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Over Star Wars news extravaganza weekend I bought the Revenge of the Sith novelization on ebook, because of course what I need while the world is talking about Rey and Luke (and Phasma!) is a shot of Skywalker and Kenobi feels. I’m super excited for The Last Jedi, and the RotS book is so well written. The imagery of Anakin’s fear eating at him is so powerful.

Pastel (2) Masterlist

part one

A Good Different - troylerftphan

Summary: Phil Lester absolutely hates the world, and everything in it. He doesn’t have any friends and he doesn’t get along with his parents either. But then he meets Dan Howell, who is different than most people he meets.

Bubblegum Boy - kidpxv

Summary: Phil works in a chemist - a boring Tuesday morning is interrupted by a tall boy clad in too much pastel-pink who doesn’t quite understand how hair dye works.

Caught My Eye (All I See is You) - notanannoyingfangirl

Summary: Dan loves ice cream parlors, with their happy pastel color schemes and atmosphere. The punk guy who works behind the counter is just an added bonus.

Flower Boy - phanerys

Summary: punk!phil meets pastel/lushemployee!dan.

I Got Your Back, Babe - zuzonicorn

Summary: Pastel!Dan is bullied, and punk!Phil is tired of it.

Lavender Hair - phanerys

Summary: Basically Phil tries to die pastel!Dan’s hair lavender.

Let ‘Em Talk - snazzydan

Summary: Dan is quiet but sharp-tongued. Phil is loud but soft spoken. Together, they find their own kind of sanctuary in a quiet town.

Lily Tattoo - howellesterfics

Summary: punk!phil and pastel!dan.

Obsessions - berrytwinkle

Summary: Dan has been the butt of his classmates jokes for years due to his alternate fashion style, with no close friends and a crippling fear of the future he feels alone. That is until he meets Phil Lester, a socially awkward punk who likes tattoos and bad movies. In a storm of final exams and teen angst they must learn to let others in.

Okay, Maybe Jerks Are My Type - whatisfanfiction

Summary: Pastel!Dan gets chased by (sorta)Punk!Phil, but Phil isn’t exactly what Dan would call a “bully”.

Pastels and Wedding Plans - doseofantiseptic

Summary: Phil Lester is a ball of sunshine wedding planner hired to coordinate Winston Howell’s wedding. It’s a big job, so Winston offers up the help of his younger brother, Dan Howell.

Sunday Sermon - planthoephil

Summary: Dan takes Phil to church with him after a weekend extravaganza at Phil’s house.

The New Drummer - phanerys

Summary: punk!phil is the new drummer in the pastel!dan’s brother’s band.

You’re Welcome - versacephan

Summary: abused!pastel!dan and punk!phil, Dan gets badly hurt and flees his abusers’ house only to run into scary Phil, but it’s okay because Phil is nice to Dan and makes Dan feel safe.

Let’s Celebrate!!!!

Hey there everybody! It’s me! Again! Back to bother the living shit out of you lovely freaking people!

 As you all may remember, I mentioned on Sunday that I hit 1,000 followers!! This is a major milestone for me! Like, I can’t believe I hit this number, let alone that I hit it this fast. I want to give you guys the world…I want to give you guys everything! But sadly, I don’t have all that much to offer. Although, I think what I do have may make a few of you smile!

 To celebrate this major milestone I’ve decided to have a whole weekend (May 20-22)extravaganza where we spend 3 solid days celebrating. Anything goes, guys! Seriously, anything you want!

Some of the things you guys can expect are:

  • Sam and Dean Q&A /Takeover.
    • The boys will be stopping by to answer your questions and stay up all night while we drink and celebrate their existence. (and mine too if you all feel so inclined)
  • Headcanons
    • Have you guys been wondering what I think about the boys or why I choose to capture them the way that I do? Well headcanons are where we can figure this all out, let’s talk! Let’s discuss!
  • Sexy Asks
    • Anything goes here…like, I know I’m opening myself up to some weird shit here, but it’s gonna happen, so it might as well let it!

I hope that all you lovely people are up for this and plan on stopping by! I’d love to celebrate this milestone with all you lovely people who got me here! So please…spread this post like wildfire! This is a celebration of my followers, but you DO NOT have to be following me to join in the fun! 

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Tagging followers who I think will enjoy the extravaganza! Mutuals who I’m forcing to take part and just all around lovely people who I love and respect:

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