[21/04/17] - things I did:

  • woke up at 6am for no good reason
  • got my personalised timetable for my end of year exams (I’m screaming they feel so real now and they aren’t till october!!!) 
  • started last-minute packing for a weekend trip away (I leave in half an hour) 
  • also got no study done because I was so tired from the 6am wakeup but that’s ok have a flatlay (that rhymed)

“I should really get out more”, I say to myself as I spend another weekend refusing to leave my bedroom because I couldn’t muster up the emotional fortitude to go outside


as some of my followers know, i am from Houston and have lived there for the past six years. as many of you know, houston and surrounding areas have been hit hard by hurricane harvey and the damage is only getting worse.

one of my best friends cancelled her baby shower and is using the money to help people living in poverished areas. she has two trucks that are being loaded with supplies and sent out this weekend.

I have 3,800 followers on this account. if everyone donated a dollar….. i mean. please, guys. my friends are giving up their pets and evacuating their homes and seeking refuge and food and shelter.

what can you do?

  1. donate through paypal. my paypal is arielmikayla@gmail.com and my balance is empty. I will post screenshots in a seperate post to prove that I am not taking any money for myself. I will also post pictures of the trucks full of supplies before my friend leaves this weekend. this is the best way to help because I will be matching EVERY donation up to $1,000 - directly out of my personal savings.
  2. donate to a gofundme, organization, or fundraiser.
  3. SHARE THIS POST! in addition to matching any donations, i will also donate $1 for every reblog this post gets up to $1,000. if this post gets over 10,000 reblogs, I will donate an additional $500.
  4. message me privately! do you have Facebook or other social media? I will connect with you and add you to groups put together by people I know personally.
  5. tag your friends on this post and ask them to share. I have posts with 7k notes so there’s NO REASON this shouldn’t get the same amount of attention!

if that isn’t enough reason to help, if you donate $20 or more, I will promo your blog in a separate post. I have thousands of active followers and every time I do a promo for my friends, they gain about 300 followers. just message me or send me an ask with your paypal email and the blog url you would like me to promo. I will keep all of your information private.

again, these are my friends and family in need. houston is extremely diverse and full of immigrants, POC, THOUSANDS of homeless people and veterans, multiple religions and orientations. any little action will make a huge difference. I have a friend who has been at the George R Brown convention center for 30 hours, serving food to families who have been displaced. my parents and brothers are unable to leave their house. my friend, her husband, 3 toddlers and 3 pets have been evacuated from their home and their in laws’ home. they have no other family in the area so they are going to be taken to a shelter. another friend is stuck at the hospital while her husband and three month old baby are trapped in their house. another friend is on a boat, rescuing people from around the city.

please share this post and tag your friends

tldr: donate to my paypal arielmikayla@gmail.com and I will match every donation up to $1000


“My Week of Witchcrafting”
This is one of my weekly planner spreads. I plan my week from Monday through Friday leaving my Weekend free of any burdens. On my weekly planner I include all of my magickal workings that I have planned for the week.

Things I include:
∆Moon Phases
∆Spell Casting
∆Cleansings and Cleanings {home Magick}
∆Protection renewal
∆Daily Study Topics
∆Grimoire Pages I need to write
∆Reminders for my daily journal entries
∆Witchy Meetings with Friends
∆Any Magickal Workings {ie. Spells}
∆When to cleanse my crystals
∆Plant Care {ie. Watering, fertilizing}
∆Self Care {ie. Meditation, Self Cleansing}
∆Tumblr Post making
∆Nature Walks
∆Esabats and Sabbats
∆Days sacred to my deities
∆Plant drying, pressing, and processing
∆Divination practises
∆Retrogrades and other astrological phenomenons
∆Meal Making and planning {kitchen Magick}
∆Tarot practise
∆Anything that applies to my magickal workings!

Planning and scheduling my craft studies has proved to be very beneficial. I am able to set and complete the tasks for myself, which increases my ability of furthering myself and my craft. It is excellent way to track your crafts progress and spell casting dates.

