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4x04/4x11: are you mad?
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I’ve been doing well today, but with 3 potatoes left I realized these little shits have butter on them. Since I have no idea if it is butter or oil, if it’s vegetable oil based butter or cream, I have no idea if this is vegan. I’m guessing not.

It’s going to be a challenge to change how I look at ingredients.

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Please, please, I love Tsubaki a lot, a fluff scenario with him please? ;////;

Tsubaki needs lots of love and I more than willing to provide some of it, Anon!!
And I’m not sure if Tsubaki’s hand counts as spoilers, but?? If it is, just know that it’s mentioned here!!

Tsubaki seemed very happy today, a smile on his face and a slight skip in his step. You took note of the way his eyes shined as he greeted you when he came back from his Sushi-Go-’Round trip. You just assumed he had seen something interesting and while you were a bit curious, you shrugged it off and decided instead to take full advantage of your lover’s happiness.

“Tsu-ba-ki~!” You called sweetly, leaning down to whisper into the vampire’s ear as he lazed on the couch. He smiled widely, his eyes flicking up to your face as he called your name out excitedly.

“Come here, come here!” Tsubaki called, motioning for you to come lay beside him on the couch.

There wasn’t much room, but you decided it would be fine since Tsubaki was laying down on the edge of the couch. You smiled as you remembered when Tsubaki had gotten too excited about Sakuya coming home with ice cream, leading to you falling off the couch face-first.
Tsubaki’s smile widened at the sight of yours, and you quickly proceeded to lay down beside the red-eyed male.

He wrapped his arms around you, and buried his nose in your hair. He inhaled deeply and giggled, muttering something about how nice your hair smelled and how it reminded him of autumn. He continued to gently rub his nose and cheek against the top of your hair until he heard you giggling. His eyes shined brightly at this as he gave you a smirk. He absolutely loved the sound of your laughter, he loved the warmth that filled his chest as the sound reached his ears like the most precious music.

You continued to softly chuckle, laughter having died down just a bit, as you grabbed Tsubaki’s hand and pushed back his kimono to gently touch the darkened skin beneath the fabric. You glanced up at him and he looked a bit curious as he watched you play with his fingers, red eyes watching you intently. You touched his fingers, softly rubbing circles into the palm of his hand, then kissed the tips of his fingers before interlocking your fingers with his. Bringing your intertwined hands up to your lips, you gently kissed is hand. You smiled softly and looked up to meet Tsubaki’s gaze.

He looked awestruck.

His eyes were wide and his cheeks had a soft pink hue to them. The sight made your smile grow and you leaned up to kiss his slightly parted lips. They were soft and warm and you melted against him as he did the same. His free and ran down your back and wrapped securely around your waist, pulling you close to him as the kiss deepened. When you too pulled away, Tsubaki stayed close to you, his warm breath fanning across your flushed face. He had a calm look on his face as he spoke to you.

“[Name]… You’re really too cute.”

“Look at all the fox I give.”

Tsubaki stared at you, and you stared back with a cheeky grin.

You were soon smothered in kisses as your lover laughed happily.


“I’m back-” 

“Ts-Tsubaki! Ahahaha! That tickles~ Ah, no not there~!”

“And I’m leaving again.”

“Oh, Sakuya-kun!! Come back! I have a joke to tell you!”

harry’s little sister

-james and lily having another baby about five years after harry, because the war is finally over, and lily always wanted more kids. so they do.

-they have a daughter. she looks exactly like lily. but. she has JAMes’S eYES. maybe they name her alice. after alice longbottom, who died fighting.

-so when she’s about five, ten year old harry and james take her out into the yard, and teach her how to fly on a broom. a tiny toy broom. not unlike the one that harry’s uncles gave him when he was small. and lily’s watching from inside the house. biting her lip because she doesn’t want anything to happen to her. but of course nothing does.

-harry gets out his actual broomstick, and they race. but james is helping her, and lily’s cheering everybody, and she wins.

-she loves harry more than anything, and he’s always just so fascinated by this tiny bundle of life that’s his baby sister, who he’d protect from anything.

-so a year later when harry gets his acceptance letter, and the whole potter family is at the train station to see him off, she cries. all the way home.

-lily helps her write him a letter, which becomes a weekly occurrence. harry never fails to answer them. lily sticks in pictures of her.

“alice regrew her hair!”
“look what you sister’s done!”
“she turned bathilda bagshot’s cat green!”
“silly lily and alice get the christmas tree ready!”
“she’s making a gift for her big brother (it’s a surprise!)”
“can’t wait to pick you up!”

-he proudly shows these around the gryffindor common room. nobody ever fails to grin, “she’s so cute, harry!” he beams like he gave birth to her himself. she becomes unofficial gryffindor mascot when harry’s put on the team.

