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friendship bracelets // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles & Y/N discover that true love isn’t anything like they expected it to be

Requested: no

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes, & smut


When he was 3 years old, he watched in amazement as the big truck pulled up to the curb of the suburban neighborhood he called home. With his nose pressed against the glass he watched two men step out of the truck and start unloading boxes onto the driveway. The simple action fascinated him for reasons he couldn’t explain.

The sun caught the exterior of the bright red minivan that pulled into the driveway, causing him to squint. He couldn’t believe his eyes when a girl hopped out of the backseat.

“Woah.” He mumbled against the glass, his hot breath causing it to fog up. Quickly wiping it away, he watched as she danced around the lawn while the rest of her family started moving boxes. Her pigtails bounced behind her as she ran around.

“Stiles? What are you doing?” His dad asked curiously. Before he could answer, his father noticed the moving truck and family moving in across the street. “Wanna go say hi?” His father offered, placing a hand on the small boy’s shoulder. Nodding furiously, he smiled up at his father. 

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Hickeys | Jeff Atkins Imagine

Anonymous said: hii, could you possibly do a imagine where the reader is like really freaking shy, especially when jeff gives her hickies 😂 but then he like comfort her about it say that the reader doesn’t have to be shy? basically just a really sweet and loving jeff. thank you! 💓

your p.o.v ━

you were currently walking down the hall with one of your close friends, hannah baker. you were both quietly chatting about the long school day you had, both thanking god that it was friday.

as the both of you neared your locker, you saw your tall boyfriend jeff, leaning against it with a tired expression on his face.

“hi love,” he said, approaching you with open arms and a tired smile. you walked right into his strong arms, instantly wrapping your arms around the middle of his torso.

you were too short to reach his neck, even on your tiptoes. once you felt his arms wrap around you, he pulled you as close as possible against him mumbling a tired, “i love you.”

you grinned, pulling back a bit and tilting your head to gaze up at him. “i love you,” you whispered, biting your lower lip as both of your eyes stayed locked on each other.

“um, i should probably get going,” hannah laughed, making your eyes snap towards the brown haired girl, but you stayed in your position with jeff nonetheless.

“we still gonna go eat lunch tomorrow?” you asked, a small smile spreading across your plump lips. she nodded, “for sure, just text me when you wanna go.”

your eyes lit up, “absolutely,” you said, feeling jeff’s hands slowly make their way up and down the small of your back, rubbing you softly. you leaned your head down against his chest, still staring at hannah as she turned to leave.

“have fun you two!” she yelled, making her way out of the school. it was truly a blessing that there wasn’t a lot of kids left in the halls, most of them leaving as soon as the bell rung.

“you need anything in your locker?” you heard jeff mumble, then you felt him lightly kiss the top of your head.

you nodded, “yeah, come on,” you said, feeling your chest tighten as you pulled out of his strong embrace. he grabbed your small hand in his rather large one, walking towards your locker with you right on his heel.

“you still have practice?” you questioned, knowing you would have to walk home alone.

jeff sighed, “yeah, we didn’t have practice on wednesday so coach is making us practice today.”

you pouted, “that sucks, i wanted you to come over,” you said, stopping right in front of your locker, then quickly focusing on opening it. you sucked at opening your locker, usually jeff or hannah doing it for you since you always messed up the combination.

you felt jeff’s eyes on you, watching you struggle, but you were determined to open it this time on your own.

it took you a good three tries, before finally hearing the lock click as you swung your locker door open. “finally!” you huffed, rolling your eyes. you heard jeff’s deep chuckle, making your eyes snap up towards the jock. “what?” you asked, your eyebrows furrowing in question.

he shook his head, “nothing, nothing. you’re just so adorable,” he said softly, giving you a toothy smile. you blushed, turning your head back towards your locker and getting the book you would need to do your homework over the weekend.

“you’re handsome,” you spoke softly, almost mumbling. you were always shy around jeff, but he didn’t mind. in fact, that was one of his favorite things about you, besides your laugh. your little laugh drove him insane, always making him laugh with you even if nothing was funny.

you tensed up slightly, feeling your boyfriend move behind you and wrap his arms around your waist. jeff leaned down, placing a small, but gentle kiss against your sweet spot. you ran your tongue over your lips, tilting your head to the side, your eyes fluttering close.

“i’m going to be so late to practice,” he breathed against your neck, but as soon as the words left his mouth, he started harshly sucking on your sweet spot.

your eyes snapped open, before you relaxed your entire body, causing your full body weight to lean against jeff.

a soft, little moan escaped your wet lips, jeff’s arms traveling to your stomach, lifting up your shirt and gently letting his fingers stroke over your stomach.

this instantly caused you to release a small giggle, your body squirming against him. he laughed too, giving your neck a final kiss before pulling away, as if nothing ever happened.

you looked around nervously, not seeing anyone besides you and jeff, which you were thankful for.

you turned to look back at your boyfriend, noticing his eyes already on you with a small, cheeky smirk on his lips.

you avoided eye contact with him, feeling your face heat up. “you shouldn’t have done that,” you huffed, trying your hardest to look annoyed.

jeff laughed loudly, his laugh echoing throughout the hallway. “you’re so stubborn love,” jeff teased, while looking down at you with twinkling blue eyes.

you glared at him, “how am i stubborn?”

