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Tonight, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has an extremely important episode about racial profiling. I encourage everyone to tune in and learn and to give this issue the attention that it needs. Ratings show that we care about this and want to be informed. 

You can watch live on Fox.com, and I believe Hulu also helps ratings. It airs at 8pm est and it is important. For more information on why, here is a small chunk of what I wrote about B99/the episode for a final paper in one of my political science classes: 

One question that the show runners of Brooklyn Nine-Nine struggled to answer for a long time was whether or not it would be appropriate to have an episode which discussed the racial profiling that is currently the talk of the nation. As a show with two black men playing the most prominent positions of power within a police precinct, many people have been wondering about the dichotomy that this presents. Brooklyn Nine-Nine shows a romantic notion of a police precinct in which all white male characters are aware of their privilege and, if they are not, their co-workers are quick to call them out on it. Yet this is not the case in all police precincts— something that the writers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have struggled with throughout the four seasons of the show due to the fact that “our heroes are the police, [and] it’s difficult to talk about the police in an abstract way,” said executive producer Dan Goor in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. 

The idea for the episode came about because of the unrest in the nation, and the writers pitched different ideas back-and-forth for quite a long time, but ultimately went with a situation that paralleled one which Terry Crews had been in. Crews is a former NFL player who had once been subjected to a stop-and-frisk, just as he is in this upcoming episode. In the context of the show, however, the character struggles with whether or not he should file a formal complaint that could jeopardize his career. “To a certain extent, it’s the question of: Am I blue or am I black?” Goor commented to Entertainment Weekly. The characters on the show all have to face the world of cops outside of their comfortable precinct, a conundrum that the actors and writers on the show felt that they had to tackle so that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine didn’t become a cartoon,” in the words of Terry Crews. He also points out, however, that this is just one of the reasons— and relevance in society, and making change, is another.

In the upcoming episode, Detective Jake Peralta, a white male, points out that he has done plenty of suspicious things on the street and had never been stopped by the police for it. Terry had merely been looking for his daughter’s blanket, while a flashback shows Jake sneaking in through a window wearing a Jason mask and getting away with it. (…) “As far as the show goes, it felt like there was an opportunity to make a statement. I think it’s definitely an issue that is really important [and] has been around for some time,” said writer Philip Jackson. The conscious decision to make that statement instead of shoving it under the rug is where the significance lies in this episode of television.

In 2017, black lives matter more than “all lives matter” because the lives of black American citizens are in genuine danger from the police. White citizens do not suffer from the same fears, period. This is something that frequently both stuns the country into silence and ignites it into action. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Sandra Bland could all still be alive today were it not for racial profiling— which the Brooklyn Nine-Nine writers know very well. Thus, the creators have given this episode to the total control of the black community of people who work on the show. It was written by a black writer; the black actors on the show had a say in the way their characters reacted to the situation; the A-plot was taken away from the main character for the first time in all four seasons and sixteen episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Those telling these stories make it clear whose story they are telling, being careful to elevate the narrative of the black creative members of the team without stomping on or overpowering their voices. 

Perhaps the most telling piece of that narrative is found within a clip of the episode that has just been released on youtube. Sergeant Terry Jeffords and Captain Raymond Holt sit in the private home of the captain and discuss whether or not Terry should report the stop and frisk to his superiors. When Captain Holt points out that Terry is “a great cop. You could become a chief or higher,” Terry’s response is simple, yet effective: “How long will it take to make change that way?”


Some of my doodles I did last week since I want to post something but don’t have anything specific x.x

I’m thinking of making this a regular thing, me posting my doodles of the week on sundays…but only time can tell :’D

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any spare time in your life to help curious learners give some lessons on art? I mean, however bad you think you are in teaching others, you can still be some aid, at least by sharing what you experience during creating art

I dont really have time to do that, im sorry…  im not an art teacher, and i feel my experiences are of little value. so instead i hope this list of resources made by others can help you more than i can:

Art Youtube Channels:

Free Online Courses on a ton of subjects (including art!)


Inspiration & Stories:

Archives & Free Resources:






*“Art of” Books:

Remember, a resource post is nothing if you dont use it. You can watch videos and click links all day, but nothing replaces putting the time in to draw. You get best at what you do most. Draw the most, and you will get good at it. I promise.

good luck!!!

Hello everyone! This is the first week of weeklymleditprompts, a place to go to for ideas for gifs or other edits for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.  

Once a week, probably sometime on Monday, I will post a set of prompts (anywhere from 1 to around 3) that will be the prompts for that week.  You can choose to do any or all of these prompts and don’t feel bad if you miss a week! If you have any ideas or suggestions for prompts feel free to send them in and I will add them to the list! And with all that said, on to week one!

