weekly workout challenge

Friday Rundown 4-7-17

On the Docket for the Weekend

  • Grocery shopping is tonight. I’m going to keep my meal plan super easy this week because we’re leaving Friday night to head to my sister’s house in Indiana for Easter. I have plans to write about “having a happy and healthy road trip” and “staying on track at houses that aren’t yours,” to make up for the totally lackluster meal planning and recipes next week.
  • Start amassing cat stuff. We’re obviously waiting until returning from Easter to bring home a furry friend, but I’m a crazy cat lady underneath all these years of no pet ownership and I want to get its little spot ready NOW!

The Successes

  • I think I realized the reason I really like these “100” challenges. They help me practice form! After a week of doing my self-imposed squat challenge, I feel like I’m really starting to straighten them out and keep much better balance. Last month I had never done better pushups in my life, either.
  • I made a doctor appointment. I had procrastinated for a while, but I really need to go. My symptoms are starting to get really strange and invasive to normal life again. I think I really need a different treatment option but I have a feeling they’re probably going to do nothing.

The Not as Successful

  • My mood was heavily affected by the weather. I wouldn’t call it a horrible mood as I’ve generally still been easy on myself and easy for other people to deal with, but I just want to sleep and sit. Blaaaaah.
  • Gym. I was so fatigued all week. You know what never happens to me? Naps. I don’t take them. I kept falling asleep all week and no amount of sleep was enough. I felt like I was in a gelatin mold all week. So, I kind of fell short here but I kept my steps up. I did stretches galore, and I did my squats. I still amassed a ton of points for my workout team with my walking, but it can’t really compare to the feeling of a floppy sweat after a heavy workout.

Little Rambles

  • My ring got adjusted and it really is still too big. I’m a little less afraid of flinging it across a room or parking lot with just the flick of a wrist, but it still turns and slides down my finger. The jeweler insisted we not actually fit it close to my finger because finger size apparently changes, but no. I want that thing stuck on there. If only we could just implant it. I’m SO scared of losing it!
  • I really do understand that some prescription drugs can be and are easily abused, but it always seems to me that all of the repercussion is put on people who need them instead of those who abused them. It’s worse than “guilty until proven innocent” because no amount of compliance will get them off your back! Basically, my fiance has severe ADD and because a bunch of college kids took it upon themselves to abuse ADD drugs as study aids, we have to go through this song and dance every month with the pharmacy, the insurer, and the doctor just to get it filled. They won’t even pay for it anymore. We got this one filled, but it really is too expensive. This is why people who want help can’t get it! 
  • This is stuck in my head. I haven’t even played this one since sometime in high school.