Hey mp100 artists

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a handful of super popular artists in this fandom are…. kinda trash (what with drawing nsfw art of minors and all) And I’m tired of seeing those artists get attention they don’t deserve while artists that work hard and make good content get no recognition. So: I’m gonna make a big artist and fanfic writer recommendation list. The thing is, I want everyone who wants to be noticed on this list because you guys work hard and deserve the attention, and I am one man that cannot scout out every wonderful person making art for this fandom. SO:

If you are a mp100 artist and want to be promo’d, please message me! I already have a small list going (and if you’re on that list I will ask before I recommend you, I don’t want to promo anyone that doesn’t want to get promo’d). Don’t be shy, I really want people to get the attention they deserve, because you guys create great content and deserve it.

BUT: If you ship rei.mob, rit.mob, or any other ship of that nature, don’t even ask. If you draw nsfw content of minors, don’t ask. I want to appreciate the artists that deserve it.

So hit me up! 


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I worked 15 hours yesterday, only got 4 hours of sleep cause I was awoken to the sounds of animals being butchered in my backyard for a BBQ, and today at the shop, a Neo-Nazi and a Middle Eastern guy are debating and yelling global politics at each other. Neo-Nazi guy is having a “mind-blown WTF!?” moment cause the Middle Eastern guy is defending the Israeli/Jewish people and blaming radical Muslims.

I’m just sitting behind the counter listening to them banter and hoping shit don’t hit the fan. 

seventhfracture  asked:

Tapping her fingers on the desk beside her, under her, Yugi held her cell up to her ear with Blackmail's school report before her. "Yes, Hello, is this Domino Elementary school?"

Oh what a pleasant morning it was! The city had been freshly dumped upon the previous night, children rising out of bed with a flourish they did not usually possess [not until the weekend mercifully decided to hurry up and grace them with its sadly limited existence], hair tousled, pajamas hanging around their ankles in excitement for the school report. Why, Western civilizations had a tremendous gift called the ‘Snow Day,’ advertised on the television by some crazy cartoon character, oh so cute and fluffy and awesome only if it delivered the news they were anxiously awaiting. If it didn’t, well, it was stupid, a retarded thing adults came up with to mock the childrens. Those in Domino heard of this glorious occasion, fully expecting to be rewarded with the same treatment when they too were subjected to the miserable snow element.

They were not. What a cruel, cruel existence. The world was never fair, eyes glaring out windows, small fists bunched tight, shaking when held high above their heads as the streets and sidewalks were efficiently cleared for safe passage to the resident houses of education. Damn you, they would think silently to themselves, their hateful eyes showcasing enough without the necessity of verbal words.

Blackmail was fully prepared to call the president. Bastard. The entire struggle could have been avoided if only Tiny had written his excuse note. What parent would even question a note from ‘The Teacher’ that said he was free of duty for six months? They would fully understand. He was even willing to compromise with a promise of recess for four hours. Tiny did not bite. Tiny was a meanie metal head.

The princes room suffered a little less drama. Guy was sitting with reading material, flipping through his phone which provided far more entertainment than he might have imagined possible. He had glasses perched on his face, no lenses of course, but damn if lenses weren’t expensive. He was hoping his brain would just accept what everyone else took to be a kind gesture, it’s the thought that counts kinda thing and simply… adjust on its own. That was the idea any way. That was far less important to the topic he studied.

There were greater things at foot than anyone imagined. Namely, a call to the school. The answer to halt the incessant ringtone had been so professional, but it was apparently not enough to simply employ a secretary for the explicit purpose of answering questions. No, it was an automated system.

Press one for Japanese

Two for English

The recording went into future events at the school, programs for the students, ‘recorder’ lessons if parents wished to dish out money for the small instruments, all manner of things both parties could get involved if they so desired. Of course, they had to also have dispersed throughout chances to donate money, candy bar sells, chocolate covered pretzels, a speech entirely too long for someone who might be on a schedule, or was just worried enough to check in. With all the ruckus round the world, with all the apparent violence, never could tell what would happen.

Finally it shifted to a menu that seemed more applicable to what the Queen desired. All which EVENTUALLY led to someone legitimately answering the phone.

“Domino Elementary, can I help you?” A little complex for a simple call. That’s all she got? After all that, she should have been rewarded with something for her patience.