Let’s take some photos! Tell your friends, clothing brands, etc etc that I wanna shoot them. Tag them here, or contact me through the link in my profile. Thanks a hundred million trillion. 😆#weekendcarnival

I’m coming to the end of my stash of phone photos from Chicago. I have a couple more, but the rest I’d like to share were taken with my dslr and will be available on our blog once our site launches. Stay posted… #weekendcarnival

Yesterday we had the pleasure of photographing my friends @nu_on_instagram and @lyndah158 for their #engagement session. Here’s a sneak peak…
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#WeekendCarnival is something that my wife @hellop1nky and I started to pursue some passions that we have. Just this past weekend we had the pleasure of seeing one of her projects come to life with the wedding of our friends Macy and Erwin up in Healdsburg, CA. After a year of scheduling, coordinating, brainstorming, and creating, her’s and the couple’s visions for their big day came to life with an awesome celebration on a ranch deep in Nor Cal wine country.
To say I’m proud of what she’s accomplished is an understatement. She’s amazing, and can undoubtedly make your special day amazing too.

Keep an eye and ear to us, in the next week or so we’ll be launching our improved website. PS, tell a friend.