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[ 170302 ] - work has kept me more than busy! my spreads keep on getting simpler and simpler 🤔 i really love my phone case (it’s colossians 3:12, for those who are interested) - compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience are always in fashion! post-it doodle inspired by @studyinginstyle - thanks for making an artist out of me!

#np: moonlight dancing by fromm

( week 34 : 08/27 - 09/02 )

theme: vulgar pink

hell yeah! what a fun, LOUD spread to make! i accidentally cut my thumb using kid scissors while trying to make this week’s spread, so of course it’s going to look messier than normal, but that’s the charm about it. first week of classes went… well, crazy! i had to change my schedule AGAIN, but it’s finally all settled out. i’m not censoring anything you see here because each spread i make is a reflection of me, & like the quote that’s in the center, i’m not made to be subtle! i was inspired by @studyingsenseless to try out the assignments due box!

♫ ♫ -  COPYCAT: billie eilish



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