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Ok, so I was thinking what kind of student a few of the Sonic characters would be if they were in school and I came up with all this. Not super original or anything, but I thought I’d post it (sorry for any grammar mistakes, I’m not a native English speaker) :


- Talks (mostly to Tails) while the teacher is writing on the board

- Kind of pays attention to class but doesn’t really take note of most of it.

- His notebook is not very organized

- Doesn’t always do his homework

- Isn’t very fond of rules

- Wakes up 5 minutes before class but arrives on time because superspeed

- Eagerly waits for PE class. Doesn’t take the game results seriously and his priority is having a good time

- Doesn’t use his powers during PE because he knows it’s unfair

- Doesn’t mind art classes, but can’t draw at all

- Takes extra guitar lessons

- Aside from PE, enjoys Biology the most

- Volunteers to carry stuff around for teachers because he’s a good dude

- Stays after class to throw away papers people threw on the ground and give janitors an easier time

- Buys snacks at the cafeteria

- Likes to chat with the schools receptionists, security guards and cafeteria attendants.

- Popular

- Despite not doing everything he should or studying that much, refuses to cheat on tests and takes responsability for his actions

- Goes to all of the parties

- Passes with alright grades

- Despite his mediocre grades and somewhat lazy attitute, teachers still like him a lot


- Enjoys chatting with Sonic while copying what the teacher writes on the board

- Pays attention and takes note of everything. Does his homework

- Organized but pretty bland and boring notebook. Writes everything with the same pen and isn’t about fancy decorations. Terrible handwriting due to writing really quickly

- Enjoys PE a lot but isn’t as great at it as Sonic or Knuckles, for example

- Can draw decently, but doesn’t really like arts

- Enjoys Physics, Chemistry and Maths the most

- Struggles a bit with humanities

- Buys whatever at the cafeteria, not a picky eater

- Shy when meeting new people but has lots of friends

- Studies even though he wouldn’t need to

- Gets straight “A”s in most subjects

- Other students go to him to explain math problems when needed

- Doesn’t cheat himself but helps other students do it (they insist a lot :P)

- Even in his worst subjects, still gets “A”s and “B”s 

- Teachers love him


- Doesn’t talk a lot, pays attention and takes notes

- Arrives late often

- Nice, organized notebook, with a few (bad) drawings and schemes here and there

- Likes PE. Is more serious about it though and gets upset when his team loses

- Really likes art, even though he can’t draw or paint well. Enjoys doing sculptures and is surprisingly good at handling delicate materials

- Enjoys History, Biology and Geography. Doesn’t like English or Math, and Physics are hell to him

- Brings food from home (mostly fruits and vegetables)

- Sometimes gets overwhelmed if there are too many people in the classroom. Prefers smaller classes

- Mostly doesn’t mind other people talking but gets headaches if there’s too much noise

- Studies and does well in almost everything. However, even when he studies all weekend he can’t get a good grade in Physics

- Doesn’t really go to many parties (too many people)

- Admits to having cheated on a Physics test once, and is ashamed of it.

- In the end, manages to somehow pass everything


- Talks to Cream nonstop while slowly copying what’s on the board…

- …But pays attention while the teacher talks and gets mad if someone interrupts him while she’s listening

- Does homework, but pretty quickly and not very carefully

- Gets to school 1 hour before the classes even start

- Very organized and colourful notebook. Spends 5 minutes making every O perfectly round. Uses 72 different pens and tons of stickers. Keeps the post-it market running by herself.

- Probably one of the girls who likes PE the most. Very competitive

- Would like to enjoy art class, but is so bad at it she can’t

- English is her best subject

- Likes writing (especially poems)

- Sometimes takes selfies or uses social media in secret during class

- Occasionaly gets distracted staring at cute boys (read Sonic)

- Alternates between “Screw it, I’m buying three minipizzas” and “I’m on a diet, I’ll get fruit salad” phases

- Likes partying, but can sacrifice it if she needs to study

- Gets ok grades.

- Doesn’t cheat and refuses to help other people cheat


- Talks to Amy while copying

- Notebook is simple but pretty and organized. Uses mostly 2 different pens to take note, only highlighting important things and using a few stickers here and there. Likes drawing on the edges of the pages. Beautiful handwriting

- Brings all of the teachers gifts for Teachers Day and for Easter

- Does all of her homework with dedication and care

- Mostly likes PE and isn’t bad at it but dislikes competition and doesn’t mind the results. She dislikes how serious Amy is about them as well

- Loves art classes, especially drawing and painting

- Likes Math a lot, but dislikes History

- Draws on the board between classes and writes nice messages for teachers and janitors

- Her mother Vanilla always packs food for her to bring to school. Amy sometimes secretly buys her ice cream though

- Gets nice grades


- Pays, attention, does his homework and takes notes. Very dedicated

- Tries his best at PE, but is pretty terrible at it. He is a good goalkeeper due to his size, though

- Likes art but isn’t delicate enough to do anything really good

- Popular with the girls for being a sweetheart

- Enjoys most subjects, but isn’t very bright. Does ok at Geography and Biology since he has a lot of contact with nature

- Spends all his allowance and savings on snacks and chocolate

- Brings Froggy with him on his bag even though he’s not allowed to. Sometimes, the frog escapes and he has to spend the break looking for him

- Doesn’t get grades good enough on all subjects, but teachers pass him because he tries really hard


- Pays attention, doesn’t talk and takes notes

- Doesn’t do his homework though, because he believes it’s a waste of time

- Organized notebook, but a pretty boring one

- Gets annoyed when people talk while he’s trying to listen to the teachers

- Is good at PE and is pretty competitive but believes it’s a waste of time

- Likes painting in art classes. Painting the sky or space is a favorite of his since it reminds him of living on the ARK. Actually draws pretty well

- Doesn’t like any of the classes, but isn’t bad at any of them either. He just thinks school is a pain in the a** honestly

- Doesn’t cheat. More because admitting he cheated would hurt his ego than because of morals

- Not that popular and has a pretty closed group of friends

- Studies a bit and gets good grades

- Doesn’t really buy anything at the cafeteria most of the time. When he does, he just gets whatever. Not a picky eater.