Happy Planning!
-A Studious Witch

dec. 26, 2016: what NOT TO DO vs. what TO DO as a student

hey, everyone!!!

after rambling on and on about my first semester as a high school junior in this post, I have decided to compile a list of tips (if u can call them that) of things you should think of doing versus things you SHOULD NOT DO, LIKE, EVER as a student! i’m planning on following these things during the upcoming semester.


  1. Study everything the day before your exam. First of all, it’s just too much stress. Plus, there’s no way you’ll be able to remember everything while testing. Just, don’t do it. I had done this multiple times last semester, and I just never want to experience something like that ever again. Here is a way to break your study time/material into chunks. Here is another way.
  2. Eat nothing in school. (Unless it’s Ramadan or something.) You need to eat, you’ll feel dizzy and weak and your health will be negatively affected without (HEALTHY) food. That happened to me. What I (generally) take to school are a few crackers, my own homemade cheese ‘dip’ (or some Babybel/string cheese), yogurt, and a little candy bar.
  3. Spend too much time in the bathroom/shower. This is THE WORST thing I do to myself…this is my “go-to” method of procrastination. I just shower or spend time in the bathroom for, like A LOT OF TIME per day. Just take this as a little piece of advice from me: don’t spend time you could be practicing for that math test, badly singing Whitney Houston songs. Just don’t. Your future self will thank you.
  4. Study continuously for prolonged periods of time. I HATE sitting down for a long time, oh my gosh. My back hurts, my butt hurts, I start to get drowsy. Refer to tip #9 of the “Do’s” for a solution.
  5. Start a TV show during the school year. Unless you have PERFECT time management skills, just don’t get hooked into a TV show. I’m 99.98% sure you’ll binge-watch and regret your life. I’m really glad I didn’t start watching Gossip Girl last semester, and I’m not gonna do it this next semester, either.


  1. Invest in a planner or start a bullet journal. I’ve used both methods. Just get any cheap old notebook, or, if you can afford it and you want to, splurge a little and just record all upcoming events and everything you need to do. You don’t have to spend 1229834 hours decorating your planner/bujo like the perfect ones you see here on tumblr. Maybe add a little color code, a little doodle here and there. Just decorate it however you want (or don’t!!!) as long as you’re not taking away precious study time. I personally have a 2017 planner that I’ve recently started to use, so I’m just gonna stick with that, tbh.
  2. Designate a day per week/two weeks to just review past/current material taken in a particular course. Okay, in the past I’ve been too lazy to actually do this, but I AM gonna start doing this next semester. I’m probably leave the weekend for physics and chemistry, and maybe Sunday for biology…I think I’m gonna make a specific post about that later.
  3. Stay hydrated! Oh my gosh, this one is so important. Whenever I don’t bring a water bottle to school, I end up cranky, sleepy, and suffering from a headache. For those reasons, I think it is always a good idea to take a water bottle with you to school.
  4. Find time to exercise. It is rather hypocritical of me, a lazyass slob, to say this, but you pretty much ALWAYS have SOME time during the week for a workout. Even once or twice. Not gonna lie to myself anymore.
  5. Do as much “homework” as you can in school. I have a total of 45 minutes of break per school day, so I’m going to use those to do work. The only problem I have is finding someplace I won’t be distracted by my friends. I think I’ve got that covered, though.
  6. Organize your binders/folders/whatever frequently. Just do it and YOU WILL NOTICE A BIG DIFFERENCE in how quickly you finish your tasks. I have an expandable file folder in which I keep any papers/notes/stuff I write or receive throughout the week, and then after the end of the week I spend time filing them into big binders for each subject.
  7. Maintain a clean and tidy room + desk. I literally CANNOT focus if my study area is messy. My grades DROP. It’s hard to study when you have an area the size of a large textbook to do work in, and a pile of papers/clothes/BOTH at your feet. I advise you to tidy (which does NOT mean redecorate) your desk before your study session, just to get some more space to think and do work.
  8. Join some kind of school club/extracurricular activity. Joining my school’s Model UN has given me so much joy and I’ve met so many wonderful people. I really advise you all to join something!! Just remember, manage your time wisely!!!
  9. Use the Pomodoro method to study. It’s simple yet effective. Try it and you’ll understand what I mean. I’ve especially aced a ton of memorization-based tests because of this method.
  10. Start working on projects early. Not only does this reduce stress levels, it also may help you boost your grade! If you experience any issues, you can just write your question(s) down on a little sticky note and ask your teacher instead of panicking at 1 AM!!!!