-but back at home, she’s having a grand old time.

-she visits her grandparents (james’s parents. they were really nice).

-she visits the longbottom’s graves (it was scary and her mom was upset).

-she gets to walk around hogsmeade with her parents all to herself. james lets her pick out one thing at zonko’s.

-she visits her moony and paddy for a little while while her parents go on vacation. they spoil her rotten.

-when ron visits over the summer, they play quidditch. ron and harry are on one team, and her and her dad are on another. they win. lily laughs a lot.

-hermione visits too. she helps alice with her homework. and has a long chat with lily about feminism and things. it goes right over alice’s head. she already knows that girls are equal to boys. she falls asleep in lily’s lap.

-when she turns ten,and harry’s fifteen, he bring someone else home to visit. she has red hair too! her name is ginny, and alice’s love for her almost surpasses harry’s.

-she watches them play quidditch, and she’s just as good as harry. which she thought was impossible, unless you were her.

-she tries wearing her hair like ginny wears hers. ginny thinks she’s adorable. she is alice’s role model for years.

-the next year, she gets her letter too! it’s like a dream.

-she rides with other first years for most of the train ride, but winds up crawling into harry’s compartment and falls asleep in his lap. she knows she’s too old for it but it’s really comfortable, and she gets to see ginny, who makes sure she’s in the right place for the boats.

-all the other first years are in awe, a fifth year quidditch player personally escorted her? wow. and her older brother’s harry potter? wow.

-ginny goes to sit in her usual place with her year. so soon it’s just harry, hermione, and ron, waiting with baited breath, as a tiny girl with red hair climbs up onto the stool. and the hat is placed on her head, they watch as she shakes her head decisively, and she gets the biggest cheer of all, when she’s sorted into gryffindor.

-she shoots harry a brilliant smile, and goes to sit with some other first year girls. harry has to swipe his eyes. she writes home about it.

-james almost sends a howler to congratulate her, but lily steps in. she gets into lots of mischief, but it’s harmless.

-hagrid gives her piggyback rides across the grounds, and hermione still helps her with her homework sometimes. ron is always up to a game of exploding snap or gobstones, she usually manages to beat him, but it’s getting harder now.

-harry and ginny are in the process of teaching her chess. when she goes home for winter holidays she beats james, lily’s eyes leak tears of laughter, until she gets whooped too.
-when she gets sick at hogwarts for the first time, harry insists on spending the whole day with her in the infirmary. ron visits and she beats him at gobstones. the weasley twins show up and try to give her candy, “harry, it’s safe!” he doesn’t let her eat it. ginny brings her something delicious from honeydukes, and harry lets her eat that. she feels better in no time.

-although she likes hanging out with the older kids, she has lots of friends her age too. her favorite class is either charms, or transfiguration, and she finishes her first year with top marks. hermione is really proud, but not as proud as her mom is!

-a few years later, she is a maid of honor at harry and ginny’s wedding. she has a great time, and can’t be happier to have ginny as her sister.

-she’s just a really happy girl okay. harry’s little sister.

ty for reading this it’s just an idea i had

Headcanon: After the events of The Gamer, Adrein begins to look for excuses to hang out at Marinette’s place, or just the Patisserie, whenever possible. Eventually it gets to the point where Marinette sometimes gets home after school to find Adrien already there, joking with her dad while her mom keeps offering him more free samples.

One morning Tom stops Marinette before she leaves for school, giving her a box of cookies and instructions to give them to Adrien because he’s been busy with modeling and hasn’t stopped by in over a week. Marinette is totally flustered handing them over the first time, but it keeps happening and finally she gets used to it.

Sabine jokingly scolds Tom about giving away so much, but when she hears through word of mouth about Adrien’s mother, she makes sure that the cookie packages become a weekly thing without fail.

At the shop today, had a regular come in; old guy, always tries the weekly local wines without fail. He came in today, reminded me of something. He was still on his first glass and it was barely noon, but he talked like he was a coupla’ glasses in and we were closing up soon.

Born and raised in Yokohama, loves the sea, had his fill of curry rice, lived in Jakarta for a half dozen years too. Funny man, real easy going, always has a story to spare. Somewhere between one of ‘em laughs that had me convinced his teeth were real, I remembered that we get to choose what and who stays with us. When you’re young it don’t feel that way, but the older we get, the less shit matters, the more focus narrows and before you know it, there ain’t much left around you. He’s got his weekly locals, grandkids and a boat he probably sleeps in more than his bed. What I got changes every once in a while but right now it’s a big dumb dog and a few folks that make me wanna’ come back when I’ve been gone too long, some more than others. Got me soundin’ like some fogey but happy folks do that to ya’. What about you? What you got?

