weekend of inspiration

There aren’t many people who love Mondays, and that is why we decided to share a list of couple of things we try to do every Sunday to prepare for new week and enter it in our best shape. Hope you find something here useful ^^ 


 1. Write down everything you need to do and everything you need to remember about this week. 

Planning is the obvious key to being organised, so we don’t need to explain why you need to do it. What you, however, need to remember about is to write down everything- literally everything, from birthdays and tests, to watering plants and taking out the trash. That way, it’ll be easier for you to create specific to-do-lists for each day of the week and not forget about the, seemingly, little, but not less important, things.

 2. Check the weather forecast and check if you have appropriate clothes in your wardrobe 

Although this might sound a little uptight for some, we prefer to believe it’s actually easier to do your laundry on Sunday when you have some free time (and even deal with ironing and folding) and have clothes ready, than to run around like a drunk gremlin on a Wednesday morning, looking for clean clothes, because it’s suprisingly cold and you don’t have any clean sweaters. 

 3. Pack your bag just before going to bed 

Chances are, at that point, you won’t take anything out of it, and you will have your bag ready in the morning, therefore avoiding the drunk gremlin situation mentioned before 

 4. Clean your room

 If you are only to clean your room once a week, do it on Sunday. Open windows, clean your desk, vacuum and throw out the trash. That way you’ll begin new week in a fresh and clean environment and there is nothing that’ll make you feel more productive.

 5. Try to finish your work

 Obviously. But remember that all-nighters should always be a last resort and that not so many things actually deserve them.

 6. Call your friends and family

 No matter how busy are, you should have sometime in your week designated only for contacting your friends and family, updating them on you life and hearing about theirs. It’s better to talk with someone once a week, than not talk to them at all (obviously), even if at that point you may only be able to have a 30 minutes conversation over the phone. And Sundays are great for that, mostly because most people are more able (and willing) to talk on weekends than in the middle of a busy week.

 7. Do something for yourself (don’t overdo it though) 

Pamper yourself a little. Watch an episode of your favourite show, or have a very nice dinner. You worked hard this weekend and you deserve it. But be real with what you can, and what you can’t do- if you’re really busy, going to a cinema and a dinner later may not be the greatest of ideas, and maybe this week, getting a coffee in a nice cafe will have to do. 

 8. Workout

 Workouts are important and super great and you should do them not only on a Sunday. But what makes Sunday workouts really great, is that usually you have time for a longer and nicer one and they give you a motivation boosts which last till Monday 

 9. Plan your meals for the week 

You don’t need to get them ready right away, but you should have a general idea what you’ll be eating this week. So you can plan you shopping and cooking and cleaning (and yes, we know, we get boring with this constant planning thing, but it really is crucial) 

 10. Avoid all screens 

30 minutes before bedtime It’s a general rule and you should do it every day, not only on Sunday. It’ll be easier for you to fall asleep if you give your brain (and eyes) some time to relax 

 11. Go to bed slightly earlier and wake up slightly earlier

 Try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier and to wake up 30 minutes earlier. It (for reasons unknown to us ^^) makes wonders for your productivity and motivation

 12. Take a nice, long bath 

You should never underestimate good baths abilities to wash away the whole week, and there is nothing nicer than going to bed on a Sunday with super smooth and moisturised skin, and waking up on Monday already clean and smelling nice ^^

 13. Do something that’ll help you improve yourself 

 Do one lesson on Duolingo. Write another page of your book. Stretch. Improve everyday, specially on Sunday

 14. If you have time, prepare yourself food for Monday 

 Mondays aren’t great, but having food makes them slightly better

 15. Try to relax

 There is a reason why we created weekend.You can’t (and shouldn’t try to) cram the whole weekend- try to relax and enter new week with rested mind

Sometimes you need to just say what’s on your mind. Take the leap and say how you feel. The other person could surprise you. They could say everything you’ve always wanted to hear. Truth is, you never know until you speak up.
—  Me, 6.2.17, “Me and the Hipster”
Weekend Sketchbook Challenge #46

This week we are: Taping our pens to each other and drawing with them!

Did anyone else do this when they were little? It’s amazing how well you can still draw when you’re drawing with two (or three!) pens at once instead of just the one. And it actually looks really cool as well! 

So, what you have to do is this: pick two pens. Any pens. Or pencils if you want, but I tend to find that pens work better for this. And just tape them to each other. Make sure that the tips line up, it makes it easier to draw with them. And then just draw whatever you would normally draw, or whatever you feel like drawing! 

Make sure you experiment - use different colour pens, use 2 of the same colour pens, draw small things, small objects, draw big, expansive things. Draw landscapes or faces or flowers or words or whatever happens to be in front of you right now. 

It’s a nice easy one this week, nothing too strenuous, just lots of experimentation and playing around, so more than anything just make sure you have fun. My example is below, only one for now but I’m sure to do more of this in the days to come! I did eyes, obviously, because I am predictable as all hell haha! So, have fun, tag me in your drawings, and go for it! 


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Dean’s got a secret admirer and an office full of suspects. Can the music tell the tale?

Via the WWM Flash Ficlet Prompt - Week 1 on tumblr: 

A CD sits on your desk with a post-it on it that says “listen”. You know what it is but not how it got there.

