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Play with Me

Written for: Melissa’s Birthday/1000K Followers Challenge

Words: 6062

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam

Prompt: Reader is shy (but secretly kinky)

Warning: SMUT, Dom/Sub Relationship, Language, Minor Angst, Polyamory,

A/N: I’m pretty confident that this is the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written. I apologize for nothing. Happy Birthday Melissa and I sincerely hope you enjoy this. All errors are my own, gifs/pics found on google, and as always feedback is very much appreciated.

Summary: Dean and Sam realized a long time ago they were in love with their shy hunting partner, but never thought they’d ever had a chance. Needless to say, a random accident leads the boys to a shocking truth about her and hopes that just maybe they’ll stand a chance with her after all.


        Sam wondered down the hallway to your room looking for your laptop. He was in desperate need of a new one but since you were away on one of your weekend excursions he figured he could easily grab yours to finish the research he had been working on. He grabbed it heading back to the library as Dean brought out the lunch he’d been making for them.

     “Isn’t that Y/N’s laptop?” Dean asked as he took a bite out of his burger. “Sure she’d be okay with that?”

     “Yeah she’s let me use it before and I’m nearly finished.”

     “Awesome. Have you heard from her?”

     “Not since we talked to her last night,” Sam offered. “You know she’ll be back tomorrow with some weird story and ply you with pie and that’ll be it. Stop worrying.”

     “I can’t help it, Sammy. You know how she is. I mean to be a hunter she’s the shyest person I know. I worry,” Dean shrugs as Sam smiles at his brother.

     “I know what you mean Dean, but she lives with two guys she’s probably just visiting friends or something. Hell maybe she has a significant other I mean we’ve never seen her hook up with anyone before,” Sam trailed off when he thought about Y/N with someone and he could see that Dean agreed. Dean and Sam had several conversations once they realized they both had feelings for you. Although they ultimately decided that neither would pursue you unless you showed an interest, they knew you probably never would. Dean admired how strong you were despite your timid nature and Sam had this desire to protect you from the world.

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 (Okay, so it’s been a while that I think … I started writing just to get it out of my head and now I’m gone too far.
I need to share it. Stop me here, please.

So JK Rowling admitted that Salem Institute wasn’t a school. And I must admit that it doesn’t really bother me. Also, I’d like to introduce you to another school, which would hang up Oceania.


Howgarts :
- United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland)
- Minerva McGONAGALL.

Durmstrang :
Scandinavia - close to a lake.
- Northern Europe (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Estonia) and the East (Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania).
- Kalina MASARYK.

Beauxbâtons :
France - in the Pyrenees.
- Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece) and West (Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland).
- Olympe MAXIME.


Kings Academy of Sorcery. Ilvermorny.
United States - Louisiana.
- North America (USA, Canada, Greenland, Mexico, Caribbean).
-  Zachary LEWIS : youngest director of the Kings Academy, Zachary Lewis encourages freewill and autonomy. Kings students have considerable freedom of action with few restrictions. Lack of headmaster’s severity is sometimes criticized by his peers. But Zachary Lewis puts a point of honor that its students learn for themselves the concept of respect and authority.
Trivia :
- the emblem of the academy is a “K” crown.
- the motto is « Terra non caelum mutant qui trans mare currunt » (“ crossing the sea, you change the earth, not sky”).
- the academy is surrounded by a marsh that protects against intrusions. A huge crocodile enchanted lives inside and became the school mascot.
- the Academy is based on the university model of “Greek community”.
- each community has her own residence.
- students choose themselves their community.
- each community has her motto, her principles, her codes and her representatives. Representatives manage the functioning (and harmony) within and between communities.
- there are three fraternities :
> Alpha-Rhô “excel for good” (For :ambition, excellence, merit. Against : fraud, dishonor, failure)
> Khi-Thêta “do not waste your time (,use it rightfully)” (For : solidarity, collective, loyalty, selflessness. Against : conflict, betrayal, careerism)
> Nu-Kappa-Pi “it is a cloud, that will pass” (For : talent, ease, fun, diversity. Against : killjoy, spoilsport, wet blanket, party pooper…)
- three sororities :
> Omicron-Epsilon-Delta “which had to be proven“  (For : hard work, learning, rightness, mutual aid. Against : deception, violence)
> Lambda- Sigma “speech is the shadow of the act”  (For : discovery, franchise, action, the will and courage. Against : cowardice, lying, imposture)
> Kappa-Delta “new ideas”  (For : justice, duty, equality, determination. Against : inequity, abuse, bias)
- and three mixed :
>Sigma-Mu “with the mind” (For : knowledge by theory, discernment, raw intelligence, firmness.  Against : ignorance, narrow minds)
>Iota-Khi “with the hand” (For : knowledge through practice, cooperation, perseverance, creativity. Against : resignation)
> Gamma-Lambda “know thyself”  (For those who do not want or were not able to choose membership).
- each community has a representative and all representatives form the Committee.
- all the events are organized by the Committee (apportionment of new students, club management, sports events and festivities). They also deal with the application of sanctions. They are responsible for relationship between students, teachers and the headmaster.
- the committee also organizes events to maintain the rivalry between communities.
- at the end of each year, teachers vote for the community that has been most effective and the elected community becomes the “primary community” (inter alia, the community has authority over all decisions).

