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Discovery of Self

Prompt: superman one where you’re his daughter and you love playing the piano and music and stuff but because of his hearing he can’t listen to you play and so you get really sad about it and you get a surprise scholarship to a music school abroad and you kind of leave him and he doesn’t really know what to do???

AN: Let’s just talk about this little prompt right here … This turned into something that I love. Hopefully you guys enjoy it too. Thanks to my beta’s for plowing through my stories

Words: 1144

          You wait for him to come home. You just sit at the kitchen table and wait. You’re reading in your chair when the door finally creaks open, and he walks in. Those stupid glasses are on his face, and you don’t understand how they hide anything.

          He doesn’t even pause, he just walks straight to the fridge, pulls out the carton of ice cream, and two spoons and sits down. You both take a few bites before he finally asks, “Okay, what’s up kiddo?”

          You prepare yourself to tell him, but instead you ask, “Were you able to save everyone?”

          He smiles, as he takes off his glasses, “Yeah, your brothers and I were able to get everyone to safety. The rest of league was tackling a tsunami.”

          There’s another moment of silence before you say, “Mom called from Milan, the story is taking longer than she thought, she’s going to be another three days.”

          He just smiles. “Excellent, she’ll make it back in time for the cookout this weekend, everyone’s going to be there. Grandma and Grandpa Kent are driving in, your brothers are flying in. Your uncle Conner and Aunt M’Gann are coming in too. I even convinced Bruce and Damian to come, you and Damian get along right?”

          You shrug. “I haven’t had all that much contact with him, to be honest.”

          He nods, “I suppose that’s true, but he’s a good man, I think that you two would…”

          “I’m moving to London!” The words come out without your consent, and the look on his face makes you almost wish you could take them back. Almost.

          He stares at you. “I don’t understand.”

          “My college acceptance letters came in a few weeks ago. I got in everywhere I applied.”

          The smile that lights up your father’s face makes your heart break even more. “That’s amazing sweetheart, spectacular, but I don’t understand why you would say you were going to London when that’s the case. And why wait several weeks to tell us?”

          You take a deep breath. “Because I applied to a music school in London. Very prestigious, only five percent of applicants get in, and I managed a full scholarship.”

          Your dad’s eyes narrow. “But that’s not what we discussed, you were going to attend one of the three schools your brothers go to, so that there was someone to watch over you. Keep you safe.”

          You take a deep breath in an effort to stay calm. “Dad, the guys go to some amazing schools, but none of them have the kind of program I need if I want to play professionally.”

          He just crosses his arms and says, “But we agreed that you weren’t going to play professionally.”

          Your voice steadies. “No, you decided that. You and the boys, and the league decided to keep me in this little protective box where I can’t be used against you, because I am apparently helpless.”

          Your dad just sighs. “Y/N we’ve been over this, you’re in a vulnerable position because of who your family is.”

          You meet his gaze, “Don’t you mean because of who I am?”

          “Y/N …”

          “Four kids, and I’m the only one without powers. I can’t fly, I’m not bulletproof, and I can’t shoot beams out of my eyes. Heck, I’m not even an investigative reporter, like mom. I’m the normal one, but there is absolutely nothing normal about my life. You’ve kept me in a box, like I’m veal. I always have to have someone watching me, heck, I’m eighteen and I still have to check in with you and mom, or my older brothers.”

          Your dad’s voice raises, “You’re in constant danger because of what our family is…”

          “I AM NOT A PART OF THIS FAMILY!” The statement takes both of you by surprise, and your dad’s expression turns to one of horror and sadness. You clear your throat. “I’m the only one without powers, I have spent more collective time with my grandparents than with my parents. You and mom have always been gone, trying to save the world. And when the boys started showing signs of powers you put all your time and energy into training them. I became an afterthought …”

          Your dad moves forward to hug you, and you step back, out of his reach He whispers your name, “Y/N …”

          “You know nothing about me. You’ve never even heard me play. And it’s not just you dad, the guys have never heard me play, and mom, well mom is always traveling now.” There’s this silence before you say, “I love you guys, I really do. I understand why you do what you do, and why the world comes before me, but at the same time, I have needs too. And I need this. I need this school, and this opportunity. An opportunity to find out who I am, and what’s best for me.”

