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June State of the Game

Hey all! Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to give a brief update.

The weekly NPC poll is up on Twitter until tomorrow (June 27) morning! I post these every Monday in case you want to get in on the action!

As far as the game itself goes, I’m still working on combat (particularly the animations). I’ve got some good reference pieces to work from now, so I’m excited! Other than that, progress has been a touch slow due to busyness and E3. If only I could work on the game in more than just my spare time!

Inspired by listening to the soundtracks to A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana, I started researching how to make/mimic SNES music. Apparently it’s much more difficult than making NES-style music! This is an experiment, so it could fail miserably, but I love learning about this stuff and giving it a shot regardless!

Finally, I’m traveling this week, so I’m not sure how much will get done on the game–could be a bunch or nothing! I’m heading to my best friend’s wedding and I have to keep him sane as best man. :)

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i am new to ifnt and rly dont wanna make anyone mad but i don't see the big deal abt woohyun. yes he is hot and can sing but why does every1 love him so much? i dont mean it in a bad way jst that i dont see how he is more popular than others. also i dont see how his voice is so different to other kpop singers? but then again i am new so maybe i dont kno wht i am talking about. pls help me to understand more?

You caught me at the absolute pinnacle of my Woohyun feels, which happens every year around his birthday. And therefore (with a little help from my friends) I have constructed this little list of reasons why Woohyun is absolutely deserving of the amount of love he receives from Inspirits and why it’s kinda hard not to love him, even if he isn’t your favourite member…


Woohyun is known for having what many call a ‘power-house’ vocal. You can always rely on him to hit those incredible high notes in INFINITE songs. He’s known for being able to bellow out his lines; his voice is strong, loud and instantly recognisable. But he also pours a lot of emotion into his vocals, every note dripping with it. His solo album Write.. and his subsequent appearances on Immortal Songs 2 showcased another side to his vocals too; a softer side, gentle, quieter but without lacking that trademark emotion in his voice. It really proved he’s a versatile vocalist, and not just there to yell at the top of his lungs (but it’s still incredible when he does). Here is Woohyun performing on Immortal Songs 2. This appearance earned him the highest score for an idol on the show at that point. 

He is (in my opinion) one of the best live singers in kpop at the moment. I can’t think of many people who could hold a candle to him, really. Yet he is still improving and working on his voice; he still admits he has far to go. 


Woohyun is known for being the ‘fan idiot’ in INFINITE. He’s got a different heart for every occasion and is usually credited with popularising the ‘finger heart’ that everyone uses nowadays. In 2012 he came 3rd in Weekly Idol’s Fan Service poll (as voted by idols), and the video shows some good examples of him showering Inspirits with love. He consistently refers to fans as his ‘girlfriends’, to the point his twitter bio even says it (팬=여친 fan=girlfriend). But his love for Inspirits runs deeper than superficial hearts and displays of cuteness. INFINITE and Inspirits have had a close relationship since debut, and it has continued on to this day. During One Great Step, INFINITE’s first world tour in 2013/14, Woohyun personally went out to buy roses and small rings to present to fans at their shows, spending his own money. He wrote and composed the song ‘함께 (Together)’ during OGS, and dedicated it to Inspirits, saying it was about fans (see the lyrics here). 

At Dream Concert in 2016, Woohyun performed as a solo artist for the first time, and even other fandoms began to feel jealous at the amount of attention he gave to Inspirits. [Even more reactions here] He sang just for them, never taking his eyes off their section of the crowd and taking out his earpiece to listen to them singing along. Okay, so later all of INFINITE roasted Inspirits for not being able to sing well, but at least Woohyun then tried to explain how to sing properly.

It should be noted too, that after this performance, Woohyun and INFINITE gained a lot of new fans who were impressed by him. 


As I mentioned above, Woohyun wrote and composed ‘함께 (Together)’ for INFINITE while they were taking part in their first world tour. During their movie, Grow, which showed the behind the scenes of OGS, you see Woohyun jumping up in the middle of eating to go and compose. 

He was excited about this song and wanted to share it with the rest of INFINITE once he was finished, asking them to contribute to the lyric writing too. Then his solo album Write.. was released in 2016 with 3/6 tracks having Woohyun’s direct involvement: ‘향기 (Scent/Nostalgia)’ which was entirely written and composed by Woohyun, and ‘Gravity’ and ‘Everyday’ which Woohyun co-wrote and composed [source]. You could tell he had worked extremely hard on these songs, and could tell how proud he was of them when he spoke about them in interviews. Whenever Woohyun takes the stage, you know that the energy and enthusiasm he exudes isn’t just an act… He truly loves singing, is passionate about performing and wants to share his talent with the world. For example, look how stupidly in his element he is performing Everyday in Singapore during INFINITE’s second world tour ( © Honey Tree ) :


Those were just three main points focused on Woohyun as a singer, performer and idol. There are so many other sides to Woohyun too, and so many reasons to love him. 

