Can we talk about how happy Maurice must be to see Belle and Adam together. He didn’t let Gaston marry Belle because he knew Belle couldn’t stand him, but he also knew that when something rough occurred (I dunno say a plague) Gaston would split the second his life was in danger, that when the going got tough Gaston would never really be there for Belle. He knew Gaston’s love for Belle was artificial and could never live up to that of him and his wife. But Adam literally died for Belle. He let Gaston live (which led to his death) because of Belle. Then ran over to be with her. Even after he got shot the first time he didn’t turn around to attack Gaston, he stayed with Belle. Then the “At least I got to see you one last time” line. Adam would literally do ANYTHING for Belle and that their love is just so real and pure and just thinking about how Maurice sees him and his wife in Adam and Belle makes my heart hurt.

Does anyone else ever have the experience where your daydreams are, like…… off if you’re not in the right place? For me, my daydreams are always the best and most enthralling when I’m at home. When I’m at my dorm, though, they almost feel wrong. I don’t even know if I’m making any sense I need to go to sleep now omg

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HENRY FINDING OUT WHAT EVERYONE'S MUSIC TASTES ARE AND COMPILING A PLAYLIST OF ALL OF THEIR FAVORITE SONGS AND PLANNING A DANCE PARTY AND THE GANGSEY HAS A DANCE PARTY THATS IT (and then they play spin the bottle and gansey spins it and it lands on ronan so he just shrugs and kisses ronan, and it's BARELY a kiss, but ronan's whole face still turns bright pink aND EVERYONE AWWWWS AND LAUGHS AND UGH IM SAD I WANT THEM BACK)(pynch is together in this but adam is so sweet and doesn't care SO)

there’s 100 things i love about this message omfg

  • the implication of henry sleuthing through ipods trying to nail down everyone’s favorite artists
    • (adam’s taste in music is especially elusive)
    • (ronan’s taste in music is especially intolerable)
  • everyone dancing??? together? big dance party? grooving all over the place? 
    • they dance until their heartbeats are louder than the music and they’re all a little sweaty and they’re all so silly and alive
  • spin the bottle!!!!!! my dude… u Know me….. 
    • blue is especially excited to play spin the bottle because she never got to growing up and now she can kiss everyone as much as she wants to without worry!!
  • ronan being bashful! 
  • let! ronan & gansey ! kiss !!! 
  • additionally: let them all kiss!! 

It was a great weekend, mostly thanks to @losingmydemons. We were lazy bums together Saturday and it was wonderful. Also, I now have a new doggo bff, which I’m very excited about.

Sunday was B’s 30th birthday, and we spent the day relaxing & watching Fear the Walking Dead. He was like a little kid opening his gift – the silver boat. It made me happy.

Now it’s Monday, and I’m headed to the gym in the rain. I’m finally over this sinus infection, and in the spirit of not getting sick again, it’s time to locate those shits I used to give about my health and fitness. Let’s go!