- Talks the entire class, even during explanations and rarely takes any notes.

- Doesn’t do her homework

- Gets straight “A”s without doing anything and people hate her for it

- Likes PE and is competitive as hell. A sore loser too

- Doesn’t like Arts at all and isn’t good at anything related to it

- Likes Geography, Math and History. Hates Chemistry and English

- Somehow is really popular but still only really talks to Shadow, one of the least popular and sociable people

- Brings food from home because the cafeteria is too low class

- Mostly doesn’t need to cheat, but will do it if she doesn’t remember something

- Likes talking to the receptionists

- Goes to the restroom during breaks to gossip and apply makeup

- Tells the teachers she needs to go to the restroom even though she just wants to walk around the school and skip class

I guess that’s it for now, but I might make another one later with the other characters ^-^ Hope it’s good.

So who is she?

Finn Shelby x reader
Word count: 1710
Warnings: Swearing, mention of abuse, some fluff

You entered the doors of the pub “The Garrison” painted in the window, there were only three other people in the place. Two older men slumped over a table in the back, they looked like they had been there for days. The other person was a man behind the bar, who gave you a look when you came in indicating that he thought you were out of place.
“Can I help you miss?”
“Well, a boy I know recommended here when I said I didn’t have anywhere to study, I mean just for an hour or so during they day,” you say looking at the man with pleading eyes.
“I mean this isn’t really the place for pretty young girls by themselves, can I ask who the man was?” He asks turning round to continue cleaning whatever it was he was cleaning before.
You hesitated, you knew you and Finn were trying to keep the relationship quiet he didn’t want you getting messed up with his crowd and frankly you didn’t want people knowing you were running about with a Shelby. But something was telling you if you didn’t mention the Shelby name you weren’t going to be allowed to stay.
“His names Finn Shelby sir, we used to go to school together,” the man turned right around to face you know. “I told him i was having some troubles at home and that he said that here is quiet through the weekdays,” you carry on as the man is paying you full attention now, “he also told me not to mention him he doesn’t want anyone knowing we are acquainted, thinks it could get me in bother.”
“Well miss, call me Harry. Finn’s right you know the Shelbys are dangerous people at least he’s looking out for you shows that he cares.”
This made you blush a little but you put your head down so Harry couldn’t see your rosy cheeks. “Im (Y/N)” You put your hand out to shake his which stops him a little surprised as women round here don’t really make the best first impressions. “Finn is just an old friend from school, when i ran into him the other day he recommended here, nothing more to it.”
Harry looked at you and said believingly, “I’d stay out of his way, you seem like a sensible girl though you probably already know that.”