Enganolho Brazilian School of Magic, Castelobruxo.
Brazil - Bahia.
- South America (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay USA, Argentina).
- Hélio FORTES : Man of spirit and Sorcerer recognized for having studied temporal paradoxes.It’s the Minister of the Brazilian magic who asked him in person to take the place of headmaster of Enganolho. The School is in decline since its last director ; everyone think that Helio Fortes is the only one able to restore it to its former glory. Defy that he’s ready to take up.
Trivia :
- schools promote school exchanges.
- School is perched in trees.


School of Onopwulopwul.
Pacific Ocean - somewhere in Micronesia.
- Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.
- Koa NAOI : descendant of a famous clan of sorcerers and concerned about the magical heritage,Koa Naoi makes every effort to make the magical diversity being well represented in his school. Thus, in addition to Western standards, Onopwulopwul teaches the magical practices of each of Oceania Culture.
Trivia :
- motto’s school is :  “Ehu Mohngiong Mehlel, Ehu Poliwar Kala “ (translatable as “an honest heart, a proud body”).
- the school is situated on a crescent-shaped island. Extremities are so close to each other they would form almost a circle.
- the extremities of the island mark the entry of Onopwulopwul. They are littered by two statues representing the school’s founder : twins Olisihpa and Olosohpa.
- there is a tiny volcano where lives lavapeople. there is a large bay named the Usu Bay (the Star Bay).
- the school is mostly under water in the bay. dorms, break room and refectory are overwater bungalows.
- Onopwulopwul is the school with the most lessons.
- therefore it begins at age 10 and ended at 18.
- the schooling is divided into 3 stages :
> theoretical classes (Muggles Studies, Herbology, History of Magic, Astronomy Mythology Knowledge of Tribes, Potion) from the 1st to the 5th year (with a similar review to OWL).
> practical classes (Potions, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Elsewhere’s Magic, Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Transfiguration) from the 3rd to the 7th year (with a similar review to OWL).
> qualifications classes (Defense Against the Dark Arts, Elsewhere’s  Magic, Care of Magical Creatures, Care of Sorcerer, Ancient Arts, Knowledge of Tribes, History of Magic, Runes, Arithmancy, Transfiguration, Potion, Magical Theory) from 6th to 9th grade (with a similar review to NEWT). Qualifications Classes are a kind of preparatory class for future trades.
- the school encourages sport (Muggles and wizards). They can swim in the bay without exceeding the statues of the founders.
- there are no clubs. students do what they want with their free time.
- sometimes the teachers take students on excursions during weekends and/or holidays.
- they visit the island, neighboring islands, sometimes even surrounding countries.


Uagadou School of Magic.
South Africa - Uganda
- Africa (all) and West in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Armenia, Syria).
-  the Board : is made up of five individuals whose achievements are recognized internationnalement. Together they govern Uagadou: choose subjects to be taught; the students; extra school activities; and even meals. The board changes only when one dies and the replacement is selected unanimously.
Trivia :
- school is hidden underground.
- This is the oldest school of magic and the largest school in the world.
- the Board accepts that the students of their choice.
- they select students via dream messenger which left a token in children’s hands while they slept.
- the token is a Portkey that allows them to enter in the school.
- it’s possible to study ancient magic (the “forgotten magics”).
- the guardians / protectors of school are zombies.


Academy of Sïkhanéjādū.
India - Satpura National Park
- Central Asia (India, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan).
- Aman VAGHELA et Idha BHATTI : Aman Vaghela is a sorcerer from the highest caste in India. He protested against lack of means given lower castes to study magic. First member of the Wizengamot with his wife, Idha Bhatti, he decided to become headmaster of Sïkhanéjādū to change attitudes and offer a chance to study to all - no matter their ages or their families. Having taken a vow of silence, it’s that wife who is “the spokeswoman of the voiceless”.
Trivia :
- Sïkhanéjādū’s emblem is a peacock spreading its tail.
- anyone can attend classes, regardless of age or social caste.
- the diploma is obtained by accumulation of “units”. To validate a diploma, you need a minimum of 1500 units. The maximum is 3000 units.
- each topic is worth units. (ex : Charms maximum value is 500 U)
- for validating a topic, you must obtain a minimum of Units. (ex : to validate the course of Charm, you need minimum 400 U)
- required courses are : Charms ; Defence Against the Dark Arts (300 U. min - 500 U. max) ; History of Magic (200 U min - 500 U max). [those courses are validated in seven years.]
- complementary courses are : Applied Magic/Magical Theory (120 U min - 240 U max) ; Ancient Arts (200 U min - 240 U max) [are validated both in 4 years] ; Arithmancy (200 U min - 240 U max) [is validated in 5 years].
- optional courses are : Herbology (90 U min - 180 U max) ; Potions (90 U min - 180 U max) [are validated in 5 years] ;  Care of Magical Creatures/Dressage (160 U min - 180 U max) [is validated in 4 years] ;  Apparition (170 U min  - 180 U max) [is validated in 1 year].
- facultative courses are : Muggle Studies  ( 12 U min - 20 U max) [is validated in 4 years] ; Flying (10 U min - 20 U max) [is validated in 1 years + 1 year of flight applied] ; Meditation (10 U min - 20 U max) [is validated in 5 years]
- courses under conditions : Legilimency, Occlumency, Transfiguration. These are qualifications and they reported no Units.
- there are clubs : Astronomy; Duel; Dance; Music; Poetry; Sports ; Art…

