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What are some things that Dazai would do after losing his s/o in a terrible incident to remember them?

Aww, more angst for poor Dazai </3 (but I love it though omg *evil laughter*)

Osamu Dazai

  • Even after your passing away, Dazai is still able to hear your voice when he wants to because he saved your voicemail on his phone and listens to it occasionally. He also made a backup copy of it just in case there’s the off chance where his phone would somehow reset itself and completely wipe everything on it and he’s unable to recover the erased data, since he doesn’t want to someday reminisce about the wonderful life you and him had shared together and can’t seem to recall the sound of your voice anymore.
  • There used to be a favorite restaurant that you and Dazai would go to regularly to have a nice and lovely dinner every weekend and you both were actually popular there due to Dazai’s antics. But when you and the suicidal maniac had stopped coming for a couple of weeks, several of the staff members would grow concern for the two of you. Although one day Dazai shows up by himself and orders a meal off the menu and your usual and he’d just sit there and doesn’t eat his food or drink his water at all but picks at it instead. And Dazai would do this for a few times until he eventually stops coming there completely.
  • Dazai cherishes the photos that he had taken of you and him together very dearly with all of his heart and he honestly wished that he had captured more pictures of you while he still could when you were still alive. Dazai keeps a photograph of you in his wallet just so that he never has to forget how your pretty little face looks like, and also because you have a truly amazing smile that never fails to make him smile – even when he’s feeling pain of sorrows piercing right through his broken heart.
  • Dazai literally broke down into tears one day when he found a simple handwritten note from you that said “I love you” and was folded and carefully tucked away somewhere safe where you knew he would find someday (like in a novel or in the pocket of a clothing that belongs to him) after months or even years of you being gone. You and Dazai would use to constantly exchange sweet little notes and leave some hidden for each other to find in the past and discovering another one after all this time really strikes a chord with him.

I’ve been doing really well with my eating so far this weekend!

I have dinner with friends at a Mexican restaurant tonight. I’m going to skip the free chips completely because eating one means eating fifty. I haven’t quite decided what I’m ordering yet, probably fajitas or something else with a good amount of protein.

Then tomorrow we’re going out for Chinese with my parents and grandparents 😐 I’m gonna go with something that has a light sauce, plenty of veggies, and probably chicken for a protein. I think the place we’re going has large portions, so I’ll try to take some home with me, too.

The scale WILL move on Friday!


We only ever eat two meals on weekends–brunch and dinner. I literally cannot remember the last time we had three. So, I’m prepping the beef stew and the husband says, “that smells so good–when are we eating?” I tell him 6. He says, “But what about lunch?” 😑 I do not buy lunch food because we don’t eat lunch on weekends and are never home for lunch on the weekdays. He didn’t like my suggestion of an apple and some cheese and crackers. He kept looking at me like I was going to make lunch. Um, Nooope.

He gave me the saddest look when he went out to pick up a bahn mi sandwich. But, I’m cold and dead inside, so I just laughed at him. 🙄 I guess that’s the problem with crockpot meals when you’re home–the smells make you hungry.

Headcanons for Being Natasha Romanoff’s Sister

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  • Her trying to hide Black Widow from you
  • When you find out, she feeds you the “I was trying to protect you” line
  • Always being worried for Natasha and vice versa
  • Calling her whenever she goes off to fight and making sure she’s okay
  • Finding it normal when she doesn’t answer at first, but still being worried
  • Being incredibly close to her and the team
  • The team finds you like a little sister and vows to protect you not only for the sake of Natasha, but for the sake of themselves
  • Even if you get the slightest bit hurt, they all freak out
  • “Come on, guys, I just got a scratch. It’s not that bad.”
  • “Yeah, sure. That thing is the size of an abnormally large caterpillar.”
  • Having really deep and heartfelt conversations with Natasha; moreso when you two were younger and had the time, but still having them as you guys got older
  • Trying to alternate weekend dinners at each other’s houses
  • Her teaching you some self defense moves
  • Spending more time than you thought with the team
  • Her giving witty remarks to anyone on the team who tries to flirt with you
  • “You better not like your hands that much, Stark, because if you lay a hand on her, you won’t have them anymore.”
  • You questioning any guy that tried to date Natasha
  • “So let’s just say my sister wasn’t pretty. Would you still date her or are you in it just for the looks?”
  • “Nat, this guy’s a douchebag! Dump him right now!”
  • Being the one to heal her cuts and bruises after a fight, even though she insists that you shouldn’t
  • Having little to no fights with each other
  • If there were fights, it’d be about protecting each other and being more careful
  • You guys used to share a room with each other for quite a while, so when you two couldn’t sleep, you would both look up at the ceiling and talk to each other
  • “Hey, Nat? Thanks for being a really cool older sister.”
  • “Y/N, thanks for always being here for me.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “I love you too, sis.”
I desperately wish I liked eggs because cooking for one would become so much easier but I just don’t.

I’m trying to because I’m about to have a radical change in my schedule with the addition of two new visit schools on Tuesday and Friday. I will b tired, and I don’t want t push my current exhaustion further in April by cooking every night, then hopping into bed at 10 only to wake up at 5:20. So…Here’s the idea:

Sunday: Cook lunch and dinner; cook for Monday’s lunch and dinner, Tuesday’s lunch (dish focus: donburi, soup/stew, pasta)

Monday: cook Tuesday lunch if necessary

Tuesday: buy dinner and Wednesday lunch in Nihonmatsu (dish focus: healthy, but quick)

Wednesday: cook dinner and Thursday lunch (dish focus: heavy focuses on veggies)

Thursday: cook dinner and Friday lunch   (dish focus: heavy focuses on veggies; stir-fry Thursdays sounds really good!)

Friday: eat out or buy food to take home (anything goes!)

Saturday: cook lunch and dinner (western foods)

My goal is to only cook, at most only on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It allows me a break on myself, especially since it’ll be an adjustment to have to travel two hours round trip twice a week. Four days of cooking is more than enough to scratch my itch for being in the kitchen, but also keeps the dishes down, my energy up, and kind of forms bookends for how I rest and work.

Sunday will typically be a big pot dish: soup where all I have to do is drop in wonton or dumplings at the time of eating -largely so things like soups won’t get a build up of starch and start to become unpalatable- or pasta like ramen or spaghetti, and even rice dishes like donburi where I make my rice while I sleep, wake up and put it in the bento with meat, negi, and whatever other topings I want. 

I tried that this week with a carbonara I made Sunday: it was still good today, and I finished it tonight. I have baked chicken katsu for tomorrow, and will buy ramen -two packs at 7-11- for dinner and lunch Thursday, and will beef them up with some veggies, corn, and other things to make it a bit more filling. ggies are key: I need batteries to keep going and green, green, green will he;p me make it from Sunday to Saturday and back again.

I’m going to definitely satart also relying on my basic ability to put rice on timer to cook. Waking up in the morning to a big part of my meal -one that can be remixed in a lot of ways- being done will also make things incredibly easy.  Aledy, writing this post, I feel at ease. I’ll make it: I’m tough stuff.

Now, done with food, and off to bed, self: we’ve got another great day of living in Fukushima ahead!