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Criminals of the FAHC’s caliber hardly need tangible christmas presents - when you spend all year taking whatever you want whenever you want it the idea of requesting something then patiently waiting around to see if someone else steals it for you seems utterly laughable. That said, the Fake’s have their own take on Kris Kringle; they all draw a name out of a box, and on Christmas they deliver that person a head.

Not always a literal head mind, they aren’t actually all bloodthirsty enough to want to deal with decapitated parts, and Geoff swears he’s going to kill the next person who leaves corpses around the penthouse, but vengeance on a platter is the name of the game.

It might come in the form of the bank details of a sworn enemy, or the keys to their shiny prize car. It might be the disappearance of a problem or the unwilling reapperace of someone who owed a debt, might be the news that that one annoying gang has been run out of the city or a video presentation of CCTV footage displaying the moment a particularly aggravating detective got his comeuppance. It all depends on who is doing the giving; the more technically inclined go for digital displays, the smooth-talkers cheat and swindle, the bruisers break, maim and murder and Geoff overcompensates.

There are many strengths in the greater FAHC but they are all, to a fault, showboaters of the highest order and the Christmas bonanza is their biggest chance to show off. The Kris Kringle was born as a way to give gifts their crewmates would actually enjoy but over the years it has devolved, like most anything the Fake’s are involved with, into a glorified pissing contest. A talent show as much as an exchange of gifts, everyone competing to come up with the best present of the year, the most impressive undertaking, the most appreciative recipient.

For citizens of Los Santos the period running up to Christmas is basically a hellscape, members of the FAHC running around on a a dozen different completely bizarre missions, serious and driven in a way that comes only with fierce competition. For any enemies of the crew the period running up to Christmas is more or less open season, the possibility of attack as high as it is unpredictable, standard revenge tactics abandoned in favour of elaborate plans and ingenious traps. For the FAHC the period running up to Christmas is the most high stress, hectic, entertaining internal arms race of the year, rife with secrets, subterfuge, red herrings and, invariably, at least one headless corpse.

Double Dee Weekend Analysis Challenge

This weekend, for Double Dee Appreciation Month, a bunch of EEnE blogs have been asked by @eene-fangirl​ to analyze the climactic swamp scene from Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Big Picture Show.  In this scene, Eddy tricks Edd into believing Edd has allowed Ed and Eddy to drown in quicksand.  This leaves Edd alone with the audience for about a minute, attempting to rescue them and then sobbing over survivor’s guilt. If you’re ready to deal with that, keep reading!

If you’re interested in how my opinion of this scene has evolved, here’s another analysis of it from a few years ago.  Hopefully I don’t repeat myself too much, I only gave myself a moment to gloss over it before I started this: http://book-o-scams.tumblr.com/post/128634520423/do-you-think-you-could-do-a-review-about-the

What if the last time you saw your best friends safe and happy before their tragic deaths, one of them was pretending to be an alligator-skin bag and the other was running away from him in half naked mock-terror?  This is Edd’s lot in life.

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Over the past two months, I’ve been working hard to finish up these 9 illustrations for @doublefine. They’re releasing a physical bundle with many of their games included, as a PAX East exclusive. These art cards will all be included in the bundle.

I feel really lucky to have gotten the opportunity to do them. It was a ton of work, but it’s nice to finally see them all together.

Thanks to @melissakking, who did the art card for Broken Age, as well as the thumbnail for Stacking, and also helped out a ton with color.

Also thanks to Charlie Verdin and the rest of the @fangamer crew for doing all the work to actually get the bundle made.

Here are the games in order:

  1. Grim Fandango
  2. Spacebase DF-9
  3. Stacking
  4. Iron Brigade
  5. Costume Quest
  6. Brutal Legend
  7. Massive Chalice
  8. Hack ‘n’ Slash
  9. Psychonauts
  10. Broken Age, by Melissa King

If you’re going to PAX East this weekend, stop by the Double Fine booth to get this bundle!


So here’s my gainz:

76 - 91 fletch
83 - 87 farm (took first screenie after level up, gg me)
93 - 98 smith (I don’t want to look at a corrupted ore ever again)
91 - 92 craft
88 - 89 con
79 - 80 thieve
80 - 81 hunt
87 - 89 inv
96 - almost 99 herb (intentionally not 99)
81 - 84 cook
94 - almost 99 summ (intentionally not 99)

Total xp gained: 20.3M.
Total levels gained: 39

Also 2400 total level!

I can’t believe she’s here.
And that we made something so cute. I’m sure I’m biased, but I think she’s darling. Even with all that forehead hair, poor thing!

I found out on Friday that we would have to put the boys in respite if she didn’t come this weekend. My babysitter had double booked us for next week and I was furious. D is always ready and willing, but it’s against the rules, and I don’t want to break any rules during an investigation. So I was gutted.

I begged the universe and the health food store for help. With the aid of raspberry leaf tea, an herbal bath, and intimacy I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up to a pop and knew exactly what it was. I shoved a blanket in between my legs and watched my husband panic. (by the way, when your water breaks, it pours. I had three gushes that soaked two towels each. Six towels, guys. Six. And countless pads because I continued to leak until the moment she came out)

That was my last moment of clarity. I had pictured a zen and peaceful childbirth and was disappointed that natural childbirth wasn’t either of those things. It was fear of my next contraction and fear of the pain. It was hugging the bed or J for dear life. It was not having the moment to even let anyone know I was in labor. I think I would have had a more enjoyable experience with an epidural. Once she got here, I was so weak and exhausted I could barely enjoy her first few hours. And I do regret that.

I don’t know if I would have done it differently though. It was an experience. Similar to why I ran a half marathon even though I don’t like running or went skydiving even though I’m afraid of heights. I want to experience all that I can.

All I managed to say during 11.5 hours of labor was “Was I mean to you? I’m sorry” and “Is there more poop?” And I probably said those things at least 50 times each. I think I pooped more during that 11.5 hours than I do during an entire month.

Oh. The hospital was NOTHING like I thought it was going to be. I had complete freedom and my nurse wouldn’t even let me stay in bed. Every choice for the baby was optional. Everything I learned in my natural birthing class was a lie. They really didn’t even want much to do with us. They made it clear that it was my labor and my baby and here is the yoga ball, peanut ball, and squat bar, please use them. Why do hospital births get such a bad rap?

And major shout out to D. She came to us in the middle of the night and loved on those boys. And then brought us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (my request, hospital food is gross) and held AD so J and I could eat dinner together. She truly is a saint.

Btw, breastfeeding is just as hard as I knew it was going to be. And the nurse had to milk me twice. But it’s another experience so you bet I’ll torture myself to do it right ;-)

AD is a precious little thing. She’s starting to open her eyes more and look around. I can’t wait for her to meet her brothers when we’re discharged this afternoon!

i did that runescape video, i ended up just recording my screen with my phone camera bc it’s way easier. Dissasembling tools and stuff doesnt seem to be effected by double exp weekend though! so i only gained 4.5m experience and i was planning on 9m but that’s still good