world right now.”

Forgetting the critical, financial, and popular success of the show for a moment, Shonda can’t even keep track of how many young women have told her that they were inspired to become doctors because of Grey’s Anatomy.

Keep going.

There might be a lot of rejection. Most of it you should not take personally. People making decisions are often wrong. Even the faculty of Dartmouth can get it wrong! Connie Britton, Class of ‘89, perhaps the best known and most critically acclaimed actress to have ever graduated from Dartmouth College, was not able to convince the Drama Department here to sponsor her to send to the League Auditions.

David Benioff, Class of ‘92, acclaimed novelist and screenwriter and co-creator of HBO’s Game of Thrones, he didn’t get into English 80—three times.

But some of the rejection you should take personally. Some of it will be because of things you could be doing better. Try to figure out what those things are. Because you always can be doing something better.

To be honest, this never ends. The best and most successful people are constantly striving to be better. If you think that at 48 I think I’ve got it all figured out, kindly allow me to disabuse you of that notion. And I can provide multiple sources for that scoop.

And I can do that because I know it’s important to surround yourself with people who love you and respect you enough to tell you the truth. And it is important to listen to them. Many people you will see rise to a level of success on which it becomes difficult to find people to challenge them and their ideas. And whether politicians or generals, news anchors, or CEOs, that inevitably leads to their downfall.

Look at what’s going on in Washington, DC, right now. Tell me there aren’t people you can think of whose own careers would not be improved if they heeded the suggestions of a tough but loving staff of critics willing to share hard truths.

At my job at CNN, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who challenge me every day. From the top, to the side, to the bottom of the ladder. They make me better by sanding away my worst impulses. Class of 2017, get people like that around you. No matter how high you rise, do not get rid of them.

You’re going to have friends who are willing to criticize you, and maybe you don’t want to hear it, and your impulse may be to show them the door; but if you spend the rest of your twenties amidst only the sycophantic and the shallow, you will wake up at 30 with a friendship hangover worse than a month of Jägermeister shots.

You know, it’s funny what sticks to your brain. I haven’t looked at the autographs in my high school yearbook since they were written in 1987, but I know that there’s one in there from a girl named Kate. She praised me for my cutting wit, but she also cautioned me to be careful about how I wielded that particular blade. And though I spent much of the next 20 years ignoring that lesson, much to my own detriment, I still remember that advice 30 years later because she was right.

Advice can sting. Ted Koppel once pulled me into his office after seeing an embarrassing TV pilot I was part of and told me that it was OK to tell my bosses “No.”

Charlie Gibson once told me to stop sending such pointed emails, that I would get a lot farther if I didn’t share every critical thought I had every moment I had it.

These were not easy criticisms to hear. But they were right. These were important people investing their time to try to make me better.

These kinds of lessons aren’t fun. No one enjoys hearing about how much of a jerk they are.

So let me also say while I prepare you for those moments: Absorb the lessons. Adapt accordingly. But do not be too hard on yourself. And listen to yourself, follow the better angel we all have in us steering us toward ways to be our best selves.

On October 3, 2009, I was sitting in my wife’s recovery room at a hospital in Washington, DC, holding our newborn son. On TV I saw a news story: That day, an outpost containing just fifty-odd US troops had been attacked by up to 400 insurgents. Combat Outpost Keating was built at the bottom of three steep mountains, the reporter said, in a particularly rough corner of Afghanistan just 14 miles from the Pakistan border. It was an ugly and brutal battle. The deadliest for the US that year. Eight American soldiers were killed.

And as I sat in the room that day holding my son, hearing about these eight other sons taken from their parents, from their wives, I wanted to know why. Why would anyone put an outpost in a such a dangerous place?

And more importantly, who were these people that were risking so much and sacrificing everything – people to whom I really didn’t pay all that much attention, to be honest. Sure, I covered debates over troop levels—ten thousand, forty thousand—but those were statistics; those weren’t people.

So, against the advice of a lot of people I knew, I decided to write a book about the men who fought and suffered and prevailed and died in that battle, about Combat Outpost Keating.

Writing that book was a long slog. Many doubters; many skeptics. And yet I felt compelled to tell the story of these troops and their families, people part of a world unfamiliar to me at the time, the world of the US military, of duty and sacrifice. In some cases, the ultimate sacrifice.

Hearing the stories firsthand of these men and women made me realize how little I had accomplished in the service of anyone other than myself.