“well,” he started, “the fact that you’re so stubborn about me giving you a hickey because of your supposed ‘shyness’ for people seeing it makes you stubborn,” he stated, his tone sounding smart.

you felt yourself tense, a small frown appearing on your face. you couldn’t hold it in, you started rambling uncontrollably. “look, jeff, it’s not that i don’t want you to give me hickeys, it’s just that i don’t want people seeing it and then later on thinking all we do is-”

jeff suddenly cut you off, his lips pressed roughly against yours. you kissed him back, putting as much passion into the kiss. you felt jeff’s tongue swipe across your bottom lip, almost begging to invade your sweet, little mouth.

you opened your mouth slightly, both of your tongues swirling around one another’s, searching each other’s mouths. you moaned, letting the thick textbook that you had in your hand drop to the floor, making a loud sound as the book hit the floor.

you jumped, gasping as jeff pulled away, his eyes swimming with lust and most importantly, love.

“you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s opinions,” he whispered, his lips wet with your saliva. “it’s just you and me baby,” he continued, staring you dead in the eyes.

your heart melted, a small smile spreading across your lips. “i love you,” you whispered, your hands making their way up his chest, then moving towards his shoulders, gripping them tightly.

jeff smiled, “i love you most.”

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this is my first imagine for this blog, and there will be plenty more to come! also, please be patient, i have over 25 requests that i need to do, and all will be up asap! thank you!

Teacher || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by relationshipwithbts

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

“Sangwoo, can you come here for a second?” The boy looked up from where he was drawing in the back of the class and locked eyes with you. He was sat alone in the corner, away from the other kids and it broke your heart to see him like this. Sangwoo was usually active with the other kids and used to always participate in class, but lately he had been pulling away from everyone.

The boy cleaned up the items he had been using and he slowly got up from where he was sitting. The sluggish movements of the six year old worried you and a frown came across you face. His eyes seemed to be locked on the ground as he walked towards you, not wanting to make eye contact. The action seemed to be his way of hiding from you and you sighed, slowly crouching down to his height.

“Sangwoo, do you have something you want to tell teacher about?” You asked. You hoped the words would be enough encouragement for the boy to speak but the words he said weren’t the ones you had been looking for. You became even more worried as you heard the words that left his mouth and you wondered if something was going on at home.

“I’m not in trouble, am I?” Sangwoo questioned. His tone made your heart clench and you quickly shook your head, cancelling all fears of his. He seemed to calm down a little bit at the fact that he wasn’t in trouble.

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A new short premiered over the weekend! Almost didn’t catch it since it aired the same weekend as the special. Lots of fun and cute Mickey and Minnie in this one. 

Be Kind To Your Daughters

AN: A request from an Anon who wanted a Bruce xDaughter!Reader who was estranged from the batman side of his life. Hope you enjoy!

You hated the dining room. In your opinion, it was one of the worst features of Wayne Manor. It served no purpose. No one ever sat and ate here, except you and Alfred. To you it would have been better if the two of you could eat in the living room in front of the T.V., at least that way you wouldn’t have to scream across the table at him whenever you wanted to have a conversation.

“Hurry now, Mistress Wayne, I know you enjoy your waffles, but there is traffic today and it will be horrible getting to school,” Alfred says he walks into the dining room and clearly away the dishes that you’d already finished with.

What was worse about the dining room was when Alfred was too busy to eat with you. You hated being alone in this house. Despite the years, you’d been with your father you’d never gotten over the coziness of the small two-bedroom apartment that you and your mother shared. Though, you may have started to feel more comfortable if you thought of your father as a parent rather than a sperm donor, and even sometimes that description didn’t fit.

“What about Damian?” you question, “Isn’t he coming with us?”

“I’m afraid not miss, your father had to pull him out of school today.”

“I see,” you say pushing away from the table. “I’ll wait by the door.”

“Of course, just give me a moment.”

Walking through the halls was something else you hated about the manor. Instead of having pictures and paintings of animals or flowers the way normal people had, most of the artwork that decorated the halls of Wayne Manor was of members of the Wayne family. Every time you walk past them, you’re constantly reminded that you look nothing like the man called your father. Not your hair color, eye color, or facial structure. You were, in essence, a carbon copy of your mother. In fact, if it had not been for the DNA test, you probably wouldn’t have been dropped off to live here with him.

Alfred finds you leaning against the couch in the entrance hall waiting for him with your school bag in hand.  “Ready for the first day of your last year, Mistress Wayne?”

“As I’ll ever be,” you say with boredom filling your tone and walking toward the door. Before the turn the knob you through a quickly glance over your shoulder. You wouldn’t admit it if anyone asked what you were looking for, but you had hoped that he would at least come down to send you on your way off for the first day.  You were disappointed but not surprised when you didn’t see him, it’s not like you were important to him.

“Fifty Million Dollars?” Damian questions watching the screen.

“Syphoned out of the bank using a virus. It’s untraceable and the perfect crime,” Dick adds.

Bruce doesn’t respond, but they know he feels frustrated. This was the second time the Bank of Gotham had been hit in two months, and it was for the same amount of cash as well. He hadn’t been able to solve the case then, and he didn’t know if he would be able to do it now.

“Master Bruce, I’ve just finished dropping of the young miss at school,” Alfred’s voice sounds over the intercom.

“Thank you, Alfred.”

“She was looking for you, sir.”

Bruce pauses, “Did she need something?”

“I think she was hoping her father would see her off on her first day back to school, sir.”

“I don’t have time, I’ll make it up to her, Alfred.”

“Very well, sir.”

Its silent in the room, save for the slight tapping of Dick’s shoe.

“You have something to say?” Bruce asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Just that, you could have eaten breakfast with her, or something,” Dick says with a shrug.

“If she’s so immature that she’s upset that she had to eat alone, who would want to deal with her?” Damian says with a shrug.

“Don’t be a jerk,” Dick says with a sigh. “What I mean is, she doesn’t know about any of this stuff. When it was me and I had to be alone at least I knew why. If I was her I’d think my father hated me.”

