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Weekend Remix: Remix Was Super Effective

Song: Shades Of Red
By: halc
Based On: Theme Of Pallet Town from Pokemon Red Version
Original Composer: Junichi Masuda

This week, Shades Of Red, I choose you for the Weekend Remix!

Sometimes, the purpose of a great remix isn’t to completely transform our favorite tunes in a different light, but to expand it, while somehow keeping its roots intact.

Halc’s Pallet Town remix manages to accomplish that feat easily.

It begins, convincing listeners that you’re in store for a chiptune recreation before expanding into a band backed remix.

It’s as cheerful and bright as the original tune, and manages to pluck at the nostalgic heart immensely. Listening to this on repeat has done nothing but bring up memories of playing Pokemon Red on the Super Gameboy adaptor on the old TV, in between bouts of catching up on the hit anime version.

And hopefully, this tune will manage to do the same for you.

If you’d like to hear more Pokemon-related remixes, check the OC Remix album Pokemon: The Missingno Tracks here.

Until next weekend…GO Party.



I am obsessed with this video! O_O

Weekend Remix: Set Phasers To Groove!

Song: Epic Star Trek Remix
By: Issac Vail
Based On: Theme From Star Trek
Original Composer: Alexander Courage

Remixes! An audio frontier.

Sometimes it can be viewed as a familiar visit in a completely new ride–at least that’s the case for this week’s Weekend Remix.

It would be hard to argue that the theme to the original Star Trek show isn’t one of the most recognizable or iconic TV themes. Well, you could argue that, but unless you want the anger of a million plus phaser-ready Star Trek fans, you would probably fare better by not arguing. Even if you didn’t dig the leadership of Capt. Kirk or the logical musings of Spock, you have to admit that the theme song managed to convey this excellent feeling of losing yourself in the stars, while also hoping for some type of grand adventure.

And luckily, film score composer Issac Vail’s remix doesn’t remove any of that feeling.

His take on the tune is still as open and vast as space itself, with the strengthened inclusion of the famous angelic vocals still setting one up for a new world adventure of a grand scale. And yet, it’s strangely laid back, almost like moving in hyper-speed without feeling it.

Additionally, it’s also the type of house techno song you’d hear in some dusty lounge a few light years away from earth, sipping martinis and stealing glances at some green alien woman. Ah, to boldly go where no song has gone before.

If you’d like to check out more from Issac, you can view out his Soundcloud profile here or visit his Tumblr page

Until next weekend…GO Party!


Sadness and Sorrows - Naruto
  • Sadness and Sorrows - Naruto
  • Zoned

Weekend Remix-Sadness No Jutsu!

Song: Beats And Sorrows
By: Zoned
Based On: Sadness And Sorrow from Naruto
Original Composer: Toshio Masuda

This week we’re getting out the Kunais and Hand Signs in order for the Weekend Remix. I’m not going to hide the fact that I’m a bit of a fan of everyone’s favorite orange ninja. Although, these days when it comes to the series, I keep up with the manga moreso than the anime. But my trip with Naruto started during my time in school, when a friend of mine turned me on to the series. We’d watch five or six episodes in between two-hour bouts of Soul Caliber II. Not a bad freshman year.

Now usually when it comes to the music of Naruto, I personally prefer the catchy J-Rock/J-Pop stylings of the openings and endings. However, the track ‘Sadness and Sorrow’ always stood out to me simply because it’s a beautiful piece that successfully conveys “Naruto is having a serious moment now.” It’s a proper break in the comedy or action.

Zoned’s subtle beat remix manages to add in a calm groove, without sacrificing the song’s somber nature. Its intention of providing an audio shift in mood from fun to sad is never lost. In fact, thanks to its building keys, it’s just as reflective as ever.

It doesn’t completely warp the original song simply because it doesn’t need to do so. But Zoned still manages to add in enough to truly elevate this song into such an enjoyable piece.

If you’re looking for more Naruto-related remixes, you can check them out here.

