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Comics to Read Today 4/29 - Misfits and Jokers Edition

Greetings fellow comic book lovers welcome to another edition of the weekly comics picks. Let’s go.

As usual I start with a first issue and this week I have one off the beaten path.

This is violent (like super violent) and filled with just perhaps too many pop culture references. But I still liked it. This issue is all set up - meet a Hollywood director who is now snorting coke in the Marmon he stumbles on plan to kill off a lot of Hollywood. He teams up with a transgender bartender from Texas. Again this violent but … but for me it worked. Any way give it a try if you can find it.

And now on to the rest of the week

Yes the Misfits are in this issue which is just as good as the first issue.

Are NC? Even if you aren’t this issue is. 

It’s the end.  This issue’s real star is Greg Capullo who has gets better with each and every issue. His backgrounds, action sequences, panel layouts and character acting are meticulous. I don’t know how he does it every month in and out. Oh and the writing is pretty good too.

I’m lost a bit of my enthusiasm for Convergence as it isn’t clear to me many of these older version of characters are going to show up again. But some of these are a fun around the track to see the old versions one last time. And really how I can resist this book with Helena B W on the cover?

This is the variant cover by Robbie Rodriquez Dave Johnson and it would be perfect except for the “Cat Fight” caption which I get refers to Black Cat. I wonder if that caption would be used if she was kicking Spider-Man’s ass? Perhaps they have. Perhaps when I bring this up I’ll be treated to people tweeting me the cover!

This is dark but if you’re a fan of noir like I am you might want to pick this up. Carlson and Del Rey create such an evocative set piece you can practically smell the cigarette smoke. 

And that’s it for me this week. Also I want to remind you that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day so make sure you support comics and your local LCS. I plan my usual tour of three different shops to pick up some goodies and free comics.

Also if you do happen to buy comics base on this column - let me know. I’ve been told again by a dude that people, specifically women, on Tumblr don’t buy comics.