Good luck to us all!!! <3 Rawan

Why good/long fics are rarely updated?

Every once in a while I get that question or see that question appear in review section of fics I read/comment. So, in case someone wonders I want to give just a few pointers.

  • The first one is simple - the authors have real life that usually comes first (I say usually, because on rare occasion you neglect everything because it’s one of that days/nights when the story just flows and you need to write it asap, because otherwise you will miss the moment). When you have a full time job and some non-fandom usual RL stuff to take care of, you might just not have enough time to write - it has nothing to do with the lack of ideas. Currently I have at least a dozen or so ideas for new fics (they multiply) - and I simply have no time to write them (give me a Time-Turner of Flash’s speed then I’ll have it done in no time). Then again - the fact that most of us works in front of the computer screen causes that sometimes we have no wish to spend some more hours on typing; that usually leaves weekends for writing - not that much time.
  • The betas also have real life and need to have time to check the story. Their work is pratically invisible (when done efficiently), but they greatly contribute to deliver the best product possible. I consider a fic to be a product of sorts - the fact that it’s “only fan fiction” doesn’t mean for me that it can be done poorly. So kudos for all betas! They also deserve some credit.
  • Writing a long, multichapter fic (and by long I mean at least 50k words) is different than writing a ficlet - in needs careful planning and keeping hold on many threads - main plot, subplots, often multiple POVs. What’s more concious writing is not just writing whatever comes to your mind - it’s getting your characters to a specyfic place or/and putting them into a specyfic situation in a logical, believable way. Often it means correcting or fleshing out something that canon itself neglected - that’s why AUs and fix-it fics are so popular. The fact that the author doesn’t update a story every week doesn’t mean that they don’t think about it, don’t plan in their head what should happen next, don’t write bits that will take place far in the future… or even in the sequel! There might be a lot of blank spots to fill in, but the authors have the bigger picture in their head when they start to write a story.
  • Reading 5k or even 10k words chapter doesn’t take long; writing a short comment takes a couple of minutes - but writing chapter of that length takes literally days.
  • Posting comments consiting only of “update more” or “update soon” doesn’t help.
  • Not posting any comments doesn’t help either.
  • Active authors might have many stories opened at once - that’s why it’s worth to keep a track on their ff.net/AO3 profile.
  • And who said that when it comes to fandom activities the authors are only writing? ;) They might be also fanart artists or gifset makers. Or simply be also the readers who comment on the works of others - because they’re well aware how much time and effort it takes to write a story.

1954 with the seven o’ clock summer sunlight spilling thick through the clouds.

and he has a bundle of squirmy isak valtersen in his lap.

sitting at the very edge of the swimming pool. even’s long legs dipped dangling in the cool, lapping water, and isak’s knees slippery, wet where they hug even’s hips.

his fingers gentle in their tracing of the flushed apple of even’s cheek.

he says, hitch in his breath like a huff, “this is so crazy.”

and even’s shoulder lifts with the quirk of a smile. “it is. we are.”

they kiss each other breathless, hug each other closer anyways.

the house behind them is empty. even’s family at the carnival two towns over - and that leaves the weekend for them.

just them.

isak is a square. school’s resident nerd, but to even, he’s just so… he’s so.

he is glasses slip-slipping down the curve of his sleepy nose, and scribbled notes hidden in even’s locker. he’s astronomy hardbacks and too-big baseball t-shirts. popcorn-flavoured kisses, and his soft, seeking hands curled in even’s hair.

he’s everything in even’s world.

and nothing that he can ever have.

seven o’ clock sunlight of summer 1954, and even’s fingertips trace the storyline constellation of freckles along the velvet of isak’s skin. the slope of his shoulders, the hills and dips of his spine.

they may not have forever.

but what they do have is this weekend. 

