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I've had a story idea for ages that I've been too lazy to type out re: Jeremy angst. He's one of the few "normal" humans to work at RT (everyone else is harpy, witch, ghoul, dragon, etc) and one day Matt (a hedgewitch) mentions human toenails are a super useful potion ingredient. So Jeremy starts setting aside all his nail clippings and gives them to Matt at a big birthday party they have (1/?)

Matt’s super delighted at the gift and people at the party spread the word at RT about how generous a normie/muggle Jeremy is. So people start asking for stuff. The hair from his morning shave on every third Thursday. For him to sweat into this special cloth for the next three days. A few tear drops after watching a super sad scene in a video game. Slowly the requests start getting more invasive (2/?)

And not only are they getting more invasive, it’s not exactly like someone is keeping a ledger of these things you know. People from different departments asking things at all hours of the day (this was always set after Ray left but before Jeremy had become a completely solid member of AH so he wasn’t always under Geoff’s protective watch). It’s all starting to add up but Jeremy is such a people pleaser than he can’t say no (3/?)

The climax of the story was always set for an early morning, maybe a weekend, when Geoff and Burnie are there for some RvB voice acting shit or planning or something and talking about the company and how worn Jeremy’s started to look. Then, in one of the RT warehouses, they stumble across Caleb pointing a shotgun at Jeremy, telling him that blood tinged with terror is particularly potent. What’s worse is that when Caleb, notices Burnie and Geoff, he expects them to be impressed (4/?)

Caleb expects them to impressed by his cleverness, see, because the gun is filled with rock salt so technically it won’t kill Jeremy, but they’ll still get the valuable ingredient. Caleb’s confused why Geoff roars and melts the gun in his hands, why Burnie orders him out of their sight before they kill him. Meanwhile, poor Jeremy is so confused and stressed and terrified he collapses. Geoff takes him home to recover (5/?)

The story winds down with lots and lots of hurt/comfort. Geoff’s a dragon, only his hoard is comprised of people he loves and protects and if it wasn’t clear Jeremy is one of his, it becomes radically clear over the next couple of weeks. Every single person who took something from Jeremy has to pay it back (the magic system in this story was based around balance), Geoff and the rest of the AH gang fanatically guard access to Jeremy, etc, etc. (6/6) [Hope I didn’t loose track of the numbers]

i was gonna wait until tomorrow to fill these asks but fuck this was so good. i love poor people pleaser Jeremy getting in over his head and then fucking caleb scared the shit out of him. and protective geoff is fucking A+. this is all great thank u so much for sharing!


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