Every day we learn new things in search of #radical #transition… how often do you #notice this and look intently at it? Take the time do DO SO on your #yogamat….
→Why hello there “week-end”- you sure did show up quickly!
In your honor I picked up another class- TODAY- @yogaflowsf | Ocean → come for one or both! 4:30 & 6:30!
→→→This #Weekend’s #yoga Opportunities←←←

Friday July 31
→4:30pm “Flow All Levels” Yoga FlowSF | Ocean
→6:30pm “Flow All Levels” Yoga FlowSF | Ocean

Saturday August 1
→9am “Power Yoga” Moxie | Nob Hill
→1-215 pm “Flow Basics” Yoga Flow SF | Ocean
→4:30pm “Flow All Levels” Yoga FlowSF | *Union (Large Studio)

*Sunday August 2
→*9am “Moxie Fundamentals” Moxie | *NOB HILL*
→11am “Power Yoga” Moxie | Nob Hill

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→→→ Upcoming ←←←
→H I P S & S H O U L D E R S
A yoga workshop with Faern
MOXIEyoga&fitness : NobHill
September 27 → 1:30-3:45
(at www.FAERN.me)

Yogis getting ready to start @leslieglewis’s 11am Core Vinyasa class. Missed out? Don’t worry, we still have tons more classes this weekend, just see below! ☺️ Saturday: 2pm Pilates 3:30pm PostNatal Yoga 5pm PreNatal Pilates Sunday: 9:15am PreNatal Yoga 10:30am Led Primary Series Ashtanga 12pm Basics PLUS 5pm Vinyasa 6:30pm Restorative Yoga
by sanghayogashala via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/f8I46Prc4Y/