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Stages of McElroy Hell
  • Stage 1: Finding a McElroy product you find funny. Watching that particular product
  • Stage 2: Finding out there's multiple McElroy products and many more McElroys than you first thought
  • Stage 3: Watching upwards of 3 McElroy products
  • Stage 4: Listening to MBMBAM weekly
  • Stage 5: Working through MBMBAM's backlog
  • Stage 6: Can finally differentiate between Travis and Justin's voices
  • Stage 7: Adopting their syntax
  • Stage 8: IDK I think at this point you become an amiibo vorer

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17

Happy Monday!

Hey peeps! Ever have that feeling when you’re not drawing and you think, “Ugh- I should be drawing right now! I need to get better! I have no time for breaks!!”

Chances are you really are drawing enough. Remember that every single person goes at their own pace when reaching artistic goals. Don’t push too hard, and remember that sometimes a nice break helps bridge you to the next stage. ;)

Have a great day!

(p.s. don’t draw and drive)

cl0se-your-eyes-sammy  asked:

#9: for Cassian

#9 with Cassian “For you, I’d steal the stars”

Cassian adverted his gaze from the massive expanse of blackness stretching endlessly before him. He couldn’t help but allow his chocolatey brown eyes to drift to you, his careful watch lingering on your sleeping form for more than a few moments. Cassian jumped as he heard the familiar voice of his trusted copilot chiding him for his misplaced focus. “You shouldn’t do that,” remarked K-2SO, “it’s creepy.”

Cassian merely rolled his eyes and once more shifted his gaze to the everlasting void ahead. Even though he wasn’t looking at you, thoughts of you ran through his mind like a stampede. After internally battling himself on the subject, Cassian sprung from his seat, excusing himself with a single command: “Pilot the ship, K.” The dark haired rebel slowly made his way to the back of the ship and rummaged through the small storage compartment, before finally emerging with a lush blanket and a single idea possessing his mind. He imagined that you must be rather cold, and he knew from personal experience that those harsh metal seats provided little comfort for a tired soul.

Careful not to disturb you, Cassian draped the blanket, his only blanket, over your shoulders. He paused, taking in every aspect of your placid expression. However, his moment of mesmerization was interrupted as your bright eyes fluttered open, their wandering gaze eventually resting on the man before you. “Sorry,” Cassian mumbled, nervousness seeping through his heavy accent, “I didn’t mean to wake you.” He had known you for years, yet he could never escape that familiar feeling of restlessness that commanded every encounter he had with you. A small grin spread onto your lips upon hearing his familiar voice. You moved to sit upright, allowing enough room beside you for Cassian to accompany you. Cassian noticed that your soft smile had quickly faded away as he sat next to you. His eyes wandered about your uneasy frame, settling when he saw a flicker of fear cross your face.

“Cass,” you muttered, instantly gaining his undivided attention, “you’ll protect me, right?”

Cassian knew you would be apprehensive towards this mission; your role would solely determine the success of it. A flash of offense swept across Cass’ features. Did you truly doubt that he would take care of you? Cass adverted his gaze, allowing the brown orbs to rest on the rusting floor below him. After collecting his thoughts, he looked back to you, noticing that you had unconsciously moved closer to him, seeking more warmth than the blanket could provide. “Y/N,” worry clouded your usually bright eyes, “I always have protected you.”

A reassuring sense of security seemed to force out all thoughts of doubt as Cassian’s dark eyes locked with yours. Relief flooded over you; your fears were groundless, Cassian had always pulled through for you and you always completed the mission. A soft laugh flowed from your lips, causing Cassian to grin. “Remember that time when you tackled me because you thought there was a bomb, but it turned out to be a part from the ship?” you questioned between bouts of laughter. Cassian laughed along, happy that you found humor in his stupidity. You shoved him lightly as the memory of fonder times rolled away.

