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Recap - Hamilton (Brandy Revolutionaries)

This past week was a lot of fun!  These three actors (Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, and Okieriete Onaodowan in respective order of drink appearance) do a phenomenal job of bringing six distinct voices to life.  I did my best to honor those distinct characterizations when crafting their drinks.

Anyway, here’s what happened this past week:

Sunday: Blow Us All Away (Philip Hamilton) - child’s iced gunpowder tea
Monday: What’d I Miss (Jefferson) - Sidecar variant
Tuesday: A Quid Pro Quo (Madison) - Brandy Alexander variant
Wednesday: Lock Up Ya Daughters (Hercules Mulligan) - Horse’s Neck variant
Thursday: C’est Moi (Lafayette) - French 75 variant
Friday: Raise a Glass (Laurens) - colonial style brandy flip

Sadly, I think that’s it for Hamilton drinks, unless I can figure out a way to eke a third week out of side characters.  This show was a lot of fun, and I’m sorry to see it go.  I hope y’all enjoyed these Hamilton cocktails as well!

January 4th – January 17th

Happy New Year to all of you! We hope you had relaxing holidays and are ready to get drawing again in 2017! What better way to kick off a new year than drawing yourself as the greatest goddamn hero you can imagine? Of course, if you are more partial to the Chaotic Evil side of RPG alignments, you can design a villain too, or antihero?. You may choose any genre you want – an action adventurer, or a space soldier, or a fantasy wizard – the world is your oyster! Try to think of a character that would work well in a video game, maybe think about some stats.

And of course, who could resist a cute sidekick supporting the dashing heroine (or the dashing villain)? Pirate captains have their parrot, Batman has Robin, Queen Elizabeth has her Corgis…
When you design your character, also think about who is supporting them in battle. This sidekick should ideally compensate the weaknesses of your other character. The squishy wizard could befriend a mighty dragon. The action adventurer needs someone who will carefully steer them away from any abysses they might walk in. They may be an animal, or a robot, or a fairy. Just make sure that the two fit together! (Although a medieval knight with a robodog as companion could be very interesting, too…)

[The deadline for this challenge will be January 17th at 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST]

For more information about the group and its submissions, please read the FAQ! If you have a question you do not see mentioned there, please don’t hesitate to ask.Make sure to submit your piece using the submission page, and tag it for the appropriate challenge! If you don’t complete in time for the deadline, still post it to your Tumblr and tag it as ‘WAC’ and ‘wac challenges’! We hope you’ll have fun and improve as an artist during this challenge <3

- artmun and wishalloy

anonymous asked:

Do you have any spare time in your life to help curious learners give some lessons on art? I mean, however bad you think you are in teaching others, you can still be some aid, at least by sharing what you experience during creating art

I dont really have time to do that, im sorry…  im not an art teacher, and i feel my experiences are of little value. so instead i hope this list of resources made by others can help you more than i can:

Art Youtube Channels:

Free Online Courses on a ton of subjects (including art!)


Inspiration & Stories:

Archives & Free Resources:






*“Art of” Books:

Remember, a resource post is nothing if you dont use it. You can watch videos and click links all day, but nothing replaces putting the time in to draw. You get best at what you do most. Draw the most, and you will get good at it. I promise.

good luck!!!

Tomorrow I will have the honor of talking to this lovely, gorgeous and wonderfully talented actress Olivia Taylor Dudley Who plays our beloved Alice Quinn on The Magicians for the Physical Kids Weekly podcast! Her character means so much to me and I did a lot of work to get this together and I’m so proud of how far this podcast is going.

Weekly character question #1

What is your character afraid of? 

  • Is this fear more tangible or intangible? 
    • Tangible fears - Things that can affect you physically and pose some sort of physical danger. (Examples: Snakes, heights, suffocation, etc.) 
    • Intangible fears - Things that affect you in a more abstract way and don’t necessarily pose an immediate physical danger. (Examples: The dark, public speaking, losing something/someone important to them, etc.)
  • Why are they afraid of this? 
  • Did they have a bad past experience that caused them to have this fear? 
  • What would they do if they were forced to face their fear? 
  • Under what circumstances would they be able to deal with this fear What would have to be at stake for them to be able to face it?
  • How does this fear affect them emotionally/physically/etc? 
  • Do you think they will ever be able to overcome this fear? 

Here is the first nine blank edits that I have, they are all from the Hell Train Arc, post Name Station. Feel free to edit them and submit them to me! I’ll start putting up blank edits once a day or once a week, but I will keep up with it!

Weekly character question #2

How does your character think of themself? 

  • Do they perceive themself differently than others do? (For example, thinking of themself as confident when others see them as narcissistic, or thinking of themself as socially inept when others see them as endearingly shy.) 
  • Do they like their own physical appearance? 
    • How harshly do they critique their appearance? 
    • How self-critical are they about their body?
  • Do they like their own personality? 
  • Do they think of themselves as easy to get along with, likeable/approachable, etc? 
  • Are they aware of their own personality flaws? (Stubborness, impatience, dishonesty, short temper, etc.)
    • How harshly do they critique these flaws? 
  • Do they try to conceal or deny things about themself that they dislike? (For example - dressing in a certain way to hide their figure or denying the idea that they’re bad at something.)
  • How comfortable are they in their own skin? Do they have high self esteem or do they struggle with their self perception?