Bruce felt the guilt pool in his belly, had he given you than impression? Maybe he should have interacted more. In all honesty, he wasn’t sure how to talk to you. You were like the others, all hurt in some way, but something about you had been different. Nothing that he did when you first came to stay with him after your mother died had been able to console you, and as a result he winded up letting you work out your issues yourself. Perhaps that was the wrong tactic, especially considering in the five years you’ve been with him, he can’t remember a time when you the both of you had willingly spent more than ten minutes in the room together.

“Alfred,” he calls as he presses a button on the intercom. “I’ll pick her up from school.”

“Will Damian be in school tomorrow?” The older woman asks.

“I believe he will, he just had a fever this morning,” you say with a pleasant smile. You hoped she couldn’t tell how much your cheeks were twitching in pain from the small smile. It was a foreign expression. One that you reserved for strangers and your father’s acquaintances you were introduced to at his benefits. At those parties, it was easier to keep one on because no one noticed the small amount of alcohol you would put in your sodas.

You took Damian’s Syllabi from the teacher and stuffed them into your schoolbag and began to make your way to the gate of the school.

Surprisingly, the black town car that Alfred usually picked you up was not there. Instead there waited your father, leaning against one of his many sports cars, waiting for you.

You pause, taking in the sight. Why is he here? Did something happen?

Your thoughts are redirected when you see him toss a hand up calling attention to himself as if you couldn’t see him. As if there weren’t parents and students oohing and awing at his presence already.

“Father?” You question, eyes narrowing in confusion as you walk up to him.

“I thought it would be nice to drive you home on your first day as a senior,” he says with a smile awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.

“I see,” you say stepping in to the car as he opens the door for you.

As you wait for him to enter the vehicle on his side, you notice some of the parents excitedly snapping pictures. Was he so important to them?

The car smoothly peels away from the curb, engine quiet as the both of you begin the drive home.

“How was the first day back?” He questions.


“Make any new friends?”


“Did you try?”

“Does it matter?” You question cutting your eyes at him. “In a year I’ll be gone, there’s no point in making hollow friendships. I’d rather not over exert myself.”

“You’re planning on leaving?” He asks slightly surprised.

“I was planning on going to college and there aren’t many quality higher education opportunities in Gotham. Or are the boys the only ones allowed to leave home?”

He doesn’t know what the right thing to say is, especially because he is thrown off by your hostile tone. “Where ever you want to go, I’ll support you.”

“I’m sure you will.”

A stiff silence falls over the car, and it’s one the two of you are both grateful for. You both know nothing about the other, and it seemed a little bit late to get to know one another, at least from your perspective. He hadn’t tried in the last five years why should he start now, in nine months you wouldn’t have anything to do with him anyways.

You closed your eyes as the buildings of the city passed. Both in attempt to make sure that he didn’t start another conversation and to get in at least a couple minutes of sleep. You had a late night last night, the second of many that were sure to come.

It’s October, and the second full month of school is almost over. Halloween, luckily landed on a weekend and it was more than excuse enough to get out of the house. Yet somehow you find yourself locked in your room, a chair pressed under your doorknob so that you wouldn’t be able to wiggle the door knob off.

“Let me out, Dick!” You scream as you pound on the door. If he could see into your bedroom, he’d see how serious you were. The anger you felt was causing the furniture to levitate. Something that happened often when you were unable to control your emotions, but something that you also hid from your family.

“I can’t it’s not safe to leave. You know this is one of the most dangerous nights in Gotham,” He reasons, almost pleading for you to drop it and find a way to entertain yourself.

“Why is it okay for Damian to sneak out at night, but not me?” You question arms crossed in anger.

“What?” He asks in surprise.

“Oh, don’t play dumb, Dick.  All of you do it. You, Jason, Tim. You think just because I’m locked away at night that I never noticed that most nights I’m here by myself? Or the vehicles speeding away from the house in the middle of the night.”

“You don’t understand, we had part-time jobs.” He tries pathetically.

“What can a ten-year-old do at one in the morning?”

“Please just drop it, sis.”

It’s the endearment that gets you. A warmth that spreads over your body and flush that bites at your cheeks. It wasn’t often that it was acknowledge that, blood or not, you were their sibling. Dick tried his best, but he was older when you arrived, and he wasn’t there to treat you the way that a big brother would a little sister.

It’s also the endearment that causes the furniture to drop gently back to the ground and your fists to unclench.

“All right, Dick.”

“Tomorrow why don’t we got to the fair or something maybe we could hang out?”

There is a warmth in his tone that you aren’t used to and it makes you feel slightly guilty as your reach for your cell phone and scroll through the list of names.

“I’d like that.”

“Cool. I’ll come check on you later.”

Just as his footsteps are gone from your hall you press talk on your phone.

“Jason, do you think you can do me a favor?”

You liked Jason. You got Jason, and for the most part he understood you. You didn’t know why he resented Bruce as much as he did, but you were happy that you had at least one person you could talk to that wouldn’t report everything you said to Bruce the way that Alfred did.

“Is here fine, kid?” He asks as he stops his motorcycle.

You look up at the large city library in front of you and nodded your head as you slipped your leg over the side of his bike.

“Thank you, Jason,” you say with a pleasant smile as you pass him the extra helmet that he’d given you.

“I’ve never seen someone want to sneak out of the house just to go to the library. You know there is one in the manor?”

“I just wanted to get out of the house for a while. I’m never quite comfortable there, it’s almost like I’m not supposed to be there. Like everyone is in on some big secret and they are all avoiding talking about it when I’m there. It feels that way with you sometimes too.”