Cassian took a deep breath and held it, “I couldn’t let them hurt you. It didn’t matter if it was fake or real.” You couldn’t help a look of awe from lighting up your face. Cassian took your hand, wrapping his strong fingers around yours. “I need you to know that whatever happens…” Cass’ voice trailed off, “I’d do anything for you.” Your even breath hitched ever so slightly as you heard Cassian’s confession. “For you, I’d get in the way of a thousand bombs if it meant you got to live.” You gazed up at him, eyes sparkling. “For you, I’d steal the stars.” Your only response was pulling him towards you in a surprisingly strong embrace, praying that he wouldn’t leave anytime soon.

Mizumono was painful.

What made it even more painful though imho, is knowing that Will’s becoming had already progressed to the point that he would have wanted the ‘Red Dinner’ to happen, fantasizing about it while healing in the hospital later.

Meaning there is a very high probability that he really wanted to be kissed there, before the knife went in, or at the very least accepted the judgement Hannibal dealt.

Their turbulent relationship is taken back again and again by circumstance, altering the path of Will’s becoming, sharpening it, refocusing it, blurring the lines of his and Hannibal’s destiny.

How has this alteration manifested in Will’s mind, how did the visions of fathomless red and raw beating hearts shape the mindset Will locked away when he sent Hannibal to prison?

Show us your vision ;)


Hey there, and Happy Halloween!! Spooky Comics officially (re)launches today! 

For those just joining us, Spooky is a dark comedy slice-of-life story about some monsters living in Southern California, with LGBT themes and some light horror– if that sounds like something you or someone you know would like then we hope you’ll stick around or spread the word!

We’re also going to be switching to batch updates instead of weekly (this should work better for our schedules), which you’ll get a taste of this week. We’ll be posting one page each day for the rest of the week, so stay tuned~ Thanks and have good holiday! 🎃

Adapt… Evolve… Crystalize!!

Okay guys, let me tell you: This song is pure Hannigram inspiration gold!!

Check out the lyrics:

You’ve applied the pressure

To have me crystallized

And you’ve got the faith

That I could bring paradise

I’ll forgive and forget

Before I’m paralyzed

Do I have to keep up the pace

To keep you satisfied

Things have gotten closer to the sun

And I’ve done things in small doses

So don’t think that I’m pushing you away

When you’re the one that I’ve kept closest

You don’t move slow

Taking steps in my direction

The sound resounds, echo

Does it lesson your affection

You say I’m foolish

For pushing this aside

But burn down our home

I won’t leave alive

Glaciers have melted to the sea

I wish the tide would take me over

I’ve been down on my knees

And you just keep on getting closer

Glaciers have melted to the sea

(Things have gotten closer to the sun)

I wish the tide would take me over

(And I’ve done things in small doses)

I’ve been down onto my knees

(So don’t think that I’m pushing you away)

And you just keep on getting closer

(When you’re the one that I’ve kept closest)

Go slow…

*goosebumps* Listening to that song with Hannigram in mind can do things to you, I swear! Okay…

One aspect that you could extract here for inspirational purposes is the theme of influence.

Hannibal did apply pressure, gentle and otherwise, to nudge and push and pull Will towards his becoming.

How do you see the two of them coping with that knowledge after the fall?

What is Hannibal’s view here? Does he see it as his accomplishment to have refined Will?

And Will, is he defiant of the thought of having himself allowed to be influenced by Hannibal? Imagine Will recounting all the ways in which Hannibal’s words and touches and glances have stirred awake something in him that he had tried to keep in check…

Please, take this, lovely fannibals, and run with it as far as you can go!!

Oh, and also, take a look at this edit of Hannibal touching Will:


[26.11.16] 💙 ~ November’s spread and 1st Week #i'mlate ~ 💙

Hello everyone, here is my white&blue November spread and the first week of this (not very productive, I have to admit) month! I’m so late, I know, but I’ll be posting the second and third weeks just after this one, promise! 😜 💙