“My God,” I told my wife one afternoon after I had been visiting with two Cavalry officers, Dave and Alex. “My God, these guys are amazing, and I am nothing. I have risked nothing and sacrificed nothing compared with these men.”

“But honey,” she said, “you can tell their stories. You can tell their stories.”

The book I wrote, The Outpost, remains the professional work I am proudest of. It is not what has resulted in the most Twitter memes, but it is the most meaningful. It was the one least about me; and it may be one professional achievement, maybe, perhaps, that has a chance of outlasting me.

That which you end up doing in the service of something greater than you – even if it means that you feel lesser, humbler, even worthless by comparison – by honoring the humanity of others, that will allow you to get in closer touch with your own.

And this is the most important thing I can tell you today, Class of 2017. Don’t just work hard at your job; work hard at everything. Work hard at being a friend. Work hard at being a partner, at being a son or a daughter, at being a grandchild, at being a steward in your community, at caring about people who have never had a day like the one you’re having today. At being the best YOU that you can be, Class of 2017, all of you, A to Z, from the best Alexander Abate to the best Jonathan Zuttah.

There are going to be moments like this one – a celebration of hard work well done, surrounded by family and friends. And then there are going to be moments when you feel alone and adrift, misunderstood, and hopeless.

Maybe right now it looks to you like someone like me effortlessly went from your seat to this stage. Let me assure you, there was effort. There was effort and there was pain and embarrassment and rejection and humiliation. False starts and false turns and mistake after mistake after mistake. But that’s OK. That’s all part of the adventure, and yours starts now.

Members of the Dartmouth College class of 2017 – you are already great. Now it’s up to you to become even greater.

Be bold. Be smart. Be brave. Be true.

Go forth and rock.

God bless you; God bless your families; God bless Dartmouth College of Hanover, New Hampshire; God bless the memory of EBA’s; and God bless the United States of America.

Thank you for the honor of a lifetime.

This is the advertisement from the 1975 newspaper that I had to have. And pull up a seat and you’ll find out why…

This ad was created by Local Trademarks, a company out of New York that was founded in 1925 and ceased operation (due to mismanagement, according to a former sales agent for them) in 1975. What they did was created cartoon-based advertising and mascots for small-town businesses. Some of them they created especially for a company, while others they made kits of and sold the kits to whomever wanted to use them. Businesses would sign yearly contracts to use the mascots and advertising created for them; the business would get a batch of ads like this one to hand over to the local weekly newspaper, only requiring a little customization to brand the buyer.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen “Tall Tales”. Usually when I come across Local Trademarks’ work, it is on the kit works like Bill Ding (hardware), Cy Cology (a Will Rogers style guy that went with any random business), or The Fuel Kids (gas/oil). There were also Market Boy (groceries), The Everwells (drug stores), The Little Plumber (plumbing), and dozens of others.

Now, what I’m not getting here is the fortune cookie ending that has little to do with the story. Yes, wife had to knock husband over the head with a rolling pin to get him to go out to their anniversary dinner, but the last panel doesn’t make any sense other than to give the ad’s message about the mechanic.

Making the Grade - Ch. 1

The only sound Poppy Miller could hear was the pounding of her heart in her ears.  The words were swimming in front of her eyes.  “Clerical error…unable to complete graduation application…missing credits.”  Reaching up with a trembling hand, she pulled her laptop closed with a quiet click.  “No no no no no.  This is not how this is supposed to go.  This is not how this is supposed to happen.”   Her voice was thick, the words tinged with panic.  She rolled away from the small desk in her cramped office and dropped her head between her knees and started counting.  “100…99…98…97…”  The numbers had always soothed Poppy, even when she was a small girl.  They never changed, there was always order, and they never faltered.  Saying them out loud made her feel like she was in control and centered, even when things in her world were spinning into chaos.

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Take a newspaper without acknowledging us? Expect a surprise

A bit of background - So I work at a Letting Agency/Mortgage Brokers, there are basically 2 businesses in our small office with my dad, the boss of both businesses, him being a mortgage broker with his friend Chris, who works from home and comes in on a Friday (important) and then there’s me and my female colleague Emily who work on the lettings side. The mortage brokers work in the back of the office, we work at the front of the office. (Important)

So basically we have the weekly newspaper delivered to us every Thursday. Now unlike most businesses, we just leave the pile at the display window in which people can come in and take a paper for free. We get weekly regulars who come in, politely ask for a paper as usual and I’ll say “yeah go ahead” with a smile, in which they’ll reply with a thank you. In comes middle-aged bitch.

