weekly words of wisdom

This is post #17,002 (yes there have been plenty of deletions since August 2012, but whatever). Goodness me.

  • Out of curiosity, I went back in my blog to see how long I’ve been doing the weekly Sunday morning fixture of words of wisdom (tagged, along with other non-Sunday morning pearls of wisdom as, “wisdom”). I’ve been doing it since March or April of last year. Has it really been that long? No matter, I hope you’ve been enjoying the Sunday morning wisdom and subsequent nature scene when you scroll back through your dashboards.
  • I was once a diligent-ish student. I wouldn’t procrastinate too hard, finishing homework assignments before late afterhours (that’s not a single word, according to my instant spellcheck). So the event of yours truly doing a lengthy written assignment into 1 or 2 AM the night before it is due used to never happen. It’s happened plenty of times this school year, and it happened last night for my land use policy class. It’s a rotten feeling and, yes, I know some of you wondering what the hell am I complaining about… but it’s just that, I hate not having the energy to be more diligent right now.
  • My real-life schedule is going to be hell in very short order:
    • 5/3 and 5/4: high-stakes job interviews for my highest-priority post-grad school job apps… both interviews are in LA (for things in Sacramento) and, yes, I’ll be navigating traffic
    • 5/5: significant deadline for the final project for my master’s program
    • 5/8: leading discussion for polisci seminar… a seminar filled with polisci phd candidates that all speak a hell of a lot better than I can
    • 5/9: land use policy midterm
  • Btw, school doesn’t finish until mid-June. Will my sanity be intact by then? I guess we’ll all know in several weeks. :P
  • Probably gonna knock out another Ghibli movie tomorrow. More on that later. Probably no time for a write-up, though. :/
The modern education system does not pay attention to wholeheartedness. Teaching ethics without touching the religious space is important. Life based on material wealth with no roots in affection is a delusion. Technology provides physical comfort and spiritual development mental and emotional comfort and solace.
Secularism does not mean disrespect of religion, but equal respect for all religions.
—  Dalai Lama, India 2011
Sometimes you just have to be positive

Sure, you might mess up once, or twenty times. You’ve just got to move on. So what if you ate a little too much pasta tonight, find a bright side. You’ll have extra fuel for your workout tomorrow, or maybe you ate more than expected, but you didn’t stuff yourself, or eat an extreme amount. If you did, shit happens. A couple bad decisions, bad days, it all happens. You just have to get back on the horse, and push through.

Weekly Words of Wisdom from R

Some words of advice that me, my friends, and the entire population should bear in mind: 

  • you’re still valid if you’re not out. 
  • m8 i know i don’t seem like the optimum candidate to discuss these things, but if you need to discuss your gender/sexual or romantic orientation but have no one to discuss it with because you don’t have anyone, shoot me a message
  • don’t do flaming shots unless you know how to 
  • shower pls
  • do NOT put sparklers in your ass, and always wear gloves when using them
  • if you can, dress up your pets
  • the less you laugh at enjolras’ bedhead, the easier it will be for you to sleep that night
  • you don’t have to be happy with things just because someone wants you to be lmao
  • be nice to men?? drink ur boy’s tears all you want but men deserve nice things too!
  • if you’re going to wear the same thing every day, make sure it’s clean
  • use a FUCKING leash if walking your dog please
  • you can like both dogs and cats
  • falling down the stairs may result in a broken spine which isn’t fun always be careful!!!!
  • don’t run naked on a crowded campus where you might run into your advisor???
  • come to our meetings wednesdays at 7 pm so you can meet me