A couple days had past and everyday you had gone for an hour or so to the garrison and sat humming while writing your notes. You had met a couple of the locals but had always left before it got busy. Harry said people started rolling in at half 4 for there night of boozing, half 1 on the weekends. You liked harry he was kind and seemed to be interested in what you were studying asking you questions to help you out. But this afternoon 5 men walked through the door and went into a private room, you were too busy with your nose in a book to take any notice though. That was until Harry ran through from the back looking slightly worried.
“Maybe it’s best for you to leave now (Y/N)”
You nodded. He had warned you that if he ever asked you to leave it was probably in his best interest to do so.
“Why would she need to leave?”
Too late. A voice came from behind you as you sorted your skirt and turned around. The man was a couple steps behind you, tall with icy blue eyes that reminded you of Finns.
“And what is a young girl with an armful of books doing in a place like this?” He asked eying you up and down before staring at the pile of books in your hands.
“I’m just studying down here gets me away from the chaos at home. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) sir, it’s been lovely to meet you but I’d best be off.” You said harry relieved by you still following his orders. You then reached out a hand to shake his, again he stood in shock a moment before chuckling and accepting the handshake.
“Lovely to meet you Miss (Y/L/N), I’m Thomas Shelby.”
You froze. Shelby. The name this town feared and the name Finn told you to run from. Tommy noticed your reaction but you quickly straightened up and smiled politely.
“Thank you for having me Harry, good evening Mr Shelby.”
As you went to walk past him he quickly stepped in front of you.
“There will he no trouble tonight” he said to harry before turning to you again. “Please, don’t let us put you off your studying.” He nods at harry who nods back, you didn’t really understand what was going on but you climbed back on top of the bar stool and opening up your books.
“You know miss (Y/N), educated women are a dangerous thing, they will rule the world one day.” He said before disappearing into the side room, summoning Harry after him.
A few moments later a familiar figure emerged from the room the other men kept disappearing into. It was Finn, he was soon stood behind you looping his arms round your waist.
“(Y/N), I missed you,” he said spinning you round and gently kissing your forehead, “You haven’t said anything to Harry have you?”
This hurt. He wanted to keep you a secret, why was he so embarrassed of you. You’d missed him whilst he was away on business but you also liked not having to sneak around.
“I told him you were an old friend who recommended the place a long time ago,” you say flatly while spinning back around on your seat and staring down at the sheets you’d been reading.
“And he believed you?” Finn asked with doubt in his voice.
“Well why wouldn’t he?” you reply sharply.
“Well you never were a great liar,” Finn chuckled. You turned back around to face him hurt in your eyes.
“I wasn’t really lying though was I?” you caught him off guard with your fierce tone, “what are we Finn? I don’t hear from you for weeks and when I do it’s for your own pleasure and we have to sneak around whilst we do it. I feel like a whore!” You were close to shouting now but quickly remembered you had to keep your voice down.
“What are you talking about (Y/N)? I was away for business you know that and we both agreed we should keep this whatever this is quiet, it might put you in danger. And your dad, think about what your da..”
“I know,” you cut him off before he said anymore quickly wiping away a single fallen tear, “I know I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.”
He moved behind the bar grabbing a bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses.
“He hasn’t touched you again has he?” he asked his voice cracking as he spoke. You dried your eyes and tried to pull yourself together before Harry came back out.
“No, hes never home at night and i’m never home during the day, it’s a good combination.”
“Finn!” a voice from the room shouted making you both jump, “Come on son!”
He quickly kissed you on the cheek before returning to the room.
“So who is she Finn?” Tommy asked flatly staring at him as he sat back in his chair, he froze as he was now under the gaze of his older confused brothers and cousin.
“What are you talking about?”
“The girl at the bar, who is she?” Tommy was pressing for answers that Finn was not willing to tell him.
“What the bloody hell are you on about Tommy?” John asked looking around the room at his brothers.
“There’s a girl out there that Finn knows but I am not sure how,” He said whilst lighting up a cigarette in his hand.
“OI OI Finn boy, You got yourself a looker!” Arthur piped up shaking Finn by the shoulders as the other boys wolf whistled. Finn shook them off and started to become angry.
“Why would you think I know her?” Finn challenged he knew his brother was smart but how could he have figured out that they knew each other. Tommy chuckled and took a quick sip of whisky.
“Well for one she’s your age, she told Harry a man recommended this as a “safe” place and the only way in bloody hell is this a safe place is if you’re a shelby, so you’re trying to protect her, but i’m not sure what from. Plus you always have had a thing for a girl with brains.”
Finn sunk into his chair his cheeks were flushed as he looked up at his older brother who was looking at him with a questioning face. “So I will ask again. Who is she?”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” Finn says reluctantly. “Her father is James (Y/L/N) who used to work down by the docks.”
“The drunk?” Arthur asked. Finn nodded back, he knew the rest of the boy knew who he was he had been a part of some business, a trust worthy man a few years ago. Until his wife died he turned into a different person.
“Why is she here Finn? What are you protecting her from?” The answer to this was who was he protecting her from and he got the feeling Tommy already knew the answer to this.
“He comes home drunk sometimes, he hits her or worse,” Finn looked at his hands and the boys go silent John stood up in rage.
“You’re fucking joking me!” John shouted, Tommy stood up and put a hand on his shoulder.
“We will sort this out, Go and speak to the girl now,” Finn watched his brothers walk out the garrison with red in their eyes, He looked over to you with wide sorry eyes.
“I can’t stop them, They know everything” He said wrapping his arms around you pulling you up and into his chest.
You started to sob. You were grateful for Finn protecting you but your dad was the only family you had left.


Banff Day 1:

On Sunday we woke up at 2:30 AM to head to the airport— and I still managed to get 4 hours of sleep under my belt.

Once we finally got there and made it though security we had a little over an hour to kill before we boarded. I sat on the floor and worked on my marathon training plan. ( I start training the first weekend in July!)

The flight was easy and mostly smooth from what I remember– I slept at least 3 of the 5 hours.

We arrived in Calgary and headed our for the 1.5 hour drive to Banff!!

We took the scenic route in hopes of catching some goats and other wildlife but no luck. We arrived at the adorable town of Banff and had some lunch and walked around.

Scott was too tired to hike so we drove over to Two jack lake and lake minnewanka and took in the beauty. I swear… everyday I think I’ve seen the most beautiful place and then we go somewhere else and its somehow even more beautiful!

Next, we headed to our cabin, we checked in, unpacked and headed for dinner at the lodge. Which again is the most adorable place ever!

After dinner we headed back to the cabin and relaxed, made a fire, had some wine and called it a night!

Fixing It (Part 2- Jughead X reader ft Archie Andrews)

Request:Please make part 2 of fixing it!!!part 1 was amazing I love ur writing :) !Are you gonna do a part 2 of the jughead imagine???

Warnings: Some heavy make out sesh ;)

Word Count: 1682

A/N: Yooooo, here’s part 2 and don’t fret, there will be ATLEAST another 2 parts coming your way….soonish :) Now on with the show.

