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Favorite OTA Moment?

As I was rereading some amazing fanfic, as I do on weekends, I started thinking about the limited OTA moments we have had this season.  I’d love to know what your fav OTA moment is.  It’s soooo hard to pick one but I’d say this one.

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Oliver telling Laurel it started with the three of them and it was time to get back to that!  I legit CHEERED out loud!!

So Happy Bubble and everyone that loves OTA as much as I do~ share your OTA moment!!

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The fic I was reading is AMAZING!  It’s You Said Yes as I Said Please by @anthfan  I LOVE this fic!!!


Adoptive Placement

The county is searching for a potential adoptive placement for RK. They told her up front that they had a couple that was interested and then sent her there for respite this weekend. I talked to one of the moms on the phone before the weekend started and knew that they were not on board. RK talked to them on the phone and she immediately hit the mom up for shoes saying she didn’t have any (obviously a lie).

Mom contacted me this morning already (RK has been there like 12 hours) and told me it’s a no-go even though now RK is openly talking to them about living with them. The insensitive way in which we manage kids like this is ridiculous to me. I guess RK lied to them while she’s been there and said she didn’t get anything for her birthday last month (she had two parties and plenty of gifts).

The home is treatment level and we are not. There is another family interested that is awesome and they have been doing respite for RK since January. They are all in and the county approached them about being a resource. The county has now said they aren’t licensed so they don’t think placement is a good idea (never mind that they could be licensed within 30 days).

It’s a mess. Who loses? RK.

Did I mention we had court this week and RK’s mom addressed me in front of RK stating that I was getting rid of RK? She’s a classy lady, that mom.

The moment I realise…that this is my last free weekend before school starts again. The end of my free week has almost come to a end. And I am just like:

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April 29 run - 10 miles. As I log these runs, it occurs to me that I tend to run he same loops over and over again. This one was a different course for once. My friend and I did a trail run from his house. Between the heat, some technical footing, and running with his dog, the pace was very slow. At least it was a long time on my feet, which I’ve found to be good for my training. Great way to start the weekend.

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.

“I didn’t even start gambling until I was 43. I thought I was mature, but I was as vulnerable as a child. I started going to the casino once or twice on the weekends. It was a social thing. I’d just play cards with my friends. But I had good luck in the beginning. I started to win. And I started to love it. I couldn’t wait for the weekend. Soon I started to go during the week. I’d work the early shift and I’d have all afternoon to play. I abandoned all my responsibilities. Once you start playing– you forget that you’re hungry, you forget that you’re thirsty, you even forget that you have a family. I lost the grocery money, the rent money, everything. Winning felt great. And losing made me need to win. I’d make up excuses every time I came home empty handed. I’d say that I was mugged, or that my work hadn’t paid us that week. Eventually I had to sell my car. I lost our house. I lost my wife. We’d been together for twenty years. I just took for granted that she’d always be around. The only thing that I didn’t lose was my daughters. They sat me down one day, and said: ‘Dad, either quit gambling, or quit this house.’ And I never played again.”

(Medellín, Colombia)