weekend snacks

Virgo & Pisces
  • Pisces, doing a really ugly face, followed by an uglier laugh: Oh- HIHIHGKFKFKKFKFHOOHOHOHOJGIFJDMJDKUAKUALUAVSSSSH
  • Virgo, laughing their butt off, hitting Pisces' arm: Never again!! That was so disgusting, and you looked like you needed some holy water and some milk
  • Pisces, grins: But you laugh, so it's fine by me
  • Virgo, stops laughing, blushes:
  • Virgo: Your so cheesy...
Matsuhana headcanons

- they have a small cabin behind their apartment in the garden (from the last owners) and they love hanging out in it after work or on the weekends. They have snacks there, a big couch, speakers, a tv and a ps4. It’s perfect for every weather. They also throw parties sometimes but as mentioned it’s a very small cottage so it’s normally just 3-4 other people.

- makki is addicted to buying candles. He has a whole collection of different scents (like cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry, mint, lavender, orange..) Matsukawa works in a big store which sells many sorts of candles and always brings home the new ones for his boyfriend.

- they have a chain of lights above their bed and the lightbulbs have the shape of stars. They hung it up on their first day they moved in. It’s honestly the best investment they ever made, it’s incredibly calming to look at while dozing off at night.

- one time they visited an amusement park and made a challenge: who could get the most phone numbers. Hanamaki got 3 but Matsukawa got 10 numbers, which made makki jealous. Like, really jealous. Thinking about all the people that could steal his perfect boyfriend made him shiver. Matsukawa noticed right away and just threw the sheet of paper into the next bin.


Grocery shopping – when was the last time he had done such a simple task on his own? Past getting home from the hospital his mother had blantly refused to let his son out the door unless he kept company with a friend, his parents or a maid of theirs. Not that he had to stock up their fridge in any way or sense, but sometimes just getting the liberty to get a weekend snack and something to burrow the sorrow into helped. It just felt somewhat shameful to grab for bags of chips and ice cream when he couldn’t hide it from the people walking near, casting shady glances at his arms. This was different, however, just roaming around on his own – not without a reason mind you, but one he hoped didn’t show on his features as he travel through the cereals in an attempt to place the supermarket’s layout in mind. Matthew’s steps slowed down as he approched another person, a woman about his age with her toes on edge, as she reached upwards against something her fingers clearly couldn’t wrap themselves around due to the height differences between her legs and the shelf. “I’d offer a hand, but it looks more like you’d need another pair of legs”, Matt spoke up without thinking. “Don’t you women wear heels for a reason?”

Favorite Childhood Memories
  • Slytherin: Catching fireflies with the neighborhood kids, crunching on leaves as they walk home from school, eating s'mores in the summer, swinging as high as possible on the swings, singing along to the radio in the car, playing in the sprinkler, watching/helping mom and dad repaint the basement, looking for billboards in the car, sitting with dad while he watched sports
  • Gryffindor: Making drawings on the windows with their breath, watching mom fix dinner while they sat on the counter, making snowflakes in the winter out of coffee filters, finding bugs in the garden, pretending the floor was lava, playing tag at recess, climbing trees (even the small ones), watergun fights, coloring outside the lines, blwing really big bubbles with bubblegum
  • Ravenclaw: Sitting on granparents' laps while being read to, blowing bubbles out their bedroom window, their dad teaching them how to rollerblade, waking up early on weekends to sneak snacks and watch cartoons, staying up at night under the covers playing with their toys, exploring neighbors' yards, building snowforts with friends, planting a garden with mom
  • Hufflepuff: Sitting on the back porch eating a popcisle as the juice dripped down their hand because they were watching the sunset, building snow people with siblings, riding bikes around the neighborhood with the other kids, looking for rocks in the creek, playing with pets, sneaking extra Halloween candy, going apple/pumpkin picking, school carnivals, temporary tattoos