You hadn’t spoken to Jughead for a few weeks after your argument. Every time you saw him you would duck or turn the other way. Every time he sat down near you in class, you would get up and move somewhere else. You had taken to sitting in the student lounge during lunch so you wouldn’t have to see his face.
His face.
You missed his face.
You groaned and placed your head in your hands, rubbing your temples to soothe the headache that had started to form. You missed Jughead, you couldn’t deny that but what he said hurt, it hurt deeper then breaking up with him. You had lost your parents 3 years ago, your Mum to cancer and your dad to a heart attack 3 weeks later. You had spent countless days and nights crying to Jughead about it. You had moved to Riverdale to live with your Auntie a few weeks later and had met Jughead about a month later when you had tried to run away and found yourself at the Twilight drive-in. You snuck in and watched the movie from the small hill behind all the cars, Jughead had done the same and you bonded over your love of writing, watching old movies and sarcasm. “Hey, you’re (Y/N) right?” A voice said, pulling you out of your thoughts. You looked up and saw a ginger haired boy standing above you. A guitar case slung over his shoulder and a football helmet under the other. You looked at him sideways “You must be Archie Andrews and yes, I am (Y/N).” Archie grinned and placed the football helmet on the table in front and sat down next to you. “So, I know you are dating Jughead and so…” “Were” you interjected. Archie nodded realising his mistake “You were dating Jughead but he hasn’t stopped talking about you and he mentioned that you can sing and the way he said it made you sound like a freaking nightingale or something and I need a female voice for this song that I wrote and I was wondering if you could help me…. please.” He said. You leant back and peered at him with raised eyebrows. “You do realise that I’m Jughead’s ex-girlfriend and you are Jughead’s best friend…right?” You question him. Archie nods and replies “Yeah, I know it’s going to be weird but Jughead doesn’t really mind and I really need someone to sing this song with and I don’t know anyone else.” You narrow your eyes at Archie and he looks at you questioningly. “Fine but if this song makes heaps of money in the future, you have to give me at least half.” You say. Archie laughs “We’ll see.” He says, standing up. “So, I’ll see you this weekend, here’s my number in case you need to reschedule or something.” He says, ripping a piece of paper off a flyer on the table and scribbling down his number on it. You thank him and enter the number in your phone. You pick up your bag and make your way out of the lounge and into the carpark. You swing your bag to your chest and open it, fishing for your car keys. You find them and look up, straight into the eyes of Jughead Jones. You sigh and keep walking past him, moving slightly so he couldn’t grab you to stop you or even touch you. You get to your car and quickly drive out of the carpark, not looking back to see Jughead’s face, filled with sorrow and pain.

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🌊 || 03.30.2016 || happy birthday eren!

My Daily Routine:

Hi, a lot of you have wanted to know what my routine and schedule was for school days and on weekends/holidays:


  • 6:00 - My alarm goes off at 6 and then I will exercise for (usually on a cycling machine, I go for a run, or I do some kind of HIIT circuit).
  • 6:30 - Then I have a shower and get dressed and ready for school
  • 7:00 - I then go into the kitchen and have breakfast, talk to family and listen to the radio etc.
  • 7:40 - Leave for school. I arrive at 8:10 and lessons start at 8:30. There are 5 lessons a day (each 1 hour long).
  • 15:20 - Lessons finish. I either walk home, but on a few days a week I go to concert band/orchestra until 17:00, and once a week I have a saxophone lesson after school.
  • 16:00 - I get home about 10 minutes before this, get myself a coffee and check tumblr. Then at 16:00 start my homework and making notes. I will usually take short breaks between homework tasks.
  • 19:00 - I usually stop working around this time. I will read a book, watch TV or go on tumblr. Once every 2 weeks I have a Youth Council meeting from 19:00-21:00.
  • 20:00 - I have dinner and watch TV, talk to my family etc. and just generally relax. I have a rule that I don’t work after 20:00 so I can make sure I have the evening to myself and I’m not stressing about school
  • 22:30 - Sunday to Thursday I usually go to bed around this time to make sure I can get enough sleep.


  • 9:00 - Usually I get up around this time and exercise (usally a cycle or run) but sometimes I get up earlier and read/go on tumblr; I’m not very good at sleeping in late.
  • 9:30 - Once I’ve exercised I shower and get dressed etc.
  • 10:00 - Have breakfast and usually start making notes or finishing off any homework I didn’t do after school during the week.
  • 13:00 - Have lunch - on a lot of weekends I will usually have lunch out with friends or family, and if I don’t I will usually go out in the afternoon to see friends for a coffee etc. 
  • The rest of the day is usually spent reading/watching TV/with friends. What I do during the weekends and holidays really varies from week to week and so there’s no routine I do rigidly. I just always make sure I’m up to date with work/studying and that I see my friends and relax a bit ready for the next week of sixth form.
  • Quite a few weekends I volunteer on Saturday for a Mencap children’s daycare. The hours I work on those days are 9:30-15:30.
  • When it gets close to exams and I am on holiday/study-leave then I will spend a lot more of the day studying. Usually I will work 10:00-13:00 and then from 15:00-18:00 with short breaks about once an hour. This gives me 6 hours of good revision a day, but with a long lunch break and the evenings to myself.

I have a mighty thirst. If I can find time this weekend, it might be time to fire up Grandia again. I haven’t played it in like 4 or 5 years? But I remember what the plot was where I stopped. So it should be ok. I don’t feel like replaying the entirety of disc 1 when I can pretty much remember the story. Kinda?

Ugh. Should I just restart from Disc 1? That’s like 28 hours of gameplay…

…I could go back to Suikoden II instead. I just started that when I stopped. So there’s no plot for me to try and remember.

daily accountability as of Sunday, June 4th, 2017

pledge for June: 30,000 words

Obviously I am now ahead for June. Looking at some charts, this is the second time I’ve been ahead since the end of February (the other time was the third day of April–I tanked immediately after that). I wish I could keep up yesterday’s pace all fucking month.