Koldovstoretz School.
Russia - Siberian plateau
- North Asia (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Mongolia) (+ the muggle-borns not allowed to Durmstrang).
- Anatoli STALRUK (Anatoli Steel Hands) : man of action and competent sorcerer, Anatolia became headmaster of Koldovstoretz by default. Former Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, it was his older brother (the Minister of Russian Magic, Nikolai STALGLAVA, aka Nikolai Steel Head) who appoints the Headmaster. Leaving joyfully to his paperwork to his sub-alternates, Anatoli prefers having fun in the corridors of the huge school, looking to disrupt classes and students to challenge. He has no policy and leaves full responsibility of education to his teachers and deputy headmaster.
Trivia :
- Koldovstoretz is the second largest school in the world both in terms of space of student numbers.
- the school was remodeled by the famous Baba Yaga.
- schools can literally move to prevent it being found.
- the school has a hymn (students love to sing).
- students are very patriotic to their school
- many parties are organized by students.
- Koldovstoretz welcomes the muggle-borns are not allowed to Durmstrang.
- of school is at the heart of a constant blizzard preventing anyone from approaching.
- the students go to school by sled (similar to the Knight Bus).
- teachers and sometimes the director eat the same tables as students.
- most of the time, students are left to themselves and younger dependent on the benevolence of their elders.
- Inuit living in Siberia study their own magic but they must pass regulatory reviews of Koldovstoretz to be recognized by the Ministry.
- it’s possible to study black magic.
- pets are not officially allowed.
- they play a version of Quidditch where they fly on entire, uprooted trees instead of broomsticks.

Mahoutokoro School of Magic.
Japan - Aichi Prefecture  Volcanic island of Minami Iwo Jima
- South Asia (Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand)
- TOKUGAWA Danjo : descendant of the Matsudaira clan, founder of Mahoutokoro. Danjo Tokugawa is a stocky men, bald and fat. Severe in his instruction, he only wants the best of his students and doesn’t hesitate to exclude those who are not up to par.
Trivia :
- the school blazon is the Matsudaira clan’s “Mon”(circle around three Hollyhock leaves).
- only a member of the Tokugawa clan get the post of Headmaster / Headmistress.
- the school is formed by islets connected by bridges.
- there are a total of 11 islets : one building for the headmaster and teachers (school entry) ; one for the main building (classrooms and library) ; two dormitories (one for girls and one for boys) ; one for kitchens ; five for gardens ; and finally, a last which serves as training ground.
- in the most remote islet of gardens find a temple with a Go-Shinboku planted since the school’s founding.
- tutor system (senpei / kohai) is very present.
- students address their teachers by calling them “sensei”.
- the school is known for its large number of non-human spiritous apparition.
- even if everyone can follow any topic, some are qualify as feminin and other as masculin and it’s frowned upon to depart from the rule.
- even if everyone is accepted, students have to merit their places in school.
- school organizes annual sports festival. (Headmaster annually invites other schools to participate even if the answer was always negative.)
- the tests are : obstacle course; hunting flag; duel; demonstration ; Quidditch 

Móshùdifang, Institute of magic.
China - Guilin
- Central Asia (China, Korea, Tibet)
- XIE An : Madam Xie An is known internationally for having fought and tamed a dragon. Respectable Seers and apprentive of the most powerful Chinese sorcerer : she inherits his position as headmistress in place of the second apprentice (and newly Minister of Magic Chinese). She creates an atmosphere of mutual aid between students and encourages working group. She is very proud of his school and its students. She doesn’t like the current headmaster of Mahoutokoro.
Trivia :
- Móshùdifang’s blazon is a dragon surrounding the sinogramme of  "magic" and “place” in the center of a hexagon.
- it’s the second oldest school of magic.
- school starts at twelve years and lasts six years.
- the school is located atop a hill.
- each generation of students is supervised by a “governess” to guide them through their entire schooling.
- the tower that serves as a dormitory is organized so that each stage represents a year.
- the school specializes in enchantments and divination.

