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in which madara is rapunzel and sakura is the prince


draconianpotterhead  asked:

All Hell Breaks Loose was hard on Jensen??! What happened!?! :'( why come I never knew this. His acting was spectacular as always but really showcased in that episode. Guess I know the reason why now...

Someone asked him about it at SeaCon and he admitted that after they did the scene with Sam dying, he kept holding Jared and crying after the director called cut. I think he got way too far into Dean’s headspace, something they both said happens a lot. Here’s the gifset of his answer: http://nothingidputbeforeyou.tumblr.com/post/159412400554/sure-jensen-seacon

I agree- AHBL 1& 2 had great performances from both guys but Jensen really hit it out of the park with his scenes. Just amazing. 

Into You (4/?)

Summary- When all the media seems to talk about is Tom’s new girl, and what a perfect couple you are, all you want is to be in his arms again.

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You were trapped.

There was no better word for it. It seemed as though every where you turned there they were, him and his perfect girl. The girl that was once you, but at the same time wasn’t you. Because Tom never flaunted you, he never wanted to be seen out together, you never so much as went for coffee together.

Yet, you longed for him, to be curled up on the sofa watching whatever rubbish horror movie you could find on Netflix, snacking on far too many sweets knowing it would make training a thousand times worse on Monday. The jealousy towards Nina, the blonde who had been draped on his arm, continued to simmer in you, and you could feel it grow bigger with each headline you read, or each photo you saw.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a rec list. 

I decided to do this endorsement instead. If I’m stalking you like crazy, you’re doing something right. 

1. @chaos-and-the-calm67 - Check out her Pen Pals series and gif blurbs. So much goodness. 

2. @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - She fulfills my Dean x Donna needs and basically all the Dean x Reader dirty fantasies I can imagine. (And sometimes Sam, shhhh don’t tell.)

3. @saucynewf - Her weekend porn spam… it BRINGS ME LIFE. If you aren’t following her, you are wrong. 

4. @misswhizzy - All the gifs to brighten my day and make me smile. half of what I reblog, she finds or creates. 

5. @justjensenanddean - My gif ROYALTY. If not for this blog, I would have been lost on the night of Saturday Night Special in Vegas. However, I was able to cry with all of the rest of you as Jensen sang “Brother”. Thank you my love. You MAKE my day. 

6. @winchester-writes - She wants me to admit that I actually LIKE getting my heart ripped out by her. While I’ll never admit it, you should go read her shit. Especially if you feel like crying. 

7. @thing-you-do-with-that-thing - She is a wonderful human being who has a great need for Daddy! Jensen. I love her series. She is the MASTER. 

8. @nichelle-my-belle - my wonderful wall flower that makes me wait (Impatiently) for everything she writes. There is something very unique about the way Nichelle writes. I can’t pin it down, but you should DEFINITELY follow her. 

9. @heytheredeann - Another Gif QUEEN feeding my need 24/7. I can’t stop staring at the beauty that is Dean Winchester and this lady makes sure that I don’t ever run out of things to look at. 

Check out these WONDERFUL people. They are INCREDIBLE. You will NOT regret it for a single second.