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Zoë Kravitz as Poison Ivy

Weekend Sketchbook Challenge #46

This week we are: Taping our pens to each other and drawing with them!

Did anyone else do this when they were little? It’s amazing how well you can still draw when you’re drawing with two (or three!) pens at once instead of just the one. And it actually looks really cool as well! 

So, what you have to do is this: pick two pens. Any pens. Or pencils if you want, but I tend to find that pens work better for this. And just tape them to each other. Make sure that the tips line up, it makes it easier to draw with them. And then just draw whatever you would normally draw, or whatever you feel like drawing! 

Make sure you experiment - use different colour pens, use 2 of the same colour pens, draw small things, small objects, draw big, expansive things. Draw landscapes or faces or flowers or words or whatever happens to be in front of you right now. 

It’s a nice easy one this week, nothing too strenuous, just lots of experimentation and playing around, so more than anything just make sure you have fun. My example is below, only one for now but I’m sure to do more of this in the days to come! I did eyes, obviously, because I am predictable as all hell haha! So, have fun, tag me in your drawings, and go for it! 

Ridiculously early tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying to Paris for the weekend so I’m just letting you know why there won’t be any new comic pages or anything until Monday at the earliest. I have no idea what time I’ll get back on Sunday so I might have time to draw something to tell you I’ve returned. I’m quite excited to go back to France again (I’ve been there three times before and loved it). Hopefully I’ll be able to take a lot of reference photos for cheesy, romantic FrUK fan art. 

Catch you later.

- Alex

You’re My World

Request:  Im so excited that you’re considering writing again!! If you are, could I request a Newt Scamander imagine where you’re with him in New York and you’re one of the three sentenced to death, but instead of Tina you go first and its just lots of angst?? Tysm

Character: Newt Scamander

AN: You guys i’m so excited to be writing again, and I hope you all like it!


“I sentence you to death,” Graves said, placing a shaking hand on his forehead. 

“No!” (Y/N) screamed. “You can’t do this! You know he didn’t mean to hurt anyone!”

The three were dragged into a stark white room and Newt was vaguely aware of Tina pleading with the woman who was holding her, but at the moment, he was only focused on (Y/N). 

“Please,”  they begged the witch in white as she led them to the edge of the pool. “Don’t do this.”

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Weekend Sketchbook Challenge #50

This week we are: drawing/painting something seasonal!

This may have been inspired by the fact that we just put our Christmas tree up, but that doesn’t mean that you have to paint something festive, or even winter-themed. It just has to be something seasonal, and you can pick any season you want! 

And seasonal could mean all sorts of things. You could go for the classic rust-red autumn leaves, or a Christmas tree, or flowers for spring, the sun for summer. Or you could go more personal - something you always wear in a particular season, something you love to eat, a tradition that you have. You could even go abstract - paint the colours of each season without actually putting anything figurative in the scene. If you don’t fancy drawing then write - write about a memory that you associate with summer, or how spring rain makes you feel. 

Don’t let worries about your skill as an artist limit your choice of subject matter for this. Pick a subject and go for it. Not sure if you can depict that insanely detailed winter scene of you building a snowman? You won’t know unless you try. And you’ll also never get better unless you try. So ignore any doubts you have a give it a go. And remember: it seriously doesn’t matter if it’s ‘good’ or not. 

So, my examples are below: a flower for summer, because that’s when I love going out into the garden and planting things and watching them grow, and a slightly tired-looking bobble hat girl for winter - because that’s how I always think I look in winter! 

As always, tag me in your drawings to see them on the blog, and good luck! 

Unlikely Duet

DaithiDeVanoss short for the bbs rare pair weekend :)

Daithi shut the door and the sounds of instruments chaotically playing against each other became a muffled background noise. He took a deep breath appreciating the somewhat quietness. Then he sat down his backpack and unzipped it, pulling a slim binder out of it and setting it on the music stand in front of him. He hesitated a little before he pulled out his flute case from his bookbag.

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PARADISE FOUND: Globe-trotting CNN anchor Anderson Cooper takes refuge from the 24-hour news cycle in a heavenly tropical compound nestled in the postcard-perfect Brazilian town of Trancoso - photography: Simon Upton - text: Mayer Rus - AD August 2016

  • “An assortment of Brazilian devotional oratories and an antique confessional chair are arrayed against a turquoise wall; the ceiling lights and dining chairs are Uxua Casa, the table is vintage, and the floor is waxed concrete.”
Weekend Sketchbook Challenge #53

This week, on the final week of sketchbook challenges, we are: drawing whatever the hell we want!

Yep, it’s the final week! And then no more weekend sketchbook challenges :( This was always meant to be a year-long project for me and now that year is up. Thanks to everyone who took part in the challenges, you all made it a great project to be a part of and I loved seeing all the work you made this year so thank you all so much! I’ll still be on tumblr on my other blogs, mostly my sketchbook blog which you can find >>here!<< 

Now, onto the challenge. A challenge which is, hands down, both the easiest and the hardest challenge that I’ve ever set! Draw whatever you want. Use whatever medium you want. Paint, collage, use felt tip pens or plain ol’ HB pencils, whatever you fancy. Keep experimenting. Don’t fall into the trap of sticking to your comfort zone, of doing what you always do just because you know the results will be good. Try new things, new colour combinations, new materials to draw on, new ways of drawing and new things to draw! 

Don’t limit yourself to drawing things you think are within your skill range. Try drawing the most complicated things you can find, and then the simplest. Don’t worry if any of it is good or not, just know that you will always improve if you keep trying, keep pushing the boundaries of what you can do - but you won’t if you stand still, if you never try. 

So draw whatever you want. And then just don’t stop drawing. 

Have a great 2017 everyone :)