weekly link roundup


A lot of weird things happened this week. Including an insane dance-off. Let’s revisit it??

On Monday, Rhett had his hairs plucked for science as we discussed CLONES.

( @goodmythicalyann)

On Tuesday, we learned about some SUPER weird thing that have washed up on the beach.


On Wednesday, Redfoo showed up and got us to dance. #DirtySpoon


On Thursday, we taught you how to use hand signals to communicate in silence. Among other things. 


On Friday, we learned that you can “TASTE” OXYGEN.


Now go back and watch them all! WOOOO!

Weekly Roundup!!!!

We kicked off the week talking about ridiculous celebrity purchases.


Rhett looked annoyed and we talked about the dumbest zoo encounters.


Sang with the best vocalist of our generation.


We wore weird hats and gazed in each other’s eyes… kinda.


The Trash Bag Boys released their hit single “Kickin’ Our Buttz”.


That was just THIS WEEK!
GO BACK AND WATCH ALL THE EPISODES!!!! (if you want… seriously… no pressure whatsoever)

Good books and good coffee. Have better weekend plans ever been made? No way, Jose(s). The first weekend of 2014 is looking like it’s going to be: snowy, full of chapters, and heavily caffeinated. 

What have the cast (authors) & crew (their books) been up to?

Other good stuff:

Happy weekend and happy 2014! How are those resolutions sticking?

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Hello and Welcome to Show Choir Blogs!

What it is

A blog for us to rewatch all of Glee, together, now that the show is done.  We’re doing one episode a week starting with the Pilot from Sebtember 6th through 12th, and we’ll keep on going through the end of 2017.

Of course (as you may notice) September 6th is almost a month from now, but we’re also doing a small series of pre-launch discussion posts first to get everyone thinking about and excited for the rewatch.  They’ll start tomorrow (Wednesday August 12th).

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