Bleach has One Chapter Left as Readers Suspect Forced Cancellation

News of Bleach’s end has been widespread since Weekly Shonen Jump’s Hisashi Sasaki made the announcement. The former editor-in-chief released the statement shortly before the Shonen Jump Podcast, during which the Vice President claimed that Bleach’s creator Tite Kubo would end his 15-year story in less than 10 weeks. That placed the ending date of Bleach at around Mid-September.

But just two weeks after that announcement, Shonen Jump issue 35 was previewed with a surprising piece of information: Bleach and Nisekoi will end in double-issue 36-37, meaning Bleach will end in August.

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anonymous asked:

I wonder WHY Kubo is being rushed to end Bleach, like it's gotten worse , like I WANT Bleach to end, but NOT like this not in this rushed mess

Kubo is being forced to rush Bleach because to Weekly Shonen Jump, it’s not selling as well as it used to. It’s not the first time that WSJ has forced an author to end their series prematurely. It has apparently happened to Hitman Reborn, Beelzebub, and a few others. What sucks even more is that it is very unlikely that there will be an epilogue or some sort of sequel.

Like Naruto, for all it’s bullshit and how long it ran, had a satisfying ending and a sequel manga for his kid(like legit who cares?), and the anime is in filler limbo. Bleach most likely won’t get anything or even a second anime to finish it’s manga. According to what I hear, it’s not even gonna get a WSJ cover to celebrate it’s last chapter next week.

I highly doubt Kubo is ending things the way it is because he wants to. He’s literally being forced to end it. It’s most likely why he hasn’t officially spoken up about it.


“Katekyo Hitman Reborn!” ed “ēlDLIVE”
Collaborazione speciale mini video anime

All’evento “Amano Akira Illustrations Exhibition” è stato presentato uno speciale mini video anime nato dalla collaborazione fra i manga di Akira Amano : Katekyo Hitman Reborn!” ed ēlDLIVE”.
Il video celebra l’apertura dell’evento e sarà mandato in streaming nell’app Shonen Jump+ di Shueisha il 4 agosto.
Il video presenta il primo filmato anime di “Reborn!” dopo sei anni dalla fine televisiva nel 2010 ed anche le prime prime immagini pubbliche dell’anime “ēlDLIVE” che uscirà a gennaio 2017. 

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Quick Thoughts On Nisekoi Chapter 228

I thought it was pretty good and it definitely got the time it needed, since the next chapter will have 25 pages. To think, they got the permission granted by Weekly Shounen Jump. Why Bleach don’t get it, that’s another story and I leave it to you to speculate.

Anyway, I thought it was handled well with the minimal dialogue scenes, as well as Chitoge’s growth as a person that isn’t about only love. Everyone is progressing and no more that they feel like strangers or have the aura of awkwardness like with Kosaki and Raku or Ruri and Shuu.

I see that Komi did plan this timely and it doesn’t come off as someone who was told to end it no matter what. It is more like “I’m ending it soon, so please tell me how many chapters left before the next roundup.” Whether he had a chance to add more or not, I didn’t feel cheated and that’s a good thing.


the JUMP charas who will appear in the up-coming J-Stars Victroy VS. game (as of Jan 21).

[edit]: forgot to mentioned that, tho the website’s chara section only listed those shown above, they seem to hv more charas than this, like the D-Gray Man, Saint Seiya, etc; Hisoka was also shown in the trailer too, but didnt in the chara section; so i think we can expect more charas than just this ;D


Rough translation for the first photo (source):

The recent series will make an appearance by 2014

Second photo (source):

The movie may have ended, but the anime Gintama will continue!

Does that mean the Gintama anime will be back by 2014?

Someone confirm this for me before we all start celebrating.

Please take note that even the person who posted the source (habisan) commented:


“This week’s WJ’s gossip piece about [Gin]Tama, it seems it’s been written so nonchalantly, but maybe, just maybe, it’s possibly… the anime Gintamaaaaaaaaaa!!!”