Jason looks at you solemnly, letting your words wash over him. He swallows thickly when he meets your eyes that are pleading with him, longing for him to tell you the truth.

“We all feel a little out of place sometimes, kid,” he says smoothing some of your hair down that had been trapped in the helmet. The warm gesture caused a smile to run over your face. “But we all find a place where we belong.”

You nod, “Thanks, Jason.”

“What time, do you want me to pick you up?”

“The library closes at, one I think.”

“Geez, people are actually here that late?” He questions turning his engine on.

“It’s a community college library, students have to study.”

“I guess. Catch ya’ later, kid.”

You watch with a smile as he speeds off. When his form disappears, your eyes find their way to your watch.

‘Five hours’ you think to yourself. ‘Five hours to hit five banks, shouldn’t be too hard, especially since my power is growing.’

“It’s Sixteen Banks in November alone, and there seems to be nothing we can do,” Dick says as he leans against the desk. “Do you know how rich whoever this person is now?”

“You almost sound as if you admire them, Grayson.” Damian adds.

“You have to give credit where credit is due,” Dick says with a shrug.

“I’m not going to give credit to someone robbing the people of the world,” Bruce rumbles, causing his eldest son to roll his eyes.

“At least we know they’re here in Gotham. And besides, its better than all the other assholes who go and hold the banks hostage.” Jason says pouring himself a cup of coffee. They’d all been analyzing the data for hours, with no luck, and he was beginning to get tired.

“Just because no one’s getting hurt doesn’t mean that its okay to commit the crime,” Tim says with narrowed eyes.

“Never said it was, loser. I’m just saying that it’s not a 911.”

Tim glared at his older brother but didn’t say anything else.

“Sir, I have something to show you.”

Alfred’s interruption snaps not only Bruce but the rest of the boy’s attention.

Tim notices the sad look on Alfred’s face first, “What’s wrong, Alfred.”

“I’m afraid that young Mistress Wayne has been keeping a secret from all of us.”

Alfred walks forward toward the group pulling a stack of documents from his breast pocket and hands them to Bruce.

Bruce feels his throat tighten in guilt as he looks through them, “These are acceptance letters.”

“Yes, to various Ivy League Institutes, sir.”

“She didn’t even tell me she applied,” Bruce mumbles to himself. “Why would she throw these away?”

Jason pulls the limp letters from his father’s hand, “Harvard, huh, I guess those late-night trips to the library paid off.”

Dick’s eyebrows furrowed, “You’re the one who’s been sneaking her out at night?”

“Yeah, so? It’s not like she has anything to do here. Do any of you actually talk to her? And I mean make more than small talk.”

He doesn’t get a response.

“From what I hear, she wakes up alone, eats alone, goes to school alone, comes home alone, eats alone again and then when she’s out like a light there is no one here with her. I mean I don’t live here so that’s my excuse, but what is yours?” He spits accusingly.

Dick folds his arms across his chest but he diverts his gaze knowing he can’t say anything. As much time that he spends at the manor, its usually to babysit Damian and make sure that he doesn’t mess up then it is to spend time with his sister.

Tim doesn’t say anything either, he recognized that due to her intelligence the two of them would probably get along well. However, he’d never seen the need to interact with her. She wasn’t one of them, and since she was in school most of the day he barely saw her anyway.

Damian didn’t know how he felt. He knew that when he first came to live with his father he was slightly disappointed to find out that he was not the only biological heir that Bruce had. Yet his training and experience had pulled himself and Bruce close together very quickly, a bond that he noticed very early on that his sister did not have. Anytime he interacted with her, he realized that he lorded the relationship with his father over her, but he couldn’t help himself. A part of him felt satisfied when he tormented her. However, he also realized that he didn’t know much about his sister other than her first name.  If she hadn’t told him, would he have ever made the effort to actually find out?

Bruce regarded Jason with guilt in his eyes and he almost instantly understood why Jason was so close to her. He had felt abandoned the same way she had.

“It’s not something that happened on purpose, Jason,” Bruce starts. “I’m not ignoring her because I don’t care about her. She knows that she could have told me about this.”

“But she’s just a kid living in a house full of strangers that is supposed to be her family. If I was her I wouldn’t say shit about me getting accepted into these fancy schools either. Why would I think that any of you cared?”

December came and it was the time you were happiest. The snow in Gotham made the city nearly bearable and the end of the semester brought you an almost unbridled joy. For one thing, the holidays were your mothers favorite time of year and you were quite looking forward to the winter ball at your school. You weren’t particularly interested in the outdated courtship ritual, but there was a grand prize for whoever became snow queen. Your competitive nature made you want to win. Of course, you hacked the system to tally the votes in your favor, so the only thing left to do was to show up and claim your prize.

“You look beautiful, Miss.”

You whipped around and saw the faithful butler standing there waiting for you.  You find yourself blushing slightly at the compliment, swaying back and forth causing the large white ballroom skirt to sway with you.

“You don’t think it’s too much, do you Alfred?” You question fingering the diamond necklace nestled in the dip of the sweetheart neckline.

“It is very extravagant, miss, but imagine it is in the Wayne DNA not to do anything particularly subtly.”

You fight the smile that it brings your lips and move to grab the shawl that’s lying on your bed.

“Shall we be on our way, Alfred. I’d like to be home before it’s too late.”

Bruce is stunned when he sees is daughter come down the stairs to the foyer. Having just walked into the manor himself, he’s surprised to find her leaving.

“What’s the occasion?” He asks and the words feel strange coming out his mouth. Shouldn’t a father know where his daughter is going? Especially when she’s dressed like this.

“I have a trophy to pick up,” she says with a smirk on her lips, but it’s not meant for him. In fact, her gaze is looking past him, as if she’s thinking about something that brings her great satisfaction. “Damian didn’t tell you what tonight was?”