Now this happened sometime late last year in which a middle-aged woman would come in every Friday, not acknowledge me or Emily at the front, take a paper, and just walk out, no thank you, no hi, nothing. It didn’t bother us really at first as we’ve had a couple of people do this but by their second visit they’d give us an hello and thank you.

Eventually it got to a point the one time in which as she walked out the door Emily shouted “you’re welcome!”. She gave us an evil look and didn’t say anything. This is what really p***ed us off.

Now comes a rainy Friday morning, Chris has arrived at the office (who only comes in on a Friday), he knows of this woman as we’ve brought her up to him before. We’re all in the mortgage brokers’ office at the back as I’m making tea for everyone, so there’s no one at the front.

Now as he’s getting his laptop out we all hear the door open, I had a quick glance and it was her. She didn’t see me as she was coming through the door. I quickly hid away and told everyone it was her.

At this point Chris told everyone to be quiet, I wondered what he was going to do, as soon as she picked up a paper he screamed at the top of his lungs “THIEF!”, the woman immediately shit herself and ran out the office. As she left we were all in stitches. The best being that she forgot her paper and hasn’t come in the office since.

Well played Chris, well played

Jared Kushner Almost Bought the National Enquirer Three Years Ago
The deal ultimately fell through because of weak advertising revenue at the time, said people familiar with the matter.

Alex Sherman and Anousha Sakoui at Bloomberg: 

The National Enquirer’s ties to President Donald Trump and his family are so close that his son-in-law Jared Kushner almost bought it three years ago.

What began as talk show criticisms of the president and erupted into a Twitter war between Trump and two TV hosts escalated Friday to include a claim that White House officials offered to help spike a negative story about them in the tabloid. All MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski would have to do is apologize to the president.

Kushner, according to New York Magazine and other publications citing unidentified sources, was one of those White House messengers. Kushner’s relationship with the Enquirer dates back to his pre-election career as a real estate developer and publisher of the New York Observer, then a weekly newspaper.

Three years ago, Kushner and his brother-in-law, Joe Meyer, tried with Enquirer publisher David Pecker to buy the tabloid’s owner, American Media Inc., people familiar with that bid said. The deal ultimately fell through because of weak advertising revenue at the time, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter was private.

During last year’s campaign, the Enquirer, more typically associated with stories on badly behaving celebrities and reports of extraterrestrials, endorsed Trump and headlined alleged scandals in attacks on his opponents. Trump’s praise for the Enquirer – saying at one point that it deserved journalism’s Pulitzer Prize – was frequent and he welcomed Pecker’s support.


Trump has a history with the Enquirer. He’s written first-person essays for the outlet, which held its 90th birthday party at his SoHo hotel in New York.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump trumpeted the Enquirer’s claim that the father of one of his political rivals, Senator Ted Cruz, had been photographed with John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald – a claim Cruz denied and the nonpartisan fact-checker PolitiFact rated a “pants on fire” inaccuracy.

Guess who tried to buy the National Enquirer, a pro-Trump garbage rag? Jared Kushner.


The door of your dorm room slammed opened as a  drunken and high Dimitri entered. The smell of alcohol overtook every other scent in the room. You were reading the weekly newspaper before the intoxicated greek decided to visit. However now you found yourself staring at him in shock. Dimitri took in his surroundings before he stumbled over the the bed.

“Y/N give meee a kiss” He slurred while leaning in, yet before anything could happen you pushed him abruptly away.

“How dare you come in here inebriated after ignoring me for 2 days, and expect a completely normal snog.” You yelled while standing up from the bed. His face turned from confusion to anger, and in a matter of seconds he was stood up right in front of you.

“DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM?! You should be glad asked you out on a second date yet alone asked you to be my girlfriend. And here you are rejecting to kiss me. HOW DARE YOU!!!” Students could here him from down the hall. The rich greek thoroughly frightened you.

“Leave, and don’t ever speak to me again.” Your voice quavered as the door opened revealing Y/F/N whom had decided to see if you wee alright. Noticing the crowd gather outside the room Dimitri staggered off pushing past the students violently. Y/F/N came inside the room, closed the door and embraced you in a sympathetic hug. Tears started to stream down your face and before you knew it you were a complete whimpering mess. Y/F/N guided you to the bed, tucked you in and waited for you to sleep before leaving. 