This is why I wish I could be a full time writer, y’know?

Anyway, this weekend was rougher than expected on the writing time, and Sunday started out looking like it wasn’t going to get much better. I got roped into extra errands (having to run out for more concrete at Home Depot, and having to drop off my son because my daughter left the house an hour earlier than she originally expected). I managed to scrape together about 1k before 1:30pm. Then I sat down and just mostly wrote (with breaks for laundry and stuff) between that and 5:30pm and cranked out 6k.

It felt SO GOOD. I finally hit that point where I’m starting to have some faith in the fic I’m writing. Where I want to just read to the end and am disappointed because I have to write it instead.

Today I do not expect to make words. Going to be late to work, and then have to leave to take Boo to his orthodontist appt after school (SO TEMPTING to call in today and just stay on the couch and write again). TKD tonight (we only get to go twice, I am NOT missing it). But hey, maybe I can get a few words. Just to keep moving. Maybe to finish the scene I’m working on.

Midnight Snack- Fred

- Hi! Could you maybe write a Fred imagine where the reader can’t sleep, so she sneaks to Fred’s dorm to cuddle, but he can’t sleep either so they go for a walk around Hogwarts? Maybe really fluffy? My name is Kat but you don’t have to use it. Thanks!’

Quick! what does an angel have on it’s head? HALO!

Moony is back : )

First off I was just talking to Nymphadora about this request and we both so excited because omg it’s so cute!!!! 10 points to whatever house you’re in! <3

My friend told me once that when I become drunk, like really drunk I just laugh at everything. So I just tried to base my drunken ass on this XD


“Kat, lay still some of us are trying to sleep…” Angelina your roommate sighed covering her head with her pillow.

“Yeah please, you’ve been thrashing around your bed for an hour. If you have problem sleeping go see Madam Pomfrey” Katie mumbled tried trying to conceal a yawn.

The clock on your bedside table said 1:23, but your body said that it’s party time. Lee Jordan had smuggled some fire whiskey inside the common room to celebrate Gryffindor’s victory against Ravenclaw in a quidditch match and you got a little carried away.

A drinking game had turned into a competition between you and your boyfriend Fred Weasley. In the game you both take a shot and then try to walk on a straight line, and the one who went outside the line had lost. Students had stopped drinking themselves and given Fred and you their drinks so you guys could drink even more. Which as any wizard and muggle can figure out, had gone a bit overboard. Though Fred hadn’t gotten near the half of how drunk you had become. He was just a bit tipsy, nothing more. The party had started 8 pm. And the party had then been interrupted by Lavender Brown running saying that McGonagall were coming 11 pm.

It was like a scene from Titanic. There was screaming, yelling and even some first years had started crying in panic.  

“But I can’t—sleep” you laughed as a hiccup interrupted you halfway through your sentence. The whole night seemed funny, just the thought of all the panic that had occurred in less than 10 minutes, were galleons worth!

Suddenly you were laughing so hard tears ran down your cheeks. “Did you see-Did you see Ron’s face” You laughed almost screaming, tears running down your cheeks. “His cheeks got so red!” you kept laughing at the memory. Ron’s cheeks had gotten so red that you almost couldn’t see what was hair and what was face. He looked like a big tomato! But a really cute one.

“Kat I swear to Merlin. It’s Saturday can you please just sHUT UP!” Angelina yelled throwing her pillow at you. Luckily she missed you and hit Katie instead, who had almost fallen asleep. “No, nope! That’s it” Katie yelled as she sat up quickly. She turned on the lights and walked over to your bed. Katie picked you as if you were as light as a feather. “Wait, Wait Katie what are you doing?” you laughed as she walked over to the door holding you in a tight grip. “Kicking you out” Katie said cold. Angelina had also gotten up and was opening the door for Katie. “What why? It’s not my fault I can’t sleep. You should talk to Merlin about that” you offered giggling. “Believe me, I will when I’ve got my beauty rest” Angeline answered with a small smile, clearly trying to suffocate a laugh. Katie brought you outside the door, and then smashed the door shut. You heard her mumble “Finally” and then a bump, presumably her laying down on her bed.

And then you heard a little click noise coming from the door. “Er-you guys?” you tried to call out. You gripped the door handle and tried open the door. It was locked.

“Sorry Kat, see you in the morning” Angelina yawned through the door. “Goodnight!” and that was the last thing you heard before you saw the light go out from inside the room, from under door.

You tried to call out again, but this time no one answered. You reached inside your housecoat, but to realize that your wand was laying on your bedside table. “Damn” you sighed looking around. There was no other chance of getting inside your dorm, beside flying up to the windows from the outside. But since you were a danger to not only yourself but also others on a broomstick, you dropped the idea again.

A couple of minutes went by where you listened to students light snoring. It was winter so standing on the stone floor was freezing your pink toes off.

Luckily you looked down on your wrist and saw you were wearing a wristwatch. 1:45 It was getting late and you did have a lot of homework over the weekend to make.

Still you weren’t feeling tired, like sleeping tired. After the small fight inside your dorm you were a bit exhausted, but not tired. To be honest you were starting to feel a sudden cuddle mood creeping up on you.  The alcohol inside you there had been there for well around 5 hours were starting to drift a little, giving you a more clear vision.