I may or may not begin a story (that I probably never finish) for each of these schools …

*Take Me Away | Pt 8* Newt x reader


Story synopsis: Reader is in a loveless marriage. Her husband is an Auror and works alongside Theseus. Newt is recently promoted to the Beast Division at The Ministry and Theseus decides to bring Newt along to a dinner at reader’s house. After a few run ins afterwards, reader and Newt slowly begin to fall in love. Reader has never found love in anyone besides her mother and soon finds it in Newt. The two begin to see one another secretly(after fighting the urges to avoid such a secret affair…) until after a year of hiding Newt is asked to travel the world and write his book. Will reader go with him and leave her life behind?

WARNINGS: Slight smut. Nothing intense. This one is a bit shorter. Mainly a filler ^_^

“I’ll be back tomorrow evening.” Grabbing his wand, Nathaniel descended down the stairs and took his coat from Winney’s grasp. Without another word he checked himself in the hall mirror before opening the door and disappearing. You’d been waiting weeks for Nathaniel to finally leave. The moment you heard he was invited to a weekend excursion with some of his colleagues you exploded in to joy. 

After checking through the window you decided the coast was clear. “Winney?” Calling to your house elf you quickly wrapped your shawl around you and fixed your hair. “I’ll be going out for the day. I’ll return sometime in the evening.”

“Yes, master.” Bowing as you glided past her, Winney continued her dusting as you skipped down the steps and through the back door. You nearly ran down the dirt path to Newt’s home and the moment you saw his auburn hair blowing in the Autumn wind you paused and gazed at him from afar. Despite the rather chilly breeze he had his served rolled up and he was tossing food to the Hippogriff’s as he cleaned up the area around him. He wasn’t expecting you and the moment his eyes caught sight of your dress blowing in the wind he glanced up and smiled.

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4. (Click the 4)

It’s five in the morning when Betty’s phone makes the dreaded noise, signaling the end of what she thinks might be the most memorable weekend of her life. Jughead is spooning her, his arm curled tightly around her waist possessively.

“Juggie,” Betty shifts from her position and turns around. He’s awake now, smiling at her sleepily. “The alarm. I suppose we have to go to school now.”

“No way, babe,” Jughead grabs her and pulls her to him until her bare chest touches his once more. “Perfect.”

“Jug, we have to get up. I don’t want my mother to be suspicious, or we won’t be able to keep having these little excursions.”

“Is that what your calling our leisurely activity this weekend, Betts? An “excursion?” That’s quite the euphemism.” He smirks.

“Juggie. I’m serious. We should probably hit up the locker rooms before school starts. I need to shower before someone notices my unseemly appearance.”

“I like you this way best of all.” His hand lowers a little, brushing against her as his touch makes her nearly come undone.

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“Not only is Ayahuasca a Pineal Gland activator and stimulator, but Ayahuasca is also a powerful Pineal Gland Developer”~ clinical researcher, Maps dotorg. Ayahuasca also aligns our 7-chakras (which every religion tells us to do but churches totally ignore), and Ayahuasca opens and interconnects the right side of the brain, as well as the frontal lobes of the brain (all scientifically proven).. Ayahuasca, also known as the “Vine of the Soul”, is a sacred medicinal power plant which grows in the Amazon rainforest and is a natural psychotropic. The Quechua term of this drink “Ayahuasca” refers to the freeing of the spirit or the essence of the soul. To take Ayahuasca is to be purged and purified. It cleanses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. It reaches deep inside and removes the layers of debris relating to our age-old fears and illusions which obscure the soul. It’s an ego-killer and removes all negative matter within associated with dark energies. Ayahuasca also assists to access and reconnect with ancient knowledge and wisdom imprinted in our very own DNA, psychic powers and to journey into the past, present and future. Including other realms, dimensions and parallel universes.

The Master Plant has a Spirit, and in the eye of a shaman it is a powerful Doctor, Surgeon and Medicine. Through the use of this Master Teacher one can access the unknown, intangable worlds inhabited by other beings, induce dream states and vision- and liberation of all matter.

Living in a culture paranoid of the use of mind-altering substances, associated what we call “drugs” in the western world, natural power plants and medicines are sometimes dismissed as a dangerous and superficial form of spirituality. The contrary is true - the work involved with both Master Teachers facilitates an accelerated awakening of our multi-dimensional Self and our interconnection. It allows seeing beyond “the illusion” of that what we perceive to be reality through a deeper connection with Pachamama/Mother Earth and the Higher Realms and by channeling profound insights, messages and visions for a better understanding of the TRUTH AND MAGIC OF LIFE AND ONESELF. Shamanic traditions have used Ayahuasca and other sacred medicinal plants to invoke profound mystical experiences, changes in consciousness and as a means of a cure for millennia. Their telepathic powers are connected to supernatural forces residing in their tissues, and they were divine gifts to the earliest Indians on Earth. Ceremonies with those Master Teachers are truly a magical gift of the Gods!

Spirituality is at the core of the Ayahuasca experience. Purification of mind, body and soul in a healing ceremony can catalyse a profound process of spiritual awakening and development. This process of growth and spiritual evolution can continue indefinitely even if Ayahuasca is not taken again. The Ayahuasca experience is highly individual and unique to each person as it enables a direct connection with the deepest parts of the sub-conscious, facilitating a deep connection with our true, inner and higher self.