Until next weekend…GO Party! 

Discord (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
  • Discord (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
  • The Living Tombstone

Weekend Remix: Discord In The Disco

Song: Discord The Living Tombstone Remix
By: The Living Tombstone 
Based On: Discord EuroChaos Mix  
Original Composer: Odyssey Eurobeat

I have this friend of mine who is heavily into My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Personally, I haven’t really watched enough episodes to form an opinion on the show, yet he swears up and down that I would love it if I just sat down and watched. To increase his efforts, every week, he spams my inbox with a My Little Pony cavalcade of fan art, clips, news items, and games. It’s like going to a political rally in small town, USA, giving your email addresses to a candidate, and then receiving tons of propaganda to garner your vote. There’s just more Derpy instead of Romney.

But every once in a while, my friend manages to send some type of electronic Kryptonite that brings my game of Pony hard to get down on all four knees. This song, from The Living Tombstone, isn’t just a piece of Kryptonite. It’s a Kryptonite laced arrow-missile, delivered expertly by a one-armed Green Arrow who is much older and very angry.

It hits the mark.

Originally, another fan named Odyssey Eurobeat concocted an original techno theme song based on Discord. It’s pretty good in its own right. In fact, its speedy flight through busy techno would make it perfect to sweat out in techno friendly clubs. The Living Tombstone, however, was able to put in a strong bass-line and drums that centers the song in some head-nodding groove territory. While Odyssey’s original could be played by Techno DJ’s, Tombstone’s take on the track epitomizes the term “radio friendly.”

If you’d like to hear more from The Living Tombstone, check out his SoundCloud here.

Until next weekend…GO Party!

Weekend Remix: Twitch Pokemon Deserves An Applause

Song: Lady Gaga Vs. Pokemon Theme: Applause for Pokemon
By: Andy Hagen
Based On: Applause from Lady Gaga and The Pokemon Theme Song (Gotta Catch ‘Em All)
Original Composers: Lady Gaga, John Siegler, and, Jason Paige

Twitch Plays Pokemon beat Pokemon Red, so let’s go all Gaga over this “Applause”-worthy mash-up of the classic Pokemon Theme Song.

Listen Now –>

I’ve been doing a reread of ‘Anne of Avonlea’ and ‘Anne of the Island’ this weekend for remix “research”, and dammit Gilbert!!!! Can you cool it with the gosh darn hearteyes!!!!!! You are a menace, sir.

“If Gilbert had been asked to describe his ideal woman the description would have answered point for point to Anne, even to those seven tiny freckles whose obnoxious presence still continued to vex her soul. Gilbert was as yet little more than a boy; but a boy has his dreams as have others, and in Gilbert’s future there was always a girl with big, limpid gray eyes, and a face as fine and delicate as a flower.”

- Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I can’t deal with you right now, Mr. Blythe.

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Berlin House Vibes Vol. 4

1. Crazy Girls - Erika Russian
2. Liquor Brand - Rain On A Sunnny Day
3. Luis Pitti - Feeling
4. Jaimovich - Unfold (feat Sol Feige)
5. Neese Mark - Moment
6. Mamba Beat Club - All I Feel (Polet & Phill Flux remix)
7. Sinan Kaya - Weekend (Philipp Lammers remix)
8. Bruno Ferret - Changes
9. SDK Project - Music In My Veins (feat Sabine)
10. Quadrakey - Hour
11. Jayraa & Chum Veritas - Newborn (feat Sofia Dee - dub mix)
12. Lucas Perazzi - Swallows
13. Carlos Marin - House For Your Ears
14. Dr Barry & Tim Rolan - The One
15. Rob Costa - April (Diegopericles 12 Pitch remix)
16. Sound Nomaden - Cloud
17. Domscott - Is This Love
18. Ivan Martin - Hearbeat
19. Pepperpot & Gwen Maze - Donea (Jussi-Pekka’s Back2biz remix)
20. EuniqueDJ - Only In Her Mind (Revisited)
21. The Analogue Cops - A2
22. Freddy Gonzalez & Carmen Nophra - Deep Inside (feat Maese Sax - Markus Kirchner & Carlos Caballero remix)
23. Furniture Crew - Jump All Around (Tom Gillieron Vs. Natasza & Oscarsix 3 Days On The Run remix)
24. Deneha - Vagga