“No,” he says solemnly.

“I’m surprised,” she says with a raised eyebrow. “I thought the two of you were close. But I suppose Winter Ball isn’t something that would appeal to someone that young, it’s not like he could attend anyway.”

She walks past him, Alfred following closely behind her. He notes how ornate her gown is. A white princess type dress, with a pale gold trim. He’d even caught a glimpse of large diamond that was gleaming on her chest.

‘Where did she get that from?’

Perhaps winter break wasn’t as relaxing as you thought it would be. Given the fact that your brother is currently pointing a pistol at your head, you’re inclined to believe that things were going to get bad real fast. You aren’t sure how it turned out this way, one minute you’re alone in your bunker and the next he’s crashing through the door, waving his guns at you. It most likely that he followed you into the library this time, instead of driving away.

“What have you done, kid?” His voice is slight distorted through the red mask that sits on his face, but you know its Jason.

“Don’t sound so disappointed,” you say with a smirk as you cross your legs. Your hands grip on the edge of the desk that your sitting on in slight agitation at his presence. “It’s not like I kill people, I’m not you.”

It seems to irk the older man as he lets out a bit of a growl.

“How are you doing all of this?” He questions, using his other hand to motion to the facility around him. The sound of typing computers had been ringing in his ears since he found your workshop, underneath the library. The rows and rows of computers that line the rather large room seem to be generating the buzz. Half, simultaneously hacking in to banks across the world, the others masking your location as you complete the necessary transfers. However, you both are the only ones in the room, making him think that you are the one controlling the computers, the one that they have all been searching for months. However, since he’s been observing you, you haven’t physically touched any of the machines once.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” you say with a cock of your head.

Suddenly, Jason’s arm feels weak, like it’s fallen asleep after having been immobile for too long of a time. He watches as his hands drop his guns and his gaze catches yours as a smile crosses your face.

“You know, you’re the first person that I’ve actually tried this on,” you remark casually. “Usually it’s inanimate objects, big or small, it doesn’t matter, but I never thought I’d be able to control a person.”

Quickly, before you take total control of his body, Jason presses a button the side of his helmet that sends his visual recordings to the bat cave. The moment his fingers leave the button, his wrist snaps backward as you begin to break it with your mind.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Jason,” you say with a frown. “I’ll have to hurt them all now, you know that, right?”

There is a sigh of disinterest that leaves your chest as he feels a pressure on his neck begin to tighten and his vision begins to fade.

“Just be glad you are my favorite,” he hears your voice murmur as he falls to the ground passing out. “I’m not going to hurt you too badly.”

To say Bruce was stunned was a bit of an understatement. The feed from Jason’s camera hadn’t cut out and instead focused on the ceiling.  Bruce can hear his daughter’s small footsteps as she walks over to Jason’s unconscious body.

Her face comes into the screen and she still has the small smile on her face as she removes the helmet and lifts it to her face.

“I know you’re watching this, Father or will be watching this, whenever you figure out that Jason and I aren’t home. Don’t worry he’s not dead, just sleeping. You might want to come get him soon though, I’ve already rigged this place to blow three hours after I leave. So hopefully you see this in time.”

She begins to walk around the room and one by one the computers around her begin to explode. “I told you I’d be leaving soon, didn’t I? To be honest, this is a little ahead of schedule, but it doesn’t matter I already have everything I need.”

The camera pans to show her placing a small laptop in a briefcase and what looks to be a horde of fake passports and I.D.’s

“Don’t look for me, father, you won’t find me,” she croons through the speaker. “Jason only found me because he followed me. Know that I won’t let that happen again.”

The case closes and her footsteps begin again and as she walks out, the lights behind her begin to turn off.

“You should know I don’t hate you father, I don’t know you well enough to hate you. However, you shouldn’t be happy about that, because I’m rather indifferent toward you. Know that if any of you live or die it doesn’t matter to me. So, if you do choose to come after me, I won’t hesitate to end you, to end all of you.”

She drops the helmet, and all he can see is an image of her walking away, down a corridor.

“Goodbye, Father.” She calls over her shoulder and the screen goes black.

“You’ve watched that tape many times now, Master Bruce, have you found anything useful?” Alfred question as he prepares to serve the man some tea.

“No,” the older man says solemnly. It’d been almost a month since she disappeared and while there was indeed no trace of her, the robberies hadn’t stopped even though she had amassed a fortune that rivaled his own. “Only a glimpse of a few aliases, however none of them have been used. I think she showed me them on purpose.”

“Master Jason stopped by to search through her room again, he found nothing.”

“How did he look?”

“Like he has not slept since that day, sir. I know this must be hard for him, to lose her like this.”

“He blames himself, even though this is my fault. She’s doing this to spite me, I know it.”


“I never paid attention to her, so I never noticed what she was doing. Never noticed that the enemy that I’d been giving all of my attention to was the one person I didn’t have time for. Now, wherever she is I won’t be able to reach her, no matter how much I try.”

“She was always fond of poetry, sir.”

Bruce pauses, “I didn’t know that either.”

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What Happens Now (Final)

Summary: The events that happen after Jungkook punches his father and runs away. Everyone is left to pick up the pieces. 

Pairing: A x Jungkook (finally) + Numerous side couples

Genre: Fluff, Angst, College!AU

Words: 3.6K

A/N: It all ends here. Thank you so much for following until the end. Until next time!

Part 20 of 20 || Previous Part || Masterlist/Summary

❛❛ Go through things, grow through things. ❜❜

The day after the dinner fiasco, Kim Taehyung decides to go to the beach before the sun has even awakened. He sits by the dock in silence, having left his phone inside his car.