Dean stared at the CD in his hand, the interoffice envelope it came in sat among the mess of other paperwork he needed to get to today. He picked at the blue post-it with the word ‘listen’ written in block letters. What the hell? He pushed himself up from his desk just enough to peer over his cubicle. A sea of heads bowed over monitors, the buzz of fifty hushed conversations, but no way to tell who left the package on his desk. Leaning back in his chair he scowled at the CD, an iridescent rainbow glinting at him through the jewel case.

He waited until his lunch break to pop the disc into the player at his desk. Music. At least he thought it was music. It began with a scratchy, driving beat. It seemed like the musician intended it to mimic a heartbeat. Wait, he mumbled to himself. I know this song. Trent Reznor’s susurrus tenor filled his ears.

You let me violate you
you let me desecrate you
you let me penetrate you
you let me complicate you

“Holy shit.” he rasped, accidentally pressing the earpiece deeper into his ear. He stood from his chair again, scouring the office space. No juvenile snickering and/or pointing. He didn’t really think that someone around here would prank him using a Nine Inch Nails cut. Not even good-natured Ian in the next cubicle over. Half of these people wouldn’t know NIN if they sat on them much less taking the time to burn a CD with their music on it. He pressed speed dial number one, calling his best friend.

It rang once, then a familiar low rumble filled his ear. “Novak.”

“Holy crap,” Dean began abruptly. “I’m sitting here holding a friggin’ CD that somebody sent me.” His voice dropped down to a whisper. “I think it’s a message.”

The pause on the line was long enough for him to think he had been disconnected. Then he heard, “Who is this?”

“Cas, I swear to God–”

“Just kidding,” he snorted. “How much coffee did you drink this morning?”

Dean grinned in spite of himself, gazing at a picture on the wall of his cube. Him and Cas grinning over twin beers at Ellen’s bar. The memory widened his smile, heartbeat speeding up in a rush of…he didn’t know what. He smothered a wave of desire for his friend. The last thing he wanted was to make things weird between them. Sandover was a big company and sometimes he was thankful that they worked five floors away from each other. Sometimes.

“I’m cutting back,” he swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. “You know that.”

“I do.” Cas answered warmly. “So, in ten words or less, what’s going on?”

“I think that somebody is…coming on to me.”

“Hello. Have you met you? Who’s not coming on to you?”

“Yeah, I am adorable, but that’s beside the point. I need to know who this is.”

“They didn’t leave a name on the CD?”

“No. Just a post-it that says ‘listen’.”

“You have a secret admirer. How cute!”

“Blow me, Cas. I’m serious.”

A peal of laughter through the phone had him rethinking his words. “That’s not what I meant.” he said, reddening.

“I know,” Cas managed to pull himself together. Barely. “I think you’re missing the point. If they didn’t say who they are, they don’t want you to know.”

“Bullshit,” Dean threw a look over his shoulder, whispering conspiratorially. “Maybe it’s Abby in accounting.”

“Her?” Cas scoffed. “Not a Nine Inch Nails fan. She’s kind of a hip-hop type of girl.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Dean’s replied absently, unconvinced. “What about Anne-Marie on six?”



“So doubtful, Dean.” There was muffled talking, Cas covering his mouthpiece. “Adler is making the rounds. I’ve got to at least look like I’m working,” then affectionately, “Call you tonight?”

“Sounds good.” His voice had gone gooey. Lock it down, Winchester. He cleared his throat trying for something more professional. Lower. “Later, Buddy.”

Disconnecting, he drummed his fingers on his desk, thinking. It wouldn’t hurt to call Abby. Just to rule her out. She was a pretty girl. Hot. Still, he admitted, she didn’t exactly set his soul on fire. His eyes slid briefly to the wall photo. Cas gave him a toothy grin. But that song. Whoever sent that song wanted him bad. Dean went to his screen, pulling up Abby’s number. Whoever sent that song wanted to hook up. He grabbed the disc, twirling it on his finger and tapping her extension on the keypad. Whoever sent that song–

He frowned, the disc wobbling to a stop on his finger. Wait a minute. He blinked. Wait a fucking minute. That song. By Nine Inch Nails. He replayed his conversation with Cas in his head:

“Holy crap, I’m sitting here holding a friggin’ CD that somebody sent me. I think it’s a message.”

Color drained from his face. Then filled up again, heated with thunderbolt realization.

“I never said it was Nine Inch Nails.” he said aloud.

“What? You talking to me, Winchester?” Ian’s voice floated over the top of the cubicle.

“What? No, I was talking to–”

His headset clicked, then a woman’s voice tinkled musically into his ear, “Accounting, Abby.”

“Shit.” The disc slipped from his finger, landing on its edge with a padded thunk on the carpet. It rolled away, arcing around his walled partition and into Ian’s area. “Fuck me.” he groaned.

“Excuse me?” she huffed. “Who is this?” she paused and he could feel her eyes locking onto her caller ID. “Winchester? Is that you, Dean?”

“Shit,” he repeated, wheeling around and gawking at the wall photo.

Cas. The CD was from Cas.

“You all right there, pal?” Ian was leaning over the cubicle, concerned face studying him.

“You’re an infant, Dean.” Abby spat, tinny voice cutting through like ice. “I’m calling HR.”

“Wait–” he said, to the broken connection.

Proffering the disc, Ian said brightly. “Dropped something.”

“I’ll be right back.” Dean plucked it from his hand, bee lining for the elevators.

Shaking his head, Ian mused. “Or not.”