I Love Lucy

Title: I Love Lucy

Summary:  You only get to see Dean once every three or four months, whenever he rolls through town. This time around, he gets to meet your new dog, Lucy.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  1032

Warnings:  Fluff, coitus interruptus

Author’s Notes:  I don’t think Dean hates dogs, I just think he doesn’t want to own one. Anyway, this came to me the other night. It may or may not be inspired by real life events.

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Justice served by the cashier.

So, a bit of background so you can understand:

I’m currently hospitalized for health reasons I’m not discussing here, and the facility I live in allows me to leave during weekends and a little during holidays so I can see my family. This weekend is one of those - I was allowed to leave early this morning because today is a holiday in my country.

A taxi brings me and the few others also leaving at the same time to the train station, where I would purchase my ticket. But the taxi left very late and I had barely any time to purchase my ticket.

Problem n°1 as I arrive: the vending machine for train tickets is broken.

Problem n°2: as a result, there are about 4 or 5 people in queue to buy their ticket, only one cashier at the register, and my train is leaving in 5 minutes.

After hesitating a bit and inwardly cursing the taxi driver, I ask the older lady in front of me if I could cut in front of her because I really need my ticket right now. She’s nice and agrees immediately - but the lady next to her, who I first mistook for her daughter, immediately throws a fit. She starts rambling about how she’s “been here for a LONG time” (this is a friday morning in the small, never busy train station of a tiny town. It can’t have been that long) and it’s “unfair” if I get to go first because I “should have gotten there sooner!”. I try to explain my driver was late and I have no control over this, yet she continues. “I’m in a hurry too!”, she says. “Well my train isn’t leaving, but I left my 3 month old daughter in the car!”

Wait, you left a SMALL BABY alone in the car, in the sun and heat? I was just about ready to smack this bitch.

Then, the cashier in the front calls: “Is anyone taking the train leaving at 11:28?” I say, “Yes, I am.” The cashier: “Okay, come in front of the line and buy your ticket.”

I happily cut in front of the bitchy lady as she starts making a scene about how unfair it is and how I should have planned ahead. The cashier is clearly done with this and answers with minimal attention. When I left with my ticket, I gave her a triumphant look. She looked very unhappy.

Rocket: “We’re from the union.”
Kraglin: “The union?”
Rocket: “We represent workers in all intergalactic industries, both legal and illegal.”
Kraglin: “Oh, of course.”
Rocket: “Are you feeling at all degraded or oppressed?”
Kraglin: “A little. We don’t even have dental.”
Rocket, turning to Groot: “They don’t even have dental…”

Hi! Are you a middle class white woman called Helen, Carol, Jane, Linda, Susan, Paula, Debby, Melanie, Cathy, Kathy, Catherine, Katherine, Elaine, Vicky, or Sharon? Are you 30-40 years old? Do you drive a mini van? Does your youngest child do soccer? Are you a hypocrite? Do you talk shit about the other soccer moms then when they come over to talk you act like you didn’t then proceed to talk about someone else? Do you have three or more kids? Are all of them horrible? Are you either divorced or “single and loving it”? Are all your friends divorced or “single and loving it”? Do you often go out with these friends at the weekend and leave all of your horrible children with an angsty 16 year old babysitter who would rather be at Stacy’s pool party but is only doing this because her mom said so? Are you a hypocrite? Are you just an all around cunt? Do you like Pinterest? Do you and your friends have a what’s app group chat and post shitty memes and use too many emojis? Do you drive a shitty mini van? Did you go to our lady of mercy’s all girls catholic school? Like your children were you a horrible child too? Are you still a horrible person? Do you enjoy pillows? Do you often look up recipes that you’ll never use? Do you pronounce tortilla as TOR-TILL-A? Do you get your nails done by Tina? Do you blame your ex for everything? Do you blame others for your problems? And finally do you like quinoa? If yes then I have the drink for you!


An empty house
White walls to be painted
Some things to be fixed
Memories to be made
Dumb arguments
Deep conversation
Passionate sessions
Ridiculous laughter
Tears of joy
Dinners together
Lunches made
Breakfasts shared
Trips to the store
A dog to chase
Birthday parties
Family visits
Sick days
Nights without sleep
Weekends without leaving bed
Holiday decorations that stay up too long
“Honey, I’m home.”
“Bye, careful, I love you.”
“I’ll be home soon.”
“Don’t wait up.”
Late arrivals
Sleeping on the couch
Soft glow of TV on mute
Kisses on the head

Painted Hearts (4)

part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part sevenpart eight; part nine;

“Fancy meeting you here?” Sehun teased, peeling himself off the wall that surrounded Yuri’s house.