Ayahuasca provides a window into our soul and shows us who we really are and who we can become. We strongly believe that the benefits to be gained from learning about Ayahuasca are immeasurable, both on a personal and planetary level.

There is no plant healer on the planet quite as revered, as powerful, and as respected as Ayahuasca. And now the Western world is finally beginning to acknowledge this plant phenomenon, with an ever increasing number of people, academics, scientists, neurologists, philosophers and mystics heading to South America to experience Ayahuasca for themselves.

The medicine Ayahuasca - often referred to as ‘The Queen of the forest’ and considered to be the most powerful of the teacher plants - is traditionally consumed in a ceremonial context under the guidance of a Shaman or Ayahuasquero (a maestro trained in the use of the vine). It is imperative to have an experienced Shaman/Ayahuasquero present to conduct the ceremony, someone who has a deep understanding of the forces at work and how to keep the energies in balance.

Ayahuasca is a strong purgative (allows profound cleansing through vomiting and diarrhea), an antibiotic (kills microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses), an analgesic (painkiller), disinfectant, and cicatrizant (speeds healing of wounds).

For some people the heaviness that is felt in their life is the weight of old emotional baggage. Ayahuasca can assist in bringing such memories to the surface to be confronted and released through purging. The purging aspect of the Ayahuasca experience is hugely beneficial as it also allows for impurities to be released that sap the body’s energy. This deep cleansing system is a natural detoxification which restores physical vitality and harmony. It is in this clearing process that we create new space for higher energy, clarity, creativity and vibrancy to enter into our life.

Ayahuasca, the Master Teacher:

Ayahuasca is revered by the indigenous people of South America as a sacred medicine and a master-teacher, capable of transporting the drinker to other dimensions of space and time, where past, present and future are all equally accessible, both one’s own life path and those of others.

Everyone’s journey with Ayahuasca is totally unique and individual. The plant-teacher guides us to the deepest parts of our subconscious where, with our conscious self, we are able to confront, understand and release deep-rooted emotional baggage and behavioral patterns that are holding us back in our lives and preventing us from being our authentic selves. Diseases, behavioral patterns and egoistic tendencies can be analysed to determine their nature and origin.

It is not uncommon to experience a regression back to the situation or source of a problem or trauma. To relive the experience is to gain new understanding and insights enabling resolution or closure. Dream-like scenes where personal messages from spirits are received cause ceremony participants to re-evaluate their life course with a deeper understanding of why they are here, and what it is they need to do to fulfill their purpose.

Drinkers of Ayahuasca often report significant changes in the way they see life and how they feel about themselves, and in many cases they experience a growing sense of purpose and direction, inner strength and power.

Not everyone comes to this medicine with the same needs. The magic of Ayahuasca rests in its ability to find, focus, diagnose, heal and transcend one’s personal limitations, conditioning, negative thoughts and fears. It takes us to a pure fundamental part within each of us that instinctively knows the answer, that wants us to achieve what we really desire in life and to be true to ourselves. It teaches us how to trust this new inner voice and achieve a more fulfilling life.

Fundamental to the work of the Shaman is the knowledge that Nature is alive; that the plant kingdom is conscious and has intelligence; that plants have spirits who can help to heal mankind; that an answer to any illness can be found in Nature. During an Ayahuasca experience it is possible for one to see and communicate with these spirits. For example, one can speak with plant spirits to learn their medicinal properties and how to collect and prepare them for use in healing.

Ayahuasca allows for the integration of the Self with the Higher-Self. From this integration emerges the True Self. The fully active brain strips away the fear-based, ego-mind issues that plague the human condition. The light of our higher consciousness renders the mask of our ‘pretend’ self irrelevant. It ceases to be of importance to impress others by being right or better than someone, or to be ashamed of who we are. A light, joyous and playful sense encompasses our being and we become resolved in our humanity and our divinity. We stop thinking and start knowing.


In this grand time of human awakening, whenever more people seek higher guidance and truer direction in their lives, the sacred medicines at long last take their place among the path that lead to the remembrance of one’s true self. Ayahuasca provides the most direct and immediate pathways to self-inquiry, and one only has to grab the opportunity that it provides for unrestrained personal and spiritual growth!

It is one of the most confrontational ways of healing one’s inner self, and in participation one is moved beyond the muddled and noisy mind, into the intuitive heart center, whence resides peace and unbounded love. And as with the microcosm of a single human soul so the macrocosm of humanity for it is here that humanity now finds itself, at the cross roads, seeking the remembrance of its own true nature.

Mother Ayahuasca will without any reservations or pretence show you your most deeply buried aspects of ourselves. Dredge them up for a re-examination and re-integration. For this is the only way to spiritual growth. No part of the shadow self shall be left behind, swept under the carpet or be left unforgiven.
It will present to you your worst, most negative aspects and show you how to heal yourself. It will tell you no lies and you will be shown with absolute clarity your impact upon others. What you need to adjust and what you need to let go of. Mother Ayahuasca in all her wisdom exposes your most immediate issues and grants you a higher perspective on them, one that cannot be attained by the everyday rational mind.

