weekend has started


Yoojin sharing her Alice in Wonderland phone case that reminds her of us Cheshire.  ❤️

taking a quick study break on ovw for 6 hours probably wasnt the best choice


a series of unlikely crossovers


I saw this post and I immediately needed to draw it. Afterwards Oikawa and Kageyama have a long talk about things you should and shouldn’t admit to friends and acquaintances for the sake of a joke

jaredpadalecki Do you see what I see?… #supernatural #spnfamily #season13 #akf

Well then, Jared. I can definitely spot a couple of things! Sam’s tattoo appears to be back, which is probably the whole point of this beautiful picture. Nice!

But what really attracts my attention is the phone cover. Hasn’t Jared been using a blue one lately (pic from Jib 2017)? So, what happened? Did it break or did he just casually change it into one that has him and his husband on the cover? Outside the campaigning period, too?

What interests me is how intentional this was from Jared’s part. Do I detect a bit of defiance from him? Because let’s face it - that campaign and the design are probably one of the coupliest I’ve seen in the history of… ever? Melding their faces together like that and melding their bodies in the campaign photos?

Whether it’s a different phone or Jared’s concious decision to show them off, I’m very happy to see this picture. The weekend has started on a very good note - a date night and now this. Vancouver life!


in recent news, we bought Roy a ferret harness and I bruised my knuckles in self-defense class

fuck if I could just curb my secret binge eating I would be so skinny by now.  I always eat very little when I’m around others (especially when eating out) bc I’m embarrassed to eat in front of others but as soon as I have the house to myself my dumb shit brain is like “time to eat 3x the amount of calories you wanted to consume today” …like, it doesn’t matter if it’s food I hate I’ll still eat ridiculous quantities of it if I’m home alone :\\ I try to keep high cal food out of the house but it’s hard when I still live w my family

anonymous asked:

Wait, is Jared in Idaho with Gen and the kids? Her newest photos on IG stories seem to imply so. I thought he stayed in Vancouver this weekend, wasn't he seen there? And Jensen was in Austin? *confusion*

Hello, dear anon!

This last week has been full of interesting developments, to say the very least. Let’s see if turning it into a timeline would help us out at all.

Friday, 4th of August

Jensen seen at Austin Airport.

Jared and DJ Qualls seen in the Vancouver nightlife by multiple fans.

Sunday, 6th of August

Jensen was out for some drinks with Steve and Lana Carlson. 

Monday, 7th of August

G posts a picture of Jared and Tom. 

Tuesday, 8th of August

G posts an instagram story of the kids bicycling. The environment looks the similar as in the picture from the previous day. Tom is also wearing a similar shirt and a helmet.

Meanwhile Jensen leaves for Vancouver and is seen a few times

A Vancouver-based paparazzi says Jared doesn’t work this week.

Thursday, 10th of August

Jared is seen in Austin by fans. One of the fans he took a photo with said that Jared was with his wife, but Jensen had been at the restaurant earlier. 

So, uhh, go figure! What I find interesting is that Jensen left Austin with such fanfare, which is a little bit unusual for him and two days later a waiter claims to have seen him back in Austin? It’s not exactly a reliable statement, but I wouldn’t put it past them to go through that much trouble to be reunited. 

Make of it what you will. I’m not sure what I think, but I’m convinced they weren’t apart as much as the timeline suggests. These two aren’t that great at spending time away from each other, as we can clearly see when we look at their past. Oh well! I hope your weekend has started nicely. :) Thank you for the message, sweet anon!

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