You didn’t go to classes for the next week, instead you decided to stay with your parents until all of the emotions had calmed down. However during that week back at the university Dimitri had visited your dorm room day and night so that he could apologize. Yet each time he visited he left more worried about where you were. None of your friends wanted to tell him knowing your need of privacy so he just had to sit and wait.

You returned the following week to Oxford feeling not completely happy however better than depressed. You managed to get to your dorm room without seeing Dimitri but what you did not know was that Guy (Dimitri’s best friend) had witnessed you walking across the outdoor grounds of the university, and had sent your ex a message about your arrival.

As you were unpacking your suitcase you heard someone knocking on the door. Thinking it was one of your friends you opened it immediately, however you were disappointed to find that it was the one person you were avoiding.

“What do you want.” you snapped at Dimitri. He looked at you with sorrowful eyes before asking if he could come in. After a few seconds of thinking you hesitantly held the door open enough for him to enter. He walked to the center of the room turning around to face you when the door was fully shut.

“Y/N I am so sorry. I was so out of it.” He started however you interrupted him before he could finish

“Don’t! The amount of alcohol and drugs you decided to consume. How many times do I need to see you like this? I worry so much for you and you don’t give a shit!” The atmosphere turned tense. 

“I can’t help it, it’s the club.” Dimitri pleaded now looking straight into your eyes.

“Exactly, it’s the club. Your whole personality changes as soon as your in the presence of The Riot Club. I just don’t think I can take it anymore.” your eyes found the floor as tears once again started well up. Dimitri also looked like he was about to cry but before he could he stepped over so that you two were only inches away from each other.

“Y/N. I can change for you I will change. I am not going to loose the woman i want to spend the rest of my life with because my drunken mistake.” his hands held your shoulders gently making you look up into his pleading eyes. You knew you shouldn’t forgive him but you love him too much to let him go.

“Things have to change Dimitri.” The stern words gave him hope and his face soon relaxed of relief, as he embraced you in a loving hug.

“They will dear, I promise.” Dimitri whispered into your head. You looked up into his dark brown eyes as he leaned in for a passionate kiss.


Trump’s NY campaign co-chair Carl Paladino writes disturbingly racist and transphobic Obama “wish list”

  • Carl Paladino, who served as a co-chair for Trump’s New York campaign, outlined an overtly racist and transphobic list of wishes he has for 2017, 
  • Paladino said he wants President Obama to catch “mad cow disease” and for first lady Michelle Obama “to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.”
  • Paladino, a Republican who ran an unsuccessful bid for governor in New York in 2010, laid out his disturbing wish list in an alt-weekly newspaper in Buffalo, New York, where he currently serves on the school board. 
  • Paladino confirmed he wrote the wish list himself when asked by the Buffalo News.“Of course I did,” he told the Buffalo News. “Tell them all to go fuck themselves.” Read more

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    Japanese weekly newspaper Shukan Post has published a news about Japanese warships. As part of their warship feature, they presented a World War II veteran who once used to be a crew member of the Japanese light cruiser Battleship Yahagi during World War II which is presented with an image of Yahagi’s Kantai Collection.
    The veteran, 90-year-old Takekuni Ikeda, who used to work on the Yahagi during World War II. His reaction to Kantai Collection’s Yahagi is a positive way. He says that Yahagi is cute and looks like a good girl.

my neopets account is like 17 years old i was one of their earliest users. 👀

i remember writing an article about how to make money for their weekly newspaper and it got published lol.

Macron Quickly Assumes a Presidential Attitude
Seeking to dispel any concerns about his inexperience, Emmanuel Macron has shown himself as more decisive than the candidate he evoked in the campaign.
By Adam Nossiter

That aura of authority is partly a response to the menacing international context Mr. Macron repeatedly referred to during the campaign, with France and its partner Germany threatened on two sides by unpredictable behemoths of uncertain attachment to European values, Russia and Mr. Trump’s America.

But it is also a function of Mr. Macron’s deeply held belief that France in some sense has been missing its king since the execution of Louis XVI on Jan. 21, 1793, and that his job is to fill the gap.