She shows you your pains and your fears, so that you might climb the ladder of evolution ever higher by re-learning unconditional love. The remembering of your true essence, and indeed, the essence of All that Is. Make no mistake about it, this is not a weekend excursion to the park, this is serious work on the self, that requires utmost dedication and disciplined preparation. Skirting issues such as proper diet prior and subsequently to the workshop serves only to lesson the effect and the purpose of the whole exercise.

Our mainstream society provides so many unhealthy temptations that go against our wellbeing, that one is definitely challenged to find that which benefits one most. I found this one of the keys to proper preparation and subsequently true to form, found myself requiring much less food than normal during the workshops. This is the physical proof that the spiritual work at the workshops has almost immediate real world results.

Every soul has its own individual journey and story. It is thus up to each and every person to decide how they will get from point A to point B. In the end all journeys are just as important and just as beautiful. Thus I heartily recommend these workshops to all, because all are ultimately on a journey of self exploration. The company of shamans that shall accompany you is one of warmth and love. Their beautiful songs carry you peacefully and providently through your darkest hours, your most exhilarating visions and your most profound lessons.
But this I say without exaggeration, the group of wonderful people undertaking the same journey as you, besides Mother Ayahuasca of course, they will be your greatest teachers while you are there. And if you have never truly felt connected on a soul level to another person, yeah, expect that to become the whole group. As you are shown the illusion of separation and the truth of universal love.

If I could sum up this wonderful journey with the sacred medicines of Peru, I would sum it up so…: Those who have not experienced direct knowing, who have not been enveloped by direct spiritual experience, they know nothing.
This is your chance to know the infinity that dwells beyond the mind. To remember who you truly are!

Those who undergo the ayahuasca experience report having profound spiritual revelations regarding their purpose on earth, the true nature of the universe as well as deep insight as how to be the best person they possibly can. It is nearly always said that people experience profound positive changes in their life subsequent to consuming ayahuasca. In addition, it is often reported that individuals experience what gaining access to so called “higher spiritual dimensions” and making contact with various autonomous entities who serve to act as guides or healers.

Ayahuasca focuses and aligns the patient with the archaic essence of spirituality. It ‘resets’ our biological clock according to universal time and harmonizes our natural brain chemistry. The corresponding shift in our personal values, priorities, and self-image produces a lasting rebirth, a transformative “new beginning”. This quality is the most important and life-changing gift of the Goddess, and the one most desired by many seekers. Persons experiencing Ayahuasca ceremonies typically achieve substantial mental, psychological, and spiritual progress, comparable to that accomplished through intensive long-term psychotherapy, and often in a remarkably short time.
Studies investigating Ayahuasca’s history and use often fail to explain the remarkably transformative processes it initiates. Ayahuasca’s various effects progress through cathartic, abreactive and spiritual stages. Experience of universal time is an important element in this process. Each experience carries one beyond the previous ones, with revelations according to the character, quality, and depth of previous experiences and the travelers’ level of consciousness.

After drinking Ayahuasca, the first effect one notices is a distinctive shift in sensory modality. Tactile and auditory sensitivity increases and mental processes and emotions become more profound. At this point, the journey may move into many dimensions. Soul flight, causes a sense of floating and discorporation as one enters other dimensions of hyperspace.
Ayahuasca cannot be qualified by consistency of its effects. The psycho-spiritual centers of consciousness activated by Ayahuasca cannot be programmed, though the journey can be guided and influenced by competent shamans/ facilitators. The pharmacological properties of the psychoactive compound in interaction with the biological antecedents are not enough to define the influence on the psyche. The brew always interacts with the psycho-emotional and spiritual set of each individual and the construct of the setting in which it is taken.

Here I will describe and categorize each subjective effect that the Ayahuasca experience has to offer in as much detail as I possibly can.

Physical effects:
The body high of ayahuasca can be described as a pleasurable, warm, soft and all encompassing glow. For some it is manifested spontaneously at different unpredictable points throughout the experience, but for others it maintains a consistent presence that steadily rises with the onset and hits its limit once the peak has been reached.

Cognitive effects:
The head space of ayahuasca is described by many as extremely sober and clear headed in its style when compared to other commonly used psychedelics such as LSD or Psilocybin. It contains a large number of psychedelic typical and unique cognitive effects.

The most prominent of these typical effects include,
•Acceleration of thought
•Enhancement of current mind state
•Removal of cultural filters
•Feelings of fascination and awe
•Conceptual thinking
•Vocabulary suppression
•Ego suppression, Ego loss, and ego death
•Time distortion

Along side of the typical cognitive effects listed above, ayahuasca induces certain states which are seemingly rare or spontaneous within all other psychedelics in a consistent, reproducible and in an extremely powerful way.
These commonly reported unique cognitive effects include,
•Powerful and consistent mindfulness - The term “mindfulness" is used within psychological literature to refer to states which are achieved through the act of practicing meditation. This feeling is characterized by a sense of focus on the present moment with a stillness and clarity of mind. Induced mindfulness can occur within any psychedelic but is unique within ayahuasca due to how consistently it is manifested and the way in which it can sustain itself for days, weeks or even months after a single high dose experience.

