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I love spidey and all her adventures and the posts you make on her behalf. they make me smile and they're so pure. tell spidey I said hi and she's beautiful? :3

Awww thank you so much! I will certainly tell Spidey of your kind words - the weekends are her favorite time to receive compliments :) Spidey gives a little spide paw wave back!


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an taehyung apple a day keeps the doctors away ✨

this is available as a sticker on my redbubble c:

Can’t Sleep Without You

a/n: Not requested, but something that just popped into my head. A lot of stress and not enough sleep makes me want Shawn in my life so much. 



It has been a few weeks since your last solid night’s sleep. You honestly are not really sure what has been going on with you or why you haven’t been able to sleep well. You’ve spent so many nights tossing and turning in bed, unable to get a peaceful rest, but then the morning comes and you practically feel like a zombie. These last four days have been the worst, and it doesn’t help that you’re in the middle of midterms so you have a lot of exams and presentations. For some reason, no matter how tired you are, you just can’t sleep well when night comes. It could be due to stress, since these last few weeks have been uncharacteristically stressful, or because you’re missing your boyfriend who you haven’t seen in a month, and you’re just tired of having to sleep without him every night. 

The one good thing that has come out of the fact that you haven’t been sleeping more than a few hours a night for the past four days is that you’ve been awake to text your boyfriend whenever he has a free minute. He’s off traveling in Europe for work so the time difference is pretty big considering you’re in LA. Normally this would mean you barely get to talk to him much, since you’re both so busy. However, every night this week, Shawn’s texted you at about three in the morning LA time because that is when he’s been free, and you’ve been able to respond because you’ve been awake. He, of course, questions why you’re awake in the middle of the night, but you’re unable to offer him much of an explanation because you’re never quite sure yourself, considering you’re so exhausted, but yet sleep won’t come.

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 You’re nice and an amazing chef —— there’s no way I’m letting you go. 

Mam wyjebanie na ludzi to banda głupców,ćpunów,alkoholików. Zakładają maski na twarz a wieczorami je zdejmują by płakać i pić. Palą fajki by się odstresować a zarazem karmią raka który w nich jest. Nienawidzę i pierdole ludzi.
Czyli samą siebie też…:’)
—  B.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for making Yourself available to us even in this time of history where we are most proud of ourselves. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that in this changing and wasting away period for humanity, You are our constant source of hope, salvation, and repentance. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that in our weaknesses You enable us to repent by Your love that also brings us peace over what we cannot understand or what we cannot do ourselves. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that every shame and sorrow can be lifted up to You and that You grant us mercy with the gift of joy along the way. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that when words are too few from my broken heart or confused mind, You listen and comfort me because all You ask for is our honest surrender. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that even in my pride and limited understanding, You treat me with patience and give me my real needs even before I ask. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for everything You allow to happen while making sure I am Yours and I can always find love in yielding to You. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being my redeemer when I can’t stand up for myself esp when words are not what it takes to change people’s mindset. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that while sin is death it has no sting over those who trust in You because You died for us and rose again. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that in our salvation You make sure that every temporal desire will reveal to us the marvelous joy of looking forward to eternity. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for calling us into Your presence and for keeping me close to You in this walk on earth. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for never withholding good even in the times we miss to ask for it or fail to acknowledge Your grace. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for every heartbreak that liberates us and blesses our souls. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for not just second chances, but for the grace of repentance that never leaves us unchanged when we choose You. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being You, our greatest need and best gift to ever receive today and forever. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your sacrifice that made way for us to be a part of Your Father’s kingdom. Thank You for every single circumstance, person, place, and Scripture You used/use to bring us to You. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Words will never be enough but You know that we need to learn to be more grateful and every bit of our effort to praise You helps us keep our eyes on You. Thank You, Lord Jesus *hugs*

Thank God – it’s Friday!
Give thanks to the Lord Jesus in prayer :)

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Fanfiction inspired by Fanart
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Fanart inspired by Fananalysis

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