Perhaps Fred was still up? It wouldn’t hurt to check if he was. And by that though you began walking up the many stairs to his dormitory. The boys were snoring a lot more than the girls. Just by walking past many dormitories you could clearly hear the snoring.  

Fred, George and Lee Jordan’s dormitory was one of the highest dormitories in the boy’s wing, but finally you made it. There was no light shining out of their doors edges, but you still knocked on the door. There was no answer beside a deep snore. You tried to knock again, but no answer came. Then as silently as possible you opened the door. It was squeaking as you opened it but none of the 5 boys seemed to notice. You had of course been in Fred’s room many times before, but somehow the smell always surprised you. It stank of boys, sweat and old socks. How did they not suffocate was beyond you. The room was also very warm even though their windows were open letting wind come in.

You knew Fred’s bed was the one who was furthest to the right. His red hair was almost glowing in dark. He was currently laying in the starfish position. His head was buried inside his pillow leaving his hair only to stick out. He wasn’t wearing a shit only his pyjamas pants. Molly Weasley had knitted shirt with a big F which was laying down on the floor beside him, be probably threw it off. You didn’t blame him; it was incredibly hot inside their room. “Hey, Fred?” you whispered carefully running you fingers up and down his back.

He lifted his head almost immediately. He looked around quickly but then he saw you and his expression soften. “Oh hit Kitty” he chuckled turning over to his side. “Hi” you whispered. “Listen I know I’m irresistible, but shouldn’t you be sleeping?” he whispered back with a smirk. “Yeah but the other girls kicked me out because I couldn’t sleep, and then I came to you” you chuckled whispering. At that moment George made a deep snore making you jump. “Damn you George” you whispered. Fred grinned and sat up throwing the duvet back on his bed. “C’mon I’m a bit hungry, let’s go down to the kitchens” Fred said. You held out a hand which he took so you could pull him up. “Do you want you shirt on?” You asked him. “Nah, it’s okay. Perhaps if we run into a McGonagall I can flirt our way out” he winked at you.

You’ve always noticed that Fred has a nice body. That kinda comes with being a beater, but he actually had a bit of a six-pack now that you looked really close. Or maybe it was just your half drunk brain showing you lies.  On your way down to the kitchen you almost ran into Snape, but in the last moment Peeves had dropped paint the opposite way that Snape was going, leading him away from you and Fred. It was exciting to running around the castle in the night. The fear of getting caught really did something to you, and you loved every single minute of it.

Lucky for you Fred was almost sober again and could remember the way to the kitchens. If you were alone you would have gotten lost in 2 minutes.

“Students! Out of bed?! What is wrong with this generation?” a painting scolded the both of you as you went by. “Oh please, at least we aren’t trapped inside a—–piece of paper!” you said mockingly to the painting again with a hiccup interrupting you. “And drunk!” the painting responded disgusted. But before you could insult the painting further, Fred pushed you forward.

“Listen Idontget how you’re not as drunk as I am, we drank the exact same!” you exclaimed. Fred laughed at you while shaking his head. “Well first off, I’m bigger than you. And George and I switched places while you weren’t looking”

You gasped dramatically at him. “Cheater!” you hissed at him slapping him on the chest.

“I know I know, sorry Kitty Kat” he said embracing you kissing you on the head. You walked a bit further before you whispered to yourself, “I knew I wasn’t a weak hippogriff” which only made Fred laugh.

Finally you made it to the painting of a fruit bowl. Fred stepped forward and tickled the pear and the painting went to the side showing a hole to climb through. “Ladies first” Fred said bowing deep. “Damn straight” you smirked and climbed through. Immediately as the both of you entered the kitchen you were overrun by happy house elfs. “What would the master like?” asked a female house elf with particular big eyes. Fred shot you a quick look. You raised your eyebrow quick; he knew your sign language. “Some chocolate for the drunk one here and me” he chuckled. “Of course master, anything!” said the house elf and with the other house elfs, they started raiding the kitchen.

4 House elfs came running with a table, two chairs, a tablecloth and a candle. Fred held out your chair as you sat down, before sitting down yourself.

“You know I never in my wildest imagination thought we would sit here, I drunk, you without a shirt and all this 3 am” you laughed.

“Oh I don’t know, we always come up with some funny don’t we?” Fred smirked as the house elfs lit the candle between the two of you.

“Ah, touché”

One of those days where patients haunt my dreams...

Started out the weekend right with 11 patients new to me on my rounding list. I’m working 12 hour shifts now so I figure I’ll be done with notes and rounding at 5pm or 6 at the latest.

First patient I kind of know from seeing a few weeks ago. Type 1 diabetic vasculopath with probable early dementia just hanging out for placement after losing his leg. I see the blood sugars are insane. Low of 36 overnight, above 300 sometimes… I look and see the diabetes specialist signed off 5 days ago. Nursing tells me he’s eating Halloween candy and no regular meals. I try and talk to the patient about it, try my hand at some motivational interviewing. Nope, he’s not having it. He yells at me, then apologizes. I say we’ll talk more tomorrow and peace out.

Second is an older lady with bilateral DVTs who had been scraping along at home by herself for a tad too long. I can smell her yeastiness from outside the door, poor lady. She is very nice but her memory is not great, I find she also has a MRSA UTI and her already bad renal function is worsening. I call nephrology to take a look at her and ask pharmacy to renally dose vancomycin.