He supposes that he should be at home, taking care of Jungkook and helping him feel better—how he would have done that, he is not so sure himself. The house feels too stifled, too tense. Even when he had left earlier, the depressive cloud that now hangs over his home seems to have followed him here, where the fog from the early morning is still rolling over the ice cold waves.

He misses his warm bed and clean sheets, but he cannot bear to return, not when tear stained cheeks and disquietude are what await him there.

Kim Taehyung stays until the sun finally does rise above the horizon. The winter air makes him shiver, but the trembles that linger have nothing to do with the cold.

He watches the world around him slowly come to life, and he wishes more than anything that the girl he had left back in Seoul had been there to witness it with him.

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Guest comic by @minibritti-draws
♥︎ one week of self care ♥︎

Sometimes I find myself in need of some me time, some self care, and I have no idea what I should do. So I made this little chart of self care suggestions for the good of myself, and anyone else who might have this little problem.

Sky the blue bird would like to share their self care routine for the week with you!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

♥︎ Media Monday
Watch your favorite tv show or movie, play your favorite video game, or listen to your favorite albums.

♥︎ Tuesday Treat
Treat yourself to something sweet, or your favorite comfort food.

♥︎ Work-on Wednesday
Creative outlets are a wonderful way to release pent up emotions. Take some time to write, draw, sew, or do some sort of craft.

♥︎ Thankful Thursday
Think back over the past week, and write down (or mentally list) all the things that happened that you are thankful for. Even if it seems insignificant, write it down! If it’s important to you, it’s important.

♥︎ Friday Favorite
The weekend is here! Take some time to partake in your favorite positive activity.

♥︎ Saturday Stroll
Take some time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Exercise and vitamin D are important to your emotional and physical happiness.

♥︎ Sunday Soak
The weekend is almost over, so relax to the max! Have a relaxing soak in a bubble bath, or toss in your favorite bath bomb.

honestly like, if you genuinely dislike every single aspect of skam so much, and have something negative to say about every single choice made on the show, why even bother watching at all?

Mind if I?

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A/N: I just want to write fluff I’m so sorry

You knew about Diana Prince. You knew she was a superhero, she was a powerful woman and you had the biggest crush on this Amazonian. You met her through Batman, one of your colleagues. He trusted you the most and it went both ways. He saved your life multiple times and you owe your life to him, so you help him fight crime.

You’re a badass yourself (not to toot your own horn). You learned martial arts from Bruce and he helped you with your fitness, making you feel better emotionally and physically. You weren’t a side kick, that was Robin’s job, what you were was independent.

You didn’t like to join the justice league or fight along side Batman (most of the time), you loved to pick your own battles until Wonder woman came along.

“brothers and sisters of the justice league, meet (Y/N) or known as (Y/SH/N). She is not part of the justice league but will help out from time to time.” Immediately Barry gets up and runs to you and picking you up.

“hi (Y/N)! I’ve heard all about you and I’m so excited to work with you!” He talked fast, how ironic. He swung you around a couple times and you couldn’t help but laugh, you already knew you were gonna like him as a friend. You never noticed though, the tall brunette standing in the corner with a laced dress colored with white and blue, watching the conference from the side.

You took a glance at her and gave her a shy smile. She returned the smile with a large grin and you felt your heart flutter. You turn to Bruce who was looking at you and you frowned.

“Who is that in the corner?” You ask in a hushed tone. He turned his head to the large woman and chuckled.

“that’s Diana Prince, a.k.a Wonder woman.” You gasp, feeling a shiver go down your spine. You didn’t even realize your favorite hero was in the same room as you.

Diana walked out of the corner when she heard her name and swiftly moved to greet you.

“Hello, I am Diana of Themyscira, or formally known as Diana Prince and it’s wonderful to meet you.” She put out her hand and you eagerly took it, but something felt off about shaking her hand. It was so right to hold it, her hands were soft and her fingers long and grip was strong. Unlike your calloused hands that we’re usually red from so much training.

Her large brown eyes kept boring into you like she was reading your soul. Your face went red like you were embarrassed she would find out something bad about you.

“No need to be shy, we are both here for the same reason.” You bit your lip, eager to say something but it would be too risky. You noticed Diana’s eyes flickered to your lips constantly as she looked at your face. You noted that.


For the next several weeks you trained with her. She made you work your ass off, you knew Diana wasn’t messing around when you came back home to Bruce, feeling like you broke every bone in your body.

“Jesus (Y/N), what happened to you?”

“I trained with Diana,” you reply lazily. He laughs, walking to grab something and coming back.

“what’s so funny?” You ask, slowly sitting on the couch, a loud groan escaping you as you sit.

“it’s just I’ve never seen her warm up this fast with someone. She joined the league almost a year ago and she’s barely warmed up to me or Aquaman. But you, I think she likes you.”

You go the color maroon, your stomach clenching and feeling high when he tells you that.

“R-really?” You couldn’t help but grin.

“well yeah, she’s already training you, next thing is you two getting married.” It was meant as a joke, but some part of you took it very literally.

“Is she gay?” You blurt out, not being able to hold back. Bruce quirks an eyebrow at you, knowing the sign.

“Well no, she’s actually bisexual because she has dated both men and women, but the real question is why do you want to know?”

Batman knew you through and through, like the back of his hand, so it was no big surprise he knew you liked Wonder woman a lot.

“I was just wondering…”

“bullshit (Y/N)!” He laughed, crossing his arms and shaking his head. You clench your jaw, trying not to blush even more, but you knew your ears and neck were also red by now so there was no hiding it.

