weekly dose of cuteness

Weekly update on what shows I am currently watching


Legends of Tomorrow - like honestly, I know the writing and the characters are nothing to write home about and have a complexity of a cartoon, but it’s such a fun show with fun characters that does not take itself seriously.

Legion - my new obsessive love, basically a cross between a superhero tale and a Wes Anderson movie. This may be in the running for my favorite show ever.

The Flash - why must everything on this show be so cute? It’s my weekly dose of pick me up.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - I normally don’t like romcoms at all, especially ones with as little plot as this one, but the sheer charm of it (and by “it” I mean two leads separately but especially together) makes me wish it would never end.

Whisper - basically the polar opposite of SWDBS in tone, this is really dark, intense and disturbing. I am addicted after only one episode.


Cage of Love - so pretty. So dumb. But so pretty. I am about halfway through it and it’s crazy addictive even if plot hole ridden.

Ice Fantasy - I will finish you, I will! I have only 14 eps left!

Legend of Ancient Sword - I was bored to death by the first two eps and then third ep happened and the drama suddenly clicked for me. Not one for deep thinkers, this one is sheer brainless fun with pretty people swinging swords and fighting curses. I am having fun spotting the eight million familiar faces in the cast (but no william chan yet booooo!)

The Princess Weiyoung - ok, I watch a lot of it on ff while reading subs, but it’s a gorgeous entertaining story, even if not as emotionally engaging or intense as I would like.

Too Late to Say I Love You - Wallace Chung, take me, I am yours!!!! Ok blah blah romance period setting cool heroine blah blah we all know why I am really watching!