Third is a post-op urology consult who developed an ileus. Now passing gas and eating like a champ. My healthiest patient of the day I would later find out. Unfortunately he and his wife are in the class I would call “speculators.” They will tell you in long, slow, endless descriptions all of his flatus and bowel habits and about every little twinge he has experienced, whilst nervously asking “that’s normal, right?”

I’m about to see my planned fourth patient, when I get a call from one of the MDs. “So and so was in dialysis and they think she had a stroke, can you go see her?” We realize the MD forgot to assign me to the patient, so now I have 12, so I quickly look her up and go through her stuff. She was just admitted last night. Missed dialysis for a week, was visiting family out of town. Family dropped her off in ED and left. She was confused already, couldn’t give much history. Initial head CT negative. I see ?stroke and ?cardiac disease on her problem list. Oh brother. I go see the patient. She smiles blankly and can’t participate in a neurologic exam. I find her daughter’s number and call her. The daughter seems to be high or intoxicated while driving in a wind tunnel on speaker phone. Apparently she is also in town but does not feel she needs to be at her sick mother’s bedside. Bottom line, unhelpful, but she does tell me she wants “FULL RESUSCITATION AND BREATHING TUBES” if her mom goes downhill. I order more brain irradiation for the poor lady along with a bunch of stat labs and an EKG.

It is past noon already. Oh dear. I grab some lunch and hurriedly start typing notes on my upcoming patients.

Patients 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are a mishmash of orthopedic post-op consults, detoxing alcoholics with incidentalomas on their CT scans, pneumonias, and a sad guy who is chronically aspirating and thinking about hospice. I tell a lot of people that I just met that they may have cancer and need GI follow up. In prettier words than that. 

I review the CT scan on the confused lady. No acute changes. I call my attending and she wants a brain MRI. I order that.

Patient 11 is a nonverbal cognitively impaired group home resident coming in with vomiting and PEG tube problems. It seemed like a silly admission but digging further into his history I realize there are some unaddressed issues, in particular a bunch of WEIRD CRAP on his admission CT that could be CANCER that no one mentioned in their note. Make it end!! To make matters worse, I had planned to see him earlier and start his tube feeds but got tied up in calling consults, getting paged for positive blood cultures, and going back to see the confused lady, and so I don’t start his feeds until the end of the day. I also realize he was not getting IV fluids while not eating or drinking. I feel like a total failure and want to report myself to someone. In reality, there were several physicians who saw the patient before me as well as a ton of nurses, and all of us should have realized this sooner. Thankfully, the patient seems unharmed and happy and labs are normal.

I sink down to finish my day and type some notes. One of the attendings walks in and I start to give her a report on her patients. And promptly realize I forgot about patient #12. I freak out, run downstairs, see him VERY late in the day, and everything’s fine. Just an ortho post-op consult and ortho had seen him earlier already. Nonetheless I feel even crappier…

5 minutes before the official end of my on call time, and 2 hours later than I thought I’d be at the hospital, I get a frantic call from nursing saying the bilateral DVT lady with the MRSA is wheezing and sweating after the vancomycin was started. I hold the infusion, order Benadryl and nebs, and call pharmacy, who confirms my suspicion that this is not the typical presentation of a vanc allergy. I ask them to renally dose linezolid instead. I write a few notes. Brain MRI on confused lady is back, vague reading by radiology but seems nothing acute so I page the attending with the results. I fight every urge to stay longer and figure out what is going on with the wheezing lady and ask for the night hospitalist to come see her if she does not improve, as it’s now long past my call time.

I go home, still frazzled. I get in the bath and log in to the EMR on my computer because I’m still nervous. No news. And I sit and try to take a deep breath from this crazy day.

I love my job, but if every day was like this I would never have a good night’s sleep…


I started work at 5:45 this morning, super early for me, and I still haven’t caught up on sleep after my weekend in Cleveland. But today was pretty great. I worked over 10 hours, and only about 1 ½ of those were in the office. I carpooled with my boss to Laguna Beach for a property walk. She grabbed us hot beverages at a Starbucks where we saw the sun come up. After we finished at the first location, we sat in a coffee shop by the beach and worked from her laptop. It was a beautiful location, and it’s great to train with her.

Then we walked another property in Rancho Santa Margarita for about 2 ½ hours. So I also got some great, hilly walking in today.

I’ve now been home for over an hour. I want to go exercise in the living room and have some prosecco (is that a weird combination?), but I took my clothes off and crawled in bed for a minute, and entropy has had me trapped here ever since. Send help.

anonymous asked:

Hi Sam. My job has recently brought in a new policy for our monthly employee evaluations where we have to say what we've done each month in our own time for 'professional development' and it's really stressing me out. (part 1)

I get up at 5:30, I don’t get home until 6 or 7 at night and then I go to bed at 10. I spend two hours on the bus one-way for my commute. I use my weekends to get all my errands done that I can’t do during the week. So basically I have two or three free hours to myself every night, and now I have to start using that to do professional development and I don’t know what to do that will make my supervisor happy. Do you have any suggestions? (part 2)

Man, Anon, that is a rough life, like I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’m sorry you’re in this situation. 