          You take another few steps back, “Grandma and Grandpa Kent already know, I told them months ago, and I’ve sent an email to mom. And I have no doubt that you’ll tell the boys.” Your phone buzzes in your pocket, and you know what that means, “My flight leaves in three hours, and it takes an hour to get to the airport, which means I have to go.”

          He takes a step forward and you take another back, distance is your friend right now. “I have to go to the school early to start setting things up. My dorm, classes, set up reservations for the piano, things like that.”

          “So this is it? You tell me and run?”

          You nod. “You forget dad, I was never the superhero, I was never the brave one, I was never the strong one. I knew how things would go. The entire family would converge and try to keep me from going, and I would give in. But I can’t, because I need this.”

          You allow yourself to walk towards him now and in that moment, your father, Clark Kent, Superman, looks smaller than you’ve ever seen him. You simply kiss his cheek and say: “I’ll email you to let you know I’m safe. I love you daddy.”

          You don’t look back, and when you get to London you throw yourself into school. You throw yourself into figuring out exactly who you are. You exchange sporadic emails with your family, and not one demands your return. And for that you’re extremely grateful. On the night of your end of the year recital, you walk out onto the stage to take your place, and when you look out into the audience you see your family. You can’t help but smile as you sit down and play. And as your fingers glide across the keys, who you are shines through.

Random headcanons for domestic!voltron

Me & @grandaddycoran thought of some of these together

1. Keith is mowing his lawn when he sees lance speeding down the street on a tiny ass bike.
2. Lance is, of course, trying to impress keith
3. Lance is goin hard, knees out, crouched to go faster, his face is so intense
4. Keith is strangely impressed??? How can someone that tall & lanky fit on something so small???
6. Lance does the bike thing a whole bunch and one time Keith decides to mow shirtless just to see what happens and as Lance rounds the corner he just ogles Keith and FUCKING WIPES OUT RIGHT THERE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD
7. Lance is the neighborhood lifeguard(pool boy ofc)
8. This boy LOVES the pool
9. Keith regularly takes jobs to mow the lawns
10. Hunk is the neighborhood repair boy, he fixes fences, roofs, ACs, etc. He also loves to cook & bake
11. Pidge & Matt are CRAZY good at fixing computers & other electronics
12. Sometimes Pidge will fly their drone around & fuck w/ the others
13. Allura is the neighborhood activity planner (Saturday nights are movie nights @ the pool)
14. Shiro is the neighborhood Daddy; he watches out for these poor children
15. Shiro helps repair cars and stuff w/ Matt, & occasionally helps Hunk
17. COOKOUTS. EVERY. WEEKEND. Ofc he’s not that good so chef Hunk will assist. Daddy Holt will bring them peas
18. Coran is also at EVERY neighborhood activity that Allura plans. With cookies.
• They’re all in the neighborhood watch
• They’re trying to stop the neighborhood robberies by a group who calls themselves zarkon
• Shiro is the leader of the N. Watch ofc
• Keith doesn’t know how to swim that well & will purposely go in the water so that Lance will help him
• Cute Klance swimmings lessons.

Stay - wideawakeandwriting - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester/You, Dean Winchester/Reader

Word Count: 686

Summary: Written for @wildfirewinchester’s Birthday Challenge

Prompt: Stay by Miley Cyrus

All you had to do was ask.

