Novak at his first practice in Acapulco, Mexico on Sunday

Novak received a wildcard and is playing the Abierto Mexicano de Tenis this week.

(via BasiaID on Twitter, Abierto Mexicano de Tenis on Facebook)

Yesterday was my 7 month anny on HRT. I got to celebrate by… going to bed shortly after getting home. I started swelling up for no particular reason around the edges of both eyes - you can see here the aftermath of my swelling. It was twice as bad last night at least.  Oh well, it’s life.

 Now I get to celebrate further by working for a co worker tomorrow on the busiest day of the work week. Yaaaay. At least that pushes me up to a 8 day pay period though instead of the abysmal 7. Thanks, February, the shortest month of the year!

 There’s really no reason for me to feel down though. I feel fine today, HRT is doing it’s thing with boobs, skin etc. and I have zero complaints. My headaches from the last week have stopped, and as I said, other than the swelling, I’m feeling fine. It’s time to relax for my Sunday off and then work tomorrow. At least I have Tuesday off though, so that’s a plus too!

 I hope you all have had a an amazing weekend!

 - Lana

Aspettavo per tutta la settimana che arrivasse sabato. Continuavo a fare le stesse cose di sempre: studiavo, andavo a lezione, in palestra, uscivo con le amiche, ma dentro di me contavo i giorni che mi separavano dal fine settimana. I giorni che mi separavano da te. Se ero fortunata riuscivamo anche a scriverci sms mentre eravamo lontani ed io ero felice. Mi bastava così poco. Dopo di te ho smesso di accontentarmi. Dopo di te non mi basta più niente.

- pezzidicuorestrappati