“I bet she likes you too,” he said, winking. You roll your eyes, you wanted to believe it but you couldn’t get your hopes up. As you got back up to walk away you realized he was on the phone. You frowned, narrowing your eyes at him.

“Hello, Diana! I’d like to ask if you are free this weekend?” You almost fell over hearing what he said and you wanted to scream at him, not needing his help.

You heard say yes from the other line and he grins at you devilishly.

“(Y/N) was wondering if you’d like to go with her to a nice dinner.” Yup, you were going to faint.

You hear her giggle happily like she was waiting for you to want that and you are pretty sure your heart stopped.

“id love to! Tell her to meet me at 8 Friday.” He thanked her then hung up.

“What the hell Bruce!” You growled, but another part of you loved he did it. He laughed as he put his phone down and looked down at you.

“I just got you a date, get ready for Friday.”


Oh god oh god oh god. It was 7:30 and you felt like you were going to throw up. You were so nervous and so excited at the same time that you couldn’t even put on your dress without shaking. So you decided to put on something simple, casual, not too fancy so you weren’t a sore thumb in the crowd and put on light makeup before heading to the office.

You opened a door and saw Diana in a white silk dress with black heels on. Her hair was up in a bun and she turned, not even having makeup on and still looking flawless.

Your heart jumped into your throat and you could barely breathe at this point.

“Diana…you look wonderful.”

“I could say the same to you, (Y/N).” You blushed at her compliment, looking at your feet in a hurry to hide your face. She walked up to you and grabbed your chin, tilting your head up slightly.

“don’t be shy with me, it is okay,” she reassured and you felt some confidence grow back into you.

“to be honest with you, (Y/N), I don’t want to go to dinner.” You felt your heart stop, anxiety now coursing through your veins, thinking she will reject you.

“I already have something waiting on the roof.” You let out a sigh as she grabs your hand and guides you upstairs. She shows you a long fur blanket laid on the wood deck of the roof with champagne and glasses next to the blanket. You smile, loving how beautiful the scenery was.

“Diana, I don’t know what to say, this is wonderful!” You can’t help but run to the blanket and sit down, feeling the soft fur against your skin and giggle.

She looks at you, smiling at your reaction. “I thought we could stargaze.”

So of course after a long night of stargazing, you realized it was already midnight. You sighed again, not wanting to leave as you both were just talking and talking, not being able to stop.

“I think I have to go,” you say sadly and she looks at you with wanting eyes, her brown eyes having stars twinkle in them.

Suddenly, she kisses you, grabbing you face gently and pressing her plump lips to yours. It tasted like heaven and champagne and you felt like you were from withdrawal and her lips were the addiction. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, (Y/N). Have a wonderful night.”

The Butterfly Effect [one]

[A/N: Hello lovely readers, this is the beginning of a series that I’m quite excited for. It’s a rewritten version of a book I had started a long time ago (not long.. six or seven months ago) and never finished because I lost inspiration. But I recently found it again, and I have the inspiration again! This will eventually be turned into my own book, I will change the names and such after this is all finished. This will be quite a long series. At LEAST ten parts.


Part I

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Deepest Darkest Secret

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3. Agatha.

It’s awkward when I see Simon again.

We haven’t really talked to each other since he saw me with Baz in the Wood last year. When he and Penny showed up again they were both too shaken to do anything but let the Mage hurry them to his office for questioning. I tried to do my part and play the concerned girlfriend, running after them, and of fucking course I wasn’t allowed in.

They’re my only friends in this school, and when something big and important happens, I get shut out.

Anyway. Now that it’s eighth year and the Humdrum isn’t around, Simon is all attentive again.

‘How was your summer?’ he’s asking me, his eyes trained on me. I can tell that he’s feeling as uncomfortable as I am just by the way his magic starts blurring the air around him. You almost wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know to look for it.

‘Good,’ I say, and I mean it. ‘Great.’ I miss Minty already. This is my last year, and when it’s over… I don’t know.

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Domestic headcanons for solider 76? What's married life with him like??? I just love that man. (Love u too!!)

Soldier 76

  • Absolutely is head over heels for you
  • The two of you marry after almost 2 years of going steady
  • He ends up retiring from Overwatch in hopes of finishing his last years building a home with you
  • At first all is smooth
  • First bump happens seven months after retirement
  • Jack just isn’t used to not having all the action and not being in command of something
  • The two of you start to argue a bit more, it getting bad one night that almost ends with you both splitting up
  • Ana literally smacks Jack and tells him to stop being a wimp and man up, because if he loses you then there will be nothing left for him
  • Jack is forced to realize that she’s right, and tries to make amends
  • Makes himself some projects, and Jack finds himself actually pretty damn good at wood working
  • Likes the tools and considering he’s no longer carrying a gun, a tool is surprisingly the next best thing
  • You find out your pregnant 10 months into retirement from overwatch
  • It kind of scares Jack
  • Jack is afraid of being old and worse, of not being a good enough father or husband for you. It sounds weird, because he was in charge of overwatch
  • But losing you really is the most important thing to him, and if he fails you that what is he good for?
  • He lavishes you in gifts and treats and treatment fit for a queen while your pregnant
  • You end up having a daughter
  • At first he treats her like china. He’s overcautious about everything, literally. Her baby room is baby-proofed and has some of the highest security on the planet. Her clothes are the softest material
  • Its kind of cute seeing him dote on her. She’s totally a daddy’s princess
  • You two have your second child almost two years later, a son
  • Soldier is more prepared this time
  • Literally, Ana and Reinhardt are like the grandparents over every weekend to see the kids
  • Despite retirement, almost all of overwatch visits 60% of the time
  • Soldier become a soccer dad. Despite being a bit older then most of the kids fathers, Soldier wants to be there for his kids while they participate in sports. He is the best soccer coach ever. His daughter loves him even more for it
  • Is the best dad and husband ever and proves it over the years to come, no matter what bumps the two of you might take

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one word prompt for skimmons Housekeys

five keys that daisy gives jemma and one key that jemma gives daisy

Jemma follows Daisy down the street and into the hardware store without really paying much attention.

