weekends are for testing new outfits

A list of milestones that I hope to turn into habits.

I was inspired by @witch-of-color when it came to writing this post, so special shout out to my girl, for helping me with my writers block.

As I have mentioned, repetitively, in most of my previous posts : I no longer have time for any magical activities and my life is a complete mess. I have no time management and am in a constant state of exhaustion. So with trying to manage my time better I am also trying to reconnect with my magic; it’s an adjustment, but not too difficult. So here are a few things that I think are great ways to get back into the wand of things. (Get it, lol? I’m bad at funny.)

  1. “Set aside a time once a week to burn a candle. Make it a color that connects to whatever aspect of your life you would like insight or growth in and spend 10 minutes watching the flame and opening yourself to whatever it is you’re seeking.” @witch-of-color 
  2. Turn at least one recipe a week into a magical recipe.
  3. Give thanks to deity for something at least once a day.
  4. Enchant one object a week, whether it be your lipstick or your favorite necklace.
  5. “Pick out outfits or accessories that make you feel witchy. (Bonus points for intentionally planning a super witchy outfit on the full moon)” @witch-of-color 
  6. Do a little magic for your fur babies. This is something I plan on doing for our new fur baby. Enchanting collars for soft a coat or doing some protection magic to give her a tenth life.
  7. Cleanse your living space every weekend. Open all the doors and windows and smoke those bad spirits out.
  8. “Do a spell for anything that’s coming up in your life that you want to work out a certain way, no matter how trivial it seems. Test this week? Do a spell. About to start a work out routine? Do a spell. First date? Spell. Gotta stay on budget grocery shopping? Spell. Your worth it, it’s good practice, and if it all ends up working even better!” @witch-of-color
  9. Write one chant a week, either to use in spell-work, prayer or invocations. Or use an existing chant to clear negative energies; the possibilities are endless with this one, so play around with it.

Will probably end up doing a part two of this, just because I really love these challenges. It really helps you get into good habits and makes your magic super strong, which in turn brings up your confidence. Both of which I haven’t been too happy with. I will definitely try to keep up with these challenges and will keep my blog updated.

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so I fell in love with the new villains of the Legend of Korra very quickly and decided to cosplay combustion woman aka P'li since I more or less have the same hair anyway, and here’s the first makeup test! I can’t wait to actually recreate her outfit because now it’s really an improvised mess of things I already had in my closet

also, bonus: