weekend in norcal

Hi! This is last minute but I’ll be at Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend!! I drive up to NorCal tomorrow and everything is a bit last minute but I do have an Angus McDonald sticker and a new SteveTony Sticker and a new The Last Jedi Print! 

Please come say hi! Come buy things! Show me your The Adventure Zone cosplay! Bring me Coffee (jk you don’t have to do that)

ive literally only ever been to socal in general, vegas (under 21 so didnt do anything other than walk up and down the strip, then stayed at aunts house all weekend), norcal to some shitty unknown city, and my grandparents ranch in mexico

im itching to just freakin leave SOMEWHERE ANYWHERE gfdi i hate feeling stuck

This Saturday: NorCal Corgi Con!

Hey there Corgi Addicts!  Lookin’ for a fun corgi meetup this weekend?  Stop by the NorCal Corgi Con on Saturday and have a stumpin’ good time!!!

Where: Event will take place at Ocean Beach across the street from Beach Chalet Restaurant. Between Stairwell 21 and Fulton Street.
When: Saturday, June 27th, 2015 • 10 am

Corgi Con Schedule of Events

  • 10am Start of Corgi Con!!
    Sign-in at tent so we can get an official count!
    Sign-up to participate in the Costume Contest and Corgi Races.
    Raffle tickets will also be available for sale!
  • 11:30am Group Photo
    We will all gather and take one giant CORGtastic picture!