weekend has started


a series of unlikely crossovers

okay so in less than an hour did I write my final essay in philosophy which the due is tomorrow and I’ve had two weeks to write it wow I’m so responsible. 

and also did I say it’s 2 am here.

plus I forgot the swedish word for intense??? it’s so easy it’s basically the same word but no my brian just didn’t want to work

*crying ugly tears* Chapter 1 is almost done 🍹✨

As if my life hasn’t been stressful enough these past 3 weeks now my dog is sick. 

AU Weekend

Sorry for the delay, but AU Weekend has now started and will be going on until a bit before midnight on Sunday. The following people have signed up for AU Weekend:

Emma Swan
Regina Mills

This is a reminder that the point in time is when Emma and Hook are both dark ones and she’s meeting him in the woods right after turning him back in Camelot. They have Rumple in their heads now and the others are near Granny’s because it’s before they all go back with missing memories. You can only interact with people around you for this point of time.

Try to use gifs from around that section of episodes so for example Emma will be using Dark Swan/Camelot gifs and nothing around her wedding because that hasn’t happened yet. Be sure to make a post for your followers so they know how to send AU questions cause you can only answer them over the weekend.

If you’re not signed up for the event and want to be, send us a message and we’ll add you right away. Enjoy the weekend and hope to see more signed up!

-Mod Team

Summer doldrums: NYSE & NASDAQ volume fade

In just over a week it will be Memorial Day weekend. In recent years, this weekend has become the unofficial start of summer. Not long afterwards trading activity will likely begin to slowly decline (barring any external event triggers). We refer to this summertime slowdown in trading as the doldrums due to the anemic volume and uninspired trading on Wall Street. The individual trader, if they are looking to sell a stock, is generally met with disinterest from The Street. It becomes difficult to sell a stock at a good price. That is also why many summer rallies tend to be short lived and are quickly followed by a pullback or correction.

Below we have plotted the one-year seasonal volume patterns since 1965 for the NYSE and 1978 for NASDAQ against the annual average daily volume moving average for 2017 so far. The typical summer lull is highlighted in yellow. A surge in volume this summer, especially accompanied by gains, would be an encouraging sign that the bull market will continue. However, should traders lose their conviction and participate in the annual summer exodus from The Street, a market pullback or correction could quickly unfold.