Miraculous Weekly Prompts: Week One

Favorite Character OR The Color Red

Tomorrow I will have the honor of talking to this lovely, gorgeous and wonderfully talented actress Olivia Taylor Dudley Who plays our beloved Alice Quinn on The Magicians for the Physical Kids Weekly podcast! Her character means so much to me and I did a lot of work to get this together and I’m so proud of how far this podcast is going.

Official FC Announcement! We’re ready!

Kasasagi Dojo

About our FC:

Kasasagi Dojo is a progressive, story-driven 18+ roleplaying FC on the Balmung Server of FFXIV. Our FC is centered around Othard RP, plausible lore and story, with a heavy focus on the Shinobi/Samurai culture. The FC will be an Othardian haven focused on revolting against the Garlean Empire, reclaiming Othard, preserving their culture, and hunting void corruptions, while welcoming those who wish to join the cause.

To the public eye, it will be a Traditional Dojo and Shrine. (This will grow to include other concepts once Othard and its lore is made available.)

The shrine will provide a place of respite, Doman food, storytelling, lessons in Othardian teachings, as well as traditional geisha and ritual performances.

The Dojo will be used for in-character training in martial combat, public displays of martial prowess, as well as weekly in-character tournaments that will have quarterly championships of previous victors. The FC will be a place for Shinobi/Samurai who are away from their clans, and masters to find work in Aldenard fit for their skills. This could range from hunting voidal corruption to more behind-closed-doors type of tasks.

Behind Closed Doors: Some tasks require discretion.  Everything from information gathering, assassinations, acquisitions, security, infiltration, and more. While this provides work for our people, their focus will be building knowledge of the Empire. Aldenard has become the training grounds as we prepare to reclaim Othard and destroy the Empire in doing so. (There may also be an underground gambling ring set up for the Dojo’s tournaments. Perhaps more RPC functions to be added in the future.)  

Though there may be tasks and/or jobs that are not necessarily “legal,“ Kasasagi Dojo is not affiliated with any syndicate, and it is not inherently considered to be a criminal organization.

Non-Othardians: Others who seek refuge and work are also welcome to the FC. Healers, storytellers, teachers, academics - there is a place for them as well!

Current Housing: The dojo is current in the Goblet Ward 5 main apartments, apartment 90. We are hoping to obtain FC housing in the near feature.

What we value as an FC:

Respect, Communication, Consideration, and Fun are our core values. We expect a very harsh division between OOC and IC. We will not stand for drama or disrespect of others in any platform, of any degree. Also due to the genre of RP we focus on, we expect that our OOC Rules of Engagement, will be followed by our members, so that everyone who roleplays with us, will have a fun time and fulfilled story.   

It is our hope that we will provide a safe place for those who enjoy writing a good story through RP while allowing for creativity and expression. We also strive to become part of the ever-growing roleplay community, by contributing to stories with other FCs, providing interactive public events, and being walk-up friendly. We are also more than happy to provide players and other FCs with conflict or resolution RP story arcs.

We as an FC also value and respect the player behind the pixels. As adults, we have real life responsibilities and obligations. It is important that anyone looking to join our FC understand that while we are providing a place to RP and story arcs, we expect our members to engage in their own RP stories and encourage them to share their stories with one another. The FC is meant to be a backbone to your character’s story, not consume it.

Let’s write something epic together!

Contact: Mishi Mizuchi, Baien Yatsurugi, or Saya Igarashi

For those who are already in an FC but still want to be apart of the fun! Contact us to be added to our ooc Linkshell! IC linkshell access is opened through RP :D

Rules of Engagement

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Weekly character question #1

What is your character afraid of? 

  • Is this fear more tangible or intangible? 
    • Tangible fears - Things that can affect you physically and pose some sort of physical danger. (Examples: Snakes, heights, suffocation, etc.) 
    • Intangible fears - Things that affect you in a more abstract way and don’t necessarily pose an immediate physical danger. (Examples: The dark, public speaking, losing something/someone important to them, etc.)
  • Why are they afraid of this? 
  • Did they have a bad past experience that caused them to have this fear? 
  • What would they do if they were forced to face their fear? 
  • Under what circumstances would they be able to deal with this fear What would have to be at stake for them to be able to face it?
  • How does this fear affect them emotionally/physically/etc? 
  • Do you think they will ever be able to overcome this fear? 

So uh, hey guys!

I know I promised I would at least post some character art weekly while I get the next chapter ready but uhhh

Yacht Club Games announced earlier this week that they’re holding a Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment art contest and… entries are due in a little under 2 weeks and I maaaaaay have bitten off A LOT more than I could chew. And by a lot I mean, it has been about three days and I JUST finished my sketch for that project.

So uh this means… two-ish things:

One, I probably won’t be able to keep my promise of weekly character art updates, at least for the next few weeks. And two, Chapter 3 will most likely be postponed to the more vague ETA of before the end of June/beginning of July.

In the meantime, here’s a banana man I designed that… may or may not actually appear in the comic itself

Thanks so much for your patience guys!