This is an extremely beneficial and therapeutic effect for personal psychological health. In contrast, other more commonly used psychedelics such as LSD and Psilocybin tend to induce this effect in a merely spontaneous and temporary form.

•Consistently induced states of unity and inter-connectedness - This effect is unique within ayahuasca due to how consistently it is manifested as an accompanying effect along side of ego death and occasionally, ego suppression. In contrast, other more commonly used psychedelics such as LSD and Psilocybin tend to induce this effect rarely at best.

•Consistent communication with the subconscious - It can be briefly described as a literal communication with an internal voice within which claims to be the subconscious. At lower levels this is performed by the subconscious conversing with you through your own thought stream. At higher dosages however it becomes a fully audible voice which is capable of coherent conversation on the same level as the ego, and arguably self aware in its own right.
•Sustained dream potentiation - Regular or occasional ayahuasca usage commonly results in extremely vivid, lucid and easy to recollect dreams in the days and weeks after the experience.
It’s worth noting that the overall cognitive positivity or negativity of an ayahuasca experience in psychologically balanced individuals depends greatly on how nauseating or purgative the chosen method of preparation is. For example, paranoia, anxiety, delirium and a difficulty stringing thoughts together often immediately manifest themselves during uncomfortable states of nausea for the inexperienced, but remain absent when the user has been accustomed to the purge itself.

Visual effects: Enhancements,

Ayahuasca presents a complete array of possible visual enhancements which generally includes,
•Increased visual acuity
•Enhancement of colours
•Enhanced pattern recognition
•Visual drifting (melting, breathing, warping and flowing) - In comparison to other Entheogens or psychedelics this effect can be described as highly detailed, slow and smooth in motion and static in their appearance.
•After images
•Texture repetition
•Colour shifting
•Scenery slicing
The visual geometry that is present throughout this experience can be comprehensively described as structured in their organization, organic in geometric style, intricate in complexity, large in size, fast and smooth in motion, colourful in scheme, glossy in colour, equal in blurred and sharp edges and equal in rounded and angular corners. At higher dosages they are significantly more likely to result in states of level 7B visual geometry over level 7A.
In terms of their manifestation they are progressive in nature and continuously self complexify in settings with little or no visual input and disturbances. For example, darkness will cause the geometry to progressively intensify but this can immediately be reset back down to base level by simply turning on a bright light or actively performing a physical task which requires any level of concentration.

Visionary states,
Ayahuasca and other forms of DMT produce a full range of high level states in a fashion that is more consistent and reproducible than that of any other commonly used “Entheogen” or psychedelic.

These effects include,
•Visualizations - this particular effect commonly contains inner visualizations with scenarios, settings, concepts and autonomous entity contact. They are more common within dark environments and can be described as internal in their manifestation, lucid in believability, interactive in style and almost exclusively religious, spiritual, mystical or transcendental nature in their overall theme.
Auditory effects:

The auditory effects of ayahuasca are extremely consistent and exhibit a full range of effects which commonly includes,
•Auditory enhancements
•Auditory distortions
•Auditory visualizations
Health effects, potential addiction and tolerance:

Research has been made showing the relative physical safety of DMT. Ayahuasca, has been studied by multidisciplinary groups in Brazil and other countries and was shown that in reasonable doses in a careful context, it presents no negative cognitive/psychiatric/physical consequences.
In terms of mental health the very same study showed that users presented elevated levels of happiness and health. Ayahuasca is not physically addictive, and many users experience a frequency self-regulating quality to the drug. This is despite the fact that the substance holds no real tolerance and can be used on a daily basis if it is desired.

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I don't know if I should be sorry but prompt 32 for Bumbleby

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified”

(this turned into a not drabble)

It wasn’t often they had nights like these: sprawled out on a blanket draped across the terrace under the night sky with a bottle of cherry wine settled between them. There was a light spring chill in the air, the last of winter’s vices relinquishing hesitantly as the semester rushed to a close and trees sprouted flowers, the soft pink blooming so pure and fresh, a relief from the suffering cold.

Their cheeks mimicked the spring flower, flushed and warm with smiles and laughter as they let loose and relieved stress with drunkeness and each other’s company. The bottle half-empty and their glasses full, the night was chilled yet warm. Quiet yet so full of life.

Blake’s nails clinked against her glass. “Yang, what’s your greatest fear?”

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Lake House


To much of his surprise, Ethan’s mother and father actually agreed to the weekend excursion. Somehow whenever plans were made and they were the idea of Elena they always be up for it. If he had come up with if himself, they would make some excuse as to why it would not work. He guessed that she just had that influence on everyone.

With the car all packed and ready two go. The three of them headed up to the northern part of the state. They had the lake house in the family dating back many generations. It had since be updated and furnished nicely. The trip itself took about three hours by car. It was set right on the lake and nestled in the very tall evergreensThey even had their own dock for the boat.