Surprised to find him waiting, you couldn’t help but smile, closing the gate behind you and burying your hands in your pockets to hide them from the chill of the night air. “Are you a stalker or something?” you joked, beaming up at him.

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Can’t Sleep Without You

a/n: Not requested, but something that just popped into my head. A lot of stress and not enough sleep makes me want Shawn in my life so much. 



It has been a few weeks since your last solid night’s sleep. You honestly are not really sure what has been going on with you or why you haven’t been able to sleep well. You’ve spent so many nights tossing and turning in bed, unable to get a peaceful rest, but then the morning comes and you practically feel like a zombie. These last four days have been the worst, and it doesn’t help that you’re in the middle of midterms so you have a lot of exams and presentations. For some reason, no matter how tired you are, you just can’t sleep well when night comes. It could be due to stress, since these last few weeks have been uncharacteristically stressful, or because you’re missing your boyfriend who you haven’t seen in a month, and you’re just tired of having to sleep without him every night. 

The one good thing that has come out of the fact that you haven’t been sleeping more than a few hours a night for the past four days is that you’ve been awake to text your boyfriend whenever he has a free minute. He’s off traveling in Europe for work so the time difference is pretty big considering you’re in LA. Normally this would mean you barely get to talk to him much, since you’re both so busy. However, every night this week, Shawn’s texted you at about three in the morning LA time because that is when he’s been free, and you’ve been able to respond because you’ve been awake. He, of course, questions why you’re awake in the middle of the night, but you’re unable to offer him much of an explanation because you’re never quite sure yourself, considering you’re so exhausted, but yet sleep won’t come.

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Training Wheels prologue // Jungkook x Reader.

Résumé: Jeon Jungkook knew how to make you fall for him, to make you succumb to him and follow his every command. But will you find out about his intentions? Or would he make you fall for him too deep that it would be too late for you to find your way out?
Length: 1 565 words.
Inspiration: Melanie Martinez – Training Wheels
AU: Bad boy
A/N: yo, at first I was thinking about yandere!you x jungkook but then it kind of took a different turn and… ok idek my idea was messed up beautifully. Enjoy this attempted masterpiece I have created, for now.

Originally posted by szebasstian

Jeon Jungkook. Just the name would make your heart hammer and your eyes widen and you’d neglect whatever you’re busy with to search for him. That’s because you are lovesick.
You weren’t like this at first, and people noticed it. But you didn’t. Even after a good number of them came and tried to warn you, about your sudden behavior change and advised you to catch yourself before you fall into his trap. But you didn’t. You never understood why they would say such things. Like, isn’t love a good thing in this generation? And what have they got to do with any of this anyway? You’d think. But if only you knew how sad the truth they said is.

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(Prompt submitted by @1derfulspacekid)

You knew Ward wasn’t a morning person despite the fact he got up at the crack of dawn to head down to the office. So it was no surprise that he would sleep in past noon on the weekends, leaving you with the perfect opportunity this Saturday morning.

Slipping the spare key Ward had given you into the lock, you opened the front door and quietly crept through his Manhattan loft after you had removed your shoes. You gently pulled out pots and pans, gathered ingredients, and turned on the stove, careful to not make any noise as you moved through the impressive though rarely-used kitchen.

Ward had difficulty sleeping, but when he did, he slept like the dead, so you weren’t too concerned with waking him. But as the scent of banana-and-chocolate-chip pancakes wafted through the loft, you knew it was only a matter of time before your ruse was discovered.

Sure enough, you heard shuffling steps behind you in the hallway, and you turned with spatula in hand to see a very ruffled Ward Meachum, his normally slicked-back hair loose and unruly.

He stood in the entryway to the kitchen, staring at you with a dumbfounded expression on his unshaven face.

“Morning,” you greeted cheerily, picking up a fresh, steaming mug of coffee and carrying it over to him.

