When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king.

people thinking kindly of tyrion lannister
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Colin and Michael live from the DNC!

  • Hiro:*wearing an arm brace* Okay, the story behind this is really complicated, so-
  • Cass:It's not complicated. He went skating without his wrist guards, he fell, he hurt himself. Simple.
  • Hiro:Okay, look, they weren't in my backpack, or on the dining room table, or on top of the fridge.
  • Cass:Which is interesting, because today as I was rushing to the aid and comfort of my young nephew, I tripped over his wrist guards in the driveway.


No matter how badass or what kind of  personality has cross, cross always be a dork

Pretty much is how Natasha is related to these nicely dolls, she is not very good driving them but has improved… (tnaks to Doug and Alexa to not disappoint Lin). Still remains a dork as a pilot, especially in vehicle form(though it is the funniest way).

A small comic with my imlazyandiwantsomethingfastcosidonthavetimebutincolorstoo  style (went out of control with the bright colors shithappenswhenusewhitebackground)

07.28.2016 - Up and at ‘em! I’m convinced that the only reason to wake up during summer is to eat colorful fruits, drink coffee and re-read classics. Made myself a smoothie bowl with extra cinnamon sprinkles and sweet almond milk because #TreatYoSelf . I’m re-reading one of my favorite books “Goodbye Mr.Chips” by James Hilton. This copy actually belongs to my dad. C.1980. I’m planning on spending the rest of the day hazily reading this beauty and listening to Vampire Weekend. Ciao!

rhysiana  asked:

30. tourist/knowledgeable local au, nurseydex (of course) I was initially thinking about Nursey the local who skips out of work for the rest of the afternoon to show Dex the lost guy on a business trip around, but if you want to AU them completely to Australia, that'd be cool too.

so i just kind of…. completely Aussie AUed them. this is essentially a drabble for my longass aussie au fic (which i am working on i promise!!) because i don’t know enough about anywhere else to write this kind of thing, and getting really specific with locations and landmarks is fun as hell… (lol dex isn’t a tourist at all but ah well)

side note: i used to live on the street dex gets lost on!

“Nursey,” Dex’s voice is cautious over the line. “You have to promise to not be a dick about this.”

“No can do, Pointdexter,” Nursey smirks. The possibilities here are endless. “You’re gonna have to risk it.”

“For fuck’s sake,” Dex huffs. “I’m lost.”

Nursey stops scrolling through tumblr and raises his eyes to the ceiling.

“Dex,” He says. “Dex, bro, buddy, pal, amigo… you’ve lived in this city for over a year.”

“It’s a big place!”

“Where even are you?”

“Well if I knew that,” Dex is definitely yelling now. Nursey pulls the phone a little away from his ear. “I wouldn’t be fucking lost, would I?”

“Well you’re gonna have to give me a vague idea,” Nursey sighs. “Also do you not have google maps?”

“Ran out of data, ok?” Dex says, pauses. “Listen, I went on a walk and got distracted and now I don’t know where the fuck I am.”

“Oh man, am I rubbing off on you or something?” Nursey laughs. “The Dex I know doesn’t go on long meandering walks and get distracted. Were you ruminating on the meaning of life? Having an existential crisis? Composing a sonnet? Can I hear it?”

“I hate you,” Dex hisses. “So much. I tried calling Lardo, Holster, fucking everyone’s in class except for your lazy ass.”

“Your words, they wound me,” Nursey pouts, and then remembers Dex can’t see him. “Okay, can you at least give me a street name?”

Dex grumbles down the phone for a second, and then mutters Rathmines street.

“Did you just say…” Nursey legitimately face palms. It’s appropriate. “Dex, how long have you been walking?”

“I dunno, a couple hours maybe.”

“You’re in fucking Fairfield, mate,” Nursey is laughing now. “Jesus Christ. Can you see a cross street?”

“Uh, Separation street?”

“Alright, easy,” Nursey giggles. “We used to live around there when I was a kid. Fuck, okay, can you see a park from where you are?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Alright, walk in the opposite direction along Separation until you get to Station street, that’s the first lights, turn right and keep walking and you’ll be at a train station.”


“Oh and Dex, there’s a nice sushi bar on the way, can you get me something?”

“Jesus Christ.”

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it’s so unbeliveable to me that I turned 25 today. I don’t feel 25. and since I moved out, this is also the first birthday ever that I spend without meeting any family member of mine. I miss them a little…