Professional development is something that should take place during work hours and something your employer should make time for, not something you should have to devote your free time to. I’m not saying you can change this because I know that’s not necessarily possible, I’m just saying, this is unjust, and it’s okay if you’re pissed or frustrated by it. If you feel you can bring this to your supervisor, I suggest you do so. It’s potentially illegal, depending on labor laws where you are, to make you tell them what you do in the time you’re not being paid for. But I realize there may be no way to rectify that. 

I would definitely speak to whoever instituted this or to your supervisor and ask how many hours a month you’re meant to dedicate to professional development. Get a firm number, don’t let them ask you how much you think you should be spending. If necessary say “I’m uncomfortable setting hours for this without knowing what your expectations are.” Make them give you a number. Because they may be thinking an hour a month, while you’re thinking an hour a day. (An hour a day is super unreasonable for professional development btw. Six hours a month is on the excessive end of reasonable.) Or they may not have any idea how long you should spend, and this will point up how unreasonable their requirements are. 

Without knowing what your field is, it’s difficult to make suggestions, but I can tell you what I do to try and stay current.

If there are professional organizations for your industry, find their websites and read them. See if they have resource libraries and read a few articles from the resource library. If they have networking events, see if you can attend one (I hate this kind of thing but it does look good on your evaluation; still, I’m trying to recommend stuff you could do from under the blankets on the sofa at home).

If there are publications in your industry, find those and read them if you can – speak to your supervisor about subscription fees if you feel they’d be amenable. If there are email lists or messageboards, make a habit of checking them occasionally and seeing about joining in or starting discussions. The nice thing about all of these is that you can skate a bit – you can say you read the website for two hours when really you peeped at it for half an hour. 

If you get on with your colleagues, set a date once a week or once a month to get together at a restaurant or a bar and engage in “professional discussion”. This can be as simple as shooting the breeze over a couple of beers or a snack.  

For a month or two, you could probably get by with “self inventory” which is like, coming up with the stuff you do well, stuff you do okay, and stuff that you need to work on. That will give you an idea of where to start looking for learning opportunities, too. 

But honestly, I am actually really angry on your behalf. Pro-dev is something your work is supposed to support, not demand from you in your free time. And if they want you to do daily professional development, I would speak to a labor lawyer. That’s absolutely unreasonable.  

anonymous asked:

Hi,Siobhan! Since you do science-y subjects ( which are obviously not the easiest) do you have any special revision tips. Exams are literally around the corner and I have so many retakes and I'm PANICKING:( thank you!!!


So I study biology, chemistry, psychology and maths, so essentially all my subjects are science/maths based. They’re not the easiest, but they are the subjects I am most passionate about, so I am highly motivated to do well in them, and I work hard to get the results I know I can!

Revision is a bit of an awkward thing, I know my friends and I often wonder whether we are doing it ‘right’ or not. It’s a bit bizarre to try and review all this work you learnt and try to get it back into your memory again! I’ll try and share what I am doing at the moment, as I’m 6 weeks away from my AS exams and I’m currently revising.

  • I make a study timetable. Very important. I have 2 hours of revision per night, as well as homework and anything else on top of that. It’ll probably increase to 3 hours closer to exams, but 2 is enough for now. On the weekends I do about 4-5 hours a day. I have it stuck on my wall, colour coded by subject and I arrange a slot for each subject to make it fair. I allow more time for maths (my worst subject) and less for psychology (my best subject), but I make it fairly even.

  • I’ll use Biology as an example. I start off by choosing a sub topic from my subject. So I’ll say I’ll revise the first Biology paper and I’ll cover the first 1/3 of it, so all of cells. So that’s cell structure, cell membranes and cell division.

  • I’ll do some mind maps and break down the topic into chunks, figuring out what goes where and how it all links together. Just to get a general idea of things.

  • Next I look at the subject specification. I look for key definitions that they could test me on, I find the definitions and I make flashcards for them. Rote learning is the way to go on this one. Definitions need to be able to be recited from memory!

  • I then look at the things that they could ask on the specification and I go through each point one by one and use my notes/textbook/the internet make points on each one. So if it asks for the roles of cell organelles, I’ll write down the roles for each one. Then I’ll write down the process of meiosis, the budding of yeast, etc etc.

  • If whilst doing that you come to a bit that doesn’t make sense, STOP AND LEARN IT! Write the question down and see your teacher or look online. For biology I love sites such as:

Bozeman Science videos
S Cool
The Student Room
Biology Guide
BBC Bitesize
Spark Notes

  • Make your notes as colourful and interesting as possible. Use diagrams, flow charts and pictures to make the information come to life. Once you have your model answers for everything and you understand them, now comes the memorisation!

  • For memorising stuff, I find repetition is the best. I write things down, cover it and test myself. I make mnemonics like acrostic poems to help remember the steps in the process (I remember the steps of mitosis as PMAT- prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase)

  • Do your flashcards for definitions (love using the website Quizlet for this) and make posters for key concepts and stick them on your walls! Record yourself explaining a process and make yourself listen to it on your walk to school! Have study dates with friends where you have to test each other on things! 

  • Once you feel like you have memorised everything, it’s time to do some practice papers to get a hang of exam technique. Do them under exam conditions and test your knowledge, then afterwards mark them and see where you went wrong. See exactly what the examiner is looking for! Then adjust your notes, memorise things and try another paper. Do every single paper you can! This is especially true for maths. I just do a few questions from all the exercises from my textbook, memorise key equations and formula and then do a ridiculous amount of past papers.

  • The most important thing to do is not to panic. You’ve got this! Start early, work hard and it’ll pay off :)