Happy Birthday, Meg, I hope you really like this :)

A/N:  Shoutout to my beta @samwise-the-true-hero for looking this over; any mistakes left are my own. Feedback/comments welcome :) Tags are below

Through the window, you watched big, fat drops fall from the cloudy sky overhead, landing with a plop on the ground below as thunder roared off in the distance somewhere. You wondered if there would be a thunderstorm later. It seemed the perfect kind of day to do some baking, or curl up on the couch with your favorite book, the cat purring contentedly in your lap.  

At the moment, however, neither of those activities held much appeal for you.

Early this morning, before the rain started, you and Dean had once again said goodbye to each other with long, slow kisses and promises that you’d see him again “soon”. Which could mean in another week or two, or a few months from now. It was really hard to say for certain. You’d accepted that by now and knew all the risks.

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anonymous asked:

In honor of the long weekend ahead ... NurseyDex long weekend?

Dex, for once in his life, isn’t nervous. His hands aren’t shaking, he’s not going over possible awful scenarios in his head, and he can breathe easily. The same cannot be said for Nursey, who spends the entire drive compulsively changing the music and playing with Dex’s hand where it rests on his thigh. It’s actually kind of cute, how worked up Nursey is getting over this.

“Babe,” Dex says, when Nursey changes the song four times in the span of a minute, “It’s going to be fine.” He turns his hand palm-up on Nursey’s thigh so Nursey can thread their fingers together and gives his hand a little squeeze. Nursey squeezes back, but he’s started fidgeting in his seat, now.

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Back Home (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: Another request! It’s like 4,500 words long. I hope Idid what you were expecting anon. Hope everyone enjoys!

Prompt: Can you please do a one shot where the reader is introducing Steve to her whole family as her friend during a weekend home with him but they end up admitting that the like each other then have to race off to save the world and her family figures out that they’re both super heroes? Sorry if it’s really complicated!! Love your writing!! 😘

You had just gotten off the phone with your mom, and you were sitting in your apartment with Steve Rogers, your best friend, watching TV.

“Shit” you muttered, and Steve looked up at you.

“What’s up? Who was it?”

“My mom.”

“Oh.” He paused, “Well what is it?”

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Sweetie~! Can I get some GoM+Kagami+Takao find out their gf has never been camping so they take them for a weekend getaway.

Akashi: Akashi would go all out by buying a luxury tent and brand new furniture to use for the weekend. He would make sure that you were completely comfortable while enjoying nature.

Kise: Kise would take you to a camp site right by a lake so that you two could have fun swimming all weekend. He’d even hang a rope from a tree branch so you two could swing into the lake. 

Midorima: Midorima would spend all weekend teaching you how to tie knots and track animals. The weekend getaway would actually turn into lessons from Midorima. 

Aomine: Aomine would want to go hiking with you once the site was set up. Anytime you got too tired he would carry you on his back back to the camp site.

Murasakibara: Murasakibara would spend most of the weekend lounging in the tent eating the snacks he brought. When he wasn’t doing that he would be gathering nuts and berries to eat while you two explored the woods.

Kuroko: Kuroko would want to go fishing so he would bring various forms of bait. When you guys ended up catching fish he would cook them for you over the fire.

Kagami: Kagami would bring tons of steaks and burgers to cookout all weekend. Anything you didn’t eat he would.

Takao: Takao would bring two sets of binoculars so you two could bird watch. He’d be amazed when he sees hawks but frown every time an eagle flew by.

AU Weekend: Fourth of July Cookout


Sam watched Lizzie be pulled over to his sister June and silently laughed to himself. The look on her face was just…so… Lizzie as she politely tried to shoo her Aunt June away but failed miserably. Sam thought to himself it was a perfect time to fill Tom, his one and only daughter’s fiance (even he was getting use to the idea of his little girl getting married), in on the new information that involved his dear friend, Ray. 

Tom was on the grill, actually doing a really good job cooking the burgers considering he just taught the younger man how to grill this weekend. He walked over and placed an arm around his shoulders. Quietly so he wouldn’t draw Lizzie’s attention to the subject they were about to discuss, he said, “Tom, I have some information I’d like to share with ya”