Grad School AU (the Imperial gRadch school)

Justice of Toren One Esk is your dissertation superviser.

 Anaander Mianaai are your dissertation committee. Anaander Mianaai is your outside reader.

 Anaander Mianaai thinks you are ready to defend, but Anaander Mianaai thinks you need to wait at least another year.  

Anaander Mianaai encourages you to defend. 

Anaander Mianaai declares that you have failed your oral exam.


Anaander Mianaai is the department chair, replacing Anaander Mianaai. Anaander Mianaai revamped the program requirements a few years ago: now there’s a theory exam at the MA level and candidates wishing to pursue research in the areas of gender/sexuality and race/post-colonial studies are encouraged to apply.

Anaander Mianaai thinks that standards are slipping and hates the new curriculum. She refers to it as “politically correct pap” and makes snide asides about the culture of victimization on campus.

Half the faculty support Anaander Mianaai and half Anaander Mianaai, but Anaander Mianaai is the only one who argues with herself at faculty meetings.

Professor Breq is a new hire. No one quite knows where she got her PhD from, and she’s had positions all over the place and published in 5 different languages. The hiring committee was Anaander Mianaai, Anaander Mianaai, and Anaander Mianaai, and people said they heard loud noises and shouting from the hotel room during Breq’s interview.  Anaander Mianaai hired her as a full professor with tenure, even though the advertisement was for a 1-year VAP. Breq has professional disagreements with Anaander Mianaai. She’s the only one who speaks up in faculty meetings, other than Anaander Mianaai, of course.

Breq’s first job was at Toren University. Anaander Mianaai sabotaged her first student, Awn Elming, who was apparently a genius and doing brilliant work with post-colonial theory. Toren University doesn’t exist anymore.

Breq’s disagreements with Anaander Mianaai might not be entirely professional.

You ask Professor Skaaiat, who was apparently also there and was Awn’s best friend in graduate school, but she just smiles ironically and says “the personal is professional.”

Ship is the department administrator. When she doesn’t like someone, their mail always seems to get lost and their reimbursement forms never seem to get submitted right. Seivarden always seems to have this problem. Ship’s office is one of the most reliable places to find Professor Breq.

Basnaaid Elming, is an entering freshman. She’s a biology major, and refuses to take any course in your department, even as a distribution requirement, and even after repeated attempts at mentoring by both professors Skaaiat and Breq.

Kalr 5 is the head of the undergraduate majors’ club; she is always organizing faculty-student teas and hangs around the professors’ offices. It’s cute, but kind of embarrassing at the same time. You definitely were not like that at all when you were an undergrad.

Your name is Tisarwat. You did fine in college, but you weren’t planning to go to graduate school; in fact, you had a really good summer internship lined up with the possibility of it turning into a real job. But then you ran into Anaander Mianaai while waiting for your cousin at Starbucks and before you really knew what was happening, she had taken you back to her office for a chat, persuaded you to do a PhD, and gotten you into the program, even though it was way past the application deadline.

You have impostor syndrome really badly. They say that “no one feels prepared for graduate school” and “everyone feels impostor syndrome” but that’s not true (Seivarden definitely doesn’t feel this way!), and you actually *are* an impostor. You know it. You’re TA-ing for Professor Breq, along with two other PhD students, both of whom seem to have their shit together way better than you do. Ekalu is also a first-year, but she’s a lot older (she spent a decade teaching history and coaching softball at the same inner-city high school she had attended, before she decided to go back to graduate school).

Then there’s Seivarden. She’s always name-dropping major scholars and making sneering remarks about major theorists. Seivarden is that graduate student who still talks about prep school, her Ivy league undergrad, and her grandparents’ “cottage” in the Hamptons. She talks a lot about how she would never put trigger warnings on her syllabus if she were the instructor of record, and how all scholarship since the 70’s lacks rigor, and, but for some reason Seivarden worships Professor Breq and begged her to be her adviser.  (Rumor has it that when Breq was a graduate student, she was Seivarden’s TA, and she was even worse back then.) 

You know you aren’t doing well as a teacher. Half of your section just failed the weekly pop-quiz on the day that the professor was observing you. Professor Breq asked you to meet with her. This is going to be it: she’s going to kick you out. You’re dreading the meeting , but you’re also a little bit relieved. But at least then you won’t have to be faking this anymore…

This was my failed weekly spread. It was definitely pretty but I didn’t like the formatting of it and found it hard to stay organized with it!! Will definitely not be using this spread again but that’s okay!! Bullet journaling is all about learning what works for you and what doesn’t!

[CONFIRMED] EXO's going to be on Weekly Idol with Special MC Leeteuk! (January 27)