weekend excursions


Doc said I can’t run, so I walked/hiked 10 miles in 2.5 hours… I’m chalking that up do an easy endurance day. I tried finding trails nearby that had the most hills and in the 10 miles there was about an 800 foot elevation climb. Felt great the whole time, did the inversion table when I got home, ice bath sucked. I don’t know how some of you do ice baths so regularly.

Since I could not find a hiking app made by Garmin I downloaded a third-party app. It was called Outdoor Master. It died halfway through, so I switched it over to the Garmin running app because it tracks more data. The hiking app was pretty cool when it worked.

Solid Saturday excursion. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend excursion as well!!! 🏃🏼 ✌🏼

Hey gang! After a little break, #WalkAlaska is back for weekly meet ups! Mark your calendars, guys: Starting this weekend, our excursions will be held every Sunday at 6pm. This week we’re bringing back an oldie: Powerline Pass (meet in the Glen Alps parking lot!) Bring a camera, bring a jacket, bring a friend. Feel free to Send me a Ask me if you have questions. See y'all there!

It’s time for Trilobite Tuesday!  

In 19th Century England, trilobite collecting was an activity enjoyed among members of British high society. Those well-to-do folks would arrange weekend excursions to the famed Wenlock limestone quarries near Dudley where they would hunt through the outcrops to search for what were then known as Dudley Locusts—actually Silurian-age trilobites of the species Calymene Blumenbachi (pictured). 

Some of these early adventurers amassed impressive Dudley fossil collections, and over the ensuing decades hundreds of complete trilobite specimens—representing nearly 50 different species—were uncovered. Many of these beautifully preserved Paleozoic remnants ended up in museum displays around the globe, or being handed down from generation to generation as prized family heirlooms.

Meet many more trilobite specimens.