Weekend Remix: I'm Not Crying, It's My Contacts

Song: Clone High Theme (Ukulele Cover)
By: Angela’s Ukulele Covers (Angela Austin)
Based On: Clone High theme from Clone High
Original Composers: Liam Lynch and Abandoned Pools

Clone High had all the ingredients of a stellar comedy series.

It was an animated show that not only poked fun at contemporary high school-set dramas but also managed to turn the caricatures of most historical figures right on its head. It featured the comedic talents of sketch comedy stars like Will Forte, Nicole Sullivan, and Michael McDonald, And it had one of the catchiest theme songs that also magically satirized contemporary high-school set dramas.

Listen Now –>

tagged by @fightiingdragons thnx l0ser ily

rules: write the first 10 songs that come up on your shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favorite lyrics from each song, then tag 10 people

1. bad, bad, bad by LANY

 back to high school love, the kind without the drugs, we were just two city kids

2. all in my head by fifth harmony ft fetty wap

curtains like waves closing in all around us, dimming the lights just so that they don’t blind us

3. cannibal queen by miniature tigers

comin’ for your heart like a cannibal, she lets me right in and I fed ‘til i’m full

4. hymn for the weekend by coldplay (seeb remix)

put your wings on me when I was so heavy, soaring on symphony

5. float by the neighbourhood 

they show you how to swim, then they throw you in the deep end

6. idfc by blackbear

tell me pretty lies, look me in the face, tell me that you love me, even if it’s fake

7. remedy by rendezvous at two

baby we’re getting to the edge of something personal and i don’t know how far to go

8. instant crush by daft punk

a little time with you is all that i get, that’s all we need because it’s all we can take 

9.   gold by former vandal ft laura sanderson

and i can feel you kissing on my neck but to you i’m just a fucking wreck

10. talk too much by coin

honey come put your lips on mine and shut me up, we can blame it all on human nature

and i tag !! um anyone who wants 2 do this but @sellestial especially bc shes a music hoe

I was tagged by @beccascebenski to put my phone on shuffle and name the 10 songs that come up. Get ready for my weird music taste.

1. Your face I like that shit-Ifht
2. Tous les mêmes-stromae
3. Treat you better-Shawn Mendes (I still need to write that fic)
4. Guns of Brixton- The Clash
5. Nocturnal-Disclosure
6. Monsters- Ruelle
7. Hymn for the weekend (Seeb remix)-Coldplay
8. Come to light- The Arkells
9. Put the gun down - ZZ Ward
10. Raindrops (radio edit)-SRNBRN

I tag @raven-impulse @bisexualelfdrinkstea @jesssecuster @papercloudx @pugprvnce @rayesgamingtrash and anyone else who wants to do it!


Weekend Remix: Stark Records

Song: The Iron Man Trilogy Remix
By: Mike Relm
Based On: Iron Man from Black Sabbath and sounds and clips from Iron Man (film)
Original Composers: Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,Bill Ward, and Tony Iommi

It’s no secret that most fans were left impressed with the latest Iron Man film. The movie not only managed to smash box office records, but it also garnered some praise on the level of Marvel’s The Avengers.

It served as a perfect film to properly open the summer movie season. With Stark’s solo film adventures now a trilogy, it would make sense for Mike Relm’s remix to document that fact.

Relm’s mix takes the Sabbath classic into a techno realm, sprinkling in chopped soundbites and scenes as if a DJ is playing doctor on the trilogy.

It’s a fun addition to the films.

If you’d like to hear more from Relm, you can click here.

Until next weekend… GO Party!


