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Can You Feel It? (pt 1/2) [M]

Summary: Yeo One is your true enemy. He tries to take over your student council duties daily. He’s always flaunting his popularity. He always has something smart ass to say to you or about you. So what happens when you find him tied up in the classroom after hours? You can do anything to him that you want. Revenge might feel great, but who would have the last word?

Warnings: Bondage, orgasm denial, various kinks, exhibitionism, all sorts of lechery. It’s all in good fun, though.

Note: Extremely dirty. I would like to apologize for writing this in advance. OTL Read at your own risk. I know Changgu would never be a jerk like this but wouldn’t it be fun if he was? Also, I know nothing about Student Council so I just made everything up! Hooray!

As I walked into the classroom on Friday morning I saw the usual sight. Changgu hadn’t picked up the materials for today’s class and instead he was sitting at his desk with his friends surrounding him, talking animatedly and laughing. No doubt he was telling fantastic stories about his latest date.

I shoved my way through the throng of overly tall boys who were his friends. “Changgu, did you get the homeroom materials for today?”

Changgu sighed at having his story interrupted. He looked at me dismissively, straightening his tie. “Can’t you do it?”

“Why would I do it? It’s your job, not mine.”

“But I’m busy right now,” he said, having the nerve to give me his stupid aegyo face – the one with the big innocent eyes and puffy baby cheeks. “Can’t you do it?”

He always does this. He expects to get away with everything. He’s always shirking his duties as Vice President simply because he is hot and popular and everyone likes him. If he thinks the same childish act he uses on other girls will work on me, he can think again.

“I have to prepare for the student council meeting. I have things to do right now. So you go do it. Also, I need the agenda for today’s Student Council meeting,” I said, sticking my hand out.

He’d better have done it or I swear to God. The school festival starts next week and I have too many things to do. Not to mention my own VP will be no help at all.

“Uh….” He said, scratching his ear and looking around guiltily.

All his friends began to snicker, knowing that he hadn’t done it and that I would get angry, as I always did.

“Did you not do it? Again?!” I cried. “How hard is it, Changgu?”

“I just got busy last night. I had a date with a very hot girl. I mean you should have seen her. I was just in the middle of telling everyone about it, but then you ruined it,” he told me, frowning dramatically.

“How can you say something like that with a straight face?” I questioned.

“Come on, you’re a straight A student, it’s nothing for you to write up the agenda right quick,” said E Dawn. “Right?”

I stared at him so coldly it made him visibly wither. I pointed a finger to Changgu. “This jerk right here is a straight A student too! And even if he wasn’t, he should do the things he’s responsible for, right?”

Everyone began to sigh and go back to their seats, complaining that I killed the fun and ruined their joy, calling me a killjoy and a warden. Changgu fake coughed into his hand while saying the word “Buzzkill!”

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*meeting the bias*
  • me: *hands them a piece of paper*
  • me: can you-
  • them: give you an autograph? sur-
  • me: no.
  • me: play the paper kissing game
  • me: with me
  • me: right now
Making Friends as an Adult: a Primer

I have a lot of unanswered questions on this Tumblr- they come in fast and furious and I don’t have time to get to them all. (My many thanks for your participation and your patience.)

One question I get quite frequently is “I just moved to a new city/started at a new school/got dumped- how do I make friends as an adult?” and this is a fantastic question, so I thought I’d write a quick primer on making friends as an adult.

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Superior Street in Alma, Michigan, as seen in a postcard view circa 1960. 

The caption on the back reads, “Looking east on Superior St., from the west side of the city. Alma recently celebrated its Centennial and is a 17 churches, 12 manufacturing establishments employing 2000 workers. 2 Hospitals, Alma Presbyterian College. Several Public Schools, a Public Library, 2 homes of Aged people. And dozens of up to date Stores of all kinds. It is served by 2 Railways and 2 Bus lines. It has a weekly news paper, Alma Record and also a Radio Station W.F.Y.C.”

Image from the collection of ForwardLock on Panoramio.

Tumblr and Fandoms

I know that many people consider being in fandoms and being on tumblr in general as weird, nerdy, and geeky. But the thing is that many people, myself included, rely on these things as a source of happiness in darker times (not even a reference or a pun intended, just times when things are a bit rough or the breeze seems like a forever ongoing storm) or simply because it makes people happy to have a whole world of their own, far away from the real world and filled with blossoming lives, infinite adventures, never-ending stories full of possibilities and even the chance of meeting like-minded people to form life-long (and sometimes beyond that) friendships with! So instead of judging people for being “geeky” and different, why don’t we start to be happy for people who have finally found a place where they feel welcome and safe - a place, where people like you, me, the quiet boy in art class who seems lost in his drawings, the cheerful girl in physic class who seems to always seems to have a song on her mind, the hard-working high-school student who loves to spend their time scrolling aimlessly through tumblr, the quirky college-professor who secretly loves to write fan fiction after grading the weekly paper, the kind social-worker that just can’t wait until he/she gets home to watch the latest episode of his/her favorite TV show and many others can truly be our weird, wonderful and unique selves?


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