He continued to stare.

“You made breakfast?” he asked, voice rough from the effects of sleep. It was extremely endearing, and one of the many reasons you wanted to catch him by surprise first thing after he woke up.

“Uh-huh,” you responded, leaning upward so you could kiss him on the cheek. “Here. Coffee.”

Ward took the mug from your hands, still staring at you like he’d never seen you before. It made you laugh.

“What?” you asked, smiling up at him.

“I’m just… this was unexpected,” he replied while blinking, as if not quite sure you were really there. “You didn’t… have to do this.”

“I know,” you responded with a wide grin. “I wanted to do something nice for you. Plus, you’ve got some killer cutlery I wanted to play around with.”

“You have some batter on you,” Ward said after a moment, the expression on his face unreadable.

“Do I?” you asked, looking down at the chef’s apron you had donned. “Where? I don’t see-”

Without warning, he wrapped his arms around your middle and buried his face into the curve of your neck, kissing the spot between your neck and shoulder hard enough to make you squeal.

“Ward!” you laughed, squirming and trying to twist away as his stubble tickled your skin, but his merciless lips continued to suck and lick the sensitive spot.

“Mmm, not sure I got it, hold on,” he murmured against your neck, making your knees weak.

Okay, so maybe this was the real reason why you wanted to surprise him with breakfast. He was always unusually affectionate right after he woke up in the morning.

“Ward Meachum, unless you want your apartment to be burned down by banana pancakes, you’ll unhand me immediately,” you sternly stated. Or as sternly as possible with Ward latched to your neck in such a distracting way.

With one last kiss you just knew would leave a mark, Ward pulled away, giving you an appraising look that made you want to forget all about breakfast.

“How about we compromise?” he asked, looking thoughtfully toward the stove.

“In what way?” you eyed him, growing suspicious from the glint of humor in his eyes, a look that normally meant trouble.

He placed a hand at the small of your back and led you further into the kitchen. Somehow you’d managed to keep ahold of the spatula during the kiss-attack.

“In this way,” Ward murmured in your ear as he stopped in front of the stove, his chest pressed against your back as he held your hips in his hands. “Nothing burns down, and I get to keep doing this.”

The spatula nearly did fly out of your hand this time as he leaned down and nibbled on your ear.

“Just so long as you don’t mind if your pancakes resemble something that came out of a laboratory accident,” you responded once you caught your breath, belatedly remembering to flip the pancakes (which, thankfully, hadn’t burned).

“They could look like the big green guy’s face and I would still love them,” he responded, granting you mercy by removing his lips from your ear, his arms fully around your middle now as he rested his chin on top of your head.

You smiled as you leaned back into his touch. Sometimes, height differences had its advantage. As did sneaking into your boyfriend’s house on a Saturday morning for pancakes and coffee.

Derek Hale~ My Sister

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Word Count: 1155

Warnings: Language

Request: THAT WOULD EXPLAIN EVERYTHING -But it’s requested by @fangirl-moment-x

A/N: Sorry this took so long, me and @hanktheswaggyhonkeydonkey encountered some troubles with her email. 


Proofreader- @hanktheswaggyhonkeydonkey

Song for the chapter.

Originally posted by hobrien

               The sound of me dropping my phone echoed through the quiet household, Derek immediately lifted his head in confusion and stood up when he saw me on the verge of tears.

               “What’s wrong?” he questioned, pulling me into his arms. I shook my head at his question, burying my face in his jacket.

               “It’s nothing,” I mumbled into the material.

               He sighed in annoyance, “It’s not nothing if it’s making you cry. What do I need to do?” He questioned. His voice was strained as he tried to figure out what could send me into this mood.

               I shook my head again, making him groan. I knew I wasn’t going to tell him anytime soon. I had gotten a text from my mother stating that my sister was coming back into town for the weekend. Normally, people would be happy at the news of their family member coming, but not me, and not about her. My sister was everything I wasn’t. She’s smart, badass, and acted way more like Derek than I ever would. The worst part is that every time she came to visit, it was only to steal whoever I was dating at the moment.

               The last time she came to Beacon Hills, I found her and my ex, Jackson, together in bed in my room. I don’t even want to think about what might happen this week.