Weekend Remix: Last Dance at Hogwarts

Song: Alohomora 
By: Pogo aka Nick Bertke 
Based On: Clips and Music From Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone
Original Composer: Director Chris Columbus and Score Composer John Williams.

Faster than you can say Colloportus, the “Weekend Remix” is back, ready to say hello to the weekend and goodbye to a film franchise. 

Admittedly, I may be showing my age by writing this, but a young pixandwords was a sophomore in high school when the first Harry Potter film, The Philospher’s Stone, came out. Hmm, carry the two, plus the five, divide by zero, and in internet years that’s a smidge before ancient. Don’t even ask my age when the books started.

As many of you know, this weekend marks the end of a magical era on the silver screen, as the eighth and final Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows Part 2 makes its behemoth emergence. One may have to hand it over to Warner Bros. for producing, at the very least, solid films based on the novels.

After roughly a decade of consistently having a new Potter film every few years, it’ll be strange to see it all kind of cease. But as that old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And when facing the ending, it’s natural that we often take the time to look back and reflect.

This week’s remix is perhaps appropriate in that aspect, as Pogo’s Alohomora is really a video remix of  when the film series began. Not only is the audio visual mix-mash catchy, but it’s also a brief spotlight placed on the film series’ beginnings.

Aloharoama is the perfect time to put down the paper mache Golden Snitches or stop drawing the Potter scar on your friend’s forehead with magic marker after they pass out, and simply reflect. And then of course, afterwards, you could always pick things back up with this funky theme remix.

If you’re interested, Potter isn’t the only one who has received the video remix treatment from Pogo. Based out of Perth, West Australia, the VJ has done viral remixes like Upular (Up), Alice (Alice In Wonderland), and Skynet Symphonic (Terminator 2: Judgement Day). So if you’d like to check out more, you can visit his site here.

Until Next Weekend…GO Party!

  • CAI
  • Gadget/Thundercats

Weekend Remix: Go Go Gadget Thunder!

Song: Gadget/Thundercats
Based On: Themes and Sounds from Inspector Gadget And Thundercats (80s)
Original Composers: Haim Saban, Shuki Levy and James Lipton

We’re taking an ride through the 80s, trance style, for this week’s Weekend Remix.

It’s probably safe to say that any self-proclaimed child of the 80s or early 90s can hum the theme songs to the original Thundercats and Inspector Gadget cartoons. 

The two stand out more than Cloud Strife at a Happy Heroes’ Convention. With that being said, to somehow incorporate either song into a techno audio arena is a cool idea. To combine both into a single song is mad.

But in the skillful hands of the London based CAI, the idea just sounds cool when you actually hear it. Listening to his classic Gadget/Thundercats mix is like speeding towards the 80s in a DeLorean, while bumping hard trance records through the speakers. Past and future collide at break neck electronica speeds.

And the song is just as fun and attention grabbing as the toons themselves.

If you’d like to hear more from CAI, check out his SoundCloud.

Until next weekend… GO GO Gadget Party!

Weekend Remix: Bebop's Mega Brew

Mega Man and Cowboy Bebop aren’t that different. Sure, one series is about a futuristic robo-warrior while the other offers a sleek look at the adventures of space-faring bounty hunters. Yet, the music from both series have left an impact.

So maybe that was the thinking behind Tanuki Riot Suit’s cover that combines Mega Man 3’s Snake Man stage with Tank!, the opening to Cowboy Bebop.

Listen Now –>

Weekend Remix: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip N' Dale

Song: Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Main Theme Remix
By: Asis Galvin
Based On: Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Theme Song
Original Composer: Mark Mueller, The Jets

Asis Galvin is a talented remixer and beatsmith.

But he’s also quite the workhorse.

For anyone that follows the artist on his YouTube channel or BandCamp, there’s hardly ever a shortage of music for fans. That could probably make it a little easy for some songs to fall through the cracks and never become available for a proper download. But it appears the concept behind Galvin's Forgotten album, which he just released, centers on just that: near-forgotten gems.

Listen now –>