  • He loves cooking, and his instagram is full of videos of him making food
  • His relationships with the other INFINITE members are really sweet. Just one recent example would be: even when everyone was teasing Sungjong and being kinda mean (including Woohyun), he did then reassure him that there would be plenty of INFINITE schedules soon and that he needn’t worry. He’s also super affectionate with the others, and you’ll often find him touching them or correcting their hair/touching their face/leaning on them.
  • Actor Woohyun!!! He’s been in multiple dramas, but my personal favourite is Hi School Love On, where he played Shin Woohyun… Please watch it if you haven’t already, it’s so good (and it’s all available on KBSWorld’s youtube channel with subs, here)!
  • His friendships with other 91 line celebrities, especially SHINee’s Key with whom he debuted as the special sub-unit ToHeart in 2014
  • Like you mentioned, he is ridiculously good-looking and is known for not having had any surgery - that nose and that jawline are aaaaallll natural, ladies ~~ 
  • He loves football and plays for FC Men (FC 멘), an all-star team affiliated with the Suwon Bluewings alongside other celebrities. 

My closing statement is this: usually when you stan a group you’ll have a favourite member, one you look at more than the others, one you might pay a little more attention to during MVs or performances or shows. But then often (and in most cases when it comes to my Inspirit friends), you end up loving them all. Your bias might even change (maybe even many times). You’ll find it hard to stick solely to one member, especially when the rest of the group are so damn lovable. Soon enough, you realise you’re OT7 biased and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Do yourself a solid and give Woohyun a chance. I’m sure you’ll see why everyone likes him so much in no time. 

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@weekly-lit-vaporeon No. No charmander we do deserve a vote, PUBLIC RIGHTS!!!!






wait a minute


Emmys 2017 Nominations: Who We Want for Best Actress in a Drama

Emmys 2017 Nominations: Best Actress in a Drama FYC

And the Nominees Should Be…

Emmys voting begins on June 12, but ahead of the nominations reveal on July 13 (and the awards themselves on Sept. 12), Entertainment Weekly polled its television experts to select their picks for the 2017 nominees for Best Actress in a Drama. Only five or six actors will make the final list, but we counted eight worthy performances for your consideration…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Claire Foy ( The Crown , Netflix)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Keri Russell ( The Americans , FX)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Viola Davis ( How to Get Away With Murder , ABC)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Christine Baranski ( The Good Fight , CBS All-Access)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Elisabeth Moss ( The Handmaid’s Tale , Hulu)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Robin Wright ( House of Cards , Netflix)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Evan Rachel Wood ( Westworld , HBO)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Mandy Moore ( This Is Us , NBC)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Weekly Poll #2

You know the drill!

I think instead of promising I’ll write something, I’ll do a post talking about AU’s. People seem to like that, and, well, there’s tons of them! Since I talked about the Vampire AU this week, not including it in the poll. And, I’ll post something about the DnD AU. I promise.

So vote, y’all!

Theory Post (A)

1. TCR Casts Sexualities
2. Persephone’s Backsory
3. Yuki’s Backstory
4. Baron’s Origin

AU Discussion (B)

1. Human AU
2. Avatar AU
3. Tattoo Shop/Florist AU
4. Rumbelle AU


Weekly Question: “Who are you going to be shipping this Valentine’s?”

  • Me and my bias of course :) - 11
  • Me and the admins duh~ - 3
  • Xiuhan - 5
  • Krisuho - 2
  • Taohun - 2
  • ChenBaek - 1
  • Hunhan - 1

Haha of course, “Me and my bias of course” is the ship for this Valentine’s. As expected. But yo, the three of you who picked “Me and the admins duh,” yo, y'all the real MVPs too.

And here’s just some of my favorite gifs of the members. Be prepare for da feels..

Xiumin… arms… glasses… hair… *dies*


That subtle wink tho….

Dat hair tho… So I want a sugar daddy…

No… Yixing.. you’re not allowed to do that…


What do you think you’re doing with dat eyebrow of yours Baek…

Chensing Machine has appeared… good lord….

This gif tho… Chanyeol… I just can’t *faints* His smile… emergawd

His hair… Dat suit… dat vein tho.. this performance tho.. Kyungsoo in general tho…

Killer gaze and abs… see ya life…

He is not allowed to smile like that and move his body like that… like no

Sir, what do you think you’re doing?!

Holy freaking shit… his hair and that makeup *cries* 

Lord… bless my soul…. *dies for the twelfth time* 

Reason of Death: EXO 

Sorry y'all if this didn’t just about killed ya, I don’t know what will. Please excuse ma thirsty self… but you know sexy Korean boys men kind of has that effect on ya… 