In an interview two years ago, Mr. Macron made a statement about France’s absent king that is still the subject of shocked commentary. “In the process and function of democracy there is something missing, the figure of the king, whose death, I believe, fundamentally, the people did not want,” Mr. Macron told the weekly newspaper Le 1, saying it “created an emotional void.”

In France, no politician outside the circle of fringe far-right royalists is supposed to talk about missing the king. That form of nostalgia is taboo for anybody who professes attachment to Republican values.

Y;know, I was actually starting to wonder if people were being too hard on Macron

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Shori x Fuma 2Shot Talk

Shori: Fuma-kun and me might be an unusual pairing.
Fuma: I agree. In the past Shori depended on me a lot but nowadays it’s not like that at all.
Shori: Do you feel lonely?
Fuma: It does feel lonely…
Shori: But I also remember that time when I was spoiled by Fuma-kun. The way how I was spoiled by him… I cannot say that here!
Fuma: We we’re sleeping together.
Shori: You said that so easily (laughing). During a concert tour we slept in the same hotel room together in the same bed. Even though I had my own room, I often went over to Fuma-kun’s room to hang out. He had weekly newspaper in his room that children usually don’t read that’s why it was interesting. There’s no weird meaning behind this, but at that time Fuma-kun was the one who let me peek into the adult world!
Fuma: Maybe. But in fact we actually still hang out together. It’s really juuuust from time to time.
Shori: Maybe about 2-3 times a year?
Fuma: Yeah. The last time you came to visit me at my home was about half a year ago, right? You came over to change my guitar strings.
Shori: By changing the strings I wanted to see the pleased face of its owner.
Fuma: You are truly a craftsman (laughing).
Shori: At that time, I played video games with Fuma-kun and when we got hungry we went to a supermarket to buy sushi.
Fuma: We did. Even usually we do such things.
Shori: It might be surprising for our fans. „SatoKiku have that subtle sense of distance which is exciting!“, that’s what they seem to say about us.
Fuma: But there isn’t any distance, right?
Shori: Yep. In the past we had a close relationship like brothers but right now we are looking at things from the same point of view and we can also successfully talk about our group work. However, if we weren’t in the same group, maybe we would have had a different kind of relationship… I think.
Fuma: I get it. Being a senior of the same group, I think something like „I cannot let Shori do stupid things. I have to take responsibility.“ I will be troubled if something happens to you, so I’m hesitating to invite you to go and hang out with me. If we weren’t in the same group and Shori wasn’t underage, we could go out more often in private.
Shori: I will turn 20 years old soon (this interview took place in the middle of October, Shori’s birthday is on 30th October). Then, will you take me out for meals and hang out with me?
Fuma: You are always welcome to come along with me.
Shori: Well, I’m looking forward to it!

Keep in mind I am not a native speaker therefore there might be mistakes in my translations. Also I’m not exactly translating word for word. Feel free to correct me in my ask box any time you want, I’d appreciate it! I apologize if someone already translated something before me and I didn’t notice, I hope you don’t mind.

Credit goes to deathlyraindrop @ Twitter for the scans, thank you!


¡PRESENTE! The Young Lords in New York
On view July 22, 2015 – October 17, 2015

¡PRESENTE! The Young Lords in New York explores the legacy of the Young Lords in East Harlem, the Bronx and the Lower East Side, focusing on specific political events that the Young Lords organized in these locations.

El Museo’s exhibition draws from works in the museum’s own collection including copies of the Young Lords weekly newspaper, Palante. It also explores the legacy of the Young Lords and the relationship between art and activism. Images by photographer Hiram Maristany that feature the Young Lords’ Garbage Offensive, their take over of the First Spanish Methodist Church of East Harlem (later renamed by the Young Lords as The People’s Church), their free morning breakfast program, the rerouting of a TB-testing truck and the funeral of Julio Roldán will all be highlighted in the exhibition.
Paintings and political prints (Antonio Martorell, Domingo García, and Marcos Dimas) from El Museo’s permanent collection will be on display. Works commissioned specifically for this exhibition by Coco Lopez, JC lenochan, Miguel Luciano, and Shellyne Rodriguez are also featured.

¡Presente! The Young Lords in New York will be exhibited at The Bronx Museum of the Arts (July 2 – October 15, 2015), El Museo del Barrio (July 22-October 17, 2015), and Loisaida Inc. (July 30 – October 10, 2015). The exhibition is co-organized by all three institutions. 

At El Museo del Barrio the exhibition is made possible with Public Support from Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and the New York City Council.