Ethan pulled into the driveway and turned off the ignition. Stepping out of the car, he took a deep breath in. He loved coming up here. The air was so much fresher. And just being out in the quiet. Away from the bustling city. He helped unload the trunk into the house and shortly began to prepare dinner.

Hey gang! After a little break, #WalkAlaska is back for weekly meet ups! Mark your calendars, guys: Starting this weekend, our excursions will be held every Sunday at 6pm. This week we’re bringing back an oldie: Powerline Pass (meet in the Glen Alps parking lot!) Bring a camera, bring a jacket, bring a friend. Feel free to Send me a Ask me if you have questions. See y'all there!

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Hi I haven't asked for my prize yet because I am honestly still shocked I won that thing holy shit (I nearly asked for a 5000 word essay on why you even CONSIDERED me in Arial font size 12 on my desk by Monday but) but I just want to say you are super cool and for my prize can I have chubbykid!dean and chubbykid!cas at school headcanons (or fic if you want) and also I would like some pizza and your eternal friendship idk

because u r amazing that’s why u won.

It started when they were 10.

Dean didn’t have a lot of friends, but he didn’t care. He liked sitting with Jo and Ash at an eight-person table at lunch every day. That’s how it had always been, since they were 6. 

It started when they were 10. Fifth grade. Dean had noticed Castiel Novak before, they had been in the same second grade class, but something happened in between fourth and fifth grade. Castiel had gotten fat.

Wait, that’s not a nice term—Cas had just, well, he had gained a little weight. That’s all. He was about as big as Dean now, and according to his little brother, Dean wasn’t allowed to call himself fat. So that means he shouldn’t say it about Cas either.

It started when they were 10. Cas still sat with his huge group of friends—the “popular” kids—at lunch, but something was wrong. He wasn’t eating much. Dean doesn’t know why he even noticed, but since he did he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Cas looked starving and miserable, but he barely ate more than half a sandwich every day. After watching this for two weeks, Dean decided to do something about it. He started packing extra food in his lunchbox every day, and as they waited for the bus after school Dean would offer the food to Cas like he was just sharing his snack.

Castiel always ate whatever Dean gave him, quickly and desperately.

One day, Dean starts talking to Cas. Not really about anything in particular, but that’s how it starts. They talk every day at the bus stop, and it becomes the best part of Dean’s day.

When they’re 11, Dean invites Cas over to his apartment to watch Godzilla movies and sleep over.

“Holy cow, you have cinnamon toast crunch,” Cas says as soon as he walks in. He had immediately gone to the pantry.

“Um, yeah,” Dean says with a laugh. “You don’t have cereal at your house?”

“Yeah, but not sugary cereal.” Cas keeps looking at all the food. “You have Oreos. And chips. You eat all of this stuff?”

Dean crosses his arms over his chest self-consciously. Duh, he eats all of this stuff. According to his dad, that’s why he’s fat in the first place. “Yep.”

Cas’ face falls. “My parents don’t let me eat anything.”

“What? Are you serious?”

Cas scratches his belly and keeps staring at all the food. “They lock up all the ‘bad’ stuff and only let my sister have any of it. They did that after I…you know.”

“Because you got—gained weight?”

“Yes. What are your parents like?” Cas looks around the room as if he’s just now noticed that there are no parents here.

“My dad’s never here. I take care of my brother and pretty much do whatever I want.” Dean doesn’t want to talk about his mom.

Cas’ eyes go wide. “So…we can do anything?”

“Anything” to Cas means eating everything in the Winchesters’ apartment. They sit on Dean’s bed, put on a movie, and surround themselves with snacks until they run out and have to go back to the kitchen for more. Sam joins them, too, but he gets a stomach ache long before they’re ready to quit. Dean’s never eaten so much sugar in his life. It feels awesome.

Things change after that. Cas starts coming over every weekend, and he and Dean go all over the place trying every type of bad food imaginable. They get candy apples at the mall, corn dogs at the stand down the street, burritos at the Mexican place in town. They eat like kings, because it might be the only good meal Cas gets for a while.

When they’re 12, Dean begins to wonder if Cas is only friends with him for the food. It hurts to think that might be the case, but Dean won’t let his friend starve. Besides, Cas is the happiest when he’s got a mouthful of food. Nothing makes Dean happier than seeing Cas happy.

When they’re 13, they start getting picked on at school. Sam still tells Dean not to call himself fat, but that doesn’t stop all the kids at school from saying it. It makes Dean overeat all the time, and the one time he goes to the doctor the words “childhood obesity” are thrown around. Cas is bigger than him now. It’s not as happy anymore when they go on their food excursions every weekend.

When they’re 14, they both hit puberty and lose a combined 65 pounds.

While they’re sitting on Dean’s bed sharing a carton of ice cream one Friday night, Cas drops his spoon, leans over and gives Dean a cold, chocolatey kiss.

They start getting picked on for something completely different, something awesome. Dean never wonders again if Cas just likes him for his food.