- Admin KP

Emmys 2017 Nominations: Who We Want for Best Actress in a Comedy

Emmys 2017 Nominations: Best Actress in a Comedy FYC

And the Nominees Should Be…

Emmys voting begins on June 12, but ahead of the nominations reveal on July 13 (and the awards themselves on Sept. 12), Entertainment Weekly polled its television experts to select their picks for the 2017 nominees for Best Actress in a Comedy. Only five or six actresses will make the final list, but we counted nine worthy performances for your consideration…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Julia Louis-Dreyfus ( Veep , HBO)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Tracee Ellis Ross ( black-ish , ABC)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Ellie Kemper ( Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt , Netflix)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Issa Rae ( Insecure , HBO)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Allison Janney ( Mom , CBS)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Sarah Jessica Parker ( Divorce , HBO)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Rachel Bloom ( Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , The CW)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Pamela Adlon ( Better Things , FX)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Alia Shawkat ( Search Party , TBS)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Emmys 2017 Nominations: Who We Want for Best Actor in a Drama

2017 Emmy nominations: Best Actor in a Drama

And the Nominees Should Be…

Emmys voting begins on June 12, but ahead of the nominations reveal on July 13 (and the awards themselves on Sept. 12), Entertainment Weekly polled its television experts to select their picks for the 2017 nominees for Best Actor in a Drama. Only five or six actors will make the final list, but we counted 10 worthy performances for your consideration…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Matthew Rhys ( The Americans , FX)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Anthony Hopkins ( Westworld , HBO)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Sterling K. Brown ( This Is Us , NBC)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Bob Odenkirk ( Better Call Saul, AMC)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Kevin Spacey ( House of Cards , Netflix)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Paul Giamatti ( Billions , Showtime)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Justin Theroux ( The Leftovers , HBO)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Rami Malek ( Mr. Robot , USA)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Matt Smith ( The Crown , Netflix)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Dan Stevens ( Legion , FX)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Onew knew the leader of VIXX, N, through KTR when he was filling in as DJ. After that, during an interview, Jinki answered VIXX as the group that works the hardest. during their comeback, Jinki also went to watch their rehearsal. During Weekly Idol's poll on "Who triggers the protective nature of their Dongsaengs", N voted for Onew, and even drew a heart. Looks like they have good relations.

[via: 珍基蜜糖1214]

The performance videos are never counted in the voting poll on weekly music shows. The broadcast points refer to the amount of times the original MV is shown and watched on that particular channel. So stop, Mnet did not do any harm to EXO when they deleted the video of LMR performance. Mnet knows what they are doing, we are the one that don’t. If you don’t know how voting works, what is counted and whatnot, please ask or do some researches yourself. You can also seek help from other fandoms. Nobody hates us when we only want to learn.

What every EXO-Ls should do right now is to keep voting for EXO, stop pointing fingers at whoever and whatever that is, watch and leave positive comments on the official music video uploaded by SM (comments are counted, as well as likes), stop dissing or throwing shades. If you win, be humble. If you lose, acknowledge the effort of the winner and try to improve on what you are lacking of, instead of bringing up another argument where you accuse VIPs of cheating without any actual proof. 

I know there are immature fans in every fandom, but have any of you ever wondered why only EXO-Ls got the worst title? Because the amount of immature fans, especially on the international part of the fandom, is actually quite enormous, let alone the fact that they always manage to pull the most controversial and stupidest stunts ever. Bombing, seriously? Don’t try to brush it off saying that there are immature fans in every fandom and blindly fight back. Accept that there are immature fans and nicely help them to grow up. If you see any EXO-L around you misbehave, talk to them and stop them. We need to help each other. We have a lot of good fans around here. Instead of being quiet, please speak up. Also, stop saying that all this hate we got from other fandoms would only make us stronger. No, we won’t be stronger when the fandom is divided and rotten by some insane fans like this. We must move forward, as one.

To EXO-Ls who make text posts of their opinions, please think thoroughly and be considerate. If you bring up an argument you can’t back up, refrain yourself from posting anything. The last thing we need is to confuse more EXO-Ls, especially international one, and have them misunderstood the situation. To EXO-Ls who like to reblog text posts of people’s opinions, please think it through as well, it’s either you are helping to spread the good vibe or you are helping to destroy the fandom’s reputation. Stop jumping into conclusions or being a naive fan. Take time to process the information you get, do not simply believe everything you see, even when it comes from another EXO-L. If they are spreading the wrong information, stop them. Constructive criticism helps people. Please be nice, be kind, and be knowledgeable.

Please, this is tearing me to pieces. Please, stop.

Almost 20,000 signatures on both of the major petitions in such a short time and an impressive victory in that Entertainment Weekly poll? Foreverists and friends, you are all awesome. You’re doing great. And I know it’s starting to get harder already, and I know a lot of you are getting tired, or you’re busy with the rest of the world, or maybe you’re even starting to give up, but hang in there, okay? This show is absolutely worth the effort.

These petitions have over 19,800 signatures each right now. Keep sharing them, okay? Love you all. <3

Warner Brothers, fans love the TV show FOREVER!

“Forever” to continue for another season


Look of the Year (sort of) - What has been your favourite look for the year

This year has seen many highs and lows in ladies royal fashions, the ladies included in this poll have won the weekly looks of the week. Vote here for your favourite looks of the year (obviously this is not a complete list of all the looks of the year, however we started the weekly poll mid-year). You’ve got one week to vote and we’ll let you know who won!

The national margin between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is now at the lowest it has been in 7 weeks.

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