weekend = salvation


Follow My Vans: The Weekend Babes’ Top Spring Road Trips to Take in California 

The Weekend Babes are two Los Angeles friends who’ve dedicated themselves to making the most out of non-work hours. They don’t believe that travel should be limited to those with big budgets and tons of vacation time, so as their name would suggest, they know a thing or two about packing adventure, road trips and tons of exploring into just 48 hours. With that in mind, we picked their itineraries to get their favorite local spots. Travel on!

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The Mysterious Miss Matthews

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Chapter Four: Topanga’s

The weekend - Riley’s salvation and not because it makes avoiding certain people easier but because it means she can avoid everyone all together. 

Riley’s original plan for the weekend consisted of snoozing her days away but that quickly changed when Topanga drags her sleeping beauty out of bed.

“Mom,” Riley groans, “I’m going to a proper high school now at least let me sleep in on the weekend.” 

“Any other weekend but this one,” Topanga claps her hands trying to motivate her daughter, “I need your help to get the bakery ready for the grand opening on Monday.” 

“Do I have to?” Riley continues to whine from the comfort of her bed. 

“It’s a Matthews family mission,” Topanga grins. “We’re not some joint unit,” Riley snaps. 

“Not with that attitude,” Topanga folds her arms and keeps her voice stern. 

“Don’t use your lawyer voice with me,” Riley tries to match her tone, “You gave up that job to run a bakery.” 

“I still have a degree and that degree taught me that as your mom I’m the boss and you have to do what I say,” she laughs, sitting at Riley’s hip on the bed, “Now get up!” Topanga bounces on the mattress and Riley smacks her mom with her pillow laughing quietly.  

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