She’s making notes and jotting down a list of the things they need to do for their first project in biology, so she doesn’t really put two and two together until a key hanging from a plastic tie drops on top of her tablet.

Jemma makes a noise because the metal could’ve scratched it and lets the key fall into the palm of her hand.

She looks up at Daisy brows furrowing, but before she can ask, Daisy turns around and starts walking out of store.

Jemma hurries after her, and ends up catching her outside in the corner standing in line for the ice cream vendor.

“Hey!” Jemma says as she passes two people in line after Daisy who grumble at her. She ignores them and steps up beside Daisy.

Daisy gives her a look out of the corner of her eye.

Jemma tucks the tablet underneath her arm, and motions her other hand with the key in it.

“What’s this for?”

Daisy turns to her then, and raises an eyebrow. “You’re always talking about how I keep losing my locker key…”

“Because you do,” Jemma interrupts her.

Daisy rolls her eyes. “Yeah, okay. That’s why I’m giving you a copy.”

Jemma gives her a confused look, “That doesn’t make any sense.”

Daisy rolls her eyes, again.

“You never lose your keys.”

“But we’re not talking about me,” Jemma says feeling a little wrong footed.

Daisy sighs exasperated and orders both of them ice cream since she’s up next.

She pays and takes the ice cream from the vendor before handing Jemma her strawberry cone and taking a bite out of her marshmallow, chocolate and peanut and covered in sprinkles chocolate monstrosity.

“You’ll have my key,” Daisy says in between licks of ice cream as they walk back towards Jemma’s home. “That way if I ever lose it…”

“When,” Jemma interjects under her breath.

Daisy shoots her a look from the corner of her eye, and rolls her eyes once again.

“Fine, so when I lose it, you’ll have the spare.”

“That actually makes sense,” Jemma says haltingly. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because you’re not nearly as smart as you think you are?” Daisy asks.

Jemma stops walking giving her an incredulous look.

Daisy bursts out laughing. “The look on your face!” She continues walking, eating her ice cream and chuckling.

Jemma squeezes the key in her hand tightly feeling the teeth biting against the skin of her palm and follows after Daisy because it’s what she always does.

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16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

I made it omegaverse. ops. it’s also really short.


“Do you wanna be boyfriends?”

That was the question that started it. As soon as Alfred arrived for his first day of kindergarten, he ran to the first omega he saw in the room and asked it because he wanted to be sure he’d have an omega. He was an alpha, so he needed to have an omega, didn’t he?

He was five years old back then. Arthur, which was the omega’s name, was seven years old. He said yes to Alfred’s question and after that Alfred was always around him. Sometimes Arthur even let Alfred hold his hand even though it was always sweaty or sticky.

They moved from kindergarten to elementary school and then to middle school and they were still boyfriends. Alfred found out they lived close to each other and he’d go over to Arthur’s place almost every weekend. They were best friends. He loved to be around Arthur, and he loved to hold his hand and even more to tease him, because then his cheeks would get all pink and his scent would get really nice. And for him, that was enough.


“Al… why haven’t you kissed me yet?” Arthur asked one afternoon while they were playing video games.


“You heard me. Why haven’t you kissed me yet?” Arthur said again. He seemed a bit annoyed. Alfred knew that because his scent was a bit sour, and it always got like that when Alfred made jokes he didn’t like, or when Alfred talked about other omegas he thought were cute.

“Why should I do that?” he asked without looking away from the TV.

Arthur huffed.

“Because we’re boyfriends! Aren’t we?”

“Yeah, but kissing is for grown ups, isn’t it? And mates.” Alfred shrugged.

“No, boyfriends kiss too.”

“Why do you wanna kiss me so much anyway, kissing is gross.”

Arthur huffed again, then threw a pillow at Alfred and left the room while mouthing that Alfred was an idiot.

But Alfred didn’t mind. He just kept playing after rolling his eyes. Omegas were so weird. What was so good about sticking his tongue inside Arthur’s mouth? Ew. He would never do that.

It would still take Alfred a few years to find out how wrong he was.



The calendar told the entire story. The first week of June was one he looked forward to for nearly the past seven years, but now it had become nothing but an ugly reminder of what had happened the year before, and what would come back to haunt him until the last week in August.

Present Day, June 2020

He stepped out of the café, the cool afternoon breeze surprising the back of his neck which was now bare. He had chopped his long locks off some time ago, yet the breezes still startled him when they passed across his exposed patch of skin. With his back to the wind he made his way up the cobblestone pathway, a half-drunken tea in a thick paper cup fixed firmly in his hand.

                      The day was still young. The sun had just reached the point where it was sitting over you no matter where you tried to go to escape it. Not a single cloud was in sight, a strange occurrence for an English day. He slipped his sunglasses from their place on top of his head and instead over his eyes, shielding himself from the blinding reflection of passing busses and cars.

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Being married to Asher would include

Originally posted by segimaru

-You guys had a low-key wedding

-You went to Canada for your honeymoon

-He has one of your wedding pictures on his desk

-You always end up in the background of videos with him which the fans point out

-Cute Snapchat selfies

-Filming post rolls together

-He usually has a camera in one hand and your hand in the other

-Trevor and Jakob stay over with you guys almost every weekend

-Asher adores you, just looking at you makes his heart swell