               My arms tightened around him involuntarily, wishing that everything will be okay.


               Over the past week, I had begun to stop hanging around Derek so much. I wanted to be prepared for whatever were to happen, so for the past week, I had been telling him I was hanging out with Scott and Stiles or that I was helping my mom with something, and now it was finally Saturday.

Currently, I was sitting on the couch in my mother’s house, waiting on her to come back with my sister. My leg was bouncing nervously and I twiddled with my hands. My heart was pounding loudly.

It was almost three in the afternoon when I heard my mom’s car pull up, the old engine revving loudly. I took a deep breath to calm myself before I stood up and walked over to the door, opening it with a large fake grin.

“Hey,” I spoke, my voice shaky. My mother and sister were standing there, chatting eagerly. My mom held two backpacks while my sister was holding a duffle bag. My sister looked at me for a second, nodding quickly before she smiled to my mom and stepped into the house. My mom immediately dropped the bags at the door and walked past us into the kitchen, giving me a pointed look.

“Still living with mom,” s/n teased, snarkily.

“Actually, no,” I stated quietly.

“Oh,” she stated in a questioning tone. “Got your own place?”

“No, I live with Derek,” I stated, rolling my eyes. I used to have my own place, but the rent was too much and Derek gave me the option to live with him, which I obviously accepted.

“And who is this Derek?” she questioned, intrigued. She turned from her position facing the stairs to look at me.

“My boyfriend,” I mumbled out, my face curling into a frown as I saw her eyes widen and her smile turn mischievous.

“Oh, y/n dearest snagged herself another catch? Is he like Jackson? That boy was absolutely delectable.” I grinded my teeth together as I tried to stop myself from crying, knowing she would only make fun of me for it. Instead, I shrugged before I stepped into the living room and grabbed my phone, mumbled about how ‘good it was to see her again.’ I then made my escape out of the house.

My hands were shaking as I dialed Derek’s number and asked him to pick me up. He was there within a few moments and helped me into the car, asking how it went and if I was okay. I still haven’t told him why I hated my sister. I couldn’t bring myself to.


It was a week later when she showed up at our house. I was beginning to come back to Derek as she hadn’t made a move on him yet, but she also hadn’t met him yet. She was supposed to leave last weekend, but she made up an excuse to hang around home more often which led to me not leaving my house very much.

Today was different, though. Today, I had to go to the store because we were running low on essentials, so I took an hour out of my day to run to the store to grab what we needed.

It was when I pulled up to the house that I noticed it. An extra vehicle was sitting in the driveway, her motorcycle. My eyes widened and I pulled myself out of the black Camaro, my hand grabbed the three large bags of groceries I had gotten. I speed walked up to the door and opened it only to be met with a sight I never wished to see. s/n had Derek pressed near a wall, her joyful laugh filling the empty space as she pressed her hands against his chest. She smiled up at him for a second before she stood on her toes and pressed a kiss to his lips.

I dropped the bags I was carrying and immediately sprinted out of the house, hearing Derek yell after me before he yelled at s/n. I made it halfway into the woods when I felt his hand clasp around my wrist tight, yet not enough to hurt me.

“y/n, please,” he begged me and I tried to pull away from him. “Please, stop. I didn’t want that to happen. I don’t love her, I love you, please.” My movements faltered as I heard the three words escape his lips. Not once in the four months that we’d been dating had he uttered those special words.

I let out a shaky breath before I fell to the ground on my knees, letting tears escape my eyes. Derek dropped down beside me and pulled me into a hug, his arms wrapped around my waist as he placed his head on my shoulder.

“I swear, I didn’t want it, and I yelled at her after. Please don’t cry,” he whispered to me, his voice shaky as he tried to hold back tears himself.

“I- I love you s-so much, Derek. Please don- don’t leave me,” I whimpered into his chest.

“Never,” he spoke back, pressing his lips to the top of my head.

And there in the woods, as the sun began to set, I knew three things: One, I was completely in love with Derek Hale. Two, he was completely in love with me. Three, my sister was an absolute bitch who I was going to girl up and punch in the face later.

(I had to add the twilight feel moment right there lol)

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