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SNL ICONS: Countdown to Weekend Update Summer Edition Part 1/? (FAVORITE UPDATE ANCHORS)

Just like SNL, I’m (sort of) back! We’re 8 days away from the Weekend Update specials, so I’m doing some icon sets dedicated to the segment. Please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong, or if you plan on using one! A short note about requests under the cut.

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SNL: Valentine’s Day Sketches

#1 Weekend Update: Stefon on Valentine’s Day

#2 Principal Frye: Valentine’s Day

#3 Jimmy Fallon’s Valentine’s Day Songs

#4 Bronx Beat

#5 Valentine’s Day Commercial

If you didn’t already know at BBC Radio 1s big weekend Tylers mic got cut off during a performance of Car Radio. Yeah, he was climing the structure so I understand why they did it. But the BBC really should have done some research because he does this all the freaking time and they really should have spoke to him about not climing the structure or given him some sort of safe way to do it.
In some of the videos you can see that josh gets quite upset and angry that they have cut his mic and forced them off stage. It upset me that they did it because they were amazing

Fic Updates Weekending 1/28/17

Hi Everyone!  Dee here, sorry we’re a little late with the fic list.  Been a great weekend with my SIL - we’re still kicking cancer’s ass and having as much fun as we can while doing it!  Here’s this weeks list:

Sorrowful Angels  Chapter 8  by @mega-aulover

Cinders  Chapter 6  by @ghtlovesthg

The Bad Boy  Chapter 2  by @everlark-lover3892

By Your Side  Multiple Chapters  by @geekymoviemom

Out of Bounds  Chapter 11 by lizzyvb

Everything But Money  Chapter 4  by @mtk4fun

The Firebird  Chapter 22  by @thegirlfromoverthepond

Never Let you Go  Multiple Chapters  by @doctorkepner

Capitol Life  Chapter 3  by @javistg

Match and the Rock  Chapter 2  by @hpfanonezillion

Mise en Place  Chapter 6  by @maisoncoeur

That’s it!  It’s been a very-very busy week for the team so I wouldn’t be surprised if something got missed.  So, I’m apologizing in advance!  I already saw two updates (after I went to sleep yesterday) that are set to be queued next week.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and Happy Peeta Sunday!  Still the best damn day of the week!

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Wow!  Those eyes!

Love ya!  Mean it!

The Everlark Fic Update Team

Fic Updates Weekending 1/21/17

Well folks, another week is behind us and I hope it was wonderful for each of you.  Can you believe we’ve already had 25 different fic updates for 2017?  Me either but let’s keep it going!  Here’s what we found for this week:

Sirens Call   Chapter 11   by ThornFromARose  - no blog

Lex Talionis  Chapter 4  by @maxwellandlovelace

My Favorite Mistake  Chapter 3  by @titaniasfics

Bros Before Ho! Ho! Hos!  The Conclusion  by @papofglencoe

The Firebird  Chapter 21  by @thegirlfromoverthepond 

A Murderer’s Brother  Chapter 16  by RedHeadedFlame  - no blog

Out of Bounds Chapter 8  by Lizzyvb  - no blog

Fated to Love   Chapter 25  by @jlalafics

Capitol Life  Chapter 2  by @javistg

Everything But Money  Chapter 3 by @mtk4fun

Lost & Found  Epilogue  by @peetabreadgirl

Quicksilver  by @finnicko-loves-anniec

By Your Side  Chapter 45  by @geekymoviemom

New Fic:

Code Name: Mockingjay  by @hutchhitched - part of the MS2SL collection but appears to be a WIP so we’re tracking it!

Wanted by @peetaspikelets  another MS2SL project that we’ll track for those of you who couldn’t read it when it was first released

As always, I hope we got everyone but if someone got missed, please reach out to us here at the blog or at our individual blogs @lovelizziekins, @gobletgirl and @papofglencoe.  

Happy Peeta Sunday!  Still the best damn day of the week!

Love ya, mean it!

The Everlarkficupdate Team

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